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  1. Hey scouts. I'm going to try and get involved here more. My life has settled back to a routine (got a PhD, moved and started a new job). I'm now traveling 2x a month for work, which is fun but I need some accountability for food when I do. Also I signed up for a race series this summer and want to get faster. So I'm going to start checking on others challenges and get in on the next round.
  2. Just stopping in to say I'm alive. Found out I have Celiac, gluten intolerance, which was causing some other problems. So I'm starting an autoimmune whole 30 on monday. Hopefully my energy will increase and I'll be more motivated to stop in here again. I still plan on running Dopey in January but triathlon training has been pushed back by a year. Hoping to be ready for the next challenge, I could use the running accountablity as the milage ramps up.
  3. Alright, I ran a marathon. I finished. Not entirely happy with the results as my allergies decided they did not like the fall leaves on top of the crushed limestone path we had to run on for miles 12-16 and I need multiple stops to blow my nose and was really struggling to breath for the last 3 miles, which should have been easy miles with a nice down slope and crowd support. However I finished and I know my legs are capable of running faster/longer. I will now always carry benedril with me on long runs. Halloween 5k is next week pics to come. This week has been fueled by caffine as I have had 2 interviews and gave a presentation at a symposium. Already have an interview lined up for next week on top of the career fair. Also I have 3 uninterrupted days of machine time to complete some testing which means I will be living at school. I miss nerd fitness and hopefully November will be calmer, there is no hope for the rest of this month.
  4. The wings are attached to my sports bra so any clothing option needs to be cut or backless, which is why I'm making arm warmers. Those are almost done just need elastic for the top. I will take a couple more photos of the wings when I make my sisters pair. Not sure how you would wear the wings Shukar. The sports bra is what keeps them from bouncing around while running. ;p
  5. pictures are posted in my last challenge thread http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/33711-nicolecanoes-60-days-to-marathon/page-2
  6. I didn't die. School/research got crazy ridiculous. I am now working on two projects. One might be patented. And I might be able to graduate in a year. So I need to starting writing my thesis. Also going to the SWE conference and already have companies asking for my resume so I've been working on that as well. The marathon is in 2 weeks. The long run happened but I am having some knee problems. Might have twisted/pullled/bruised one of the muscles while hiking labor day weekend. It was muddy and there were trees uprooted and laying cross the path from the storm so hiking up the mountain was a bit more parcour like than previously planned. The massage therapist thinks it's mostly just a tight IT and some other muscle in my hip. Lots of ice and rolling, should be fine. Color Me RAD is worth the money. The other brands suck in comparison. The after party and dj were fun we stayed for 2 more hours. Tinkerbell's wings are done and awesome, the dress is done except for glitter, I'm still working on a "October is cold in the midwest and I can't wear a normal shirt or jacket with the wings on" shawl/arm warmer thing that Tink wears in the second movie. My roommate was totally laughing at me as I bounced all around the apartment to make sure the wings would work while running. In terms of the challenge I'm just going to scratch. I haven't been around to even give it a good review. I ran and iced and ate green things. I rolled some and got 2 massages. Sleep has been sporadic. I mostly get 7 hours but sometimes I get to bed at 2 and wake up at 9. I'm not sure if I will continue with the challenges post marathon because of school. I'll try to drop in and say hi on the general chat every once in a while but for the next couple months it's going to be a bit crazy here.
  7. OK, research has been crazy and with how much time I have been running there hasn't been much computer time. I'm also not getting in as much foam rolling as I would like. I did eat green things and ice this weekend. I have given up on the burpees, my knees can't handle the standing to push-up position jump and running is more important. Did I mention work has been crazy. Saturday was a Color Me Rad 5k of epic awesomeness. Don't have time to post pictures.
  8. Glad to here it, more than 5 min is really necessary for some spots. Tennis ball. They also make travel sized roller sticks but TSA usually thinks it's a weapon.
  9. It's one of those things where I used to eat a tub of berries all the time but post whole30 it's too much sugar. I'm still struggling with eating enough calories post run.
  10. I'm so confused. Scrolls up, Scrolls farther up, gets reference video, reads slowly, googles clotted cream, all better now. I'm glad you are enjoying the slacklining. Are you attempting any tricks yet?
  11. Last week started ok and then progressively got worse where one not great decision led to a bad decision which led to a worse decision. Example, blueberries for breakfast led to a sugar crash during the day led to fast food for a quick recovery led to chocolate for another recovery led to awake at 11pm and playing on my phone led to a bad nights sleep. Example 2, Tuesdays run resulted in some knee pain so I skipped the burpees, which resulted in also skipping the foam rolling, which feeling crappy led to chocolate. Torrential down pour led to more chocolate. My birthday led to more chocolate. On the bright side, I made galumpkis and iced my legs. I got the template made for the tinkerbell wings. Lessons learned - I can't eat a container of berries for breakfast and lunch, it's just too much sugar. I also can't eat a salad for lunch, it's not enough calories on days that I run. Leafy greens and fruit are now limited to a small side dish. I need to maintain a good amount of easy quick food to limit the fast food temptation. I got a couple bags of frozen veggies, a jar of peanuts, and raisins for better "I need energy now" snacks. Running to the store 3 times last week for different projects resulted in 3 purchases of junky treats. I need to eat dinner before going to the store so I'm not hungry and purchase bad things. No more chocolate after dinner. I've got good food in the house. The foam roller is sitting in the middle of the hallway so I will see it every day as a reminder to use it. I've got KT tape for my knee so hopefully will get some quality runs in.
  12. i usually need a good 5 mins on each spot to really release any tension. for my hips, my massage person said to roll into the tight spot and then just rest there for a couple minutes then repeat. calves is a roll for a min then roll the side for a min then back to the middle then the inside then back to the middle
  13. Sounds like your keeping a level head despite everything going on, good job.
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