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  1. Heyo! Anyone in Edinburgh up for some work outs? Or let's grab a drink?
  2. Denver comic con anyone!?
  3. I'm just happy I kept up with a challenge for the first time in like two years...I kept starting and dropping off the face of the earth. Do really I only signed up for this 4 week challenge to see what would happen! I'm excited to do another 6 week challenge. It's been quit some time since I've been successful in a challenge! I logged every day in mfp!! I accidentally was eating way too close to a keto diet for much of it (without actually being in ketosis though...so I feel like that's no good). I'll have to eat more vegetable type carbs and more protein (I was too low this week). Reading wastraight great and relaxing. I'm glad I did that for this challenge...though it really became a challenge to do it this week...I'll probably give myself a challenge similar to when I was new to a town before (try x amount of things from this list of new things to try in city). I need to figure out a better gym schedule. I experimented a bit with mornings, nights, weekends, etc. I think I like mornings and Saturdays. Thanks for all the support Thom. I feel like if it wasn't for you I would've dropped off the challenge, but instead I was kept accountable. I appreciate it!
  4. Ugh, I've been I'll this week. My birthday week of all times too! I use the WHO'said calculations, which still doesn't take into account muscle vs body fat. But I also measure bf. Just not into sharing that. I've gained a lot of good weight from lifting in the past. But more recently, when we first moved/during that whole process, I wasn't working out and gained 10 pounds. That's why I have that goal. Generally, I don't care what the scale says, but a combination of my clothes not fitting the same, my body not feeling the same, and knowing I didn't gain this from working out makes me more concerned.
  5. Did not want to wake up this morning! But here I am at the gym. I allowed some nice sauna time since I'm here early. I have been off on my macros because I started adding some more carbs because I was only getting 20-70g a day and feeling a but lousy after workouts. At least I have been tracking though!! This weekend was another zen center over workout but next weekend will not be! I've finished two books since starting this challenge. I never end up reading just 15minutes! At least it's helping me to just sit down and read though. I actually finished a book this weekend from a book club tonight. I'm a bit excited and nervous because I suck with people, especially new ones. Oh, oh! I think I foroot to mention...the scale has consistently said 134 this week! So I'm very happy. I hope to lose 6 more pounds by the end of another month. Then I'll be at a healthy weight for my height! Alright, better go lift!
  6. So I was kind of bad this weekend. I have tracked my food on MFP for 14 days straight but I did not go to the gym today or Saturday. Things have just been so crazy with work and life. I guess I haven't really adjusted as much as I thought I had to all of the life changes. Moving across country, being so far from my friends, my new amazing high pressure job...etc so this weekend everything exploded! Good news is it's all coming back together. My druid nature may have shone through this weekend. I ended up going to this Boulder Zen temple on Saturday instead of my usual lifting class. But I'm about to go for a run so that's at least being somewhat more of a ranger! I have been reading everyday. Though I have been tracking food...I was like borderline bad with what I was eating. My macros are not exactly what I want them to be at...but I'm planning on a better week...
  7. Well, I forgot to eat lunch today Mfp usually reminds me but I didn't even have time to look at my phone at work. So I have 1005 calories to eat for dinner I'll take that as a positive. At least I'm tracking. And staying close to my % goals for macros. It's not 80% carbs like I ate when I was 23. I am super loving my reading goal And I tweaked my gym goal...instead of dance class I've been doing HIIT workouts. I will go back eventually but I just love going to the gym before work instead of doing stuff after work.
  8. Haha I like that quote! Thanks this is my first ranger challenge...that I can remember... I kicked butt at lifting this week. Sucking at reading. Great on the food front. I've been working 10 hour days so it's been a but crazy. I'll give better updates in the future. I'm just tired.
  9. Ded. *ghost Minderly enters the room* Well, I just had my butt kicked in my weight lifting class. I'm probably going to have t-Rex arms like I used to get free CrossFit...must remember to learn to use the foam roller or something. Will lacrosse balls work for that? For my first week back to the gym after vacation (which ended Tuesday actually)...I think I did a good job at getting up early and at least twice lifting. Next week I can start back to my Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday routine. But I'll probably lift 3x and go to dance class only once... Anyways, mfp has been informing!! Yesterday, I forgot my lunch (so i skipped) and ate 900 calories for dinner (sushi/sashimi). I don't know if that is bad, but my macros have been pretty decent. I'm finally eating enough protein. I'm actually low in carbs though...so maybe I'll start eating bread ...just kidding :, ( Reading has helped me with my anxiety to get everything done after work. I'm a lot more relaxed and chill. I don't have to have a perfect /not-lived-in-look for the house all the time, right?!
  10. >.> triple post! Oops. Anyways. I did well tracking my food yesterday, except dinner...I have written down and need to put it into mfp... Reading straight away after work was hard! I had to force myself to sit down. But it helped me wind down. I didn't go to dance yesterday morning because I had trouble with relevé since twisting my ankle. However, I lifted today and ran stairs. That was fun-_- My macro % are thrown off since I didn't put my dinner in yesterday...
  11. Thanks I like all sorts of books. But I especially like mysteries, suspense, science (fiction or non-fiction)...though really I'll give most books a fair chance.
  12. Thanks I like all sorts of books. But I especially like mysteries, suspense, science (fiction or non-fiction)...though really I'll give most books a fair chance.
  13. Thanks I like all sorts of books. But I especially like mysteries, suspense, science (fiction or non-fiction)...though really I'll give most books a fair chance.
  14. GGoals 1. Lift 2x A week, dance class 2x a week 2. MFP / track food 3. 30F/30P/40C % 4. Read 15 minutes a day right after work, before doing any cooking or cleaning or etc...
  15. I wish I had known about this....
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