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  1. Hai Guys and Gals. Sorry I have been off the radar. Life gets busy. Work, work and yep, more work! Good news, I havent gone back to my old ways of eating. I am not at all 100% Paleo, but my portion sizes have dropped and I eat mostly fresh veggies and meats. Oh, I suppose I have the occasional hamburger every other weekend I thought that I'd post a B&A pic. The first was taken the day that I found nerd fitness on the 18th of Feb and the new one was taken... well, 5 minutes ago. I have dropped a total of 20kg. My measurments have changed to: CHEST: 44" down to 38" WAIST: 43" down to 36.5" HIPS: 40" down to 36.5" Here is a little pic. I'll sign in again soon!
  2. Allirep, we DID end up watching episode one. Minus the trouble dialogue and poor casting the story and movie is great lol And I totally agree, anakin and padme are just too much sometimes. *shivers*
  3. Wow! I am a little delayed... it is day 5 now and I am just putting a report in. I thought that I might enter a few stats so that we can see how I am going. MEASUREMENTS AS OF FEB 18TH: WAIST: 43" HIPS: 40" CHEST: 44" MEASUREMENTS ON MARCH 2ND: WAIST: 41.5" HIPS: 38.5" CHEST: 42" A loss of 5" overall is great to see. I am pumped and I can't wait until more comes off. I haven't measured myself on scales yet... well, due to the fact that I don't have any. I will try to get around to getting some tomorrow. Anyway, I am in the middle of a Star Wars Marathon. Episode 6 just finished and you can bet ya bottom dollar that I am skipping Episode 1. See ya'll tomorrow!
  4. Yeah! Loving the detailed breakdown of how your losing the weight. Oh, so much congrats on your 6 pound loss! Woot!
  5. Hi Lorie, Welcome aboard. You have found a really good centre to find inspiration and encouragement. Hopefully you will be killin it in that new dress soon!
  6. Welcome to the Rebellion, Mhairi! I am totally feelin your pain in regards to the soft-drink. It took a lot of effort for me to do so completely. It has been months since I have had a coke or sarsaparilla. I have never felt better since giving it up. Lately though, I have been safely fulfilling my fizzy craving by drinking plain mineral water. A lot of people don't like it, but it is clean and totally fills that fizzy craving. High fives to you for the awesome steps that you have taken already, I am stoked for ya. Good luck!
  7. Hey Colin, You can totally do the lifestyle change. I recently followed in my wife's footsteps and started eating natural foods. Nothing packaged and very limited carbs. Doing so, for the last 12 days has lead to me losing over 2" on my waist and about the same on my chest. Not to mention... I FEEL GREAT! I'll be following your journey dude... rip it up!
  8. Hey Andrew, welcome aboard dude. I am relatively new here too. I am about 20 pounds heavier than you at the moment, are you just trying to lose that last little bit of "flab"? That is kinda where I am at right now. It's great to hear your story dude, I am gonna keep posted to your journey!
  9. BeccaG, that is awesome that you are still perservering. I know what it is like having a full life with work/children and other commitments. Hang in there and if anything... eat healthy (Paleo seems to be the way) and I'm positive that you will still see encouraging results!
  10. Don't get too downed by an off day. It's great to see that you have planned ahead for the next day, that's a complete WIN!
  11. Ohhhkay, So yesterday was okay. I ate like a boss. Nothing bad. One thing got me tripped up though. Having no carbs for the last week then going on to a tiny serving of rice for lunch (like, I mean TINY) had me in a bad sort all day. I felt yuck afterwards. I don't know what it was, but I've decided to not add any more of those nasty type carbs back in yet. It could all be in my head, but it made me feel bad. Also, I had 1 scoop of protein shake with water. Blurg. I used to have these all the time when I was lifting. Now it just messes with my body. Today is a fresh day. I will update again tonight.
  12. LuckyMe, that is awesome info. I agree that the foods with fat in it help. I just tried stevia this week... TOO DAMN SWEET!
  13. Soooo, Day 2 down on my first challenge. Today was good. I had super healthy servings of food today, 90% veggies and only a hint of meat. I had one protein shake as well. I am a coffee addict, though, I have be refraining from the mugs of goodness because I need to have sugar with mine. Today I ventured out with Stevia. I put one satchel in my coffee. The taste is interesting. It seems to be a healthy alternative, so I might go back to having one or two cups of coffee a day. Oh, also, I dont have milk in mine, I haven't had milk for a few months now. I use coconut cream. So yeah, day two down. I did my 4km run today, I felt super comfortable with that. 2km complete run broken up with come lunges. Bring on the next 40 days!
  14. Hi Adanessa, Welcome. Thanks for sharing your story. I love that you are so keen to try a new lifestyle. I look froward to seeing you change for the better!
  15. Wow, props to you for having eggs for breakfast! I really wish that I could like egg... it's make my eating so much easier!
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