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  1. I really, REALLY, want to be able to do gymnastics and parkour. A little backstory, I used to be in gymnastics but it was only for two years. I really loved it though and wished I could've stayed longer. That was when I was 12 and now I'm 27 and a mother. I know I need to lose a lot of weight and train in body weight exercises as well as bring my flexibility back up. But my worry is, I completely fractured my ankle when I was 18. I jumped from a tree because I was stuck and couldn't get down. I ended up getting surgery and now have two plates and six screws in my left ankle. On top of that I've noticed my joints haven't been as strong as they used to. I know that could be because I'm 5'8" and 236 pounds. Am I OK to learn gymnastics and parkour still? And is there ways I can improve my bone density?
  2. I have Aldi, Costco, and Meijer. So bulk isn't an issue so far haha. But I'm at a loss of what to make that doesn't need special ingredients. You see meat is pretty cheap for us, but veggies are not cheap over here in Ohio really. Pasta, potatoes, celery, and carrots are the cheapest we can get so far. And our freezer is to tiny to hold meat in bulk as well as frozen vegetables. Any ideas?
  3. Hello! So a little backstory, I used to make really long workouts each day. And I knew what to do in order to create each one. But now, I don't have the time for a 2 hour workout or the inspiration anymore to create a workout plan. I want to workout everyday except Sunday, and they need to be 30 minutes to an hour at most. But for some reason I keep making workouts that are 2 to 3 hours long! Not good... I have bands, dumbbells (15 pounds to 35), Olympic barbell, 10 pound plates, and 35 pound plates. There's also a treadmill, bike, elliptical, exercise balls, and weight machine. My goals are to drop weight and muscle up so I can be more athletic. I also want to be flexible again, and have thought about putting yoga into my routine as well as Pilates. But that will be to much at one time...unless I should split them up throughout the day? i'm fine with working out twice a day.
  4. My husband and I are looking to lose a LOT of weight between the both of us. But we're also paying debt off which means we have a really tight budget for food. So it's making it hard to eat anything special. At the moment we're making pasta, bread, burrito bowls, chicken soup, etc to save on money and have a lot of leftovers. Our budget for two weeks is $100 or less. Any advice on how we could be eating better? The budget won't be like this forever, we're hoping to be debt free by June. Just have to live scorched earth lifestyle a little while longer.
  5. Hi there! I haven't been back on NF in a while. Mainly because I didn't think I needed the support on here to lose weight anymore. But boy was I wrong! I actually lost more weight being on here than I ever have by myself. So how have things been? Well I lost a lot of weight after my baby girl was born. But being a new mother proved to be a lot harder than I was expecting. Add that to being only married one year haha, and figuring out what being a wife meant. So all in all, my hormones had been bad before and after giving birth they ended up being worse and my weight shot up. I've lost a bit but I'm still close to what I USED to weight before I started trying to lose weight! I'm not happy about it. But time to get back in the saddle right? Hormones are balanced, and the little one is two years old now. Biggest struggle will be diet because we're currently becoming debt free so our grocery budget is below $100 for two weeks. Also we love ice cream yuk yuk, not helping! The other struggle is being motivated to workout again. I used to be able to do 210 burpees just for fun! And now I can barely get to 20 I just don't feel like putting in the effort anymore. It's a huge mental struggle for me to get started in working out, I don't know why. I used to love working out... My goals are to drop 100 pounds and muscle up my physique. I really want to be athletic! And time is of the essence because next year my birth control is over and hubbie and I agreed to try again for another little one. I really want to be a lower weight for a healthier pregnancy this time around. Can't wait to get started!
  6. There's some kid friendly healthy meals on the YouTube channel Tasty. And there's loads of healthy children meal recipes on Pinterest that are really tasty. And when all else fails, I'm old school. My mom always said, "I make the money, buy the food, and cook it up. You will eat what's put in front of you." And remember, if there is a lot of unhealthy food then you can do two things about it: 1) Make your own meals and have them ready made in the fridge 2) Watch your portion control, and only eat a small amount Try also serving a salad with dinner first to fill up, and then eating a small amount of dinner. Drinking an entire glass of water also helps to feel full. I also recommend Trim Healthy Mama, and Keto dessert recipes (especially the cheesecake and chocolate cake ones!). If you have only a small amount during dinner and are still hungry then a good healthy dessert really helps out with filling up.
  7. OUCH! I am so glad that you haven't given up on your goal! How has the recovery been going so far?
  8. Who's ready for the next challenge???

  9. Hi! I am back....again. Nerd Fitness helped me lose weight before, and I'm sure it will again. But right now I'm dealing with insomnia which I found out is a sign that my schizophrenia is worsening. I'm hoping to get through it before I have to see a doctor 

  10. I was referring to actual gurus. I'm actually really picky as to who I follow and take seriously . But I should edit my first post.
  11. I've stopped listening to them long ago. I think one of the reasons so many of them go through hell just to drop body fat, is just so they can say, " I did it, I got there and it was horrible, but I did it!" One of the youtubers I follow justified this practice saying that these women were just dedicated. And it should be admired! She admitted that it's not healthy, but they go through it all for the sport. I think the sport needs to change for the better. And it sounds like the certification for nutrition needs a big overhaul. That's for sure. I only know a few gurus who actually know what they're talking about.
  12. What are the most surprising diet facts you've learned, in your journey to become healthy? I recently found out that fat isn't the enemy when it comes to losing weight, saturated fat especially isn't as bad as we were led to believe. I want to compete in fitness category of bodybuilding, and I was surprised to find out that I can diet down in a really healthy way So why are so many fitness gurus on Youtube still starving themselves until they lose their period?
  13. Hi! I hope your goals are going well! I struggle with finding time to workout. So far, no solutions...
  14. Hey guys! My husband and I will be running in the Mud Ninja! If anyone wants to meet up and run with us in the 11:30 wave, feel free to! Information: http://www.mudninja.com/?page_id=22 This will be my fourth mud run and hubby's first. It's a 5k with 25 obstacles to get over! also guaranteed to get you dirty and blood pumping. Check it out!
  15. Hey guys! How is everyone doing?

