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  1. My husband is not really a fan of vegetables, but since I've gone paleo and try to serve 2 different ones at dinner each night instead of 1 vegetable and 1 grain, he's really come to find more that he enjoys. You missed all of my favorites on your list! The popular ones in my house right now are:


    Asparagus (expensive, but totally worth it)

    Sweet Potatos

    Zucchini and Tomatoes (sautee with garlic and olive oil)


    Butternut Squash

    Acorn Squash

    Green Beans (a legume, but most paleo diets allow it because it's more pod than bean)



    Also, if you find one you don't like, make sure you try it in all three ways to buy it - fresh, frozen, and canned. They really do have different tastes and textures.

  2. I can finally do real pushups - if you work out at a gym, do them against the bar on a smith machine (pretty much the only thing it's good for) and as soon as you can do 15, lower it to the next notch. If you need an extra level between the lowest notch and the ground, try doing them on an exercise step. I finally discovered that if you do real pushups properly, they work more than just your biceps and triceps! (duh, I know). Congratulations on the new milestone!

  3. My go-to snacks are deviled eggs and sweet potato chips. Lately, I've been seasoning my sweet potato chips with some home-made taco seasoning. My favorite way to make deviled eggs is to mix the yolks with equal parts mayonnaise and mustard, add in some salt and pepper, then top with paprika and a green olive.

  4. I did a whole30 and made 50 new (paleo) recipes in 30 days. You can find them all on this pinterest board. I was no stranger to the kitchen before this, so I was willing to be adventurous. My favorite new skill is making homemade mayonnaise. I actually succeeded on the first try, which many people don't, and ran around the house to show it to my husband while yelling "look! It's an emulsion! I made an emulsion!"


    He was thrilled to find out it was mayonnaise, and not some bizzare side dish I was serving with dinner, lol.


    As far as websites, I recommend:







    I also just found www.foodrenegade.com yesterday, which looks awesome, but I'm not sure it's all paleo.


    Definitely not paleo but fun foodie blogs are www.smittenkitchen.com and www.punkdomestics.com


    As far as cookbooks, my husband bought me Practical Paleo for Valentines day, and it is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I've ever owned. If you're new to paleo, the first half of the book is actually a paleo introduction, so that might be a great choice for you.


    Happy cooking!

  5. *sigh* I miss my hips.


    I was looking in the mirror last night, and I noticed that since I've lost a lot of fat around my hips and butt, I've sort of lost the hourglass shape I had before (It was a big hourglass, but an hourglass none the less). This new shape is decidedly less feminine. It's really frustrating to have made so much progress and not be thrilled with the point I'm at now. Hopefully my waist will catch up soon.


    I had a good workout yesterday, and I rocked the running intervals I threw in throughout my workout. Tonight I'm meeting with the trainer, so I don't know what I'll be doing, but it will likely kick my butt.


    I had some anxiety last night, and I'm trying to figure out if it could be the dairy I had after dinner (homemade ice cream), or if it's more likely to do with some issues in my personal life right now. Either is likely, so I'll have to continue to evaluate.


    February 20 Menu:


    Meal 1: Roasted Squash and Pineapple (from Practical Paleo)

                 Chocolate Chili


    Meal 2: Lemon Artichoke Chicken (Practical Paleo)

                 Candied Carrots

                 Roasted Broccoli (without cheese to keep it paleo)

    Meal 3: Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy

                Brussels Sprouts


    Meal 4: Protein Shake

  6. We're doing raised beds because the ground where we live is absolutely awful. It's new construction, and neighbors who have been there longer say that it took them 3+ years to get all the rocks out of their lawn, and from what I've seen of the area in general, all of the ground has lots of rocks in it once you go down 3 or 4 inches anyway. So for us, it's an easy, neat way to get good quality soil for our vegetables to grow in.

  7. We're planning on putting in some raised beds this year, so hopefully I'll have lots of great vegetables and herbs. I'm also starting some from seeds, which I always kill and swear off, but I figure if they don't take I'll still have time to buy transplants in the spring. I'm planning on tomatoes, jalepeno peppers, basil, zucchini, mint, cilantro, and whatever else I can get my hands on that looks good. Last year I planted too late and my tomatoes weren't ready until October, so I'm hoping to do a little better this year ;)

  8. I can't trust weight loss advice from anyone who has never been overweight, even if only by 5 pounds. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are two very different things. I also don't trust anyone who says women shouldn't lift heavy weights, and that low weight, high reps builds "tone". I also don't trust anyone who says eating fresh, whole foods is expensive - maybe the fancy, organic ones you want are, but 5 pounds of apples for $5 is a lot cheaper than a box of crackers.

  9. Good workout at the gym yesterday, and good weight on the scale this morning - 157.4 . I finished my Whole30 18 days ago at 157.0 and I've been stuck ever since - my reintroductions really threw me off, I think. I've been reading Practical Paleo (and salivating over all of the recipes), so hopefully that will give me a renewed kick in the butt with my diet. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder at the gym yesterday, so I'm hoping to take it easy tonight (a little more cardio) so I can lift well when I meet with my trainer tomorrow night.


