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  1. Hope you get one of the jobs! Sounds like you are on track with everything so far, Congrats!!
  2. I have nightmares that come frequently at night. The only remedy that works is snuggling in my husband's arms to sleep. Maybe cuddling with your wife will help out
  3. Well that would explain a lot. I found out that only by snuggling up with my hubby keeps the dreams away Which I don't mind, the only reason I haven't lately is because of the baby. But we found a way to make it work. So yesterday was pretty good. The only thing I didn't accomplish was reading my survival guide, and keep an account of how things were going in my head. My mother in law is arriving today which has me nervous. I'm in that nesting faze where I don't want anyone over, and I need the house kept clean. I've been attacked by Bloodsuckers, and Raiders but I've defeated them without getting hit once My husband has been a real help. He will insist I lay down as he cleans, cooks, etc. so I can relax. I'm happier when he's home, but when he's at work and I'm alone it really hits me. Best I can do is keep busy. I'm so happy to have a thoughtful husband <3. This part is TMI but I think I feel like ranting about it: I was really upset this morning because I was reminded that the mother in law was coming over. She's staying with us for two weeks, and the baby will arrive sometime while she's here. My husband and I haven't had sex for almost four days, and I couldn't see us doing it while she's here. We don't do "quickies" and I am definitely not the silent type. My mother in law is also the type of person to make comments, and ask for details of how good of a lover her son is. Yeah, she's extremely open like that. Also after the baby arrives, I wont be able to have sex for six weeks!! I was stressed about that but hubby told me he was planning on arriving home after work for us to fool around . Before he picks up his mother hehehe. Also he apparently doesn't have an issue with his mom being able to hear us considering he had to hear his mom and step dad go at it while growing up. Sorry for this rant if you found it to be TMI
  4. Don't feel bad, you did awesome!! You could have had more but you resisted it. That. Is. EPIC!! The candy is a lie, remember that... Sometimes, I think employees leave cookies out deliberately just so others will eat them and get fat. Making the saboteur the best looking at the summer get together. But you resisted!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAH!!!! I ate more today, and they were healthy meals. Drank lots of water!! Did drink some soda unfortunately to settle some indigestion . But I resisted the dark chocolate coconut macaroons It's the little things
  5. Saw this and it really got me motivated for today I also need to lose 100 pounds. Current weight: 260 pounds (weight fluctuates though with me being pregnant) Height: 5'8" Age: 24 I was told that being 160 pounds at my height was the correct weight by a doctor. But my husband and friends say that is to much weight to lose for my body type. I don't know, is it? A little background story: I've been a big girl all my life. When I was little it had less to do with weight and more to do with bone density. The women in my family are Amazonian physically, so broad shoulders, muscular thighs, big arms, broad chest, etc. But later on, it turned into fat being an issue when I stopped going outside to play and stayed indoors watching TV. My diet was horrible and it didn't help that I had seizures which required me to take multiple medications that messed with my hormones and my ability to burn fat. Age 12 my mom got us all on South Beach Diet in order to lose weight for a wedding. It worked and I dropped a couple of dress sizes. Also we were hitting the gym almost everyday and walking 3 miles daily. It all helped me to get down to a size 10 However, it didn't last long because we ended up moving to a super rural area, where the nearest store was an hour and a half away. I don't blame the seclusion for the weight gain. I just didn't have it in me to keep working out, and the meals served at home was a lot of comfort food. My weight ballooned up till I was borderline with being 300 pounds, I repeatedly had small heart attacks I didn't let others know about, and shopping for clothes really sucked. I was a size 22 (going on 23). I