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  1. Yeah, I can see why they did! I just found out that bacon and apples is effing delicious! Also, COCONUT CREAM. WHY DID NO-ONE TELL ME THIS STUFF IS GOOD ON LIKE, EVERYTHING.
  2. Tonight I made pork cutlets seasoned with pepper and Hawaiian sea salt, brussel sprouts fried with some bacon, and apples also with bacon and cinnamon. Good times. What's the last thing you made that you were like, "DAYUM, I'm good at this paleo cooking thing?"
  3. I think I'll do the same!
  4. I'm chicken-thighed out. I eat eggs for breakfast usually, and I enjoy ground meats. I don't often buy steak or pork, but I'm thinking I might just to break out of the 'chicken, chicken, turkey' rut I've been in. Salmon could work too... What are some proteins you eat when you've been in a 'same food all week' slump for a while?
  5. I have trouble breaking 1800 calories most days.
  6. Thanks for that! I found something that I'm going to try to stick with, but I'll definitely keep this in mind!
  7. Hi all! I'm a lurker of NF for quite some time (and somewhere I still have an old profile I forgot the login to...) that needs to get back on the fitness wagon, so to speak. Here's some starting info: I am 5'4" and weigh about 316 lbs. I'm also biologically female. I eat paleo/some primal (cheese or greek yogurt if I'm stuck at work with no food), and have a soft spot for almonds. There isn't a vegetable on earth I don't like. I was active in crossfit for about 6 weeks last year after starting an 8 week NF 'all or nothing' quick road to burnout. I did too much way too fast. I crashed and burned, and when I got hit with a 10 day summer flu that was the end of my fitness aspirations. I've been pretty off the wagon since. I signed back up to my local gym on the 1st of Feb., and have been trying to go 3-4x a week to start off. I was trying the 5/3/1 plan for weightlifting. My ultimate goal is to lose weight and be strong. First order of business and my main focus right now now is 'lose weight' and I can work on the 'get strong and carve out muscles by lifting heavy shit' part later on. I enjoy weightlifting. Cardio and I aren't bros. I'd like to become bros with cardio, but....To quote Jake from Adventure Time, "Running is evil." I'd love a 3-4x (increasing to 5x) a week workout plan that will at least get me breaking a sweat. Any advice is appreciated! --Calle
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