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  1. Heading into the last week and I've been in a slump. I haven't been feeling 100% for a few days and the urge to slack and skip or half as my workouts has been far too tempting. My diet has suffered as well. I haven't been cooking as much as I should or as healthy as I need to. I want to finish strong and I've only got one week to do it!
  2. Well it was handles attached to top of a machine but I'll take whatever I can get!
  3. Yes! A challenge I can work on at work and during breaks! I have been using my Kindle so much lately that this works perfectly for me. Dragonlance books are my first choice right now (and since I was a kid)
  4. Snacking has been my downfall in the past as well. I finally found some veggies that i like to snack on. Baking cauliflower with a little salt and pepper is my favorite right now!
  5. Ahh i'm here I swear! I was just out on a mission this past week so my challenge went quiet for a bit.... I had a mini vacation to my parents place in San Diego and got back on wednesday. It was a great get away and I didn't fall too far off the wagon. Luckily our hotel had a gym with a pull up bar and not everything I ate was drenched in cheese and deep fried or anything. Home cooked food from the parentals and good choices if we went out kept my diet on track. I worked on my handstand and hand balancing a few times and i'm seeing some improvement but I didn't put enough time into this goal while I was on my vacation so I want to focus on that now that I"m back and getting into my rhythym again.
  6. Here's the weekend report! Had a really busy week at my job so I haven't been able to update....but that doesn't mean I haven't been working!!! My hand balancing has been going well. I'm finding it so much easier to get my initial balance in the crow pose since I've been working on it. I've also been trying to pull some skills from the Batman bodyweight workout such as the planche and both the front and back lever on my pull up bar. My life goal has been going well, I've been making my own pasta sauce to eas with spaghetti squasha and chicken and I just make pulled pork in my crock pot again......but I had to break down and buy a burger when I went to a hockey game at Staples Center.....But oh well no one can be perfect
  7. Great job this week Devyn. Camp NF sounds like it was amazing. I would love to try any of that stuff on your list...especially the assassin's creed training. OMG! so cool!
  8. A little late.... but I won't let you down!! I need more superheroes in my life and I think following this thread is the tipping point where I need to go watch Arrow too. Netflix here we go!
  9. No need to apologize my fellow Kender!... and WOOHOO! I just assumed you had a little wanderlust on the way to my challenge.
  10. Thanks everyone! Week 2 bring it on! Productive first day already. I'm working on my hand-balancing and stretching in between typing this post up. WOOHOO Crow consistency! Woke up and made a stir fry of almost all the vegetables I have left. I'm pretty happy that i'm not wasting much food; at least i'm not letting anything get rotten. and lastly my bike is working out great! I rode it to work all weekend, but my legs are sore. haha
  11. Week 1 update! One down 5 to go. Week one was a success for me, I already bought a bike and I'm riding it to work in a couple hours. Hand balancing and my bodyweight workout have been an early success. I can hold the crow pose for 9-10 seconds consistently and that has been my biggest milestone so far. I have only bought groceries once and ended up with about 25 pounds of produce and chicken for just under 30$. My journey is well on it's way! I'm settling into a routine for our challenge which I hope I can keep up the whole way. Tune in next time
  12. Got in a bodyweight workout at work today and worked on my hand-balancing too. I also got paid today so the clock starts and I need to get a bike ASAP! I'm off to the store to make healthy choices and save some gold.
  13. Well day 1 went well. Started to practice the crow pose and was able to hold it for a few seconds before I tipped onto my head. That and working handstand up against the wall yesterday. I'm trying to set a timer for just 10 minutes a day at least!
  14. GOOD LUCK!!! Thanks for the post in my thread... I thought i'd just pop over here and see what you were up to for the next 6 weeks. I love the challenges because they remind me of mine and of course kender minds think alike. I will be here to watch, learn, and hopefully help motivate you to greatness!!!!!!!!
  15. Thanks! I hope I can draw the balance into myself too!
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