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  1. I play volleyball and our UNIFORM is spandex! I don't care about wearing it to practice, games, etc, but I generally will wear shorts or sweatpants over them if I'm not playing
  2. I hate not lifting! You're right though. After the race!
  3. Right now, I'm trying to do A LOT of stuff, and once the fall semester starts I'm going to have even more to do and a lot less time to do it. Basically, I am trying to fit in lifting along with volleyball and running. RUNNING I'm training for a half-marathon in October, so right now this is my priority. I run 4x per week: 3 shorter runs then a long run on Saturdays. My feet have started hurting me, (I think plantar fasciitis) so I've added in more walking. I also play Ultimate frisbee on Wednesdays for about 2 hours. VOLLEYBALL I'm the only setter on my team, which means I can't slack off on volleyball. We have practice or games that last about 2 hours 4x per week. During the fall, my schedule is going to look like this: SUNDAY Church AWANA MONDAY AM run School volleyball TUESDAY Homework/job volleyball WEDNESDAY AM run School Job Frisbee THURSDAY AM run Homework/job Volleyball FRIDAY School Volleyball SATURDAY Long run Homework/job Anybody have any ideas where to fit in some lifting too?
  4. This week's verse: John 16:33-"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
  5. WEEK 1 My challenge week started off with volleyball camp from 9-3. I never made it onto the advanced court, but I honestly think that's a good think. My wrists couldn't have handled it! I managed to get in all of my runs, even if they happened at odd times. After camp, I went to the beach from friday-monday. Got in a long run on saturday, but almost died from all of the mosquitoes! Chincoteague mosquitoes have no fear. I looked like an idiot running because I kept swatting them from the back of my legs! I missed yesterday's run, but I'm making it up today as soon as it stops raining. I managed to get 8 hours of sleep, even though it sometimes meant taking a nap in the middle of the day! My eating was terrible. Ice cream, pizza, etc. I ate enough, but I always felt sick after eating. I read my bible most days, but wasn't nearly consistent enough.
  6. Maybe post something you read in the Bible that means something to you personally? I currently have a facebook group going through psalms and the goal is to post something you read every day.
  7. For this week, I'm in a 9-3 volleyball camp every day. In addition, I ran 3 miles monday, 4 miles tuesday, and then tonight played a couple hours of ultimate frisbee. This pattern will be continuing for the rest of the week. I calculated it and I'm burning upwards of 1000 extra calories every day. I'm happy with my weight so I'm not particularly trying to bulk or cut. Do I really need to eat 3000 calories?
  8. Day 2 4 mile run, 5 hours of volleyball, then more volleyball later. Fun, but can barely move right now! I found out that the reason my hands are cramping is because I had my hands in the cast for so long the tendons got super tight. Now i have to stretch my hands a LOT otherwise it's really painful
  9. Day 1 Started off with only about 7 hours of sleep, but got a half-hour nap in around noon. Went for a 3 mile run, and necessity gave me a PR of 27:03 Went to volleyball camp from 9-3 with an hour break for lunch. Currently I'm on the intermediate court. Read Psalm 30-31 today. Psalms is definitely one of my favorite books. Just got home. As of now, I've eaten about 600 calories so I need to EAT! I've found a mini-challenge for myself: make it onto the advanced court!
  10. Funny how stuff like that works out! I don't have any mobile devices I could use however I am a part of AWANA, and we have a yearly Bible reading list. Basically, we have to read a chapter a day in order to stay on track. My plan (for now) is to keep a Bible next to my bed and read a chapter when I wake up.
  11. It was just on hold while I was in my casts, but I've started training again. I asked the doctor, and she said I could start playing volleyball again a month after I get my casts off. I got my casts off the end of June, so I'll be good for when volleyball starts in August.
  12. After 4 months with the rangers, for this challenge I'm switching to the scouts! Boy, do I have an Epic Quest! On memorial day, I broke BOTH of my wrists. That put almost all strength training on hold for 6 weeks, so I started running. I've been signed up for the Baltimore half-marathon since last year, but due to medical issues I wasn't able to train and I got a medical deferral to this year. This will take place on October 12th, so I have some time to train. But as a former ranger, long distance running still isn't my preferred method of exercise. I would put finishing the Half-Marathon as my Epic Quest, but that's not all! I also play volleyball competitively, with tryouts the second week in August, then 4x a week practices. Then games start replacing practices. This obviously will seriously drain my energy, and I don't want to run before a game! BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! My college classes start August 26th, and I'm going to have a heavy workload. Obviously, this part of the challenge isn't going to start until later but I have pre-assignments, other schoolwork, etc. So my Epic Quest is Survival, plain and simple. Basically, I have to figure out how to get everything done. (I'm going to assign attribute points later) Here's the mini-missions that I need to survive. Follow my Running Schedule Right now, I have my running schedule planned around my volleyball matches. If there's a match that day, I'm not running. If there's not (or just practice), it's early morning running. Currently I can only run 3.5 miles consecutively, while my training plan has me running around 4 miles right now. I'm not concerned with how fast I finish, so my plan is to run at LEAST half of what my plan has me scheduled for, and then walking the rest of the distance. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night If I'm going to survive this autumn, I'm going to need LOTS of sleep! Eat enough good quality calories I have a problem of not letting myself eat enough in a given day. With all of the extra activities I'm participating in, I'm going to need to eat enough to make sure I don't lose more weight. LIFE GOAL: Read my Bible every day I'm a Christian and this is REALLY important to me! And if I don't make it a priority I usually chose not to read it. Plus, without God, how can I survive? Yup... that's the plan. Survive!
  13. I'm heading to the BEST summer camp ever tomorrow. It's a week long in PA, lots of fun games, and ultimate frisbee tournaments! However, they serve food like pizza, grilled cheeses, spaghetti and meatballs, lots of breads and cheeses basically. They typically have some vegetables but its usually a tiny serving. My dilemma is I want to eat well when I'm there but not make a big deal out of it. They have a snack shop where you can keep food, but it's not exactly refrigerated. What are some good snacks that I could bring that would last in a cooler for a week? Thanks!
  14. We normally do a whole jar of salsa, and about 5-7 chicken breasts, and as many servings of taco seasonings as there are chicken breasts.
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