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  1. *waves* I work in A2 Wave to me in the tall building near briarwood
  2. That perfect amount of sore is better than ice cream.

  3. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/31535-fit-bit-and-a-nf-fit-bit-group/page-2#entry598029 Join the NF fitbit group It's pretty dang motivating. Also, make sure you set your stride on the fitbit dashboard, and also make sure you've got it set for which hand you wear it on (dominant vs non-dominant). I doubted accuracy at first as well, but once I set these, it was far more accurate. That's not to say if you violently shake your arm at the heavens, it won't count a couple steps, but the way I rationalize that is this: Shaking my arms at god burns as much, if not more, than taking a step... so whats the harm
  4. I don't enjoy traditional sit ups. I feel like I have to do way too many to feel anything. I've added pick-pockets while holding a medicine ball, but again I did about 100 of them and didn't get that sore feeling
  5. Decided I would let myself have a coke after months of not having one. Put my .85 cents in the vending machine, out pops a sprite zero. karma.

  6. You were talking about what a mirror sees when it looks in a mirror
  7. Rebelling against my own rebellion is working out. I seem to have found my groove at the gym and I'm honestly spending most of my time over at the free weights. No dumb bell yet, but I'm doing squats with kettlebells (150 yesterday, for example), calf raises with kettlebells, and some arm work. I am so sore today, the thought of walking makes me cringe! I am not being challenged in my abs anymore. I pine for that next day ache in the abs... if you all have suggesstions for my mid-section that doesn't involve my legs, Id love to try them out the day after leg day
  8. Your babies. I'ma have 'em.
  9. I know that NF empowers people to workout at home, sans gym equipment and I love that. BUT.... I am a person who needs a gym membership to keep me motivated, as I cannot hold myself accountable to work out at home. Additionally, I fall into the nerd spectrum that is exceedingly shy, socially awkward and generally afraid of making an ass of myself. Additionally, I'm easily intimdated! That being said... I would LOVE videos of how to use common gym equipment/machines. Similar to the videos of how to do basic body weight exercises. I asked the manager at the gym I just joined and she literally told me that she barely knows half the machines, and to "ask the guys" about the machines/free weights. I look at some of the machines and get it.. but others look like medieval torture devices. Just an idea! <3
  10. I had one that was more HIIT. And my second one was with a woman who obviously power lifts. We didn't do a whole lot of lifting. Mostly body weight training/jump squats. I was sore for 3 solid days.. not a little whiney sore... like, incapacitated. Ok, thats extreme, I was just not able to walk normal. I really enjoyed the 2nd chick and know it'd get to lifting eventually, but I can't afford the $35 per half hour session!
  11. Thanks guys. I was feeling pretty defeated And they don't offer classes, unfortunately. I am trying to train myself to hold myself more accountable. Its almost like testing the water... going from scheduled pure barre classes, down to a gym membership, then maybe down to working out at home.
  12. So heres the thing... I made my fitness goals in a rush. It doesn't appear that I can meet the fitness expectations I set on myself. I have learned that I cannot maintain motivation at home.. I need the gym membership to stay motivated (at least for now). The bad news is that I'm going to fail the fitness portion goal. The good news is that I'm joining a gym and will have a more attainable regime. I plan to update my first post with my new plan. I don't plan to win this challenge by any means, and wholly plan to give myself F's for the fitness plans, so I hope it is ok that I list what I'm doing instead.
  13. Going for a gym consultation tonight. Apparently I cannot trust myself to workout effectivey at home.

    1. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      Been there. Ialways mean well, it's quicker, it's less embarrassing and you can do it any time, but the procrastination demons live in my place.

  14. Hoping next week is a better week for my exercise :/

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