never was interested in guys because they weren't interested in the fat girl. I had a crush on a guy but he ended up playing a trick on me with a group of his friends. They bet him he couldn't "tip the cow", so in front of them he pushed me to the ground and called me a fat &@^@. I believed I deserved it because I wasn't worth anything. It wasn't until I wanted to join the Marines that I got serious about losing weight. I asked my family for support and help in losing weight but all I got was that I was old enough to do it myself. I found Nerd Fitness and thanks to it's support I dropped to a size 14 . I don't know the exact weight I was because my mom hates scales....and full length mirrors. So neither could be found in the house. I ended up moving in with my grandmother, met I guy who I thought loved me but he also ended up hurting me deeply. Which sent me into a depression, along with a really low self esteem of myself. What made it worse was an indecent at a party. So long story short I ended up starving myself and working out all day everyday till I was almost a size 8. It didn't last long since it was an unhealthy weight loss and with my mental state better I started eating again. So weight went back up haha. But it was a good thing. Now I am happily married to a really good man who makes sure my habit of not eating, and over exercising doesn't return. Currently I'm pregnant and ready to pop any day now. And I've only gained 35 pounds, which I'm happy about. My husband and I really want to be fit and healthy for our child. Also I don't want to look like my twin who has two kids and is really overweight. Plus it's been my dream to do parkour, gymnastics, ballet, etc. It's a lot but I don't believe you are to old to learn new things Very long hello, I really apologize for that.
  6. I was told to wear thongs, but my issue is I have big hips and butt. So the thongs that are sold cut into my skin making me look like I have a muffin top, which under tights is not so attractive. Everything is low rider these days so finding stuff period for underwear is tough for me period. As a result I've just gone commando all day, everyday. Anyone know of some magic underwear for curvier gals? I've thought about getting Adore Me stuff lately because I was told they are really good. I've just never ordered underwear online :/
  7. Half assed is better than no ass How was your first day on the new challenge?
  8. I know I can take it, I have a high pain tolerance So dreams like that are normal during the end of pregnancy? Sub'd to your challenge BTW!! So at the end of the day I am a whole lot better mentally. My companion aka husband came to my rescue, like the knight in shining armor he is and now I am just drained of energy. But not depressed so hooray! Drank my goal amount of water, did not read, write, or draw unfortunately But tomorrow is a new day Midwife said I'm doing good, and the baby is nice and healthy. Just have to go back for them to monitor the baby when he/she (we want to be surprised) moves, and a ultrasound later. My job is to actually move. Walking as well as working out is supposed to help me dilate more and help my body for labor. So midwife's orders, that goal isn't so optional anymore lol.
  9. Mind if I join? Is there a sign up sheet? As far as getting "fruitcake" without asking or wanting it, I have received a lot of those. A lot of them negative, and then the positive came when I lost weight. Biggest ones that have stuck with me were from my mom, and my sister. But it wasn't really advice that said, "I love you and I want you to be healthy." It was more, "You are fat, you made yourself that way, so stop crying and suck it up. You do something about it. We don't care, it's your problem so don't expect any help." I kid you not, I even asked my mom for help losing weight and she told me that I'm old enough to control what goes into my mouth. But it all stuck with me, and it did drive me to work really hard to do my best in eating better, along with working out like a maniac. I ended up getting compliments of how much better I looked, and how much happier I seemed. Some time later I ended up losing more weight (total weight loss 90 pounds) and was told by my uncle that I looked prettier, and I didn't have a butt face anymore. I really liked being told I looked more better. I've taken on three obstacle races! And I'm hoping to do another soon because I'm addicted to them As far as diet, I need to eat more. I have a eating disorder and I'm pregnant, so it's important I eat the right things and plenty of it. The eating disorder didn't happen because of my pursuit of losing weight. It was started thanks to a series of events that have mentally scarred me. So eating more, and writing it in my journal. Drinking more water (which is part of my goals), and eating more veggies.
