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  1. The Kettlebell Game

    One more time I like this workout! 1506 + 96 = 1602
  2. The Kettlebell Game

    Encore un fois (96 points) = 1410 + 96 = 1506 ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Total Recall (Complete a Kettlebell routine every day for 2 weeks)
  3. The Kettlebell Game

    No update for a couple days, but the workouts have still been happening. Same again x 2: = 1218 + 96 + 96 = 1410
  4. I'm Back

    Thanks Xena, it definitely feels that way so far!
  5. The Kettlebell Game

    Same as yesterday: 1122+96 = 1218
  6. The Kettlebell Game

    It goes a little something like tthis:
  7. The Kettlebell Game

    This morning I added 20 hip halos to the usual routine, so 72 + 24 = 96 1026 + 96 = 1122
  8. The Kettlebell Game

    PRESS ANY KEY TO START WELCOME PLAYER 1 PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME TO BEGIN > OldManDawsy HELLO OldManDawsy, SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? > Y WHAT GAME WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY? > Global Thermonuclear War I'M SORRY, OldManDawsy, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY THAT GAME WHAT GAME WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY? > The Kettlebell Game YOU HAVE SELECTED The Kettlebell Game. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW THE RULES (Y/N) > Y THE RULES OF The Kettlebell Game ARE SIMPLE: You get 0.1 points for every kilogram of kettlebell that you lift or swing. When you level up $10 will be added to the Kettlebell Kitty. This can be used later to purchase larger kettlebells. When a temptation (second coffee, chocolate bar, etc) is successfully averted, you will receive a Power Up bonus which will apply a 2x multiplier to your next workout. ARE YOU READY TO PLAY? (Y/N) >Y CURRENT LEVEL: 2 CURRENT SCORE: 1506 NEXT LEVEL: 2000 KETTLEBELL KITTY: $10 TEMPTATION POINTS USED: 3 ACHIEVEMENTS UNLOCKED: Double Down (perform two identical workouts in the same day) Week Streaker (complete a Kettlebell session 7 days in a row) Total Recall (complete a Kettlebell session every day for 2 weeks) MOVES: - One arm row - Shoulder Halo - Loaded chest swing - Goblet squat - Hip halo
  9. I'm Back

    Well hello there, my lovely rebels, long time no see! It's been ages since I had any regular exercise regime or paid much attention to my diet, etc. Life has just become non-stop from 6am to midnight every day. Be that as it may, my body is not getting any younger, and a couple years of neglect have begun to take their toll. It's going to be a slow start, but I'm going to make it stick. Changes will involve a gradual shift towards vegetarianism, dusting off the kettlebells and jump rope, then finally I'll get back on the streets for some long-neglected running. Can't wait.