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  1. Chain maille is cool and all, but I think a vest would be more functional. You're mistaken about vests only going up to 20 pounds: in meatspace, I've never even seen them below 10 kg (~22 lb). I know they go up to at least 100 pounds.
  2. There was definitely a gorilla! I have photographic evidence. It seems like I passed the same gorilla twice -- he was doing the marathon, and the routes overlapped in such a way to make that possible. But the third time? Maybe I was just hallucinating that one. Thanks! Chip times are out, and I actually beat my time by TEN minutes! As I alluded in my last post, I've been struggling with Unnamed Anxiety again. I really feel most of it's behavioural: I am certainly more prone to anxiety due to brain chemistry, but I don't think this particular breakthrough anxiety will benefit from medicinal management. Alas, I don't have health insurance, so therapy is out for now. However, I'm feeling on a bit of an upswing, and hope to be back in full force soon. I'm also hoping to pick up a depression/anxiety self-help workbook that has been recommended to me for some affordable self-therapy work. It's better than ignoring the problem!
  3. 2:29:15 gun time, nine minutes faster than goal pace. Took off with wrong pace bunny group and stayed with them for 4k before I realized it was a group running at my goal 5K pace. Took a totally epic fall at ~19.5k, rolled up onto the sidewalk, twisted in midair, landed and rolled back to my feet. Very parkour, but something I've never even practiced before. Once I yelled "I'm OKAY", everyone around cheered, and someone gave me 10/10 for true style. I'm awesome, you guize. And I didn't even hallucinate the running gorilla that passed me three times.
  4. Crazy week (as in, literal crazy, anxiety kicked up into "nearly debilitating", whoops). Drive by posting: ZOMG, 21 K TOMORROW MORNING! Wish me dry, cloudy weather.
  5. I managed to get a very-temporary fix going, so I thought I'd share it. With a 2-6 week shipping delay for new accessories to Canada, and a complete lack of replacements outside North America, others might need this in the future. I jammed two paperclips into my USB wall charger, one touching the first pin and the other touching the fourth. Then I veeeeery carefully balanced the FitBit on top of the paperclip, with one connector touching each paperclip. If the FitBit is facing away from you with the connectors pointing down, the left connector goes on the paperclip in 4 and the right goes on 1 (according to this diagram's numbering). It got me enough of a charge in about five minutes to keep it going another few days.
  6. Yup, it's the connectors that are really getting me. It's got two that are shaped like nothing else I own. I just really wanted it for my half-marathon on Sunday, so I figured no harm in asking. :\
  7. Has anyone ever successfully jury-rigged a FitBit One charger, or has any ideas on how I could do that? I've lost mine. I don't really have $40 for a new one right now, and even if I did, it's still 2-6 weeks for shipping (assuming it's in stock when I order). I'm not very electrically incline and can't figure out a way to do it on my own. Supplies are various household items and phone/iPad chargers.
  8. Week Three Review: Weight: 166.0 (7-day average: 165.2) Beer day yesterday is making me really appreciate the weekly average! 1. Workout Em, not yet. Maybe tonight? Maybe not. I'm feeling a bit down today. I have a case of the Sundays. I'd rather play with the barbells, I think. 2. Tracking Another week of perfect weight tracking, and no other tracking. I wonder if I should mark down my steps? It could make me think. On the other hand, if I'm just ignoring it because I'm lazy, that probably won't help either. 3. Learning The fluid loss lectures were especially interesting! I sweat more than most people, and knowing what exactly is going in, and why, was great. I feel so accomplished keeping up with an upper-undergrad science course. I've got real pride in accomplishment with the course so far. It's just about time for me to do the second graded quiz (after studying). I'm excited for that.
  9. Week Two Review: Weight: 164.8 (7 day average: 165.6) 1. Workout I did it last minute on Sunday, and it went really well. I got a lot of enjoyment out of doing the individual exercises spread out over the afternoon. 2. Tracking I got my weight marked down each day. This isn't really carrying over to also tracking food like I hoped it would. I hate tracking food. But I just eat so much crap if I'm not writing it down. I dunno how to solve this other than sucking it up and putting on my Big Tumbleweed Panties and just doing it. 3. Learning I'm loving the Exercise Physiology course! I've learned so much and it's motivating. I've taken so many notes (that's how I retain info best, by writing it down). My 21.1 k training continues. I'm a bit worried about my knees. But it will be over soon. 7 days left. My last remaining Serious Stress is having to leave home at 5:09am for my 8am race start. Work goals? Oi. Better not discussed.
