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  1. I need this wall in my house...like in my room so I can climb it everyday...
  2. I wish there was an adult gymnastic program near me...Any suggestions of what I can do instead?
  3. As long as I can have meat and delicious foods I'm fine Our diet resembled the one the doctor prescribed already. So it's really easy to just get more veggies and appropriate snacks, and have it all fit our budget. I'm still struggling with food timing though, but it's mainly because I work as an artist. When I'm working, my mojo is going and I zone out and lose track of time. I need to set a timer.... I'm sorry for not updating more frequently, I promise to do better in the future. Goals are going great! Schoolwork is still a struggle but only because I don't have all the books I thought I needed. So I need to take a trip to the bookstore sometime, when the budget allows it. I've also been working more in order to bring up my portfolio, and hopefully acquire more work. There is potentially a job I will get at my church. We're working to update the rooms because, as my pastor likes to joke,"They haven't been changed since the 70's. And it was even too ugly for that era." That description includes the paintings, which wouldn't even pass for hotel art! My pastor is interested in my updating the art, so that the church has something unique and professional looking to call their own. It's not much pay at all since they are struggling, but it would my work on display so everyone can see it. I've been finding that when I unplug and go through the to do list, I get things done a LOT faster than I used to. Which it's sad to me that I used my phone to waste time like that instead of working. I have a lot to catch up on, especially with work. No time like the present! Working out has been great! If only the weather was just as great. I'm in Ohio, the weather is bipolar here! It was nice and sunny a couple of days ago, and then just yesterday it started snowing...It sucks because I want to workout outside more. But for now I have to live with staying inside and using our gym to workout. Despite being extremely heavy I still have a lot of strength left and my bodyweight exercises are on point. But I want to do more bodyweight circuits, as well as weight lifting. Most of the stuff online unfortunately isn't enough for me. I LOVE having a HIIT workout as a finisher, after a good weight lifting session. And then my play usually includes handstands and cartwheels. But not much room for that in the house. Need more room!
  4. So my goals have been going pretty well considering I've been trying to focus on my mental health. Goal 1: Training hasn't been going as well as the rest of my goals. But I'm not doing bad. I make sure I'm taking walks with my baby everyday, but I do want to push myself to train. I have this goal to look athletic as well as be athletic. Goal 2: So school...I have been trying. I really have. But I'm struggling to find that sweet spot in my daily schedule in order to take time to study. I really need to discipline myself and get this habit started. I'm looking to go back to school sometime, and I don't want to wait until I'm taking classes in order to learn. I can learn a lot and add credits towards a degree through some tests they offer at community college. But I know I won't make the right grades to receive credit at my level. Goal 3: Unplugging has not been happening at all. I've done so bad on this one it's made me realize how much of an addiction I have to my phone. I'm pushing myself to get better at this because I don't want my kids to be like this and I want to spend more time with my family. Goal 4: Emergency Fund is doing really good! My husband has a really great project going for him and the pay is really helping out. We've done our April budget and it's helping us to make sure we are keeping to our goals of becoming debt free. Life Goal: I haven't been meditating at all or reading my Bible I've recently found out that I may have Hypoglycemia. It's suspected but the doctor wanted to put me on a special diet first in order to see if that fixed my hormone problems. I just might be deficient on key minerals and quality foods. So now I had to cut out sugar, eat veggies with every meal, have protein before bed, more fish, broccoli (high in chromium which is a blood sugar balancer), protein must come from beef and lamb, not so much chicken or other lean white meat, and more Brazil nuts. Exercising everyday is a must but I can't workout in the morning anymore. I need to eat something first in order to bring my blood sugar up, wait for digestion and then I can workout. So working out can be intense but I need to cool it on the cardio until everything is balanced out. And make sure I'm eating really well afterwards.If I'm to sore to workout they said to go for a walk, I just need to do some form of physical activity to help the blood sugar balance. They said what could be my other issue is Hypothyroidism. But the diet is the same I just need to pickup some supplements to try first. Either way if I get balanced out, I'll be better so that's not bad lol. I might have two issues but they are treated almost the same way. All I can do is fix my diet and see if I was screwing up my nutrients. So far sleep has been way better, acne is almost gone, energy levels are stable, and I'm not moody anymore. So far so good! I didn't want to have to take medication anyways.
  5. It is actually very efficient for cooling a overclocked computer. It's a must for gamers! Oooo I am trying to get into digital art, but I seriously don't know what I'm getting into lol. I want a really powerful graphics card but they are expensive right now. It's because people are buying them up in order to get Bitcoin. So stupid, making it harder for those of us who need a graphics card for gaming, art, and work.
