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  1. What a great thread! Thanks for starting it. So interesting to hear everyone's story and perspectives. I decided to become a vegetarian at 13. Motivation was realizing I didn't want to eat animals - I loved animals! Meat hasn't been food to me since. But we didn't eat a lot of meat growing up because of the cost. We ate it a couple times a year at other people's houses or when my grandpa gave us some moose meat. So it was no big deal in my family when I made this decision. My dad gave me "Diet for a New America" to read and just glancing at the pics galvanized my decision. Over the years I've tried vegan, but was too young to do it right and found myself craving and eating way too much sugar and junk. I've been eating seafood very selectively for many years now. It feels best for my body to get the hit of protein when I need it and it helps to have that as an option in social and travel situations. I don't like or eat eggs. However, I'm recently rethinking my nutrition and diet. My girlfriend was vegan when I met her, but now eats dairy. When I think about the dairy industry, I'd rather not support it either. I'd like to drastically reduce processed foods, wheat and dairy products in a healthy and nutritionally rich way. I'm still in the thinking/researching stage, but we will see where it goes.
  2. I'm enjoying the chia Two quick and easy combos I like are: Overnight oatmeal - Mix and put in fridge overnight 1/2 cup rolled raw oats 2 Tbs Chia seeds 1 cup coconut milk cinnamon raisins vanilla High-protein quick breakfast 3 Tbs hemp seeds 2 Tbs Chia seeds 1 cup coconut milk cinnamon frozen blueberries vanilla
  3. WEEK 6 I dropped the ball in the last week. Almost completely. Goal #1 - Nourishment No cooking. 'F' Goal #2 - Hydration Stopped keeping track of my water intake and had a couple mysterious headache days which I now attribute to dehydration! 'F' Goal #3 - Action Didn't do one workout. 'F' Goal #4 - Operation Get this Monkey off my Back Zero hours on my thesis! 'F'
  4. WEEK 5 Goal #1 - Nourishment I made one nutritious meal this week. 'C' Goal #2 - Hydration I did mostly alright with water this week, although I'm having a hard time keeping track of it. 'B' Goal #3 - Action I did my workout three times this week!! 'A' Goal #4 - Operation Get this Monkey off my Back I put in over 18 hours on my thesis this week and seem to have made a break-though regarding resistance!! 'A+'
  5. WEEK 4 Hmmm, not such a good week in any category of my challenge. Goal #1 - Nourishment I made another batch of granola this week, does that count? 'C' Goal #2 - Hydration Most days I drank almost or just over 2L of water. 'B' Goal #3 - Action I did my workout twice of three times this week. 'C' Goal #4 - Operation Get this Monkey off my Back I put in 9.25 of 12 hours on my thesis this week. 'D'
  6. WEEK 3 Goal #1 - Nourishment I made two dinners this week. 'A' A yummy Caribbean black bean dish and a broccoli, faux beef, and peanut sauce with rice noodles. Goal #2 - Hydration I didn't do so well on my water intake this week. I drank just under 2L most days. This is because I lost my 2L water bottle and was drinking out of a .7L bottle. 'D' Goal #3 - Action I did my workout three times this week. 'A' Goal #4 - Operation Get this Monkey off my Back I put in 9.5 hours of 12 on my thesis this week. 'C'
  7. WEEK 2 This week was disrupted by a 4 day work trip. Hoping to get back on track this week. Goal #1 - Nourishment I made a batch of granola with a new low-sugar, high protein recipe! Turned out great. Didn't manage any other recipes this week. Fridge is still broken, but I have made a decision and one will be ordered today. 'D' Goal #2 - Hydration I really bombed on this goal and struggled to measure as well. Several days this week I really don't know how much water I drank. I know there were at least 2 days of 2 L intake though. 'D' Goal #3 - Action I did my workout three times this week!! 'A' Goal #4 - Operation Get this Monkey off my Back I only managed to put in 6 hours on my thesis this week!! 'D'
  8. This week has been hard. Disrupted by a cross-country work trip to a 4-hour time zone difference and back in 4 days :-p Now I am home. Fridge still doesn't work. I'm being roped in to researching and deciding on how to deal with it (more kitchen renos?) Had the day off today to work on my thesis, but squandered my time away. Hoping (not quite planning, but I know I should PLAN) for a productive day tomorrow on my thesis. I DID however manage to fulfill my exercise goal (3x workout) despite the travel! That's something, anyways. Let's see what the weekend brings. Looking forward to getting back on track next week.