  10. I DID A CLAP PUSH UP! It was terribly sloppy form, but I DID A CLAP PUSH UP! TRIUMPH! He sat for SEVEN HOURS on the bus waiting for traffic to clear. SEVEN HOURS. Can you believe it? SEVEN HOURS. And oh, did I ever tell you about that time he sat seven hours in traffic on the day they buried Churchill? No? Well, he sat for SEVEN HOURS on the BUS in traffic going NOWHERE. ... Did I ever tell you about the day they buried Churchill? Ah, dumbells! No, I don't. But I have lots of heavy things I could be picking up repeatedly. Thanks!
  11. I haven't been feeling like writing all that much, because I'm sooooo lazy while dogsitting. I'm also somewhat supervising an elderly retired-RAF/London bus driver who's a bit depressed, and if I have to hear about the traffic in London on the day they buried Churchill one more time, I might scream. Better to say nothing at all! Really, he'll often repeat the same story three to four times each day, and it's day seven. I'm not really exercising. I'm struggling to even get my 10 000 steps a day. BUT I'm losing weight. Why? I figure it's lack of McDonalds. Weekly Bodyweight Workout Warm-up: 30 sec each: Skipped it. I just limbered up a little and went into the work after walking the dogs. Skill Work: 60 sec each x 3 sets: Pull-ups Nada. There isn't anything except the kitchen table to pull on that's stable, and I'm too scared I'll damage the table! I'v held back a pulling dog a lot this week, can that count? Squats (Goal progression: Full Pistols) Pistols with chairs on either side, up to 9 reps per leg Push-ups (Goal progression: Clap) 3 x 60 seconds of X pushups Lunges 3 x 24, on each leg, backwards. But I need to scale down/strengthen up, because that bothered my knee. My good knee. I'm not destroing my good knee! Crow Still so hard. So hard. Superman/Hollow Superman: great. Hollow? yowzers. Maybe I need to start with some daily below-max efforts. Grease the groove, and all. I don't like such a strong imbalance. Back bridge Progress. Straight bridge arm positioning is coming easier each time.
  12. Many warm fuzzier for you and your family, Wolverine. I hope you're able to get some peace between the tough stuff and the migraine recovery. It's not easy being the calm guy in a storm; don't forget to take care of yourself as well! (maybe some more back levers with the shower view for starts?)
  13. Wheee! Grabbed a 90% on my Exercise Physiology test. I had one that I had to completely guess, and I guessed wrong. I still don't know what the answer was, but the rest came fairly easily. Now I think the dogs need a walk, mostly because I'm going nuts stuck in this house with the TV blaring and no internet but stolen moments in the basement.
  14. It was so much harder than using a door frame or chair backs for support! And this is the Groucho Walk. It's way harder than that photo makes it look! Week One Review: THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! I treadmill-ran 21.4k in 38 minutes on Saturday. TRIUMPHANT. It was, in fact, just a mental game. I hurt like heck by Sunday afternoon, all DOMSed up, but there was no additional pain during the run itself. I added ginger to my homemade sports drink this week, and it definitely made it taste more pleasant. Weight: 166.4 (166.7 seven-day average (Wolverine, look what you've started here!)) Signed into MFP: 6/7 days Did my workout, felt excellent. Studied my butt off for my Exercise Physiology course. It's still tough stuff! Really tough. The first time I took the week two practice quiz, I got 2/8, and one of those two was a lucky guess. But I think I've got it down now, and my week one practice quiz is up to 100% without needing to hesitate over any questions. I'm going to do my readings again tonight, and hope to take the first graded quiz tomorrow (Tuesday) This week I'm dogsitting at a house with no wireless. Or rather, they have wireless and no one knows the password. Woe betide me! All the old unsecured wireless networks are gone from the neighbourhood.
  15. Thanks for the "look up" tip for pistols. I'm definitely trying that next time I do pistols, because I struggle a lot with that issue.
  16. Thanks! Weighted sounds like a great idea. I have some resistance bands I can use to mimic weights, and that's something really easy for at home. I'm struggling a bit (a lot) with the material for the Coursera exercise physiology course. I just got a 4/9 on the week two practice quiz. I've got a lot of studying to do! I just hope the test (for marks) goes well tomorrow.