  6. It's really annoying when family comments on it. They won't change their habits but that gives them the right to critique how you are eating to lose weight. "You shouldn't be having dressing on your salad at all when you already have cheese sprinkled on it. That's way to many calories." Well look who's the expert on nutrition! At the end of the day, you're the boss and they aren't.
  7. Man, that's WAY to long for me to stay in one place. I bet her hair looks amazing though! It better after 5 hours of work
  8. I am so happy I dropped a size. And ever since I've been talking to my husband about it, I've noticed that the hallucinations have dropped and the depression is still far away. The best I can do right now is find work and keep myself busy as much as I can. So not much to update but I feel like I really should keep in touch with you guys. Mental health is going really well. I haven't been doing to much as far as keeping to my goals but I'm disciplining myself to get better. Which means that although I want to stay up to work (and break in my new computer chair, thank you my love! All I had before was a exercise ball ), and practice digital art, I need to get better sleep. And stick to my Ultimate plan. It will work because it has the word Ultimate in it. So today we went business shopping because my video card crashed. It was most likely due to my sister overclocking it to much and as a result, it just died. Thankfully I'm not playing games on my computer anymore, and it's being used for digital art. So I don't need a new card...yet. It just gave me an idea though. I'll update this setup for artwork specifically. And then build another computer for gaming that's water cooled and everything. I will admit, I wasn't interested in water cooling originally. I love my fans . But the new systems for water cooling are awesome! And so neat to, no mess at all. So now I'm sold hehe. Sorry for the ramble, I love computers. As mentioned I got a computer chair from my husband because, the exercise ball wasn't helping me for long work hours. I haven't worked out in a while. I haven't been eating well, studying, stretching, reading the Bible, etc. But I don't want to give up at all! It's my goal to lose another size before my birthday so I can get new clothes. I have 20 days to do it. And I know I can without starving myself.
  9. I really need new headphones! I was using my husbands LG headset for running but it's not working anymore. He's getting a new headset that's really nice! And as a result I don't want to destroy them with my sweat. What I'm looking for is wireless earbuds, or over the ear headphones. I've been staying away from over the ear though because I do more than just run, and they have a hard time staying on my head. Earbuds seem to work the best. I am also on a strict budget so anything under $50 would be great! Under $20 is better hehe. Also they obviously need to be sweat proof, and a bit indestructible. Because I am really rough with my stuff. And really good sound! I like a good bass and clear tones! I don't really need noise canceling, and as a parent I shouldn't have that anyways.
  10. So....week 1.... Um soooooo, let's start at the beginning. The day after my most recent post I ended up having a depression/whateverthehelliswrongwithmyhead attack, and considered suicide. I wisely chose to ring up a counselor to get some help. It helped a lot and I'm getting some help to get through it all. The good news is that, it was the first I've had in a long time. They used to happen a lot more frequently but I know I'm getting better. SO as far as my goals, I have to admit that I haven't been to good on them. I give myself a 4/10 score. And this week is slowly shaping up to be the same. But I have a plan, and I will execute it and crush the remainder of this challenge! And the plus size I am officially a size 14 instead of a 16 so that's awesome! If I get down to a 12 I'll be happy because I always get stuck at a 14 BTW does anyone have any good wireless headphone (or earbud) recommendations? Something budget friendly please because I'm living poor in order to becomes richer
  11. Thank you for the links! They were really helpful during my "rest days". I'm aware of it, so don't worry I've been lifting heavy for years, and my mom was a bodybuilder so she gave me a good foundation. And I will rest when my muscles are to sore to continue or focus on another muscle group that isn't sore. I USED to workout till I dropped. And then force my sore muscles to go heavier in lifting. I ended up looking skinny fat because my muscles were to abused to grow. Plus I was only eating maybe 800 calories a day. I've learned so much since then. Yup! A neighbor introduced me to his methods years ago. Because of Dave I never had any debt growing up because I refused to have a credit card and only paid in cash for things. The debt we are paying for currently is my husband's and then my medical bill for when I had my daughter.
  12. Man, even at my lightest I couldn't do a chin up! I'm envious!
  13. Sounds like a muscle strain, unless your feeling it in the bone. Just make sure you're warming up and don't strain yourself. Drink lots of water and get a good amount of sleep. An Epsom salt bath will really help to!
  14. *hugs* I don't envy you my friend. But at least you're not stuck inside because of broken bones. That would be hell! Hope you're feeling better!
  15. Thank you guys for the advice! We did a big haul Saturday and got a lot more veggies as well as salmon because we crave fish a lot. Another thing we always try to eat weekly is liver because it's high in iron. For those who don't like liver and have only had it boiled...gross...I am so sorry you were traumatized. Sending hugs The only way you should cook liver is by soaking it in lemon juice for a few hours, in order to get rid of the impurities. It also takes away that god awful bitter flavor. And then coat it in whole wheat flour, that's been seasoned with salt and pepper. And proceed to fry it in bacon grease on a skillet. Texture is great, flavor is amazing. You're welcome.
