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  1. Okay, have you checked https://www.nerdfitness.com/free-resources/? If that's of no help, maybe an admin can answer Otherwise, I am more than happy to help lead you in the right direction on how to do whatever workouts you have questions about. Using the split squat as an example, well, it is exactly that. A regular squat uses both legs correct? Well, a split squat is "splitting" that in half. You squat with one leg. Simply put, have one leg back and raised on a bench, one leg forward and planted firm on the ground. Proceed to squat. A modified lunge if you will.
  2. Just gotta do whatever it takes to get there! Hell if it's bad enough, just throw on a couple extra clips for that small incriment increase ;D hahaha. Jk. Personally, I have used 5x5 multiple times just to get back in the groove of the gym. When I first started weight lifting, that was the program I followed and it was awesome. Take note that you CAN adjust as per YOUR NEEDS and YOUR SITUATION. Do NOT be afraid to increase slightly more than recommended by the program, it is JUST a GUIDE after all. Stick with increasing weight steadily, even if slightly more than planned for, and if you platea
  3. Rule No. 1 - NEVER self diagnose. Doctors are doctors for a reason. Is it a possibility that you do have it? Sure, of course. It's also a possibility that you just have an extremely fucked up body clock. Don't know if you're snoring? It's simple. Set your phone or computer to record sounds over night. There are plenty of apps that will automatically cut out areas where there is complete silence. This does NOT determine if you do in fact have sleep apnea. This only determines if you have a snoring problem. Rule No. 2 - Don't stress yourself out on "not sleeping normal." Just like e
  4. Good Morning! So, since reviving my long dead account, I have not gotten to spend much time on here! I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about my past month in adventures and successes and failures, allow others to share with me theirs, as well as some general advice sharing for us all to join in on! During August I: Launched My Own Website/Blog Started organizing my website, putting the puzzle together FINALLY got my wife in to a healthier diet/lifestyle Started building my network for online marketing Sold a membership to the boat cl
  5. Reviving an old thread, update to my New Mexico peeps ^.^ I have relocated to Biloxi, MS unfortunately But I hope you all are creating a good, strong group over in Las Cruces! Keep up the hard work all!
  6. Welcome to the Rebellion! Kick ass and take names brotha! ;D
  7. Good morning everyone! My name is Travis, but of course I go by Synyster here. I have been with this site for many, many years! I have been in and out quite a bit, mostly due to personal issues. I am re introducing myself as I have not been on here in almost 3 years!!! I was doing some research for my website when I came across some old posts I had made here and nostalgia hit hard like a rock. I am still very much in to fitness these days. I have ventured in to bodybuilding and plan to compete next year. I moved last year from Las Cruces, New Mexico to D'Iberville, Mississippi and
  8. WHOAH! I haven't been on in literally YEARS! And I am excited to come back, see how everyone and everything has progressed, as well as share my own progress and experience! In the process of updating my profile!

  9. Reading a lot of posts on here, getting inspired again. I've got many enemies to get stronger than, let's get it!

    1. kaelvan


      Let's do this *high five*

    2. Brawlrus


      High TEN! Ouch! Your umm, other hand goes on my other hand, not in my face...

  10. Ah that's right. Thanks bigm! Been searching for a while trying to remember, didn't quite cross my mind to simply ask
  11. Good stuff, welcome to the Rebellion! It seems you're headed in the right direction for change and taking control of your life by starting with the Paleo Diet and making yourself walk more every day. Very awesome! As long as you commit to it and don't give up when motivation fails you, you can achieve your goals. And even if you happen to fall off the wagon, just hop right back on and get to it. I fell out myself for a decent amount of time and I am currently on the course to getting back into it. The community here is amazing and supportive and has very many tools to help you achieve your goa
  12. There used to be a list, or at least I thought there had been, of what each rank was? Now I have been gone quite some time and am curious what all these new ranks are! I would assume my own "Separatist" is due to being away for so long. Any list or any ideas? (:
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