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  1. Moved to a better location. Garrison Park, next to Crockett High, Stassney & Manchaca. Same time, 530pm Wednesday.
  2. Bruce Lee in the Tao of Jeet Kun Do recommends starting with small things, like putting your shoes and pants on standing up. Sounds goofy, but it really works over time. If you can't do it immediately, lean against the wall or a chair, and slowly work your way up. Standing one-legged anytime helps me alot too.
  3. Super-effin cool! My da and I grafted an orange onto a lemon tree, orangey lemons taste great....might have to try and go for limes onto it too!
  4. Parkour is on my mind!

  5. Week 2 of Challenge Wrap-up: Long week. My motivation was low, though I still managed to complete all my goals. Did my bodyweight workout thrice, practiced parkour twice, and ran. I didn't track my running, just ran a mile twice. I seriously have parkour on the brain. I find myself waking up in the morning, wanting to go run and jump and balance on stuff. Almost to the point that I've considered calling in sick to go jump off crap.
  6. Not yet, ATM I can't really afford it. They do have classes at the Crossfit&Fearless gym not too far from. Soon...*rubs hands together excitedly*
  7. Wonderful Wednesday Workout: Went to Town Lake with Scarlet and Denniah, and practiced some parkour. Lots of box jumps, balance beam, some running. It was really nice. We went for about 2 hours, and totally passed out by 9pm. The knee was sore after a while, but doing okay today.
  8. Totally forgot to update this. On monday, I did my bodywieght workout, adding extra reps on everything. I don't feel anywhere near as sore anymore. Tuesday, I busted my knee showing off like a dumbass. I was showing my workmates how I can do a wall run up. I landed it the first time, but missed the grab at the top. the second time, my foot slipped, and I bashed my left knee on the wall. It's sore, but didn't stop me from doing my bodyweight workout again, along with some crunches. It's a bit sore today, but not too bad. Might have to take today off.
  9. 1st Week of 6-Week Challenge Wrap-up What a wonderful, invigorating, infuriating week. I met all of my goals, with an added bonus. I did my bodyweight workout thrice, ran 2 miles, and practiced parkour twice. The bonus is that my lovely wife is as excited as I am about parkour, and we've been training together. Maintaining a training regime has made me happier, more energetic, and so freaking hungry! If I had known that this is how it would make me feel I'd have started years ago. I'm very excited for week 2, even though I got the serious drag-ass today.
  10. W/ Windows Movie Maker I could turn out a montage in a couple of hours, as long as the footage is good, and everyone doesn't clog the works by sending 2 hrs of footage with only 3 mins of usable footage.
  11. Spent another hour or so at the park with Scarlet practicing parkour. Jumps, balance beam, arms, etc. We did 5 post runs, lots of precisions, I was able to cross the swingset with just my arms and a bunch of little things. We both feel energized and confident. Something about getting over the mental block that says "I'll never make that jump" and landing it is quite invigorating.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing! The quality, editing and flow of the film was wonderful. Should be a film school must-watch. Watched it this morning with my wife, then hit a park to practice! Ultra-mega-supra-inspiring vid!
  13. I'm sure it's from exercise. I went from not working out at all to a junkie in a few days. I've always been a bit stiff in the legs, and have been stretching alot, which helps. But no pain prior to beginning this challenge.
  14. *nodnod* I'm quickly finding out that this statement is 100% true for me. After we did our lil Parkour thing on Weds I did 70 box jumps. woke up so sore, but even doing 5 mins of stretching and some jumping jacks made things much better. Thanks!
  15. Just curious,are we talking traditional Jiu-jitsu or Gracie/brazilian? I agree with DJ, Jiu-Jitsu and a good bodyweight routine.
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