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  1. Hey there Zolks! Welcome amongst your countrymen and fellow rebels ^^ sounds like you have a handful but we all have that here and all learn to balance life with a healthylifestyle ^^ wow, and what a great way to start your 31s with creating a new healthy life! awesome! ^^ as you have noticed we have created a facebook group to simplify our cohesion: just look for BeNeLux NF Rebels and you should find it any training plans already?
  2. no worries I changed it to a closed group join us and let's kick ass together! ^^
  3. Hello there fellow rebels, to make everything a bit easier for us benelux rebels I created a facebook group to assemble us together come join us neighbours! just look for the BeNeLux Nerd Fitness rebels on facebook see you there
  4. Hey redeye, join our new facebook group and we can give you some pointers in a more fluid manner
  5. The begin form of the page is created! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1655019094811259/ Spread the word, sound the trumpets, beat the drums, send out the messenger ravens that the BNL Rebels are afoot and gathering!
  6. I'll be needing a few names and adresses toget the ball rolling of course
  7. Good idea! I'll male work of it and post the link here the Benelux NF Rebels! A force to be reckoned with ^^
  8. Welcome fellow rebel! Well that would be an interesting idea my training has incorporated a more warrior like pattern but at the moment im more of an Assassin/Warrior/Monk blend XD I concur, i've been gone from the forums for so long because i just don't have the time to scoure all the posts any more X) university life XD but i'm stil going strong with my training on all levels i'll see to it to make a BelgianRebels NF facebook group to maybe gather everyone a bit together
  9. It did in the beginning for me, i started practicing on a park picnic table in the woods where no one could see me X] as my confidence grew I sought other places, more public places, to train. It felt weird at first and i was very self concious until i came to realize that people really don't care/mind what you're doing. Most of the comments i get are compliments and encouragements so i would say, go out, find a spot and just have fun ^^
  10. Update time Training is going swimmingly, I'm participating in the 2016 Spartacus Run on the 30th of april so all my training is focused on that right now. Seeing as the OC is a 10km, 15 obstacles run, i've been running 10km once a week instead of the usual 5km my average time on that 10km is 40min. But I need to factor in the time the obstacles take from my total time of course, the goal is to do better than last time which was 55min total so i'm going to do my best Otherwise, my gym sessions are paying off, aside from getting stronger week to week i'm getting slightly bulkier (which i cannot deny feels nice ^^). I just need to focus more on my pull ups and right shoulder strength, due to an impingement on my left shoulder I focused a lot on that one making my right one weaker X] small matter but I just need to concentrate on it. Muay Thai Training is going very well, last training we purely sparred. During warm up my trainer took me on the pads for series, after he was so impressed stating "damn, if you would just be a bit harder you would make a good fighter in the ring", to note, i'm a very calm, non aggressive person so going into the ring would be a no go for me but it felt nice to hear that from him. Later on during sparring, when i got a breather he came to me again for comments, stating that everything was fine: technique, footwork, combos, strategy...All I needed more was to toughen up, take in the punches and give as much back :] but I withhold all the time because I don't want to hurt anyone Still, the compliments push me to new heights. My diet is going well, i'm thinking of adding a carb cycling routine to go low carb on my rest and running days. But I still need to figure out how to do it X]
  11. From the beginning in my Thai training my trainer taught me to breath out sharply every time we struck. The idea, as you know, that when you exhale sharply your breathing muscles contract ensuring that you are safe from getting the wind hit out of you during sparring/fighting. Everyone breathes differently, when I started I exaggerated when exhaling making a very loud 'pfffshhh' sound, not a gorilla cry I know, but my idea will stand, eventually you learn to regulate it and it becomes less loud. So I wouldn't focus too much on it, but concentrate on the act itself for that is very important. In addition, a lot of Martial Arts advocate shouting for control :] you know about the 'Kiai' cry right? ^^
  12. A loooong belatted reply but these last weeks have been so hectic that I had no time to write everything down in full. So to make this easy we'll be going at this week per week ^^ Week 21th of March to 27th of March: This was the week the BMEU 2016 took place. Sadly it went off on a bad start, as you most surely know on Tuesday the 22nd of March Brussels was subject to 2 terrorist bombings, one in Zaventem Airport and one at Maalbeek Metro station. Incidentally, I was on my way to the Opening Ceremony of the BMEU held at the EU Committee of the Regions which is at Maalbeek Station! I was running late, and thus through a stroke of good karma I was spared from the bombing in Maalbeek because had I left my apartment on time I would've must surely have been on that train! The ceremony was of course cancelled, yet the simulation later in the day went on if be it in a slightly more controlled version. I did not go tuesday or wednesday for the shock of what happened hit me that day :/ I went for thursday and friday and had a great time like always but I was saddened by the events. Training wise was more low key that week because of the lateness of the simulations (and in some moments inability to train) but I did fit in a good training session on saturday before meeting up for a nice dinner with friends that combined with a delightful and delicious Easter lunch at my grandparent's house with my family resulted in me gaining 2kg over that week X] I went back to usual training quickly but then the second impact hit me. Week 28th March - 3de of April: On Tuesday the second thing hit me hard, my girlfriend wasn't feeling well so after a visit to her GP and an inquiry at her specialist we rushed to the ER where they confirmed that she needed an appendectomy! In such not