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  1. So, yea I did so epically fail this week on all but the family goals!!! I went to see my family and it was amazing. However I knew I would be moving during this 6 weeks challange and I planned for it but as we all know when you plan something will always go wrong. I screwed up my back and yea shit sucks.... I should be able to do minor movement starting next week but nothing like I was... I plan to still finish out the 6 week challange but may need to revamp my routines somewhat untill I am 100%!! Hope everyone else is doing great keep it up!!
  2. I made it!!! walked my dag and roommates for 3 days..... + 1
  3. Congrats on the challenge and I hope pre-panning helps!!!
  4. I play, drums, guitar, bass but in the band I play guitar and sing... I was a good weekend I hope yours was the same!!
  5. keep up the good work and keep those squats a comin!!! For your protien intake if you want to get it naturally you will have to pre plan your food intake in advance to make it easier.
  6. Ok, feeling good today had some eggs, bacon and avocado for breakfast!!! Yum!! (also, nothing makes you feel like you own a day like bacon does.) Went on a 2.1 mile walk with my roommates and dog (carried her more than half the way!!) So, I think I made the minimum amout of distance for the mini challenge!!! Woot..Woot... Anyways, I found these amazing all natural chicken sausages filled with like saundried tomatoes and herbs and they are flippin delicious!!!! So, for lunch I am having a herb chicken sausage with green beans and sweet potatoe mash!!! So I keep screwing up my days for work out but I am still on track for 4 days a week... Today is another day that we increase the reps. Next 3 weeks the whole work out changes.... I am super excited!!! Workout today consisted of 2 round of: 26 pushups (assisted) 14 pull ups 26 chair dips (assisted) 40 hindu squats 30 walking lunges 1 Min sec plank 1 Min side planks (each) 10 x 50 M bear crawl Wishing everyone else the best of luck!!!
  7. Instead of focusing every other week on planks a pushups do your planks rights after your lunges and see if you improve or if it is easier to make time. Just a suggestion!!
  8. Where about? I've played there with my old band a couple of times? Beautiful place.
  9. I have not had a doughnut in years!!! Can't stand how the texture I guess.. Can't wait for the tattoo pic!! Keep up the good work!
  10. Also, follow this link: http://www.fresh4five.com/2013/03/breakfast-in-a-jar-saute-add-eggs/ or http://www.paleomateo.com/p/recipes.html this is what I've done to help with my paleo meals and time issue sometimes and it's yummy!!!
  11. Nice work on the plank!!!!! Keep it up!!! Question? In what sequence are you doing your workout in? Ex: push ups, squats, planks.....If you don't mind me asking?
  12. Yesterday was crazy but I still manage to do my workout but the food killed me... Breakfast was a great start of eggs, sausage, bacon and strawberries but then lunch came and I forgot my lunch because I was called in early(Booooo....) and then dinner.... My roommates disagree that paleo chili can be good and that yes, you can have chili without noodles!!! Really???? Indiana does everything have to have a fried something or noodles in it...... SIGH!!! I failed and ate the chili with noodles, which wasn't half bad if someone would of not put ketchup in it........ Seriously who does that???? Either way failed my eats but passed on my workout.... Tomorrow is another day.... Workout Yesterday consisted of 2 round of: 24 pushups (assisted) 12 pull ups 24 chair dips (assisted) 35 hindu squats 28 walking lunges 1 Min sec plank 50 sec side planks (each) 10 x 50 M bear crawl And to help with our mini challenge mission I walked 1.3 miles today with my dog !!!
  13. Thx I'm tryin!!! I live in Indiana......You?
  14. LOL!!! Snow days!!! LOVE goal #3... tracking really helps!!! What type of breakfast foods are you into? I have a ton of recipes!! Looking good hun!
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