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  1. Wow! I just finished my benchmark 5k, and I've shocked myself. I was expecting in the low forties to be my time, but today the conditions were perfect: 14 degrees, light rain. And the track is ideal: 1k slight incline, 1.5k slight decline, out and back. The run went so well. My first k was under 7 minutes, which was a shock, and I was already over the first hill. I notched it up slightly at each km mark and ended up negative-splitting each section. I finished at 31 minutes flat! This was literally over 10 minutes better than expected. As a result I've levelled up....twice! I completed my "Break 40 minutes" and "Break 35 minutes" quests, netting 1000 and 2000 xp respectively. As of right now, I'm on the brink of level 5: Current XP 4,725 Level Level 4 To Next Level: 275 SO PUMPED!
  2. Day 1 and I've hit the ground running - literally. Kicked things off this morning with my first proper, non-stop long run in nearly a decade. I ran for 1 hour and knocked off 8km. Not my fastest run, but better than I expected On track so far: Week 1: Long Run: Complete: 1h/8km 5k: Pending Hills: Pending Stats: Current XP 1550 Level Level 2 To Next Level: 450 On a side note, I broke the 90kg barrier this week! Feels good to be getting my health back in order - it's been way too long.
  3. All good mate, just riling you up anyways to make you want to do another challenge
  4. That's great! Best of luck
  5. Love the optimism Hope you're right!
  6. Thanks! We'll see if it pays off...I did 4 separate exercise sessions today, so I think it's going to work
  7. On the back of last month's successful challenge, I've got full nerd and built my own personal RPG based around my training habits. I got thinking about this after adding in Achievements in the last challenge. I found these quite motivating, but the adhoc nature of them left me wanting. For this challenge, I'm going to start tracking XP and levelling up! Why didn't I ever think of this before?? I've got a Google doc to track everything, but the key components are the XP Task chart, Levelling chart, and daily logs. Here are the first 2: In a nutshell, I'm going to be tracking my daily activities, runs, etc and applying XP to each of them. My goal for this challenge is to level up at least once. Ideally as I progress, the tasks will get harder and garner more XP, and I can keep aiming for a new level each challenge. I'll be focusing on benchmarking my running and improving my fitness. Each week I will do: A timed 5k where I will try to beat the previous week's time A hill run. I've identified 5 big hills to conquer, increasing in difficulty throughout the challenge A 1h long run at any pace each weekend At the end I will have a baseline for my 5k time, be able to RUN up the 5 hills, and last an hour on my feet. I graciously awarded myself 1000 xp for completing the last challenge, so I'm starting this one at Level 2. I'll be tracking my progress pre-challenge to keep the momentum going as well. I'm up to 1025xp as of this morning, so just 975xp to go - easy peasy. If anyone reading this wants to play along, I'd love to see how you go as well and would be happy to share my doc. It's a work in progress but seems to be doing the trick so far. The other bit that I'm still working on is beating enemies/boss fights. The way this is going to work is that I'm still following on my current diet regime, with menus all planned out each weekend. My 'mobs' are the social engagements and temptations that pop up along the way. Each sticky situation that I get out of will net me some bonus XP. I've only got a few mobs defined so far but will likely add to the list as I get tempted: Oh and also Quests. These are long-term goals. I probably won't knock many of these off, but they're there anyways: This is going to be heaps of fun - Can't wait for the challenge to start! Oh and @Endor Shall we say parkrun on the last day of the challenge?
  8. "The Band!" "The Band?" "The Band..." "The BAND!" Jesus H Tap Dancing Christ, I have seen the light! We're putting the band back together! It's been way too long, so @Endor and I are brushing off our running shoes (or just feet as it were) and getting back into our pre-COVID shapes. For me, this means forming proper habits again: Exercise every day. It can be 5 minutes, or an hour, but the goal is to get my heart rate up and move some muscle every single day. I'm tracking this with Habit Hub, and am aiming for 100%. Run at least twice per week. The weather is warming up and the days are getting longer - it's time to leave the couch. I don't care how far I go, but I just have to get the shorts on and do it. Shed the kilos. I've been in a...bulking phase....for quite some time now. Time to shift that to a cutting phase. I've already started on the CSIRO diet and it's working. I'm down to 92.8,kg from a starting weight of 96.2kg a few weeks ago. My goal is to break 90kg by the end of this. Bonus goal: Beat @Endor. At anything really - video games, running, being better looking...It's a low bar, but always makes me feel better.