  9. WEEK 1 Goal #1 - Nourishment I didn't make any healthy meals as planned because my fridge is on the blink. Hopefully will be fixed today. 'F' Goal #2 - Hydration Although I only drank a minimum of 2L water 5 of the 7 days, I drank 14.5L for the week. 'B' Goal #3 - Action I did my workout three times this week!! 'A' Goal #4 - Operation Get this Monkey off my Back I put in 12.75 hours on my thesis this week!! 'A'
  10. Hi folks So, the first few days have gone well. I managed to put in time on my thesis last night despite colossal resistance and it paid off! I submitted another draft chapter for feedback from my supervisor! Hooray!! I've done my two workouts as planned Monday and Wednesday mornings and today I am riding a high of success and a 'day off' of thesis and workouts. The days off seem to be a huge motivator for me. Lol. I'm trying out a quick and easy high-protein breakfast idea I got from a post by maristella (thanks!) with hemp and chia seeds. Yummm. I'm doing pretty well with my water intake, though Tuesday only drank one litre instead of two. I think sometimes I get distracted and just don't feel like drinking water. But mostly it is super positive to notice my thirst and give my body what it needs. Unfortunately my fridge is on the blitz this week, so I haven't gotten my fresh veg and cooking plans underway, and I just found out I'll be travelling for work 4 days next week to another time zone which will really throw a wrench in my plans/goals. Will see how that goes and will try to plan ahead to make it work as best I can. Happy day everyone! Twiggy
  11. Thanks for the quick and easy high-protein breakfast tip! I'm going to try that one out.
  12. Hi KB21 Very challenging sounding goals! Just wanted to comment on your goal of not drinking alcohol for 6 weeks. I'm also a student (though mid-thirties) and have always found it hard to string together a few days of not drinking. It's just such a pervasive part of our lives, it seems. I decided about 4 months ago to quit drinking for the long term. I wasn't sure how it would go, but it's been such a positive and refreshing experience for me! Looking back, I realize that in some ways it is much harder to abstain from something for a short period of time than to make it a lifestyle. When it's a lifestyle decision, my mind isn't seeking excuses or loopholes or the end when I can indulge again. It's just the way things are now. Simple (haha) All the best with your goals!! Twiggy
  13. Thanks maristella I am generally waking up around 6 or 6:30 these days, so it won't be too much of a stretch for me to make sure I'm working out by 6:30 three mornings a week. Already I'm finding that the days off are motivating to do good on the days on. Thesis is in community health, specifically women's experiences of mental health and substance use (with the twist of using photography to engage women in the project). Hi allirep! I love leftovers and plan to make a few big meals so they last me through the week. Never thought much about doing it for breakfast though, but should. Not a fan of eggs, so will need to think of something else. I love making granola and am going to try a new recipe that is lower sugar and higher protein than my original recipe. Yesterday I drank 3.5 litres of water!! Is that normal??
  14. Hi folks I'm new here and this will be my first 6 week challenge. I think the encouragement and accountability on my goals that this forum provides will be really helpful for me. My overall intentions are to: Reduce my body-fat ratio and be more toned (from the measurements I made, I am somewhere around 27% as a 5'10" woman, 144 lbs) Feel stronger and have more energyBe productive and effective, not hijacked by procrastinationFitness Goal # 1 – Nourishment Target: I will make at least two healthy home-cooked meals a week for the next 6 weeks. Action Plan: Plan what I want to make and ensure I have the ingredients to do so. Plan the times that I will cook. Details: I love to cook but have really struggled to find the time and energy, leaving me eating quick meals that lack fresh veggies or picking up a sandwich for lunch at work. Grading: A for 100% of the weeks (75%=B, 50%=C, 25%=D, 0=F) Fitness Goal # 2 – Hydration
 Target: Every day for 6 weeks I will drink a minimum of 2 litres of water. Action Plan: Bring a litre bottle of water to work and focus on finishing it at least once during the day. Refill at home and continue to drink it through the evening. I will keep track of what I drink. Details: I find it oddly difficult to drink enough water consistently despite knowing how important it is. Grading: A for 100% of the days (75%=B, 50%=C, 25%=D, 0=F) Fitness Goal # 3 – Action 
 Target: 3 days a week for 6 weeks, I will do 3 repetitions of the beginner body weight circuit workout routine (http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2009/12/09/beginner-body-weight-workout-burn-fat-build-muscle/). Action Plan: I will wake up at 6:00 am and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will do the beginner body weight circuit workout routine from 6:30 – 7:00 am. I will keep track of my workouts. Details: I have done this routine a few times and really like it. The trick for me now is getting it into my routine and doing it consistently. My starting reps are: 20 body weight squats10 push ups (from knees)20 walking lunges (10 each side)20 dumbbell rows (10 lbs)30 second plank30 Jumping JacksGrading: A for 100% of the days (75%=B, 50%=C, 25%=D, 0=F) Level Up Goal – Operation Get this Monkey off my Back!! (graduate thesis)
 Target: Each week for 6 weeks I will put in a minimum of 12 hours working on my thesis. Action Plan: At least two evenings a week I will put in two hours at home working on my thesis. I will put in a minimum of 6 hours over the weekend. I plan to take an extra day off from work each week to put in an additional 7 hours. I will keep track of my hours. Details: This is crunch-time. I want to finish a rough draft of my thesis by the end of April. In March I will be working on the most challenging part, the results and discussion chapter. Grading: A for compliance 95-100% of the weeks (75%=B, 50%=C, 25%=D, 0=F) Alright! Onwards and upwards
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