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  1. I need this wall in my house...like in my room so I can climb it everyday...
  2. I wish there was an adult gymnastic program near me...Any suggestions of what I can do instead?
  3. As long as I can have meat and delicious foods I'm fine Our diet resembled the one the doctor prescribed already. So it's really easy to just get more veggies and appropriate snacks, and have it all fit our budget. I'm still struggling with food timing though, but it's mainly because I work as an artist. When I'm working, my mojo is going and I zone out and lose track of time. I need to set a timer.... I'm sorry for not updating more frequently, I promise to do better in the future. Goals are going great! Schoolwork is still a struggle but only bec
  4. So my goals have been going pretty well considering I've been trying to focus on my mental health. Goal 1: Training hasn't been going as well as the rest of my goals. But I'm not doing bad. I make sure I'm taking walks with my baby everyday, but I do want to push myself to train. I have this goal to look athletic as well as be athletic. Goal 2: So school...I have been trying. I really have. But I'm struggling to find that sweet spot in my daily schedule in order to take time to study. I really need to discipline myself and get this habit started. I'm looking to go back to scho
  5. It is actually very efficient for cooling a overclocked computer. It's a must for gamers! Oooo I am trying to get into digital art, but I seriously don't know what I'm getting into lol. I want a really powerful graphics card but they are expensive right now. It's because people are buying them up in order to get Bitcoin. So stupid, making it harder for those of us who need a graphics card for gaming, art, and work.
  6. It's really annoying when family comments on it. They won't change their habits but that gives them the right to critique how you are eating to lose weight. "You shouldn't be having dressing on your salad at all when you already have cheese sprinkled on it. That's way to many calories." Well look who's the expert on nutrition! At the end of the day, you're the boss and they aren't.
  7. Man, that's WAY to long for me to stay in one place. I bet her hair looks amazing though! It better after 5 hours of work
  8. I am so happy I dropped a size. And ever since I've been talking to my husband about it, I've noticed that the hallucinations have dropped and the depression is still far away. The best I can do right now is find work and keep myself busy as much as I can. So not much to update but I feel like I really should keep in touch with you guys. Mental health is going really well. I haven't been doing to much as far as keeping to my goals but I'm disciplining myself to get better. Which means that although I want to stay up to work (and break in my new computer chair, thank yo
  9. I really need new headphones! I was using my husbands LG headset for running but it's not working anymore. He's getting a new headset that's really nice! And as a result I don't want to destroy them with my sweat. What I'm looking for is wireless earbuds, or over the ear headphones. I've been staying away from over the ear though because I do more than just run, and they have a hard time staying on my head. Earbuds seem to work the best. I am also on a strict budget so anything under $50 would be great! Under $20 is better hehe. Also they obviously need to be sweat proof, and
  10. So....week 1.... Um soooooo, let's start at the beginning. The day after my most recent post I ended up having a depression/whateverthehelliswrongwithmyhead attack, and considered suicide. I wisely chose to ring up a counselor to get some help. It helped a lot and I'm getting some help to get through it all. The good news is that, it was the first I've had in a long time. They used to happen a lot more frequently but I know I'm getting better. SO as far as my goals, I have to admit that I haven't been to good on them. I give myself a 4/10 score. And this week is sl
  11. Thank you for the links! They were really helpful during my "rest days". I'm aware of it, so don't worry I've been lifting heavy for years, and my mom was a bodybuilder so she gave me a good foundation. And I will rest when my muscles are to sore to continue or focus on another muscle group that isn't sore. I USED to workout till I dropped. And then force my sore muscles to go heavier in lifting. I ended up looking skinny fat because my muscles were to abused to grow. Plus I was only eating maybe 800 calories a day. I've learned so much since then.
  12. Man, even at my lightest I couldn't do a chin up! I'm envious!
  13. Sounds like a muscle strain, unless your feeling it in the bone. Just make sure you're warming up and don't strain yourself. Drink lots of water and get a good amount of sleep. An Epsom salt bath will really help to!
  14. *hugs* I don't envy you my friend. But at least you're not stuck inside because of broken bones. That would be hell! Hope you're feeling better!
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