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  1. Update on life: Crazy things have been happening. Still in school. Taking 3 classes now, 3 classes next semester and then I graduate!! I have been really bad about working out. I haven't been on a bike all summer, never went swimming or kayaking. In my busy schedule, working out has definitely been the thing that has been put on the back burner. But I need to change that for my physical and mental health. On top of my 3 classes (all upper level) I have three part time jobs with startup companies (2 of which I've been working for over a year now)I am treasurer of my church (plus going to
  2. Challenge #7 - Winter is Coming Overall Goal: Reform the good habits and regain the strength that I have lost Goal #1: Ramp up to doing 3 strength training workouts per week. - Weeks 2-3: work out 1 time per week - Weeks 4-5: work out 2 times per week - Week 6: work out 3 times per week Possible Points: 1 STR, 1 DEX, 1 STA, 2 WIS Goal #2: Get my strength back - By the end of the 6 weeks I hope to be back where I was with my exercises when I stopped working out consistently. In other words, hit my PR on each exercise by the end of the challenge. I will post what my goal is for each
  3. So this challenge has not gone anywhere so far... Lol The end of the semester was a decidedly poor time to start a new challenge. So my goal now is to slowly get back on the wagon so that next challenge I can attack it with a vengeance. I'm glad to (kinda) be back. I can't wait to fully be back Definitely want to work up to 3 workouts a week. And I realized a long time ago that trying to get to a push up in 6 weeks isn't a reasonable goal. But doing something like making sure I do push-ups 3 times per week regardless of whether or not I do full workouts. I don't mind the tangent
  4. So its Thursday and I still don't have my goals actually figured out. Its been a rough few weeks. This winter was really bad for my depression with all the crazy weather. I was doing better cause it was getting warmer outside and getting involved with Rotary and the Fellowship made my social life a lot happier. But then the 5-year old nephew of one of my dear friends passed away and I'm still having trouble dealing with it. I didn't know him that well but seeing how much pain my friends are in, and knowing that his life was so short just makes me sad. This is something I haven't had to deal wi
  5. I did a similar goal lots and lots of challenges ago. And here I am months later and I cook more and am a much better cook. I started out by trying to follow recipes exactly and that wasn't going so well for me. So what I do now when I decide to cook something (some examples being lasagna, chili, fajitas) I look up a bunch of recipes and then make up my own from what I find. And it has actually worked quite fabulously. My beanless chili is Daniel's new favorite recipe rivaled by my ricotta cheese-less lasagna. I wish you luck!! And have plenty of "recipes" lol I used to get this error me
  6. Winter and I are not friends. And this winter was pretty atrocious. It was all I could do just to get through the day. I hate that working out ended up being the thing that fell through the cracks, but classes (and the three billion group projects) had to take precedence. That being said I didn't let myself go completely. I've still been going to yoga about once a week. Get a strength workout in a couple times a month. Not great but enough that I haven't really lost much progress, even though I definitely didn't gain any (I may have gained a couple pounds of fat though) New things in my li
  7. Challenge #Never Happened (shh...) So its been a while since I've done a real challenge. I tried the whole unchallenge thing and it didn't really do much for me, but at least I know that now. **THIS IS A PLACE HOLDER FOR WHEN I FIGURE OUT MY CHALLENGE**
  8. Looks like things are going well even with the little hamstring snag. Yay!! Keep it up
  9. Thanks Nuala! Recently I've just been struggling with everything. I haven't been cooking as much or cleaning as much or keeping up with my homework as much as I should be. I think the weather has a lot to do with it. We've had two snow days in the past few weeks, and my University NEVER cancels class. Its too cold to wear dresses too But I've still been doing some yoga. And trying to do some random pushups throughout the day. I was also sick for a week which didn't help matters. I don't think the unchallenge is working for me. It was worth a try, but I need real goals with rewards (even i
  10. I hope you know I wasn't suggesting you ignore your kids! I understand how much more difficult that would make it but I think all in all you are handling it really well
  11. So glad to hear that the surgery went well! When I was going through everything with my back surgery, I was definitely frustrated at not being able to do all the things that I wanted to do, but I like to find the silver linings in things. So for me the silver lining was that for two months, the only thing that was expected of me was to take care of myself and get better. I tend to push myself super hard at everything that I do and after pushing that hard for so many years, I took the break that life gave me and actually relaxed. Don't get me wrong, I was still frustrated a lot, but after all
  12. And this didn't post last night as I had intended. Oops. But I did work out after I typed it up so yay!! Looking back my workout habit really got destroyed early last semester (neck problems, goat sitting and getting sick). Since Aug 31 I have only done full strength workouts 12 times. Granted I've had some yoga in there and other fairly active things but it still is disappointing. But I'm committed to doing better now!! So I'm going to work out right now I will be happy if I can get back to two times a week consistently at this point. List of workouts (mostly I'm putting this here so I h
  13. Just to clarify, I didn't move. I was home visiting my family for three weeks and now I'm back living in the same apartment that I've lived in for 6 or so months.
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