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  1. In my experience, as long as you're not too sore and don't strain yourself to the point of spraining something, you can do multiple body weight workouts one day after another. The best part about body weight is that, unlike power lifting with weights, you're less likely to put yourself in a state that'll need multiple days of rest between works :-) (Also, yes, there's a Flash show now and if you like The Arrow, you'll love the crossover episodes)
  2. Ugh .. been too long away. Time to get back into it!

  3. 2013 Edition: Sorry for the terrible quality photos .. apparently NF got some new rules making upload maximums tiny so I needed to gif these up. But yeah, that was me right before residency in 2013. Next post is of me now (those weak of heart, you've been forewarned).
  4. For those of you who know me (or vaguely recall seeing my username around the forums a couple of years ago), you're probably thinking "jeez! whatever happened to this kid?" And that's as you should be because I basically fell off the face of the planet in July of 2013. Well .. that's not entirely accurate either. What I fell into was the black abyss known as Residency. Long, grueling hours. Constant stress and endless work with no downtime. Required tests and lectures that cut into your already meager daylight hours. Some people handle it better than others. I, sadly, wasn't one of them.
  5. That's weird that the hip pain disappeared .. but I'm glad it did! (better than getting worse in that weight range, right?). Hope you're feeling better soon and great progress on your weighted squats!
  6. Um .. wait .. what? Newark, NJ? Why are you stranded?
  7. =/ It's definitely hard when you want to do things but are unable -- I wouldn't beat yourself up about it so much though .. it happens and I'm just glad you're getting through it alright and will be up and at it again soon =) Plus, still pulled an A- for your goals, right? =D
  8. First off, LOVE the sketch! It sounds like you too had a rough week -- as many said to me, don't let one week throw you off -- there's plenty of the challenge left and plenty of time to make up for a not-so-stellar few days. This is where we get to witness your mettle and how quickly you recover =) Excited to hear about what you cook and good luck this week!
  9. eek! Hope you feel better soon and are able to get more food into your system .. as far as the gluten in the diet .. maybe there's something in what you normally eat that's been processed in the same place? Good luck with getting back on track -- hoping to read good news soon!
  10. Sounds like an awesome week Tankgrrl! And rock on for random acts of kindness (especially when it involves GoT!) =D Also, I wouldn't feel too bad about the small slice of cake .. it's a good thing you kept yourself from grabbing more (like I've done in the past, to my dismay) and indulged in a controlled fashion =D I think certain allowances are important in maintaining sanity =P (and you mentioned that you don't feel like you're emotionally depriving yourself of food you like so that's good). Glad everything is going well and looking forward to hearing more soon!
  11. =/ Sucks that the school you really wanted to be with didn't offer you an interview .. here's hoping you hear back from one of the other places though!
  12. Well, your meals look well balanced and I don't think you're really going to have any trouble with vitamins or minerals so, realistically, protein is all you should be looking for =) Good luck in getting more of the help protein soon!
  13. Ain't that the truth! It's always hard for me too (whether I'm the one visiting or someone's visiting me) and I wish you the best of luck managing your budget while they're in town =) Other than that, looks like your goals are going really well (especially the walking one!) so keep up the great work! =D
  14. That sucks that the protein powder that you like isn't readily available =/ Here's hoping that the temporary stuff isn't needed for very long! Your meals sound awesome and looks like you're doing great! Keep up the good work rogaecia! =)
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