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  1. Who doesn't love Terry Pratchett?

  2. I'm going to start posting my workouts and diet on the Daily Battle Log Forum, as well as posting on this thread. I tried the 20-minute Hotel Workout, it was awesome! It was only Level 1 but still a great workout. I didn't get to try my outdoor ranch workout like I hoped, due to the fact I got to preocupied with Terry Pratchett's book Reaper Man. Took me all day to finish it (hey I like Death and his character is always entertaining to read). At least I got a good workout in, but I need to manage my time better. Anyone here have any advice on focus. My family has always told me that I have terrible focus unless, it is about video games, good books, movies, drawing, and useless facts. Then I have a one track mind that can't be stopped (mom said I'm like pit-bull), and I will remember everything about it. How do you harness your focus, I would need it to be able to pay attention to my surroundings. Honestly, I have a feeling some of this is due to me formerly having siezures as a child (that was my face whenever one hit me). I had to take medication to prevent them, some of which had caused me to gain weight rapidly, and cause drowsiness. But in any case I need to strengthen my mind as well as my body. After all Batman's mind is like a steel trap, and his focus is so extreme that pain doesn't faze him. I have that pain tolerance to, to a degree of course, but when I broke my ankle it was twisted to the side and I reset it without crying. Even my dad was impressed (but then again he squeals whenever he has to get peroxide on a cut, and he nearly puked when the doctors took off my shoe and my foot rolled to the side, are all guys that squeamish?). In all seriousness, how does one gain an iron-clad focus. Superheroes have them, they focus solely on the task at hand and won't stop until everyone is safe. That's the kind of mental toughness I want to achieve. It would be useful for the Marines as well as in life!
  3. Just finished Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time! Awesome!

  4. Just finished Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time! Awesome!

  5. Well if I had to rate my challenge so far it would be a D . I haven't worked out as much as I would like. But that's going to change, I'm going to step it up! I don't know about calorie counting, but I'm going to give it a try. I'll also keep a food diary, just to show myself just what I put in my mouth. And since I sold most of the goats, my time with the animals has been significantly reduced. So I will do my workouts out there. I really love Nerd Fitness the people here are very helpful. And I have never felt so motivated, I think it's the fact I can relate the challenges and role-playing to my love for video games ! I am a really big fan of Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, also Elder Scrolls, Sly Cooper, Crash Bandicoot, Dishonored, Spyro the Dragon, Portal, and many more (I would say Assassin's Creed to but, honestly I like Batman more that AC). And I noticed that all the games I like are with heroes who are really physically (especially Batman!). So that is my main focus right now. Train like a hero in training, eat like one, live like one, and ultimately become a hero! Just like Chesty Puller! (If you don't know who he is, you can look him up on wikipedia or ask a Marine)
  6. I like running (even though I suck at it), but, I had to stop because my sister left and I don't feel comfortable running alone. I recently got a Great Pyrenees to guard the livestock. And he likes to go for walks, and running doesn't seem to faze him! I plan on going back to running but have never ran with a dog before, is there something I should teach him before I take him out? Also my original road has to much traffic now. So I was going to try hiking, but can you even run while hiking? I need help!
  7. Thanks! Does counting calories really work?
  8. Splurge day! In honor of the season premiere of Psych

  9. I need some help and advice on how to workout in the morning. The morning is the only time I have to get in a good workout. I have tried to start one in the afternoon but, after spending the morning walking, throwing hay, and taking care of the animals, I am tired when I get home. And that is just from morning feeding! My biggest problem is probably the drive to actually start the workout. My body always feels like it's made of lead when I wake-up, so I end up spending the whole hour having a mental battle with the 'others'. You know who I am talking about, the voices in your head that say, 'You have an hour still to sleep, so sleep!', then your other voice says,'Can't, I will end up oversleeping!', and then it's a whole argument that your body ignores and happily nods off to. I do warm-ups, which include stretching, and a small amount of bodyweight exercises such as 5 pushups, 20 jumping jacks, etc. But that doesn't seem to cut it, I still feel half asleep. I don't drink coffee btw. And I can't leave my room because the dogs will hear, and then they will want to go outside, and that will start a chain of events that lead to the entire household waking up, And before I know it it's 6 and the animals need to be fed. I have a sandbag that can go to 100 lb., and one 30 lb. dumbell. I just need a good workout that is tough, and is 20-30 min long. I was also considering doing my workout outside when I feed the animals. There are stalls with metal bars overhead, I could use them to do a pullup. Also there are some heavy wooden blocks, and poles. Any ideas?
  10. I got Sly Cooper! I highly recommend it to any gamer!

    1. PanicJacob


      One of my favorite series!