  10. Writing this from my phone because I am on my way to see my midwife. So today didn't go that well. I ended up on the darker side of things this morning thanks to nightmares I had throughout the night. They wore me down mentally and that made way for a very realistic dream where I saw my husband cheating on me with my sister. It was so real that even when I woke up I thought it actually happened. So with my guard down I was assaulted by Raiders, and Deathclaws. I stayed in bed for hours thinking how I deserved being left like that, and I should just end it. But I out ran them all because I bumped into some Bloodbugs (YouTube) who preoccupied them. Took a lot of effort but I ended up getting up and after shooting a hoard of ghouls I sat down to finally eat and drink some water. Not out of frying pan yet. Raiders are still around and they aren't letting up, and I know that if I let them pin me down I'll run into Deathclaws. My companion is on his way to give me back up, until then I just have to survive it out. Thankfully I have some stimpaks and ammo left. It should be enough till help arrives. I will post more tonight, the day isn't over and I have yet to make it to a town where I can and heal.
  11. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire The Wasteland is a harsh place to travel through. Even the water can kill you if you don't watch your Rads. I just have to watch my step for traps and mines, carry a lot of stimpacks, be quick with my guns, and take care of my companion. I'm not on this journey alone. My biggest enemies are going to be Raiders (depression), Bloodbugs (time wasting), Ghouls (hormonal emotions), Super Mutants (eating disorder), and Deathclaws (suicidal thoughts). I don't want to put any workout goals on this challenge because I'm still pregnant, and expecting the baby any day now. So this challenge will be mainly battling my mental issues, creating good habits that fit my New Year's goals, and doing everything I can to get better. Goal #1: Read and study the "Wasteland Survival Guide" (the Bible) everyday. (Wis. + 2) A+. Read everyday with my companion B. Only read every other day C. Read fewer than 3 days in one week Goal #2: Drink purified water throughout the day. This will keep dehydration at from getting to me, which will keep me from drinking dirty water, or Nuka Cola. (Con. +2) A+. Drink 6-7 glasses a day B. Drink 4 glasses a day C. Drink less than 4 glasses Goal #3: Keep a illustrated as well as written account of what is going on in my head. This is part of my therapy to keep sane in this crazy world. (Cha. +3) A+. Spend 30 minutes everyday drawing and writing B. Spend less than 20 minutes drawing and writing C. Skip one day in the whole week (Optional) Goal #4: Keep physically active to gain an advantage against the Wasteland's horrors. If I am out of shape, I can't help out my companion much less myself. (Str. +2, Dex. +1, Sta. +2) A+. Walk and/or strength train everyday B. Workout 3 days in one week C. No workout all week Life Goal is to get through my labor without getting a epidural, and to not stress myself out with my mother in law coming by to visit. My Mission, to lose 50 pounds in a year. Hoping I will be able to update my challenge everyday. After all, the inhabitants of the Wasteland love to hear good news on the radio.
  12. HIIT workouts are short and intense, so they are really good for those who are short on time. The time ranges from 4 to 20 minutes. All you need is a interval timer, which you can get as a free app on your phone. Here's a good 30 day HIIT challenge: http://darebee.com/programs/30-days-of-hiit.html?showall=&limitstart= Any extra time you have afterwords can go towards yoga or stretching to improve your flexibility. Another good quick workout routine and it helps flexibility to is Pilates. Here's my favorite blog, and the instructor has a YouTube channel! http://www.blogilates.com/
  13. Is Lululemon worth the hype?

