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  1. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    Well I talked to Hubs about this and he pointed out that he's a big boy who can feed himself one day a week so I can just eat something fairly quick for myself Thursday and make it to the 5:30 class. Seems like the obvious solution right? Lol. I was trying so hard to not make my life changes cause him issues that I didn't consider that he can in fact take care of himself ( a point ) So the plan is still kickboxing Sunday and Thursday, FIRE Monday, and Spin Tuesday. I would like to work in lifting Wednesdays and Saturdays but one step at a time
  2. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    It's not just the being judged problem. I don't like not knowing what I'm doing whether or not anyone can see me do it. I know this gym offers a free walk-through to show how to use all the machines, not sure if that extends to the free weights or not. But I'll feel a lot more comfortable lifting there if I've had a trainer walk me through things
  3. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    Week 1 - Thursday Yesterday was kinda blah. I think I might be fighting off a sinus thing. I was worn down after work and had the weirdest headache that came and went and moved around to odd areas. I wasn't hungry for dinner but made myself eat something small....then ate some more of the cookies from my freezer. I ended up right on goal for total calories so we'll call it a win. I did not do any sort of workout though. In theory Thursdays are kickboxing but it's at 5:30 which is awkward timing with work and dinner for me. Unfortunately I prefer to take 6:30 or 7:30 classes but Thursday only has a 6:30 class and it's one I didn't like and Friday doesn't have any classes after 5:30. And Saturday's classes that I like are 7am and 8am which is really damn early for a Saturday. Wednesday is game night every other week so that gets iffy. So all the classes I like and are at good times for me are Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I feel like I should spread those out more but there's just a great way
  4. Jon Firestar Runs a Lot and Preps for Sparta, pt 1

    I love this attitude. You've done awesome This is a great idea. I really wish I had some decent before pictures of me. I think this would help me really see how far I've come
  5. Ye SciFi Ranger Ten Forward: General Chatter

    I have a recipe I make. I just didn't put it in my meal plan for the week
  6. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    I will. I think I need to ask for a one time session with a trainer just to go over the equipment, check my form, and help me figure out my starting points. I haven't used a squat or bench rack since Freshman PE in high school so it's basically new and new things are scary until you do them once Small rant: New gym has a "women's only weight room" so you can lift without dealing with the bros. Except it has like 7 machines and a handfull of free weights. No racks and not a lot of space Old gym has lots of dumbbells and a bar/weights so I can still get a good workout in, just not some of the big lifts. Plus a crapton of machines but I don't really like using them
  7. Ye SciFi Ranger Ten Forward: General Chatter

    Is anyone else craving curry now? Cause I really want some curry
  8. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    Week 1 - Wednesday Overall a pretty good day. Calories were perfect. I was trying to decide if I should go to the old free gym that is comfortable and usually empty but lacking some equipment, or go to the new gym that I haven't lifted at and is full of bros but has actual squat and bench racks (and tires to flip). I decided since they're not very far apart I'd try the new gym but if I felt too uncomfortable to get in a good workout I'd leave and go to the old one. The parking lot was full but I walked in, walked around the weight area, looked longingly at the bench rack....and walked right back out. I went to the old gym and did a mile run on the dreadmill at 5mph then did a random arm workout I found on pinterest with deadlifts snuck in the middle. I still haven't bought a new measuring tape but the old gym has a body fat percentage thingy and it said mine was as 22.9%!! That's 2-3% less than last time I looked a couple of months ago. The first time I had it calculated (after I was down about 5-10lbs from my highest weight) it was 35%. Bitchin'
  9. C_Q: It's Time To Start Running!

    Yup, same school. Small world. After getting his A&P he went to school in Colorado for his Avionics certificate and that's what he's doing now for a company that works on corporate jets
  10. C_Q: It's Time To Start Running! there's a decent chance my husband went to the school you teach at. He got his A&P license in Indiana. Did you happen to teach there in 2005-2006?
  11. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    Week 1 - Tuesday I took a half day at work and got lots of personal stuff done. I like half days. Can I have half days every day? Food was on point. Calories were a tad low at 1200 but that was the plan to help even out the weekend. It was a spin day not a strength day and I had dinner right before going. I went to spin class again and it was awesome. This class is the only time I've ever had sweat dripping down my face. I need to start bringing a towel with me. My legs are feeling the after effects today. Tonight the plan is to do some lifting but I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. I need to work on my arms, they are pathetically weak. And obviously I want to do deadlifts
  12. C_Q: It's Time To Start Running!

    You work in aviation? If you don't mind me asking, what do you do? I'm going to have to keep these in mind. I don't work in IT at all but since I'm the young-un at my office I'm usually the first one asked when the "computer did something weird"
  13. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    Week One - Monday I did quite well yesterday. Food was on point. I kept myself from snacking while waiting for dinner even though I wanted to out of boredom. I went to the FIRE class and got my butt kicked while being sad about how weak my arms are (need to work on that). I took the dog for a walk after class That seems like a boring update but I didn't eat crap and I got off my butt so that's all good Welcome! It's good to be back
  14. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    I wish I could keep nuts around but I will eat raw cashews like popcorn until it's all gone. It's funny though. I live literally two blocks away from two convenience stores and a dollar store and I can count the number of times I've gone there for snacks in the last two years on one hand.
  15. Maigahane Comes Back Swinging

    Black Cherry and Chocolate Almond Crunch. They weren't bad but they weren't as good as the peanut butter cup, cookie dough, or oatmeal cookie. I still have Red Velvet in the freezer. I don't like caramel so I haven't tried that one Funny enough there is still an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in the freezer untouched. And I have Bueno bars hiding in a cupboard from a few months ago untouched. But apparently cookies in sandwich bags aren't safe even when frozen. I love that Hyperbole and a Half post! Thanks for sharing