    2. sumdawgtwigg


      A friend of mine was given a copy of Sly cooper recently. Looks pretty dang good, never had the chance to play it.

  11. Well this is my first challenge so here I go! 1). Abs are Made in the Kitchen My goal is to watch my portion size, keeping it palm size or eating until I am satisfied. Also identify the difference between a bored hunger and real hunger. I am currently on a poor man's Paleo diet. I can't afford the grass-fed meat, or almond flour, but I still stay away from grain as much as possible. (Wisd. +1) 2.) Going on 3! WOOT! I am a big sugarholic! But I cut that out ever since I found Nerd Fitness. It's been two weeks since I had a Cookies and Cream bar, or ice cream! Just have to keep that up! (Const. +2) 3.) And they say Girls can't do Pushups! I can currently do 25 full pushups (nose to floor). I want to get to 50. So I will work on my form, stamina, and strength every other day. (Str. +1) 4.) Pump it up! Work out everyday but Sunday. On Sunday I will do the P90X Yoga or Stretch to relax my muscles. My workouts will be mainly bodyweight, but including my sandbag to. I will also take the time to run, and not give-up just because it's cold! (Str. +1, Sta. +1) 5.) There is Nothing better in life than finishing something you put off for to long. My life goal is to turn off the t.v.. Keep a list on hand on jobs I need to do and spend the rest of the day working to finish them. No longer will I stop and watch a show I am currently recording! I will also read a book everyday, along with working on my math and drawing. (Wis. +2, Dex. +1, Char. +1) Those are my goals! I will be posting 3-4 times a week on how it is going. Also, I broke my ankle and I need some advice on how to strengthen it. Since I want to go into the Marines it can't be a problem. And maybe some good websites on bodyweight exercise ideas. Plus, and this is optional, a better nickname for me than Frankenstein! My sister calls my that because of the plates and screws in my ankle, and I don't like it. My Strategies are to plan my workouts, and just have the drive to do them. My biggest problem is working out in the morning. I don't know others do it, but it's almost impossible for me. LostOne1775 Race: Dwarf (average height, no skills, chunky, dwindling intelligence). Race I want to be: A really AWESOME Marine Height: 5'7" Current weight: 230 lb. Attribute points: Str. 5, Dex. 2, Sta. 2, Con. 3, Wis. 2, Cha. 1 Class (current): Adventurer Class: Ranger Assassin
  12. Keep it up! I want to join the Marines and get a perfect score on both my ASVAB and PFT.
  13. Haven't worked out in two days! Snow always makes me groggy and achy

  14. Snowed today! Only in California

  15. Sticking to my diet so far, it's been 3 days since I ate sugar!

  16. My Name is Rachael and I want to be a Marine I have wanted to be a Marine for a while, but I am overweight and have very low will power. I told my parents I wanted to lose weight to surpass the pft, that was two years ago. I currently weigh a good 230lb. Yeah! That turned out as planned! Pluse I broke my left ankle so high impact jumps and running due to being overweight hurts it. When I say broke it by the way I don't mean a slight crack or one fracture. Did you know that there are three main bones for your ankle? And I broke all of them (one of them twice) plus, disclocating it. The doctor said it was one of the worst breaks he had seen! All from jumping out a tree because I got stuck and didn't bring my cell phone. So I have two plates and series of screws holding it together (my sister calls me Frankenstein). I know for a fact that if I lose weight, my ankle wouldn't be a problem for me in the Marines. My biggest problem is the diet. I live with my parents along with my oldest sister. And we have a small budget, so grocery shopping is for the whole family. And my family loves bread! My dad can't eat soup, pasta, anything without some sort of bread. If the meal doesn't have some sort of carb he will get bread or a tortilla (that was an interesting combination, spaghetti plus tortilla). I want to go Paleo, but as I mentioned that won't be realistic. If anyone has any advice on staying as Paleo as possible, that would be awesome! BTW, my diet currently is no sugar (big sugarholic here so that was hard), more veggies, lean meats, and staying away as much as possible from breads and rice. I limited myself to one piece of bread a day. Workouts are not a problem I am currently doing ZWOWs (if you don't know, check out youtube she is amazing!) twice a day, walking every other day, and sandbag training every day. I also do bodyweight exercises everyday. My goals are: Lose 67 pounds by August Do One pullup finally! Be able to hug my knees to my chest with out my belly in the way Read a book in one day everyday (or at least half) There is more but these are the most important right now. Glad to have joined! Power to the NERD! P.S. If anyone can think of a better name than Frankenstein would be much appreciated! Frankenstein was the scientist not the monster!
  17. Making a plan of attack for my weight loss!

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