  16. Not for me. I actually thrive on lifting consistently lol. But if I'm to sore to lift I'll take it easy and focus on form and isometrics.
  17. I should've probably specified that . OK so for weight lifting I'm trying to build muscle and after doing a lot of research it mainly takes muscle exhaustion. So that's my goal, which works because I don't have a lot of option with weights at the moment. And as far as BW I'm including everything. Pilates, Yoga, calisthenics, etc. On rest days I intend to do healing yoga routines and some stretching routines I remember from my time in gymnastics. My goal is to be able to do full on splits...and in all honesty my goal of being extremely flexible isn't totally because of my goals of fitness. I want to be more flexible for sex with my husband . Kill two psychos with one bullet right? Any who, I'll be making a routine as I go because of my wacky schedule.
  18. So far I'm just doing heavy lifting with serious muscle building in mind. I have a barbell, some plates, and dumbbells. Not much but when we have our emergency fund finished my husband and I are looking to go to our local community center at least twice a week. They have nice weight rooms. You're right. I'm severely limited on funds which means I can't afford therapy. But a church that's close by offers therapy for a small fee, so I'll look into it. Thank you!
  19. I am really impressed with your goals, they are so well thought out! And the gif with the light blinding the guy reminds me of my sister lol. I'll be sending you motivation however I can!
  20. Nice! How did the home cooked meals turn out?
  21. I can't wait until I can afford to learn how to climb. It sounds like so much fun! There's a free climbing wall here in Columbus Ohio but you need your own climbing equipment to use it *sigh*.
  22. Hey! I'm Ba'sini'on! I have been part of Nerd Fitness for a while now but, I'm starting myself over point and all. Because I'm no longer the same person I used to be. Here's my challenge:
  23. Felt like I was trapped in a coffin underground with no one to know I was there. But now I have a new purpose and new goals to get to! No more feeling like I'm suffocating under a severe weight. Which means it's time for me to train for my goals that will take me and my family far in life. I just want to mention something some of you may know, but I have some mental problems that have prevented me from hitting my goals years before. My symptoms fit that of schizophrenia but it's only a self diagnosis mind you. I looked into having myself examined by an expert but was told that it would take six months of intense therapy, and testing. And that given how I was functioning on a day to day basis, there would be no point. Because I'm functioning to a point where a diagnosis would be a waste of money, unless, I start mentally deteriorating. On one hand I was a little disappointed, because I'm curious by nature and I wanted to know why I function the way I do. On the other hand I'm apparently sane enough to be deemed a mentally healthy and in no need of therapy. Which makes me happy! But my goals are tough and I need to make sure I'm taking care of my mental health, especially for the sake of my family. So let's do this thing!! Warrior Training: Bodyweight training everyday; Weight training 6x a week; Cardio 2x a week. I'm a mesomorph so I only see weight loss results when I exercise. My diet is pretty good despite being on a strict budget so I'm not worried about that. But I want to train bodyweight to eventually be able to do parkour, gymnastics, ballet, and martial arts with better ease. Wisdom of Solomon: Follow School Schedule and Business Plan. I want to increase my intelligence and increase my business income. My school schedule also includes my daughter's schooling. She's a smart little thing who gets bored easily and likes to be mentally challenged. So my studying will help me when she's ready for school since I will be homeschooling. Mistress of Time Management: Unplug Until Nap Time and Bedtime. I am really horrible at time management. And the biggest culprit I'm up against is social media and being a tv junky. I'm even seeing my daughter becoming addicted to television. She's not going to grow up like me. No Way! So no phone or tv until she's asleep. And even then it will be for business purposes only. Earthly Riches: Emergency Fund 60% or More Completed. We're dedicating ourselves to becoming debt free. Which means we first have $1000 for an emergency fund. And we're 30% there so far! Life Goal: Read Bible and Meditate Everyday: As I said, my mental health needs to be priority for the sake of my family. Spiritual growth and making sure I'm mentally calm and collected first thing in the morning will keep me sound of mind. I need to make this a habit. I really need to push myself to train, and learn. I wasted a lot of my life already being in depression, and not having any goal in my life. I'm not getting any younger and there's things I want to do and places I want to go. And I want the finances there so my family can join with me in traveling and learning. I never thought I deserved a family of my own. Now that I have one, I want them to join in and be with me wherever God leads us. I will be making mini challenges every week that correspond with my goals. Each one I finish is 2+ points, and at the end of my challenge if I get 32 points I will treat myself to a manicure.
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