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  1. Nomolos

    Got milk?

    Since I'm cutting, how do you think I should implement milk into my diet?
  2. Nomolos

    Got milk?

    I'm want to get some perspectives on milk. When I was a globo-gym going person, a surprising amount of my fellow gym rats swore by milk, hailing it as the sweet nectar of recovery and gains. So what do you think the deal is: miracle liquid or dairy industry conspiracy?
  3. @Athena: I really appreciate your dose of realism as far as what type of workout to do. That's true, finding something I'll stick to is probably best. @Timmy M: I definitely appreciate your advice on this. This is the type of thing I joined this community to learn. I'd love to learn more about the building blocks of different types of workouts for different goals. @I-Jo: I guess what I meant was to identify each exercise by the kind of mechanics they use, not identify the actions of the muscles during the exercise. And I must express my disappointment in not being able to read your "way to
  4. I really appreciate everyone's welcomes, tips, and willingness to help. I'd appreciate it if you guys would also check out my second thread and offer any advice you may have. Thanks. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/27697-workout-building-blocks/
  5. I forgot to mention what is probably the biggest factor in my decisions on what workouts I'm doing nowadays. My number one goal in exercising at the moment is cutting fat. With that in mind, what would you recommend as good components for a fitness program to that end?
  6. I remember that in one of my workout classes at the gym that I go to, the instructor told me that pretty much every exercise they do includes these basics: a push, a pull, a lunge, a press, a squat, and a swing. For instance, a workout could consist of pushups (push), TRX rope rows (pull), walking lunges (lunge), overhead press with a kettlebell (press), jump squats (squat), and kettlebell swings (swing). I'm just delving into developing my own circuit training routines, since I like the results I got when I was in this circuit training class at the gym. Does this sound about right to you guys
  7. I do want to lose fat, but my biggest goal is to learn how to keep myself fit, rather than having to seek out and pay someone to tell me how to exercise and eat. In essence, I want to adopt a healthy lifestyle rather than having on for 1 hour a day at the hands of someone else. Even if I'm out of town, I want to be able to know enough to give myself a good workout in a hotel room if I need to, and know what to eat. P.S. I know it took more than a while for me to respond. Not off to a good start, but I plan to devote myself to this during the summer.
  8. I'm probably younger than most people on this site. I'm in college, but I've been out of my shape for most of my life. A year or two ago, I joined a gym that offered some circuit training classes, which really boosted my fitness level, but I'm no fitness pro. I've since grown weary of having to go and suck from the teet of the great, bloated cow that is the franchise gym. I want to learn what the trainers there know and be able to take control of my own fitness, rather than relinquishing control to them. I'm hoping I can learn from this site and from it's members. I'd greatly appreciate it if
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