    February 19 Menu:


    Meal 1: Sweet Potato, Bacon, and Apple Hash

                Chocolate Chili

    Meal 2: Chicken Lettuce Boats with Avo-Ziki Sauce (From Practical Paleo)

                 1/2 Red Pepper


    Pre-Workout: Scrambled Egg

    Meal 3: Lemon and Artichoke Chicken (Practical Paleo)

                 Candied Carrots (Practical Paleo)




    I also usually have a protein shake each night, too - 1 scoop Designer Whey, 1 banana or some pumpkin, and a splash of coconut milk. Lately, I've also been making protein "cakes" like this recipe from amazing paleo. I have mine with a little bit of maple syrup instead of sunbutter, since I don't eat seeds or nuts.


    February 19 Workout:


    5 minutes running

    Squat Thrusters - 15 lbs (3 sets)

    Pushups (3 sets)

    5 minutes running

    Ball Plank - as long as possible (3 sets)

    Side Plank with Dip (3 sets each side)

    5 minutes running

    Cable Rows - 140 lbs (3 sets)

    Romanian Single Leg Lift - 20lb kettlebell (3 sets)

    • Windmills (D) : 16kg / 4kg (2 x sets of 12) 
    • Deadlift (D ) : 30kg (2 x sets of 10)
    • Chest Flies (D ) : 12kg - WHY IS THIS DOWN? 8kg dumbells were impossible.
    • Bent over row ( D ) : 30kg (1 x set 10)
    • Glute Bridge ( D ) : 30kg (1 x set 10 with 5 second hold on the last one)
    • Waiter Walks ( D ) : 8kg / 16kg (1 x walk there and back - Had to push press the 8kg on the way back. Most weird) 

    Not really sure why last time I was doing chest flies with  2 x 8kg dumbells, but finding that practically impossible this time round. Very weird. Wondering if I wrote the wrong amount down. 


    Only 3 guys in the weights room today. Got one snigger from one. Another was a work colleague. The other didn't care. 


    This changes real fast: I'm still no where near my goal weight, but these days I feel sexier in the "mens" weight room than anywhere else (ok, maybe except the bedroom, lol). More women need to lift weights - good for you! I started back in September, and I can't even begin to tell you what it has done for my self confidence :)

  10. I really needed to get back in the habit of logging my daily meal plans/exercise progress, so I thought I'd switch over to this forum from the one I used during my whole30. I finished a Whole30 on Feb 1, but since then the scale is stuck (I know, I know, the number doesn't matter), and I'm tired of my weekends turning into cheat days for stuff that isn't even worth it.


    Anyway, I pretty much just want to use this thread to post my meal plans each day, current lifting routines, and other things I notice about my mind and body so I can see how everything is going. I post all of my recipes, too, for anyone who is interested.


    February 18 Menu:


    Meal 1: sweet potato, bacon, and apple hash

                 Aidell's Chicken Sausage, with mustard

                Peppermint Tea

    Morning Snack: Small slice of cake from the lunch room (I told you I need this log)

    Meal 2: Chocolate Chili


                 Green Beans

    Pre-Workout: Shrimp Cocktail (5 pieces)

    Meal 3: Chicken Lettuce Boats with Avo-Ziki Sauce (from Practical Paleo)



    February 18 Workout:


    Squats: 85, 105, 125, 145; 6 reps each

    Pushups (3 sets)

    Body weight rows (3 sets)

    Tricep Dips (3 sets)

    Bicep Curls - 45 lb bar (3 sets)

    Ball Pikes (3 sets)

    Plank Rows - 10 lbs (3 sets)

  11. That looks awesome!  My favorite game in the last year is Pandemic, so I bet I'd love this one.  

    Zombiecide was my first collaborative game, and I absolutely love it. My husband then bought me Pandemic for my birthday, which is awesome, although I think I still prefer zombiecide. So yes - you'd love this, too.

  12. Hi! I'm a 25-year-old newlywed mechanical engineer in Central PA. I started weight training back in September, and quickly became obsessed. I found Paleo in December, fell in love, and completed a Whole30 in January (www.whole9life.com). I'm not ready to do another Whole30 just yet, but I found nerdfitness about a month ago and wanted to sign up for the forums so I could join the next challenge :)


    My life is like one long episode of Big Bang Theory, although I wish it was a little more like Firefly or Battlestar Galactica. I married my very own Sheldon Cooper last year, but I wish I looked a little more like Penny and a little less like Amy (even if there's no denying I'll always act like her). When I'm not at the gym, I'm usually in the kitchen cooking up some paleo meals, knitting, redesigning my house, or being obsessed with watching an entire TV series (last month it was Battlestar Galactica, this month it's Doctor Who).


    February 2013 stats:




    30% body fat (actually from 1/17)


    Stomach: 33.25"

    Waist 31.25"

    Bicep: 12.5"

    Thigh: 24"

    Chest: 34"

    Hips: 39" (baby got back, lol)


    Pants Size: 8


    Dead Lift: 135 lbs

    Squat: 155 lbs

    Pull Ups: 80 lbs assistance

    Dips: 60 lbs assistance.