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  1. Great to see you back mate, and thanks for giving me a push as well. Here's to a happy and healthy 2021!
  2. You thought that title was metaphorical, didn't you? No, in fact I'll actually be escaping a labyrinth in this challenge. Allow me to explain.... I generated a maze in Excel and my challenge will start in its centre. It's totally filled in, and as I move around it, it will reveal more of the labyrinth. For each kilometre that I run, I get to move 1 square:
  3. Hahaha I knew there was a reason I hadn't been to camp yet Wouldn't want Tank to owe me such a "favour" either
  4. Weather's still a bit up and down, and work has been hectic this week, but managed to get in a run all the same. It got a bit interrupted by an overseas phone call mid way (ain't technology grand?), but it was a good, steady 7min/km 5k apart from that so I'm happy. Still making forward progress, but probably not enough to hit another level before the end of the challenge, but I have not problem whatsoever with that Current XP 15,175 Level Level 7 To Next Level: 5,825
  5. Bit of a bleh week this week tbh, but I'm going to just call it 'resilience training'. I still got in all my runs, just nothing stellar form the performance side of things. My 10k this morning was a bit off because my Strava spat the dummy in the first couple of k's, reporting a pace of 14 minutes per km. This sort of threw me so I ended up doing an easy run estimating 8k/h for 120 minutes to get my miles in. The XP is slowly rising and I knocked off the 10 hours of running quest. The weather is starting to cool off a bit so hopefully this coming week will be a bit nicer.
  6. Hot, muggy, and full of pollen. Not my ideal running conditions this morning. i decided to have an easy one today as I'm not 100% and it's just too muggy to do much more than the minimum. I managed a slow 5k today, but nothing stellar to report other than adding the mileage, which should see me complete my 10 hours of running quest this weekend (yay). Current XP 13,675 Level Level 7 To Next Level: 7,325 Visual update:
  7. Thanks everyone for the encouragement, it's been a real boost! I pushed myself today and did a timed 5k on my usual route. I've been feeling confident after my challenging weekend run and I found myself digging down a bit deeper this morning. As a result, I've set a new record for myself of 28:30! That's a 1:21 faster than my previous record from 2 weeks ago, where I left nothing in the tank. If anyone ever says that hill training isn't the best training, don't believe them! Current XP 13,595 Level Level 7
  8. Another week down, and going strong! The weather has started heating up, so I'm trying get out as early as possible. I'm into 'free' running territory, having met all of my challenge goals. To keep things interesting today I decided to combine a hill run with a 10k, and tried to push the speed as much as I could. I was able to grind out 10k in 1:07, which means I've broken 7 minutes per km pace. I'm chuffed as this means I'm halfway to reaching my long term goal of 10k in 1h. On a mechanics note, I decided to drop the food bonuses going forward s I'm feeling confident
  9. At the moment I'm doing gradually harder hills - as many as i can manage. This really builds up the endurance. When I'm ready to start dropping my 5k time I'll do short (<50m) sprint repeats on the steepest hill I can find. The last time I used that technique, I managed to drop 5m off my 5k time pretty quickly. I used to hate hills but there really is nothing better for high-value training.
  10. It was a bit wet this morning, and there was a massive thunder storm last night. Given that the conditions were far from ideal, I decided on a hill run today instead of my planned 5k. I've met both my 5k and hill goals already this challenge, so I figure mixing things up a bit won't hurt...or will it? This week I managed to knock off the biggest hill I could find in my area, but you know when you play certain games and you beat a boss, then it mutates to a new form and grows stronger? Well that's pretty much what happened. Right near the biggest hill I've found another hill that go
  11. You wouldn't happen to have a Kindle version of this challenge thread available, would you? Late to the game and it looks like a lot to catch up on Good luck in quarantine! (It's dangerous to go alone, here take this wooden sword: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/the-20-minute-hotel-workout/)
  12. Quick update... Did a double hill run today and knocked off the last 2 of the 5 hills I had set as goals today. Total Elevation of 103m, which is 20m more than "heartbreak hill", a famous local race feature. Nabbed a quest bonus for completing the set, so I'm very close to hitting Level 7: Current XP 12,505 Level Level 6 To Next Level: 495 On a side note I've changed from MapMyRun to Strava for tracking my runs as of this week. The former bugged o
  13. Thanks for that, i think you're spot on At the end of the day, it's the results that matter, right?
  14. This week was the toughest one yet, with brutal weather and work & social commitments. Despite all that, I managed to get through my training and even picked up a completed quest along the way: Current XP 11,225 Level Level 6 To Next Level: 1,775 Quest complete: 10km in one session (1h 17 minutes) 5k Timed run - complete Hills run - complete (3 hills down, 2 to go) Long run - complete - 10k I've been conflicted this week about the RPG elem
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