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  1. Just gotta do whatever it takes to get there! Hell if it's bad enough, just throw on a couple extra clips for that small incriment increase ;D hahaha. Jk. Personally, I have used 5x5 multiple times just to get back in the groove of the gym. When I first started weight lifting, that was the program I followed and it was awesome. Take note that you CAN adjust as per YOUR NEEDS and YOUR SITUATION. Do NOT be afraid to increase slightly more than recommended by the program, it is JUST a GUIDE after all. Stick with increasing weight steadily, even if slightly more than planned for, and if you plateau (fail the same weight 3 workouts in a row) decrease the weight for a workout and get back to it after succeeding on the lower weight. There are plenty of ways to work around it and hundreds of excuses to prevent succeeding in it. Which one will you choose?
  2. Reviving an old thread, update to my New Mexico peeps ^.^ I have relocated to Biloxi, MS unfortunately But I hope you all are creating a good, strong group over in Las Cruces! Keep up the hard work all!
  3. Welcome to the Rebellion! Kick ass and take names brotha! ;D
  4. Good morning everyone! My name is Travis, but of course I go by Synyster here. I have been with this site for many, many years! I have been in and out quite a bit, mostly due to personal issues. I am re introducing myself as I have not been on here in almost 3 years!!! I was doing some research for my website when I came across some old posts I had made here and nostalgia hit hard like a rock. I am still very much in to fitness these days. I have ventured in to bodybuilding and plan to compete next year. I moved last year from Las Cruces, New Mexico to D'Iberville, Mississippi and have met a lot of bodybuilder friends here! I have learned a ton from them and improved so much more than I could ever hope for! I currently work for a company called Freedom Boat Club in Biloxi, and it has been a major blessing! Here's why: 1. I get to work with boats all day! I clean and fuel them, and when no one is using them I drive them around for fun!! MAJOR PERK THERE! 2. If I'm not busy (like today) I have been given the freedom to work on my own business! AWESOME SAUCE! 3. Because business is slow (it is a brand new club in Biloxi, just opened about 4 months ago so it is growing) I only work 3 days a week! It's bad hours for pay, BUT 4. It has pushed me to invest in a domain name and host. With that I have started up my own blog, experimented with an affiliate product (I will probably remove it shortly, but it is still up for sale for the time being) and am now taking a 90 day course to help build my website up to grow my Subscriber list! The research I was doing for my website led me to a forum post here about online entrepreneurs. I was reading it and saw my profile and thought "Whoah. This is years old!" Do you guys know how AWESOME it is to look back at something from a FEW YEARS AGO and see how much you have progressed? How one little thing had pushed me to finally invest in something I have only read and dreamt about doing?! I'm super excited guys! And I am SO VERY HAPPY to come back here, share my experiences and LEVEL UP with NERD FITNESS!! WOO!
  5. WHOAH! I haven't been on in literally YEARS! And I am excited to come back, see how everyone and everything has progressed, as well as share my own progress and experience! In the process of updating my profile!

  6. Reading a lot of posts on here, getting inspired again. I've got many enemies to get stronger than, let's get it!

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      Let's do this *high five*

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      High TEN! Ouch! Your umm, other hand goes on my other hand, not in my face...

  7. Good stuff, welcome to the Rebellion! It seems you're headed in the right direction for change and taking control of your life by starting with the Paleo Diet and making yourself walk more every day. Very awesome! As long as you commit to it and don't give up when motivation fails you, you can achieve your goals. And even if you happen to fall off the wagon, just hop right back on and get to it. I fell out myself for a decent amount of time and I am currently on the course to getting back into it. The community here is amazing and supportive and has very many tools to help you achieve your goals, so long as you make use of said tools! Good luck and happy adventuring!
  8. I'm back....(;

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      DUDE!!! I missed you man! How've you been?

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      Living...breathing! Haha. I've missed you as well! How have you been?