  17. Absolutely I will! I have been training specifically for this half marathon since January, though, and plan to run it slow enough that the awards ceremony will be over before I even make the finish line. If I were adding 5k at a competitive speed, I'd be freaking out right now. It's such a different feeling from my first 5k race, where I was thinking "just let me not be last, not be last, not be last." Now, I don't care if I'm last! The years of work haven't made me faster, just more indifferent to where I end. Day 2.3 Workout: Warm-up: 30 sec each: Jumping JacksMountain ClimbersSeated Crunchy FrogThese felt really good today; I think I've found perfect form! SkatersNice, slow, and stretchy Groucho WalkCrawling on Tippy Toes & FingersNot enough hand strength to do the tippy fingers (YET!), but I was on my toes. Skill Work: 60 sec each x 3 sets: I only did 30 seconds of each on the first round, to feel out how I was. I'm on the verge of coming down with something, and didn't want to push. I decided I was okay for each exercise to go the full minute for sets 2 & 3. Pull-upsEach set had a chin-up hold, a pull-up hold, and a neutral grip hold, each with a slow lower after. Still dropping quick in the last few inches, though. All together, best pull up work yet, though! Squats (Goal progression: Full Pistols)I held a cane in each hand and could get to about 85 degrees down. I like the canes for support; they wobble. I'm doing a lot of the work. Push-ups (Goal progression: Clap)3 regular, 1 plyo hop, rest, repeat; for time LungesSide, back, switch legs, back, side, switch legs; repeat for time CrowHeld for time. Toes extended backwards on floor with occasional pops up. Focused on using the toes less for support over a long period, instead of short individual hops up. Superman/HollowMore hollow hold work than superman, because my hollow holds are much, much weaker still. Back bridge25 seconds straight bridge hold, 25 seconds glute bridge with palms clasped
  18. I'm aiming for 2h38 (chip time, not gun). That's my "just get through it" pace for running the whole thing, and allows for a few walking breaks if I push my running a bit faster. I've been training ever so slightly above that, 10 sec/km faster, and in all previous races, I've run between :20 and :50 sec/km faster than my training long runs. I also think that last five k I've yet to tack onto total distance is just a mental game now, not a physical challenge. Hopefully I'm not fooling myself there!
  19. Subbing. You're doing pretty awesome, given what you got going on. I'm super glad you're back, and not just because you've posted about the pumpkin "pancakes", which I now must eat asap.
  20. I am SO GLAD my chronic migraines have been in remission without medication since 2009. I'd rather anything than chronic migraines again. May your meds never have to change again! Thank you! Thank you! The shawl pictured is actually one that I made in June; I'm especially proud of it, because it gets a lot of compliments. The photo was taken at one of my favourite spots in the world: the waterfront at the tip of Victoria, BC. Day 1.2: I went for a 16.25 km treadmill run at 1.5% incline, with occasional hills of 3%. My course is quite flat, so I think I've prepared well enough. I run faster and better and further when I'm competing. The last remaining problem: no headphones allowed. I'm used to running with music or an audiobook, so that will be very different. I logged everything in MFP -- all my food and my weight. I also made a delicious beef liver pate! I'm proud of it. It was a great way to use the leftover liver. 8 ounces fried liver, chopped 3 slices of bacon, fried 1 onion, fried in the bacon fat Toss it into the food processor with: 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 teaspoon dill 0.5 teaspoon olive oil Pepper, cayenne, and worcestershire sauce to taste It was a little dry: I'll probably through in some sesame oil and ginger next time. But I love the taste, and I'm having some on a buttered crumpet for lunch.
  21. This has always been my suspicion. Great job on convincing the place to run a men's pole class! It sounds really fun. The strength aspects of pole work really appeal to me (but not the sexy dance part, I am so not a sexy dancer).
  22. The volume of your burpees and push-ups (per day) is absolutely insane. I love it!
  23. Your coworker-workouts continue to sound epic. And I love your meet up goal!
  24. Yesssss, more videos, must have more dancing videos.
  25. Yikes, where's my recover post option? So long, first [official] post of the challenge! I'm starting with a lot of positivity, even though my challenge break has not been especially strong. I've been experiencing a lot of heartburn, nausea, and slight-but-annoying headaches, after a very rough period. I'm feeling best when I eat a very (very very) high fat breakfast, which makes it really easy to grab McDonalds for breakfast — but then you feel like you ate McDonalds for breakfast all day. I think maybe this is related to my brain meds: my pharmacy changed brands, and every other brand change has upset my system somewhat. I'll give it till Thursday to clear up, and then call my doc if it hasn't. Oh bodies, being so complicated! I really am excited to get my bodyweight routine working towards more complicated things (full back bridge! pull-ups! planche!) They'll be a long time coming, but it's still exciting. I've already logged into MFP today, to track some food and my weight, so I'm off running. ETA for my reference: 
hip mobility drills & 8-count body builder from http://www.sealfit.com/sealfit-journal/exercise-demos/
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