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    2. Ballad


      I love the way Lululemon looks and fits, but I stick to the tops, shorts, and sports bras. I've had bad luck with their capris & pants pilling terribly, even without a wash.

    3. thekatisalie


      Eh. I like Old Navy compression wear for half the price ;)

    4. Raincloak


      Target and Champion do me ok and way cheaper. Except bras, those I buy at snooty running stores.

  14. How is everyone's challenge going?

    1. Terinatum


      Mine's messy and important. How's that for a description!? How are you?

    2. fitnessgurl


      For the most part, it's going well.☺

  15. Two words....Depression sucks.... It's been a while since I last did a challenge on NF. Honestly I miss it! I've made amazing friends on here and I have come a long way from where I first started. As you can see from my before pictures, I was overweight. And those pictures are after I had lost some weight already. I joined NF, lost weight, and turned my life around. Although, it started out in a healthy direction, I ended up just a year ago in a really unhealthy spot. I was hardly eating (the most I ate was 800 calories, but that wasn't constant), obsessively working out till I would almost pass out, not really sleeping, and abusing my body because I genuinely hated myself. My self esteem was really low. I was doing a lot of things that only made my mental stability worse, But God really stuck with me even though I was convinced He just didn't care about me. I turned to Him again after talking to a guy online. We both realized that although we called ourselves Christians, we didn't really follow God like we should have been. Working together to get our sights back on God, we grew closer together. Which is funny because when I first started talking to him I really hated his guts hahaha. I just assumed he was a jerk because I firmly believed all men wanted one thing, and that's all he wanted. But he didn't and God was pushing me towards him because I was meant to be with him. We did a long distance courtship that was brief, and were married April of this year. I've been better because of it. My husband really works hard to make me happy and remind me that I am worth more than what I had led myself to believe. We are expecting a baby in Jan 1st and we are so excited! That's a brief look at what's happened to me ever since I joined NF. And right now I want to start another challenge to keep going in trying to be better. I need to be better for my husband and baby. So Goal #1: Be consistent with working out. There is a gym in the apartment complex, and I have Pilates on Youtube. But lately I have been letting some depression hit me hard and neglect my work outs. A. Workout more than 3x in one week B. Make it only to 2x in one week C. 1 visit to the gym in a week F. Nothing all week Goal #2: Eat better. I haven't been eating as much as I should be for the baby. And when I do it's hardly any veggies which is important. So I want to add veggies, protein, fruit, and the right amount of carbs to every one of my meals. Along with eating small snacks to keep the little one happy. A. Eat 6x a day, and all meals are healthy B. Eat 4x a day, meals are still healthy C. Eat 3x a day, meals are OK F. Eat 2x a day Goal #3: Read my Bible everyday. I need to be giving everything to God. And it's tough, because I don't ever like to admit I need help. Asking for help emotionally is a weakness that my mom would not have. You just got over it. But that's not healthy at all and it just makes me crash harder. Reading the Bible is a great stress relief for me, and I want to open up to my husband more to. Both will get me through everything. A. Read everyday for a week B. Miss 2 days of reading C. Miss 4 days of reading F. Miss 5 days or more of reading Life Goal: Stand with my husband and not let my parents push us apart. My parents are visiting us Tuesday, and I have an OK relationship with them so far. But my husband doesn't really care for them because he's seen how they have treated me. My older sisters are their favorites, and I'm the one to take care of everything because they know my personality is to be the doormat. Something I was so used to, I didn't see anything wrong with it until my husband and pastor showed me it wasn't healthy or OK. They don't like my husband really, and that's because he actually will call them out on their bull and stand up to them. Something my mom especially doesn't like. So they will talk to me only now, because I usually will cave in to them. Which causes a rift between my husband and I. I am determined not to let that happen with they arrive. I want to stand with my husband when they arrive and not let their games push me back to being the old me. Well that's my challenge! How is it?
  16. Going to join this challenge. Main goal this month is to be strong and stand with my husband and not allow my parents to push us apart

  17. 7 months pregnant now. Can I still tone up before the baby arrives?

    1. Strickland5


      You'd best talk to you doctor on that one. Most folks I know who were active pre-baby and stay active during the invasion didn't have issues

  18. Should I join the challenge now? Or wait till the next one?

    1. ZalatwicZach


      Jump in and join the fun! You can always carry on where you left off when the next 6WC starts. :-)

  19. I wasn't able to join the challenge. But I am still working out and eating right :) Need some help, I'm going to have a baby January 1st and although my parents promised to send me baby clothes, and stuff they had...they lied. Big time. My hubby and I are on a budget so what do we absolutely need before the baby arrives? We are doing cloth diapers and I'm breastfeeding.

    1. SevenofSeven


      Congratulations on your baby! Cloth diapers and breastfeeding, I survived 7 children in this fashion, nothing wrong with back to basics!

    2. Ba'sini'on


      Thank you! It also saves a lot of money. What diapers did you use? We have 20 Gerber 6-ply, prefolds

    3. Raincloak


      you could ask at your shower for a diaper service (they take them away, wash them, and bring back clean ones). Also fill the freezer with casseroles. And ask your parents nicely about those baby clothes when due date gets closer, they may quit procrastinating when their grandchild is imminent.

  20. You know those machines you stick a quarter in? That's our budget lol. I would love kettlebells, and so would my husband. We wouldn't need two right?
  21. Feeling depressed. I don't think I'm good enough to take care of a baby or be the wife my husband deserves. Trying to better myself, but it's not enough for me :-(

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    2. Ceasefire


      Please speak to your OB about your feelings of helplessness. They can help!

    3. Why not?

      Why not?

      My wife says this kind of thing all the time. I guarantee that your husband disagrees with you completely on this.

    4. Mel The Hangry

      Mel The Hangry

      Don't think that way you are awesome :-)

  22. The husband and I are wanting to workout more, and get fit for our baby that's arriving January 1. We are living in a two bedroom apartment, that has a free gym. And it's not a bad gym, just small. It has a bike, treadmill, elliptical, and weight machine. The machine has a bench, pullup bar, two cables to the right and left, and has all the add ons for the cables to do different exercises. I like it, but I miss free weights like barbells and dumbbells. As much as I want to get some equipment for the apartment (especially for when it snows because, the gym may be close but walking through snow in Ohio while pregnant isn't ideal), there are some issues. Limited space with the baby arriving, and limited budget. My husband wants kettlebells, I'd like at least some sort of barbell. What is a good budget friendly, and apartment friendly exercise equipment?
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