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  1. Sorry for delay in response... my army computer doesn't like nerdfitness forums... Fun ACFT news update: due to COVID-19 stop movement orders, the Army hasn't been able to distribute weightlifting stuff to as many units as it wanted. So it officially becomes the test of record on October 1, but... a failing score will not count against you for one year. Army still wants everyone to take it in FY21, but won't ding you for failing until FY22. Probably smart, a slower phase in to give everyone a chance to try it out. Anyway, a few points: 1. Yes, 3RM for deadlift is what I'm training towards. 2. Concerns about injury are mild... I guess I'm just noticing my body isn't as resilient as it was in 20's and 30's... it's a little easier to "tweak" things, and when I do tweak them, it takes longer to feel back to normal. Time constraints are minimal. I have my own trap bar, and some plates, in the basement... it just feels easier mentally to "pop down to the basement for 20 minutes" than think "uh after dishes gotta walk dogs then put in hour workout". Nice to hear "add reps / then add weight and drop reps" technique works for others, too. Will probably keep it up. I'll look into 5/3/1. Here's a question: how do i test a max? I haven't "maxed out" on lifts since college which was (oh good lord) two decades ago. Just go in on deadlift and day and keep adding 10's on each side until I cannot get 3 reps done? -Mick.
  2. Hello All, I'm an Army Reservist and the Army is switching to a new fitness test, the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), which can be read about here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_Combat_Fitness_Test One of the events is a trap-bar deadlift, 3 rep, max weight, and score is based on the weight. My question, what's best set / rep scheme to build for that type of event? Me: early 40's, have a basement and decent little home gym there, even bought myself a trap bar similar to what Army's going to use. How I work out: Short strength workouts where I pop to basement, do two lifts, alternating them, and that's it. Usually do 3 strength workouts, then a run day. I don't schedule rest days b/c married w/ two kids so inevitably at least 2x a week, "life happens" and those become rest days. Day 1: Bench & Deadlift. Day 2: NF Rings - Muscle-Up progression (so pullups and ring dips) Day 3: Front squat & weighted lunges Day 4: run 2-3 miles, sometimes sprints Repeat I progress slowly b/c I've... not injured per se, but strained my back in the past. Just started 200 lbs. on deadlift, do 3X5. Next workout, 3X6, then 3X7 then 3X8, then I add weight, go to 210 lbs. and go back down to 3X5 and work up from there again. That slows down progress, which is fine, but adhere's to NF "add a little of something, either weight or reps, every workout", which seems to work decently. I'm pretty happen with overall workout b/c I've gotten into good habits of getting into basement and doing at least a little something psychical every day. What I'm looking for: I don't think the set/rep scheme I'm doing on dead lifts is right to prepare for a 3-rep max for the ACFT. Is there a good program for that lift, or set rep scheme that's better? Another consideration: in a good unit, you'll know when you're taking an ACFT about 90-180 days out. But, they're not all good units... and lots of Soldiers have had experience of showing up to formation and hearing "Go change, you're taking a PT test today." So something that would allow a good base for "spontaneous ACFTs" but with a planned peak for a scheduled test would be good.
  3. Thought I'd bump / throw a line in the water and see what bites... Anyone in NW suburbs? I'm in Lake Zurich, just out beyond Palatine, and looking for some nerd friends to hit movies, roll some D20s, get together and spar (why not?), campfires, craft beer, bookstores, you get the idea. I'm on the FB group, but that's pretty focused on Chicago proper, and with house/kids, I'm much more based in the 'burbs of SW Lake County.
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