  16. Hello! I joined NF about 4-5 years ago and I had made great progress on losing weight. I made great friends that I still talk to some of them to this day. But I haven't started a challenge in a year. Before NF I weighed close to 256 pounds. Further back I almost weighed 300 pounds! I wanted to join the Marines so I exercised like crazy to try to get to the weight requirement of 170 pounds. Some years later, I never made it to 170 lb. and I still am not a Marine. Getting married and not wanting to leave your spouse will do that to you lol! But I weigh a lot less!! Currently I am on a plateau of 229-230 pounds, which I really want to break. So update on my life. I am married to a wonderful man that God made just for me. He wants to lose weight to and is doing a really good job of it! We have a daughter named Samus (yes after Samus Aran from the Metroid series) who is just 1 years old now. She's such and active and curious child that I always feel bad that I'm just sitting on the couch watching her play, and not pushing myself to join her. I am trying to get my own business started up from home doing calligraphy and portraits with graphite. Nothing yet, but I'm working on it. It's always been a dream of mine to sell my own art. I changed my username because I am no longer the person I used to be. I feel like I'm more in touch with who I have always wanted to be. I'm still struggling with depression and anxiety from abuse I've gone through in my life, but it's getting better. It helps to have a husband with the patience and caring instincts of Mother Theresa! My goal is to transform my body so I finally look like an athlete. So many time people have looked at me and thought I was bigger than I am, didn't believe that I ran obstacle races recently, etc. I'm sick of it. My goal list: Build up my butt, abs, and back muscles Increase my energy levels (for the over-energized baby!!) Get back into running Get down to 190 at least before summer Any questions? How are you guys doing?
  17. I'm back! How's everyone?

  18. Trying to get back on Nerd Fitness but it's tough with a baby. Anyone have advice on losing weight while breastfeeding?

    1. Arailah


      It's a delicate balance for sure. You will naturally need a slightly larger calorie intake to support your milk production. That being said - if you focus your diet on things that are healthy for you (fruit, veggies and the like) you may lose some weight from dropping the sugar & junk. You can exercise like normal - that won't affect your milk supply, just be sure to gain your calories from healthy options - a drop in calories will affect your milk supply.

    2. Eilyd


      My midwife said not to *try* to lose weight while breastfeeding, because that could lead to low milk supply and under-nourishing you, but just to eat plenty of healthy foods and exercise (that, of course, depending on your own care provider's advice). You can check out my recent challenges for the ways I've been trying to ease back.

  19. Yes I have been busy with the baby right now, But I'm finding my rhythm!
  20. I'm back! Had a baby girl the 12th so now is the time to heal up

  21. Aaaaaaw so cute!! And that cat is gorgeous So how is it all going so far? As far as cleaning, maybe if you have a system or something it will be a lot easier on you. I agree though that not leaving things everywhere will help lol.
  22. True.....By the power of pregnancy!!! Now to find my husband because I need Snu-snu Lol unfortunately I did all the chores before she came over. See she gets on her son if the house isn't clean, if I am wearing clothes that aren't nice enough for her, etc. So I cleaned the entire apartment so she wouldn't get on him about the state it was in. It worked. She did forget that he actually helped and is taking care of me, so she was hugging me and praising my "struggle" being pregnant. I had to point out that hubby was making it so much easier on me. And yes it is creepy. She even goes to the bathroom and strips out her clothes with the doors wide open So yesterday was pretty epic! Drank water, walked, and cleaned all day. Did not write or read the Bible unfortunately.....That for some reason isn't sticking with me like I need it to. Picked up the MIL and went out with some friends to Melt (if you don't know about the Melt Bar and Grill you are missing out ) Usually I get a whole sandwich and can only finish half of it. However, since I spent all day cleaning I didn't really eat. I know when you're pregnant that's not a good thing, and hubby already got on me about that. So, at Melt I ate my entire sandwich, fries, had green tomato appetizers, and soup. After all that I was still hungry! The best part of the night was meeting up with our friends, whom we hadn't really hung out with. You see, the husband created a retro game group hubby and I are part of, and I had briefly met the guy's wife but never really chatted with her. At dinner we found out we have a lot in common, especially in our love for vintage clothing and makeup. So AWESOME!! Plan today is to get reading done, MIL wants to go shopping, get back in time for dinner to be prepped, and then cuddle up with the hubby tonight.
  23. They used to have all of that when I first started out on NF. It feels like there are less people actually contributing this year which makes me sad . There should be a meeting or something to get everybody rallied up again otherwise NF will be a ghost town.
  24. My hubby was part of SCA for a while. In fact he's still in contact with his old house . Hopefully next year we both can join in on the fun. Problem is we both need to learn how to sew lol. Any advice for a good sewing machine to invest in? When you get home, how about knocking just one thing off the list? Then you can spend the rest of your time doing whatever you want before going to bed!
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