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  1. Ok, well, I'm making that now. The only thing I might have a hard time finding is the frozen okra, I've never noticed it at the store before. Which doesn't mean it doesn't exist, I can be pretty oblivious...

    I don't know that I've ever seen fresh okra, just the frozen stuff. And I live in Central PA, where we're not exactly known for our diversified grocery stores, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. 

  2. So far so good! I forgot to give an update once I finally got my body fat measured, and then remembered to get the numbers from my trainer. I'm currently at 153 pounds and 29.12% body fat. That's 44.6lbs of fat and 108.4 lbs of lean mass (I'd like to pretend it's all muscle, but then I remember I've got organs, and bones, and I'm sure some other stuff too). So, to get down to 25% body fat (and my trainer estimated I'd gain about a pound of muscle on the way, to be conservative) - I'd get to 109.4 pounds of lean mass and  36.5 pounds of fat for a total *goal* weight of 145.9 pounds. My goal is still the body fat percentage, not the actual scale number, but I know I need to lose some weight to get there. 


    The scary thing? I've never reached a weight related goal. Ever. It was up-up-up my whole life until spring 2011, and it's been down-down-down ever since. I'm not sure how to tackle this, other than to keep doing what I've been doing, but that would mean it would take a really long time. But in the meantime, I'm ok with my body now - and that's something I've never, ever said before. This actually confuses me, and makes me scared I'll never reach my overall goals. And now I don't know what to think. 



    Consistency: A+ M: Strength + cardio

                              T: Cardio

                              W: Strength + Zumba

                              R: Rest

                              F: Strength + cardio

                              S: Skiing

                              S: Cardio

    Cardio: A+ 2/8 post-strength training cardio workouts complete.

    Kickstart: F Nothing yet

    Engage: B 0.83/1 hours for week, 0.83/6 hours for challenge

  4. Ok, don't laugh at me, but you know those mannequins in the stores? Those clothes are outfits, and all that stuff is on the rack behind it. Sometimes there are multiple combinations, too. It seriously took me until college to figure that one out. I'm a fan of going to NY and Company, where one rack might have 3 shirts, 2 cardigans, and a scarf that all go together - that gives you 12 outfits (kind of. But you get the idea). 


    And I second Guzzi on the nice underwear. I finally laid down the cash for some VS panties, and while that part was painful, they do make me feel more grownup and put-together. 

  5. Week 1 Day 4: 


    Consistency: Went to the gym Monday - Wednesday, today is rest day. Plan to strength train tomorrow, ski on Saturday, and elliptical on Sunday. 

    Cardio: 1/8 post-strength training cardio workouts complete.

    Kickstart: Nothing yet

    Engage: 0.25/1 hours for week, 0.25/6 hours for challenge


    I got my body fat measured last night, but forgot to grab the measurements from my trainer before I left, so I don't know what it was. Hopefully I'll get that when I'm at the gym again tomorrow. Weight was 153.4. 

  6. Sounds like you have a lot going on here. A lot of things that I think most women deal with at one point or another in their lives. 


    One thing I've learned is that if I look "better", I feel better. For me, this is getting up in the morning and putting on pants, a shirt, shoes, and at least brushing my hair and washing my face, but usually also at least a little bit of makeup, even if it's just foundation. Until college, I was a sweatpants and tee shirt type of girl, didn't really wear makeup unless I was getting dressed up, and typically wore my hair all one length in a pony tail. Then, some friends did my makeup, I got my hair cut to a more flattering style, and I bought some clothes that were flattering and comfortable. Did it take some time to get used to? Sure. I also didn't do it all overnight. I changed when I felt I was ready, and only one thing at a time. 


    I'm not saying that you have to change to be beautiful (you already are!) or for someone to love you (screw him!), but it seems like you're trying to tackle a whole bunch at once here, and more for changing how other see you than for how you see yourself. Sometimes, you have to change a little to be able to love yourself, first, and then the rest happens on its own. 

