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  1. That looks delicious!! I'm bookmarking this, thanks!
  2. I've been sick with something new every few weeks or so since October, when I start a new job working with children. I've made sure to wash my hands twice as often as I used to. It seems that the most common thing I've had is a cold that I can't seem to shake. It feels like I've had one cold for months and months that keeps going up and down - always starts with a scratchy throat, loss of voice, then when my voice is back I have what I call a "sour" throat mixed with sinus problems, then the throat is fine and it's such a bad sinus problem I feel like I have allergies (which I've never had in my life, so is really just my best guess at what allergies must be like. Sneezing, itchy watery eyes, sinus pressure and drippage/stuffiness at the same time. It's getting VERY old. I've Googled it and everyone is just saying to cut out crap food and eat clean, which I already do. Then they say get enough sleep, which I do. Then they say make sure you're exercising, which I do. Then they say reduce stress, which I have been in the past month. Nothing. I don't get it. I'm not expecting a magic pill or anything, but is there any supplement out there that will boost my immune system, even by a little bit?
  3. Hi, NFR! I'm Amy, 22 years old, and 5'2". I weigh about 171 right now, and I'm hoping to get that number closer to 130! I've been trying to lose weight for a year and have only gotten down about ten pounds, but that was using MyFitnessPal's recommended 1200 calories/day. I obviously didn't keep up with it very well and rollercoastered my way through that year. I'm still using MFP to track calories, but I've bumped it up to anywhere between 1600-1700 calories. My BMR is 1595, and my TDEE - 20% is 1749. I don't log my workouts on MFP or eat back the calories. I discovered NF about a month ago, which is also when I started weightlifting. I've doubled my barbell squat so far (from just the olympic bar to another 45 added on!) and learned how to do a proper deadlift. I've almost doubled my shoulder press from 25 to 45. We'll see if I can do 50 tonight at the gym! I hate cardio, so discovering weightlifting and how awesome it is (and how NO, I will not bulk up!) is really keeping me going to the gym! I've gone three days a week for the past month and haven't skipped once! Now I just need to work on my diet. My goal for March was to eat at least one fruit and veggie a day (I'm a carb-lover so I'm trying to wean myself off of them!)....which I already ruined Sunday the 3rd and Monday the 4th. The last two days really brought me down (I've been stressed and sick), so today I'm jumping back on the wagon and decided to post here for some extra accountability. I like MFP, but more than half the people there have no idea what they are talking about, so I'm making the switch to these forums. You guys appear to be much more well informed! So, without further ado, here's my plan for the next twelve weeks or so. My first goal was to be 150 by June 1st, but if I only eat my BMR and work out three days a week, my calculations tell me I will lose about 14lbs. It's a little more than a pound a week, though, so I would be happy with that! I'll readjust it to 155 by June 1st, and we'll see how far I can get with that. Monday: Workout Plan A Barbell Squat: 3x5 Bench Press: 3x5 Barbell/Dumbbell Row: 3x5 Deadlifts: 2x5 Hanging Leg Raises: 3x10 Wednesday: Workout Plan B Barbell Squat: 3x5 Shoulder Press: 3x5 Inverted Rows:3x10 Straight-Leg Deadlifts: 2x5 Planks: 3x30sec/death Friday: Workout Plan A And then the next week goes BAB. I also like assisted pull-ups and dips (Both of which I am currently pathetic at), so I'll occasionally do those if I'm not too exhausted. I always stretch afterwards and warm-up beforehand with 5 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill or a bunch of jumping jacks. I live in Buffalo, so it's a cold, cold climate for six months out of the year. In the summer I get out more often and do a bit of hiking or volleyball or badminton or swimming, etc. Winter stinks As for eating, I am sticking to 1600-1700 calories a day. While I won't be following Paleo, I'm going to try to get pretty close to it. On my last trip to the grocery store I didn't go into the center aisles at all and skipped right