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  1. Hi Nerdfitness peeps! I'm super surprised you when I typed in "Gelatin" and "Collagen" and no discussions came up. I work at a place that sells both and everyone at my office takes it as a supplement on a daily basis. Im going to copy and paste an article from http://paleoleap.com/all-about-gelatin-and-collagen/. It does a good job explaining how we used to have these things in our diets, how they're essential, and how we need to supplement them now. My company only really does bulk orders, but please let me know if I can help you find it. If you spend much time talking to people w
  2. Ever since i went to my first Cirque Du Soleil show I admired the Aerial Silk women who seemed to have it all: Strength, enormous amounts of flexibility, and courage! Being a former gymnast and diver, I found classes in my area but was always too scared to give it a try. I want to build muscle and feel confident! The classes i signed up for are next month and that will be perfect in time for when this challenge ends. I don't really know a good workout plan, so I'll tweak this as I go, please help me as I'm a n00b at lifting! Monday & Thursday Front Squat, Jumping Lunges, Plank Row &
  3. She's crazy! But awesome. I don't understand how she has the body she has with what she eats...but hey it works for her. I am definitely interested in trying the raw before 4. She inspired me to eat more smoothies and not be scared of fruit sugar.
  4. Lucky Brand has awesome suits where the bottoms are actually made for people with...bottoms..
  5. I'll check out the New Rules of Lifting for Women. Thanks for critiquing the video, as I didn't know if it was really useful or not. However I've been doing it for a couple weeks now and already feel stronger, so who knows I've done MyFitnessPal for a while, but I find it really annoying... plus, I have friends who do yoga and eat 3,000 cals a day of raw vegan food and look amazing, lean and strong and people who eat the "right" amount for how much they exercise and it seems like too little. So I don't know how well MyFitnessPal really works for my plan. but i could try it as a guide.
  6. I hate counting cals tho..it makes me think about food and obsess over it all day when it shouldn't be the biggest part of my day. thank you everyone for the positive feedback though!
  7. hi everyone! its been quite a while since i've been on here. i am 21 years old, 5'3 and 130 pounds. i want to lose weight, but add muscle, so im not sure what weight i want to be. i want to fit in my highschool jeans, but i was oh so tiny! -i have a history of bullemia and self esteem issues the way i am doing this is Joanna's Workout Plan. (here is the video ---> ) it's basically 3 sets of 10 reps alternating days. i am going to try to do it every day. -i also eat pretty healthy, but have a problem with drinking beer and alcohol in general (being in college and everything) -i also
  8. nuts have high carbs too? grrr...does anything not have high carb? aghh! Sorry I'm not completely positive of the answer to this question tho, I'm pretty sure you should not eat them every day of your life but I don't see how a couple every day could hurt.
  9. hahah thanks everyone. I'm doing better. Instead of Paleo I've kinda switched to a more low-carb style diet which is helpful. I'm eating a lot of veggies and eggs and tofu. I'm doing well on my squats but not with running as I've been studying for my finals every day. Meditation is going okay too. I'm going one day at a time. Thanks to all the support again. I do appreciate my body, I still struggle with looking good and pretty enough constantly.
  10. I'm really upset with myself today. I don't even want to log what I ate because I had a peppermint chocolate mocha, two cookies, AND an ice cream Obviously way too much sugar. I feel like a fat slob. I got a bad cold over break and I haven't ran or done squats or anything in like 2 weeks. Sometimes I really can't stand myself and I still hate my body.
  11. our goals are similar. good luck my dear!
  12. Thank you! The part this challenge that is the hardest for me is consuming less than 25 grams or lower. For instance I have a cold so I'm drinking some orange juice and it has 34 grams of sugar in it. WTF.
  13. I read that boca burgers have hexane in them which causes cancer. Just lettin you know, google dat shiit
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