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  1. I just did the 12 mile week of the Hal Higdon half marathon p2. It adds 1 mile to long runs per week and 1 mile to your mid week run (from 3 miles at the start to 5 miles for the last half). It has been Super Effective for me.
  2. I have not checked out anything since I bought my Hoka's, I would when I am ready for new shoes though. When I bought my Hoka's, I tried on Brooks, Mizuno's, and Saucony's too. Hoka's were just a perfect fit for me.
  3. O-H....(Ninja edit, most of us Buckeyes are good people, don't confuse the mascot for the school for the state symbol of the locals) I run because if I stop running, how the hell do I get home?
  4. Here is an update, I ran 11 miles today with no knee or calf pain. I wish Hoka would sponsor amateurs like me, because I can not say enough good things about my shoes. Now that I am done humble-bragging, I understand that shoes are a YMMV thing, but you really (posters and readers) should check them out. I am going to buy a second pair tomorrow in case next year's version is not to my liking, so I have a spare pair.
  5. But you did it (Mom, you have been gone almost a year and I STILL feel guilty about my grammar), and that is what counts!
  6. I usually love this app, but I had it credit me for a 4 or 5,000 feet elevation gain on a run....along Lake Erie. It could not be any closer to sea level unless I ran through the surf. 90% great, but that 10%......
  7. I am transitioning from a newbie runner to a guy who is training for his first half, I will also say figure out a way to get fitted and checked by an expert. I started with Mizuno's and when I was only running 4-6 miles per week, no worries. Once I started running 20+, I was getting gnarly foot pain. Wave inspires are nice, but have no padding and I am a big dude. I now run in Hoka's, best thing ever for me. YMMV, but I think it is worth getting checked out properly.
  8. Runkeeper for sure, it is in my sig. I do find it accurate 90% of the time, but when it is off- boy howdy. It recorded a run for me that should a 9,356 foot elevation gain! The splits and distance were right, so I chalked it up to a glitch.
  9. I am a negative split person too, I generally focus on form at the beginning and let myself accelerate gradually, I have a tendency to push too hard if I am not careful and not be able to complete the run.
  10. I bought them in my normal size, I am not 100% sure if they are a "wide" designation, I will have to check. I run on trails sometimes, but they are crushed limestone at the park near my house, I have no idea how they would do on a mud trail. I have ran through puddles and such, they were fine, but that is a different story. I can not recommend them highly enough, but I am sure it is a YMMV kind of thing, you should go try a pair on.
  11. I do! I love them. If you want the long version, here it goes: I used to weigh 300 plus pounds and started running 2.5 years ago. I am fortunate enough to have a great running store near me (whats up Second Sole Mentor!) and the manager is a client of the store I work in. My initial fitting was for Mizuno Wave Inspire 9's. I have feet that are insanely wide, I wear EEE-EEEE dress shoes, and the Waves were comortable. I have increased my long runs from 4 miles to 8+ (training for my first half) and noticed extreme foot pain after mile 5. The Wave is comfortable, but has very little cushion. After we checked to make sure my foot pain was not from avoiding mid foot strikes (it wasn't), we tried some shoes with more cushion and the Hoka one one was the winner. It really feels like walking on a cloud! It was odd at first, and I wore them around as a daily shoe for a while to get used to them. Since then, about 6 weeks ago, I have had zero foot pain. So I would say I love the cushion, as well as the help they give me towards my first half marathon. I work with a lot of runners, including people that have run several full marathons, and the ones that wear the Hokas all agree they are great. I do not get knee pain either, even though I have increased distance. It may be a combination of Dumbo's magic feather and a great shoe, but I would rank the Hoka one one's as a top 10 thing to ever happen to me, below getting married and both of my kids, but above the first time i heard Tommy Gun by the Clash and the first time I beat Chrono Trigger.
  12. Yo NE Ohio folks, I am signed up for the Northern Ohio half marathon in October (Fairport Harbor), looking for another one to do in NE (say, triangle between Akron, Westside, and Ashtabula County), in late summer. Anyone signed up for any? I know I could simply google, but it would be cool to know there are other rebels running the same race.
  13. Just wanted to say WHAT UP to all my new Runkeeper pals, hope you are kicking today in the face! I am in the midst of a half marathon training program myself, and I will say that seeing what you folks are doing has helped keep my motivation up. May all your miles be easy ones.....
  14. Hey all! I am in. I am doing a 12 week half marathon training (just finished week 1) so be warned, I get a tad boring in the descriptions. http://runkeeper.com/user/rclloyd77/profile Ready....Fire...Aim....edit-just added everyone on here as a friend request.
  15. I have had a fitbit one for about a year, I love it. Easy to set up, the Android app is pretty nice, the online website works really smoothly as well.
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