over the bakery - I only got fruits, veggies, meat, and yogurt (okay, and a half gallon of milk - mostly to make scrambled eggs! But usually I get a whole gallon, so I'm cutting back.) I am still going to try to do at least one fruit and veggie each day, and am even trying some new meats. I can occasionally stomach fish, but oftentimes meat grosses me out, so I'm starting with something I know I like: Porkchops! With...shake'n'bake....and some purdue chicken cutlets...But, considering meat makes me gag, I need to start somewhere! Less pasta and bread, more delicious, tasty animals. And veggies. And fruit! (Which I love and have no problem eating, ever.) I need to do some more research on my diet, for sure, but some things I definitely eat throughout the week include: Breakfast: Eggs (usually two, scrambled and cooked in the microwave for fluffy easiness), sometimes with parsley or mushrooms Bacon (two strips with eggs) Turkey Sausage Grapefruit/Banana/Apple/Cantaloupe/Pineapple Lunch/Dinner: Baked Chicken/Porkchops/Fish (not very often) A bag of Steamables or 1cup can of veggies Campbell's Chunky Soups - try to stay away from creamy ones Smoothies w/ whey protein powder Snacks: Peanuts/Pistachios/Cashews/Ilovenuts,anykindofnutreally YoCrunch yogurt (I know the sugars are high, but I hate yogurt and these get me to eat it!) Pretzels Peanut Butter + Apple/Celery I'd love some suggestions or feedback! I'm just getting started and this is what I've come up with as far as a game plan goes. I have trouble eating a lot of protein and am usually over on my sugars and carbs (for what MFP gives me, anyway....I'm not sure if macros are important or not!) Thanks for reading and keeping me in like, Rebels! I look forward to hearing back from some of you!
  4. I will have to ask the workers at the gym if they have lighter bumpers, but all I have seen are the 45s.... So my general consensus here is to work with the olympic bar and ditch my little ones (at least for DLs). Start with the bar either lifted up on stacked weights, or just use 25-ers and stick it to the man. Dropping the bar (and the need for bumpers) won't really be an issue with me...I won't try to take on 300 lbs, I'll always have a spotter, and I don't throw the thing down on purpose! XD Thanks again everyone, I think that's all I need from you guys for now
  5. Hey guys! I've been doing a free-weights lifting routine for almost three weeks now, and the only thing I'm struggling with are deadlifts. I have good form with presses, squats, and rows, but I go to do a deadlift and am totally lost! Our gym requires the use of bumper plates with the barbell when doing deadlifts, but with the bumper plates on (they are 45 pounds each) there is NO way I can lift it. There is a rack of smaller, what I'm calling barbells, but am not really sure if that's what they are....they're like half the length of an olympic barbell, and essentially look like stretched out dumbbells. They come from 20lbs - 60lbs, in 5lb increments. I use these for my shoulder presses and bent-over rows and they work great. I've used them twice for deadlifts...Once doing 'regular' DLs, with what was probably horrible form, and once, just the other day, doing straight-leg DLs. The problem with these is that they are so little I can't place them on the ground after each rep without rounding my back. Also, I had no idea where to start weight-wise, so I used a 35 (what I used for my shoulder presses) and felt pathetic. I didn't really feel the burn at the time, they seemed way too easy, and I hear that DL weights should be really high (not starting out, of course, but should it be that LOW starting out?) My hamstrings are screaming after the straight-legs, so I guess it did something. My question is, are these the right kind of bars I should use to deadlift? Is my weight too low? Should I be putting the bar on the floor after each rep, or can I hold it above the ground a few inches and hold for a few seconds before standing up again? I want to incorporate deadlifts more than anything right now, but want to be sure that I'm using the right equipment and the right weight. I'll have to study up on technique and have my lifting partner check me out next time I do it! Thanks in advance Oh, and if this makes a difference, I'm female, 22, 5'2", and 170lbs.
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