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  1. I love the idea of Lady Caprice! I definitely embrace the goofy aspect; my favorite number I do is to Flight of the Concords' "The Humans are Dead" and I dance out of a giant cardboard robot box. And yes to Skype dance workout, that would be hilariously fun!
  2. Hi there fellow newbie! I'm in the same boat as you- looking to slim down and also keep some particular curves I happen to be fond of while dancing my ass off. Have you tried a burlesque class or belly dancing? They're great workouts and also kind of celebrate all body types, so the comfort level of taking classes for me was very high and I lost a few pounds doing them. Also there are a bunch of bitchin' dance DVDs out there, like ballet and Dancing with the Stars has a great latin ballroom video!
  3. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!! I'm new here and living in the midwest as well! And I totally feel you on the work/school situation, it's so hard to focus on your personal health/fitness when everything else is screaming for your attention. But congrats on the MBA, well done! It also majorly sucks working at a desk, that's how I gained 40 lbs in 5 months when I had a corporate job. Props on setting specific goals, I'm kinda dragging ass on that and being way to vague with my own. Also, how is that Zombie app? I seriously hate running, but zombies seem like a bitchin' motivator.
  4. Thanks! You know, the more I read the featured success stories and other members' experiences on the forum, the more I realize I'm kind of using my wound and limited mobility as an excuse. I pretty much just can't do anything that would cause friction on my tailbone, really, so yes I CAN totally do yoga! I can also probably do push-ups and bicep curls with dumbbells, and certain moves with the yoga ball...just need to get off my ass :-) I feel like exercising despite my current situation will really mentally prepare me for when I'm recovered, because if I can do it NOW, then I really have no excuse when I'm physically better. Ok, I'm going to go do plank position for 2 minutes and do 20 pushups. And then 20 minutes of yoga. Wow, setting specific goals really does matter, doesn't it?
  5. Hello Rebels! I decided to join this fine site after years of perusing Women's Health and Shape for fitness advice and never feeling super comfortable with the mounds of conflicting information and the approach/mindset toward fitness ("Be Yourself- No Need to Change!" "6 Tips on How to Completely Alter your Habits!"). My ultimate goal is not weight loss, since I have come to recognize that when I feel my best I am generally packing some sweet muscle and weigh more. I just want to get my cardiovascular system tuned up (quit a 10 year smoking habit a month ago!), and I am working on slimming down just a tad. I dance burlesque so I can't become a twig- I need to keep some jiggle. With that in mind, I need to work on flexibility also. So here comes my plea for advice: I recently underwent a small surgery on my lower back that probably won't be 100% healed for 6-8 more weeks. I've altered my diet to not become a beached whale as I basically am relegated to my couch during recovery. I can move about a bit, but anything that could irritate my wound is verboten. Any thoughts on exercise? The internet has been surprisingly void of solutions. Thanks!
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