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  1. Greetings, Adventurer, and congratulations on finding the Scout Guild - we're not an easy bunch to catch. Scouts are the bravest of all the classes. Our skills allow us to delve deep into enemy territory and return alive. Our speed and endurance are unmatched, on road, on wheels or in the water. When we're not racing across the countryside, we can be found discussing strategy and sharing battle stories with our comrades in the Running, Swimming, Biking, Walking, Hiking Forums Many will tell you that brute strength is the most desirable trait, but where will strength get you without stamina? Even the mightiest Warrior will be defeated after a prolonged battle, whereas a fleet-footed Scout can evade attackers with ease and strike when the time is best. What truly sets us apart, however is our epic, ongoing battle with the one demon that is the most powerful and hardest to vanquish of all: Ourselves. To the uninitiated, running, swimming and riding may seem like simple pursuits, but don't be fooled! There is more to them than meets the eye. Our focus is on learning how to make the incremental improvements necessary to maximize our speed and endurance. We can teach you how to run correctly (there is a right way), swim better (it is possible), and ride more efficiently (it shall be done). We train, race, and celebrate our victories together as part of one whole. No Scout is left behind. Do you have what it takes to challenge yourself and test your physical limits? Do you want to run, bike or swim? Do you want to get faster, leaner, and learn to endure for longer periods than you ever thought possible? If the answer is a resounding YES!, then come and join us, and never look back...Scout. So, you want to join the Scouts, huh? All you need to do is register for the next Six Week Challenge and select your guild on the sign-up form!