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  1. All, As many of you know, I am wildross' youngest child. I am posting here for those of you who may still have this topic marked as following and have not yet heard the news. wildross passed away on Dec 18, 2020 from prostate cancer. A Virtual Memorial page has been posted here: Jim Wildman - Online Memorial
  2. Needs moar bounce. Also. Cupid shuffle is guaranteed to make me dance. Like. Anywhere. Maybe one day it'll be played at a funeral
  3. I make no guarantees to be a consistent poster. But I had to drop in and say hi since spezzy tagged me in on her posts. I also make no guarantees I'll make my own thread! NONE! Ps. Hai. SnackLyfe
  4. If you haven't studied in a while, 5x a week might be a lot. Treat it like a new workout program. Strengthen those braaaaains I find that I do better if I study less often with larger blocks of time. Definitely being alone and turning on the tunes. Off to meditaaate Edit: the baby being the adultier adult.. Something feels off about this..
  5. wait. Did.. Am I the adultier adult here?
  6. Sooo uh. Hai. Been a while since I got an alert. You should tag me in as a studybillibuddy too. Cus I r not so great at it. Yus Yus. Great things.
  7. @wildross, 6 years is a good run and I know that you have had an incredibly positive impact of all you have interacted with on the forums. Every person who's talked to me about you has spoken highly of your and expressed their admiration for your dedication, perseverance and wisdom. Course, you know where to find me
  8. Confirmed. Google is great of pop culture references that I missed
  9. Dude, you just ditched your BFF like that? coooooolllld man, that's cold.
  10. Change your perspective, point your nerdy gayboy drive at healthy things. like dark chocolate, or sweet potatoes or brussel sprouts. When someone comments about it, just smile like you do when they comment about whatever your fandoms are. It's part of you
  11. Hey buddy, Life happens. We have periods where we have lots of fun and periods where we don't. For me, figuring out what I have a passion towards helps me be happier. It's not a quick process for sure, but it's one that can work. I'm here if you need to talk.
  12. Overall weight fluctuation this year
  13. Oh! and yes, the surgery went well. She wouldn't allow me to keep the lump, darn it. but it was benign
  14. So, totally kinda disappeared on you guys. I got back form the Surgery and pretty much haven't done anything as far as fitness is related. The stitches just came out last friday and last night was the first night back at JiuJitsu since I went to Ohio. That being said, I still made progress. Check it oooouuuttt: throwback time, the last time I was this light was July 2014 While I don't love that I went from 138 to 185 again in 2015, it is really eye opening to see the different measurements. (Measurements in cm unless indicated)
  15. So, still alive. Had a family gathering over the weekend, drove from Youngstown to Columbus Ohio, and now I'm sitting in one of the Columbus offices clacking away. Such is my life right now
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