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  1. So we took a group tubing trip and there was this big root hanging out of a sand dune. So I said.. I'ma climb that tomorrow. Tomorrow came, a couple of the guys tried. Then I tried.... and DOMINATED. Best part was the small crowd of fellow tubers that gathered to cheer me on and high five me at the bottom
  2. Exactly. I do some weird shiz now too.. take the long way to the fax machine, take stairs, park further away, etc
  3. *waves* I work in A2 Wave to me in the tall building near briarwood
  4. That perfect amount of sore is better than ice cream.

  5. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/31535-fit-bit-and-a-nf-fit-bit-group/page-2#entry598029 Join the NF fitbit group It's pretty dang motivating. Also, make sure you set your stride on the fitbit dashboard, and also make sure you've got it set for which hand you wear it on (dominant vs non-dominant). I doubted accuracy at first as well, but once I set these, it was far more accurate. That's not to say if you violently shake your arm at the heavens, it won't count a couple steps, but the way I rationalize that is this: Shaking my arms at god burns as much, if not more, than taki
  6. I don't enjoy traditional sit ups. I feel like I have to do way too many to feel anything. I've added pick-pockets while holding a medicine ball, but again I did about 100 of them and didn't get that sore feeling
  7. Decided I would let myself have a coke after months of not having one. Put my .85 cents in the vending machine, out pops a sprite zero. karma.

  8. You were talking about what a mirror sees when it looks in a mirror
  9. Rebelling against my own rebellion is working out. I seem to have found my groove at the gym and I'm honestly spending most of my time over at the free weights. No dumb bell yet, but I'm doing squats with kettlebells (150 yesterday, for example), calf raises with kettlebells, and some arm work. I am so sore today, the thought of walking makes me cringe! I am not being challenged in my abs anymore. I pine for that next day ache in the abs... if you all have suggesstions for my mid-section that doesn't involve my legs, Id love to try them out the day after leg day
  10. Your babies. I'ma have 'em.
  11. Its motivating to have friends on there. Maybe just for me, but I'm obsessive about it now!
  12. Hey now. I don't want to add people that are beating me. I'm gonna need you to do C25K minus the 5k part, please.
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