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  1. Good luck! I know how hard it can be from experience (as a father of two little girls), finding the time to exercise is incredibly difficult. Adding work + whatever else on top of that makes it nearly impossible. I personally try to implement early morning walking and pilates (my wife is good enough to be a teacher and helps me with that) before my oldest wakes up. What works for you?
  2. I had a post here before, but it's been a long time so I guess this is a reintroduction. Anyway, a year-ish ago I was rear-ended by a truck and have all sorts of fun injuries as a result. That, plus the fact that I work 2 jobs as well as a far beyond full-time student (ex: I am taking 26 Credits this Fall) and am a husband as well as a father, means if I want to do any exercising it has to be extremely early in the morning and even then I don't have a ton of time to do so. I have been pretty big my whole life, though there was a few years about five to six years ago where I became obsessed w
  3. Ugh, I hate when see things like this; half of me is drooling and wants it so bad, but the other half is using common sense to let me know that I not only can't really afford it, but I don't really need it. It's quite an internal battle, lol. Thank goodness it wasn't something like Goku's outfit from DBZ or I would have had to buy it.
  4. Alrighty, so I pretty much quit updating on here during the six weeks since I had no help, encouragement, or even some sort response from anyone at all so I pretty much just turned to Fitocracy to keep track of my routines. Seriously love that site. Anyway, so here's where I stand now: I did... okay. I didn't do horrible, but I didn't do great either. My MWF routines were rocked and expanded on, so I'm doing more sets, reps, and even added some different exercises to the routines. I can now do 3 Sets, back to back, twice in a day, of: Squats:
  5. Have fun in Prescott I personally love dogs, but live in an apt. that doesn't allow them, so if we all hike together and your dogs are brought I won't have a problem with that
  6. Day 2: Well, it could've been worse I suppose. Exercise: I did walk, but I didn't do the interval training. Level up my life: I forgot that I made the rule about computer time for Day 1 and 2, gonna have to work on that now. Diet: Urg... I made the mistake of eating fast food. I forgot how bad it is for you and with two small things ate over half of my allotted calorie intake in one meal. I wound up hitting about 3k calories, though was still under what my BMR is to lose weight. Essentially, it could've been worse, but it could've been far better. Yeesh, eating 2k calories a day can b
  7. Day 1: Kicked arse! Oh yeah!... mostly. Exercise: Completed the 1 hour of Belly Dance and Yoga, but didn't complete the bodyweight exercises. Diet: If it were a hurricane, I'd have rocked it. According to FatSecret, the site I'm using to keep track of calories, I ate about 1600 calories, so I have plenty of space leftover Anyway, here's hoping I'm able to do the just as well, if not better, tomorrow!
  8. I don't know the area so well, but Niwa was saying something about it being off of 40th and Shea. I actually just moved down from Prescott (Valley, that is),
  9. Due to various issues cropping up, I had to put the challenge on hold until tomorrow. Wednesday I will go full-force into this thing and rock it!
  10. As the Nerd Niwa was referring to, nice that it's not an insult here , the time she and I were talking about was 8AM.
  11. I can't say I know much about trails, but getting to know more people who are more health-minded here in Phoenix would be awesome. Especially after reading that new post on NF's page about being the average of the 5 people I know, especially since about 99% of the people I know do not exercise at all, haha.
  12. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. You only fail when you quit! Use the Force! I'm sure one of those quotes will help, lol. Anyway, it looks like you've got some good goals going for you. I'm not pro-paleo, but if it works for you then that's good. The only thing I'd recommend changing is the $500 in gross income as that's not exactly in your control. Good luck, and work hard!
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