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  1. Okay, I'm officially caught up. You're doing swell, Cheechoe. Keep it up!
  2. I also hope your situation improves, Jenn. I know in Texas that verbal and/or written notice is required for eviction. Usually it's written with at least 30 days to vacate the premises....
  3. IKE

    Devyn Gets Primal

    Unfortunately, I've been snacking on M&M's. Definitely not Paleo!
  4. IKE

    Cheechoe's Topic:

    *whew* I'm finally caught up with your thread. Monks are the best. It's awesome how you all support each other. Question, Cheech. Can you elaborate on the type of politics you would endure? You wouldn't have to compromise any ethical beliefs or anything, right?
  5. Oh, I'm sorry Loren. This is from a previous challenge. I'm skipping the current one.
  6. Camp sounded amazing! Wish I could've went!
  7. Good luck, Loren! *I don't have a lion GIF.
  8. Good luck, Chammy! I'll be following as well.
  9. Sorry to hear that, Jenn. You must possess an enormous amount of patience.
  10. When we shooting some guns?!
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