  9. February, 2013 Unemployed, actively searching for work any where while simultaneously researching my interest in the human body, mind and well being. By some luck of the dice I came across what I would eventually call a new home. Nerd Fitness. It stuck to me. The name rang in my ears. I loved it. It fit. It was here I started my workout routines, starting at the Beginner Body Weight Workout. I followed this training for about 3 weeks before progressing to new challenges. I loved the way body weight workouts made me feel in control of myself. To truly push myself to my limits and beyond. It was amazing. This, along with the recollection of movies I had seen as a child encouraged me to explore more routines. I loved the idea of doing hand stand push ups, and so I became obsessed with it. Within a months time of hours upon hours of standing on my hands, falling over, hitting my head, twisting my arms, you name it! I finally achieved hand stand push ups. I remember my excitement and wanting to show you all that I could do it. I made my first shitty "instructional video" if you can even call it that. I look back on it now and laugh so much at how horrible it was. I honestly taught nothing in that. But I did manage to prove I nailed it in a month of hard dedication to it! It was great. I followed and still follow to this day the Bar Brothers. I made one decent sized post about them here. It was fun to watch them, learn from them and get new ideas. Now they're expanding as well and it's great to see these small things start and grow into something so much bigger. As time went on and I watched Nerd Fitness grow and grow, I followed the new areas, choosing a class, starting out as an assassin, loving the body weight routines, but got bored of it. I moved on to the Warrior's outfit and quite enjoyed it. I started to get stronger but I noticed I also started to become rather cocky and not always nice. I made many mistakes and didn't get along well with some of you because of it. At that point I decided that I had taken all I could from Nerd Fitness and wanted to venture out into the world alone. Not totally of course, but outside of my half virtual reality and into the world of the gym, face to face socialization, and little to no use of the internet. In August of 2013 I said my farewell and took the road out.... The Solo Game: At this point I took on a new challenge. To find my own way with the use of the tools, friends and equipment directly in front of me. I began going to the gym a lot more, learning from the people there, going with my brother-in-law to push each other, and getting encouragement from a particular soldier that recently told me I was his encouragement. Talk about slap in the face when I had fallen out! I started putting up heavier weight, upwards of 2x my body weight in squats and dead lifts. Around the time I got this far my brother-in-law injured his back when helping his dad move a fridge. We continued on our adventure, but with some adjustments for him. The road was getting narrow, the lights starting to fade. It was becoming dark and we had no torches to carry with us. My partner soon fell out... "This is it.." I thought. "This is where the end comes." I pushed on harder and farther for a month's worth of a journey. And slowly...contempt, laziness, lethargy, stress, anger, and all things evil began to consume me. I fell into the abyss. I came to face a monster I was not prepared for. I was a level 14 in a level 60 dungeon. I didn't last at all. I learned a lot about myself then. About what I could handle at the time, how far my willpower and motivation would take me. I learned that I needed more support than just those around me. I needed Nerd Fitness. Will You Go on an Adventure With Me? And so here I am. Almost a year since I dropped off the wagon, 156lbs, more fat, less muscle, completely unhappy with what happened to myself. I received word that a great power was abound to resurrect me. And so, I accepted and came back. Ready to start from the beginning. Ready to stick to it with my fellow adventurers willing to help me retrieve all my gear. Ready to fight my monsters again, and this time...FOR VICTORY! What say you fellow adventurers? Will you take me under your wings once again and guide me through the new world?
  10. Well...this site helped me in the beginning and I am thankful for that. But I feel there is no more I can take from it. Goodbye Nerd Fitness, Hello kicking ass on my own!

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      Good luck out there! (They grow up so fast :P)

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      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *sniff* I'll miss you dude....

  11. Anyone on this? Anyone used it to get started? I have been on this Strong Liftst 5x5 for a few months now and it's pretty amazing. Along with realizing I had been eating too little to put on muscle, heavy lifting has been amazing. I have had great strength increases and have started to see muscle! It's amazing. Here's to give you an idea what has happened for me since my absence from this site: Bench Press: 45lbs at the start (3 months ago) now at 135lbs Squat: 90lbs at the start, now at 250lbs Deadlift: 90lbs at the start, now at 205lbs I'd say those are pretty amazing for a guy standing at 5'5 weighing in at 149 lbs (I have put on about 5 pounds lean muscle)! Now, I don't follow the 5x5 by the book. I mixed it up to fit what I like. My main focus, and I always make sure to get these in, are the "Base Workouts" which would be bench press, squat, dead lift, barbell row, incline press etc. Mainly bench press, squat and deadlift. On Mondays, we do upper body workout. So we get our 3 base in. Afterwords, we proceed to various exercises from pull ups, dips, bicep curls (to amuse my workout buddy) etc. Wednesdays, again our base, then we work core. This will go with anything from hanging leg raises, leg raises, planks, russian twists, etc. Fridays we get our base, then we work our legs. We throw in some squats on a box with a resistance band attached to the barbell and the rack for extra resistance (works more muscles than regular squat), calf raises, box jumps, pistol squats, etc. I do this set up to get more work in when we feel we need more. The key here for us is to listen to our body and see what it says we need. It has been working out pretty amazingly. Any opinions on this? What programs do you follow? What works for you? I want to compile a good database of different routines. Why? Because not all routines are the same, not all are different. Not all work for everyone, and different things are good to do occasionally, NOT to "Confuse your muscles" but to keep you from losing site of your goals and to keep you from getting bored. Granted, when you are increasing EVERY DAY it's hard to get bored! Haha. But please, share your opinions and thoughts!
  12. I've been gone for months now, and not one notice. Cool! (: Good news is, following Mehdi and his StrongLifts program and having a workout partner to motivate each other has been doing just fine!

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