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  1. Definitely an indicator that I should update when I find my topic on the second page of the forum... 90 second plank is close with elbows fully forward; I can do 90s with elbows in line with maybe the bottom of my neck, so just a bit further! Jumping lunges have plateaued at max 75 to 80ish in a session, although I think my technique has been improving and jumps getting higher so I've been progressing in some ways at least. Pull ups also plateaued at around 8-6-5, (I can occasionally squeeze an extra one out in the second or third set) so I can ALMOST regularly do 20 in a session but st
  2. Never tried bear crawling, this will be interesting. Need to find somewhere open where I can look ridiculous for 400m.
  3. Hyup, I find I don't crave things when I'm alone and without food, but if I haven't had a decent lunch or eaten in a while towards the end of the window, I'm susceptible to temptation if temptation is around. Tonight my parents are coming to visit and we're going out for dinner, so need to make sure I'm comfortably satisfied before going out. Oof, just did a 50 second plank, that position is bloody hard! Switched to easier position for the second try, with hands instead of elbows in line with head, and could hold that for 2 minutes. Might try holding whatever position I can for 90 seconds an
  4. I've missed the chance to get this published before I send in my scholarship application, but if I get it accepted in November then I can still ask the schol office to consider it as extra information, perhaps. End of this challenge aligns with a good date for that to potentially happen. An arbitrary date at least gives me a chance to work towards something, and I'd like to have November free to potentially participate in Nanowrimo.
  5. Week of busy times at work and play has been (and continues to be) stressful. Preparing for an audit of a project that started this year at work, finishing off and sending clinical references for group members, and all the other things. Yesterday was a massive eating day. I don't think I would have gone much above 2000 calories for the day, if that, but it felt like a massive amount of food with a friend before my 8pm cut off time for IF. Ah well, it was a work out day. Aside from, had a few sugary things this week which don't add up to heaps but will certainly hinder my progress to 13%, so
  6. Yup, just spent a few days not spending much time near a computer, still onto things! I feel like writing these clinical psych applications for others may be the breakthrough that I need to get my mind shifted towards actually taking things a step at a time for the article and getting it done, and I may be able to hash it out in a few hard days, so I'm still going to try to get it done by the end of the challenge. That can be my deadline.
  7. At the moment (using plastic calipers and the JP-4 point calculation), I'm at about 15.5% body fat. It's slowly coming down. If I don't make 13% by this challenge (that's going to be quite difficult for such a short amount of time at the current rate) then I'll just keep going post-challenge until I hit 12 to 13% and then I'll consider what I want to do from there. Pull ups: Currently at about 8-5-5. Not long to go before I can do 20 in a session at least, and hoping I'll be able to get 10 in a single set in the near future. Jumping lunges: 75 during a session. Just need to squeeze out th
  8. Sigh, it's not yet 9am and I'm craving pork chops. That photo looks really good.
  9. Sumac and pomegranate chicken with quinoa salad. I experimented with stuff I've used before in a new combination and it turned out rather great! I like playing with unusual ingredients. I don't tend to follow recipes unless I'm baking, favouring the 'try it and see what happens' approach, although I love reading recipes/food blogs for ideas. Sumac is a dried, ground berry which has a tart flavour. Pomegranate molasses is also sweet and tart. This ended up tasting kinda Middle Eastern, sweet, sour, and fragrant. Was rather good and managed to get it to last a few meals, shared with the flat
  10. So I can hold a handstand for about 10 seconds every few tries. It's getting there. I'm cooking lunch a bit more regularly now, although still buying food a few days a week (just easier). I keep cooking extra and then the flatmates get to it and I don't have anything for lunch, but I like sharing so I will probably just combat that by making heaps extra. Now to think of things to make for this week's challenge. Had sumac and pomegranate glazed chicken tonight but not in the habit of taking food pics. New things! I have been musicking a lot this week so did less poi practice than I would have
  11. Yup, Erin Morgenstern. It's very good. Damn bro-cep false impression of strength. 7-5-3 with pullups yesterday though, so (very) modest improvement. Asparagus forever! At the moment I've only got flaccid asparagus and it makes me sad. So the sub-challenge I seem to be finding the most fun/rewarding is handstands. I'm slowly getting there and I think I may actually be able to do full handstands by the end of the challenge. If I do, I'm stealing Blaidd's idea of rewards and buying myself a new single malt whisky (also because I got a $15 voucher from the Whisky Shop). Diet broke a little
  12. Excellent! Glad you're back on your (figurative) feet (literal can wait). You picked a very apt theme, with all the resurrections that happen.
  13. Ha, thesisbending! Sigh, today I ALMOST did some thesis work but then decided to procrastinate by being really productive at work instead... It's gotten to the point where I can't just arbitrarily wait for the mood, I need to do actual scheduling, so I've set a write-up hour for tomorrow morning. Har har har, vertical punches are an actual thing Hoops are fun! Getting them to travel from neck to knees and back again is a fun exercise. IF is going well, and I shared a review article from a journal with my mother and she is now quite motivated to try it herself after chatting with her do
  14. Sigh. I can hear you may be feeling quite deflated and demotivated, but it sounds like this will help you be even more on top of the game when your ankle tastes freedom again, and in the mean time you can have a creative upper body focus. Trinity will love you back to life.
  15. Updates! Wing chun on Monday left me with hilariously destroyed shoulders, so I consider that a success. My fighting was a bit up and down (I was paired up with this big guy who does not at all hold back for the first half, which is awesome practice but leaves me tense and I have to loosen up over sparring with consecutive partners in the second half). Fun class, even if I didn't feel like I was in best fighting form. Ended up having sushi on Monday and beer last night so diet not off to a great start, but I'm going grocery shopping today so will stock up with all the delicious things that w
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