the most complicated surgery but with my gf's medical history I was worried the full 4h I waited for her. Of course I stayed with her that night in the hospital, barely sleeping from the stress. She was well enough to leave the hospital wednesday at midday and so we headed home where she rested and followed a specific diet to not overstimulate her digestif system. Over the course of those days I had my house chores doubled (which I did not mind), combined with my training regimen and very busy study schedule it was safe to say I was exhausted each day X] but my gf was making recovery every day and that is what counted for me! I kept as true as possible to my training regimen but a lot of workouts got moved around due to the situation (ie running days became strength days...), still I managed to fit in a 10km run on saturday which I completed in 43min (in not ideal conditions I was actually pretty glad!). Week 4th of April - 8th of April: Aah this was the week I was looking forward to ever since February. From the 5th to the 7th me and my gf hoped onto the Eurostar for a trip to London! A city I've wanted to visit ever since I fell in love with the english language, and despite the initial scare of cancellation from the week before we made it to the city, the changing of our tourist plans to accommodate my gf's recuperation was a minor thing to do. We enjoyed the city very much, spending the whole first half day in Westminster (Big Ben, St James Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral/Abbey...) and just soaking up the London life ^^ That evening we arrived at our hotel The Colonnade which was a delight and even more after what they did for us. Originally we had booked a standard room, but upon arrival we discovered it being sub street level, my gf being prone to claustrophobia induced panic attacks they promptly bumped us to a 3d level deluxe room free of charge! As such our stay was perfect and free of complaints ^^ the second day we visited London and met up with an old friend of my gf living in Wales who came down to the capital to meet us! All in all it was a wonderful city trip, only strengthening my love for the country and now London itself. I am suffering a little bit of the vacation blues but I have that everytime I leave the UK X] good thing I bought some tea from Whittard of Chelsea to keep me in the mood! Training wise was of course out those days in London, even though I did do a very basic strength BW routine in our room (6 sets of very slow BW exercises) I was more concerned about the food, I was 'sick' once after eating way too greasy food (a Bento box from Wasabi's) but other than that was able to control the damage to such a point that I actually lost weight after coming back X] (we did walk about 6km on the first day and 7.5km on the second). Yesterday after coming home I went for an easy 5km run which I completed in 24min, a light dinner and off to bed it was! So today I'm back to work, a bit droopy from the vacation blues and the time shift (had gotten used to British time fast) but back on usual track diet wise (for which I am glad) and looking forward to Muay Thai training this evening! ^^ I need to catch up with you all so give me some time
  13. The last week has both been exhausting, exhilarating, fun and terrifying...So much to tell that i will post a larger update tomorrow. But concerning today: Seeing as it was easter monday, nothing special was really done X] so i just studied, went for a 5km run (24min30, a pretty good time!) had my tasty omelet bowl for lunch (with paprika, peas, mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, tuna, pear, brie and sambal oelek). Visited my gf's brother and wife in the hospital, they've just had their first born! Born yesterday at 11:40am, an easter baby, little Elias ^^ hope them all the best! Came home and had my oats snack studied some more and had a simple dinner of sweet potato, chickpeas, kidneybeans, peas, veggie schnitzel, cucumber, tomato and sweet paprika ^^ The bigger update of the last week will be for tomorrow i'm afraid X] Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  14. Congrats on the new rank and i hope you have a relaxing vacation ^^ see you when you get back :] Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  15. massif update time X] it's been a busy week but all training has been spot on! monday was a rest day of course, tuesday was an epic muay thai training session wednesday I absolutely crushed it in the fitness (did not perform my final strength routine to let my body recuperate a bit, but i did put some more focus on my back strength ^^) thursday was a rest day as usual, i went to my courses and prepared some little presents for my girlfriend's birthday next week (the whole of next week i'll be off in a BMEU simulation so we won't we be able to celebrate her birthday on the 24th itself so we're splitting the celebretion ^^) friday, me and my gf went to IKEA, it was a needed trip and we brought a lot of stuff that came to place quite nicely in the appartement. Because we stayed in brussels that day my training got sidetracked a little bit... Saturday was absolutely amazing! Me and my gf went to our first ever Comic-Con! first ever brussels comic-con and it was just so much fun ^^ so much cosplay, geekiness and great gueasts: the bounty hunters from the original Star Wars trilogy including Boba Fett! Nymphadora Tonks! Ser Loras Tyrell! Darth Vader's body double! several epic vehicules: KITT from knight rider, the Delorean from Back to the Futur, the A-Team van, the jurassic park jeep, starsky and hutch's corvette! I got myself two t-shirts (red one with Bazinga! and a black one with the Deadpool logo) and DC batman art piece ^^ I went for a 5km run in the evening, one of my best runs at 24mins! ^^ Sunday, today I went differently, I headed down to the gym again but did a more cardio/strength builded routine, with a barbell circuit, a kettlebell circuit (4sets and done before and after the barbell circuit), a back routine and my dumbbell finisher, was absolutely awesome! Had a great lunch of 2 jacket sweet potatos, chickpeas, brocoli, walnuts and veggie nuggets (+ my oats breakfast bowl as dessert as I headed to the gym in the morning). Had my usual omelet-tuna bowl for dinner. Next week is the BMEU simulation so training is going to be harder, but i'll fit some stuff in there, and even then, a recuperation week will do me well ^^
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