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  1. This sounds to me like low bar...not sure how you get it much lower than that.
  2. Agreed. Stay the course, no need to push heavy singles just for the ego trip. There's always going to be someone stronger than you.
  3. I had really good luck with this variant. I enjoyed the VD/ID mix. I made something like 70lbs to my 5rm Squat is 14 weeks. I hit a wall there pretty hard but It was probably the most effective 14 weeks of my training career. http://www.barbellmedicine.com/potpourri/gslp-strength-bias/
  4. Agreed, it looks like you're starting the 2nd pull damn near below the knee. Just as soon as the bar clears your knees, your shoulders are almost on top of the bar already instead of still in front of it. A big part of that I think is that you're letting the bar fall WAY too far forward of mid-foot. At one point it's out in front of your toes. This is going to make starting the 2nd pull problematic. Just my two cents. Looks like you're pretty heavily using your back and shrug to get that up instead of the pull.
  5. Just to kind of parrot what everyone else said. Looks like the bar is drifting pretty far forward of mid foot and you're struggling to stay as vertical as you need to with a highbar squat. With that said, try letting the knees slide forward a bit more and keeping your torso just a hair more vertical. Your depth looked better I thought in the newest one vs the first video. Keep at it and good luck!
  6. In reference to the bare feet thing..I'm not a fan of doing the oly lifts bare foot. You should consider a good pair of WL shoes, they'll help in pretty much everything you do. Also, put some weight on the bar. It's one thing to clean a weight that you could probably slowly pick up off the ground and lazily clean it with all back and arms...it's another to do it with a bit more of a challenging weight. I'm not saying you need to jump to 205 or anything like that...but you should at least be able to clean 95-135. Critiquing that form is going to be a lot more beneficial than 65lbs imo. Your
  7. I'm not sure what this has to do with a belt. Ctrl+F didn't return even one instance of the word belt.
  8. Not sure what options there are in the UK. But Best Belts is on back order right now. I haven't even heard production has started on mine and it's been six weeks. They acknowledged the order, but I'm still waiting. A bunch of guys on the SS forums have gotten a few belts from www.generalleathercraft.com and seem to have been pleased. They have a rep that's active over there and has made some personally for them. I'm thinking about getting their 3" deadlift belt that is just treated leather with no suede.
  9. Now probably, if it's challenging. A belt is only going to help your midsection get stronger. If you've got a small enough belt that allows you to get your back into extension(hard for some shorter torso'd people on DLs) I'd use it right away. That whole, belt keeps your core from getting strong is nonsense. If anything it helps it get stronger by giving your valsalva maneuver something to brace against.
  10. Some people can get by squatting once a week. Some can't. I feel like I need at least 2 good sessions a week to really drive my squat up. Otherwise once a week and I'll be mostly maintaining, and not really gaining. I wouldn't be able to add 5lbs a week to my 5x5. 5x5 with truly heavy squats takes a long fucking time and just kills the rest of my workout.
  11. Squats: Don't walk out like that, it's recipe for disaster. I can't see shit from the angle, and why is it in slow mo? I lost interest after like 10 seconds. Best squat angle is from 45 degrees from the side towards the back. Essentially off your hip, looking down a bit probably. If I can tell anything...I think your feet are far enough a part, but you probably just need to drive your knees out a bit more, angle the toes out a touch more. DL: Can't tell anything from the angle...also...full speed. We can slow it down if needed.
  12. Squat: I don't think it looks fucked, looks ok from a LBBS perspective. This is a pretty shitty camera angle and I can't see much...but I'm guessing your feet are a bit too wide. Move them in an inch on each side and turn your toes out a bit more. Might help with the hip tightness. Otherwise the hip drive looks good, can't see bar path. Didn't see a DL video and didn't watch presses/rows.
  13. Honestly, women tend to be a bit more hypermobile than men, and it's also a pretty common byproduct of trying to keep the lift in your hips. I do it pretty routinely even though I actively try not to. If I don't I feel like I lose hamstring tension and hip drive out of the hole. With that said, yea, you do it, and your pelvis realligns in the hole, which is natural...but I wouldn't let it stop progress by any means. Some people will complain about lower back muscle pain/pump from it, but it typically doesn't cause a TON of problems. It's not a good practice, no. But don't let perfect become
  14. I don't think it looks that bad. If anything you're overextending at the top and your hips are just getting more neutral at the bottom. If you're really worried about it, you might need to cut depth off a touch. But to me it looks like it's just leveling itself out after you're overextending at the top. Easy enough to do, I do it too.
  15. Thirded. Taking weight off the bar, at least to the point where you're squatting nothing won't help much. Because your weightless squat probably looks nothing like a weighted squat. The flexibility will come as you get more and more used to the movement. Just takes some time.
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