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  7. after some research I have found that it may be one of two possibilities.....either A. a cheap mass produced Sauce Americain, a french sauce used in lobster dishes, or a derivation of a sauce used for fries in Idaho....also, that Europeans are flummoxed when they come here and learn we don't have "American Sauce"

    Yes, they are also confused when you tell them we don't have any idea what "the american" is when we see it on a menu. The one we ordered ended up being a hoagie roll with 2 hamburgers, each cut in half to fit on the roll, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, and fries on top. She was shocked we don't actually eat those. It was pretty good, but also pretty messy - fries belong on the side.

  8. Haha I actually have no idea yet. We first found it at a grocery store in Munich (our first city) but didn't want to haul it around in our suitcases for 3 week, so we bought some in Paris...but the ingredients are still in German, which I don't speak. At some point I'll put them into google translate, but until then, the best I've been able to find online is "tomatoes, shallots, and parsley". But if not, I'm hoping it's made up of ground-up Americans. 

  9. The trip was *amazing*. All I did was eat and walk. I came back 5.5 pounds lighter (although I gained some of it back since) - and I know it's because of all the good quality food and constant walking (seriously, like 8+ hours most days). We also learned some lessons in minimalism when our luggage got lost - twice. We spent the first three days of the trip with just what we had in our backpacks, and it was actually pretty awesome (minus having to wash laundry in the sink every night - and since I can't read German I'm only assuming that what I bought was laundry soap, lol). 


    And now, for your viewing pleasure....






































  10. Day 2


    Oh my God, Zumba was AWESOME!!


    I have never in my life done a zumba class before, and it was amazing. I was literally smiling the whole time! Even when my sides were killing me, and I was gasping for breath and I was dripping with sweat. It was just so energetic and fun!! I've already signed up for next weeks classes!


    It made me feel amazing, and sexy and really capped off day 2 well :).


    I had 3 meals - though my breakfast was super late. Had a protein shake for my afternoon snack, and I'll definitely be sleeping tonight - I'm knackered!


    All in all - so far so good:D

    Haha I debated telling you yesterday that it's impossible to be sad or stressed or angry during Zumba, but then I tried to be open minded and realize that may not be the case for everyone. However, sounds like it is for you! Another plus for me was that Zumba really helped me get some self confidence in the way I look and move. Also, it's addicting, just a heads up, haha. 

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    PS.  I hate day one of getting back to good eats.  Your tummy starts to act like it has NEVER BEEN FED EVER!


    I always feel like this the first day of shark week. I always feel like Scarlett O'Hara yelling "With God as my witness, I will never go hungry again!" as I eat everything in sight (and remain hungry). Sadly, there are no gifs for this. 

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  12. I was also overweight when I started C25K, and didn't lose a damn pound because I would stop at 7-11 on the way home from every run. And you know what? I still managed to get to a 5k! That's how good that program is - you can sabotage yourself in other areas, but you WILL learn to run 3 miles. (I did eventually get my diet under control, and continue to run, and lose the weight. But at that point in time, it was more for stress release than weight loss that I did it)


    Your city is listed as Baltimore - is there anywhere you can go where lots of people run? I was living in Philly when I did C25k and I would go down to Kelly Drive where tons of people are always running along the river. It was nice that I was absolutely *never* the slowest person, and I got to watch a lot of really good runner to motivate me and observe their form. 


    And if you like tuna salad, try the Firecracker Tuna Salad from The Clothes Make the Girl. 

  13. Awesome goals! Nice and specific and definitely attainable. Pro-tip: if you buy good quality coffee, you don't need to put nearly as much in it (there are a few brands I'll drink black - but cheap at work stuff calls for lots of sugar and cream. Treat yourself to the good stuff!)

  14. So sorry to hear about your dad :( Just wanted to offer a little bit of personal experience - my FIL died suddenly last spring, and let's face it, comfort food is a powerful thing. I gained about 4 pounds in 10 days - but lost it in about 2 weeks once I got my butt back to the gym, with very little effort. The good news is that your body remembers how you typically treat it, and is eager to get back to that place. 

  15. Awesome goals! I hope you find that diet and exercise have the same wonderful affects on your depression and anxiety (or whatever) that they've had on my life. While I've gotten away from food journaling myself, in addition to help me lose some weight it also helped me find connections between certain foods and my moods. Best of luck!

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