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  1. Tell me you're just waking up?! I'm headed to bed now. Hugs and Thanks!
  2. Another tiny day! I practiced violin, had my 2 therapies, helped a friend, walked 2 blocks and then 3 blocks, drank more water than DP, and played with my cat while doing gut workout. Nothing in and of itself is tough or overwhelming. Imagine that!?!?!?
  3. I thought you might know of them. Yeah, I just finished telling myself that I just need to do the little things. The habits will come about eventually. Tired or not. Idk if it's just me (American), but I'm so sick of hearing bullshit around me and in our media hype, that their take on just living life is a sweet relief and so easy to get into. You can feel the NORMAL inspiration without the OMG, just gotta get to perfect, quick! Really thankful I found them.
  4. Tues Oct 13th OMG violin is tiring! My arms are sore, but my shaky bow is well-developed! haha I have to foam roll my mid back before practice. I also did about an hour of music theory work today. I did my Gut and Shoulder-down work while walking (afternoon one only) and during play (once, another later tonight). Did 2 sets of 2 (transverse ab hold for ~ 10 secs) while distracted as I'm trying to keep my focus on that muscle and be able to do other things with my brain. I usually get to about 6 or 7 secs and then lose tension so I have to redo it. I slep
  5. Thanks Sweetie. You know how to help me come back.
  6. ya, tell me about it. Thanks for droppin' by!
  7. Thanks, Rurik. I've always had the best of receptions on NF! Here's to all the 1% increases in life!
  8. Yup, very late or very early, however you wish to label it. I'm not going to! hehehe I'm working on becoming the jack-of-all-trades that I think I was meant to be all this time. Maybe not though. It might just be me reaching again for something(s) to hold me up. Dunno. Don't care. I'm doing a challenge so that I can track: what I actually do vs. what I planned vs. what I believe I'm suppose to accomplish vs. what I wish I could get in-return for all I've been through in life. Should be enlightening, scary to truly look at, and keep me fr
  9. ^ This is you asking permission to do what you really want to do, long term. Personally, I think you should get as many parts of your life running the long term way as possible. And the fact that you know this part already, and feeling the frustration of the current tactic, is a clear indicator you are ready. So, yes! Mutter as much as you need to, but do the long term! Love you!
  10. Thanks. I'm getting quicker with that! I use Paint.net (free or $7 us thru MS). It's like photoshop, not the paint app on windows. Some of the assets are from Caeora who did the village for me. The rest: coastline, rivers, placement, etc. is me. I'm working on it. I'm not sure how to approach getting back to my new normal so being on here feels like pressure instead of reassurance. I'll try and work up a challenge for next time and maybe just check in and not judge my actions until then. Yeah, I'm gonna do that. Love ya!
  11. I'll take all the vibes and hugs. Thanks!
  12. Hey All, Wow. Things shift quickly. My mood was good until I tried a new approach to something I'm familiar with doing (IFS). Problem: I didn't think through it before attempting it. In hindsight, "Not a good plan." I did IFS therapy work using a new book as a guide. Their first approach was to dive-in to approaching unknown Parts. Only then did they write about an actual session, with a therapist. Unfortunately, I know the system and thought I could handle the too-direct approach. I even remember saying it was a bit much. Without prep, I met 2 'Protect
  13. Thanks. I'm hanging in there with the changes. Still wobbly, but not falling on my face! I can't take credit for the internal parts theory as it is a therapeutic system called Internal Family Systems (IFS). It's quite wonderful and has really helped by make peace with some old traumas and mal-adaptations my brain made in order to cope at the time. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapy-types/internal-family-systems-therapy https://internalfamilysystems.pt/intervenientes/richard-schwartz
  14. Dang! Nicely done. I can imagine the free-moving energy is happy to swirl around and clear out any old energy. And 106 items? WOW.
  15. I don't necessarily know the best way to do it, but here is what I do: When I get to the bottom of my squat, I will pause and hold. In that deep squat, I open my knees as wide as I can and relax them a for a few reps (usually like 2 sets of 5 or so). The side butt is the muscle you use to pull the knees apart, so that activates them and helps me identify them in my brain. Then once they are activated, I open my knees as wide as I can and then focus on keeping them in that spot (not coming any closer together) as I stand, actively working to keep the side butt engaged to hold the knees stea
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