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  1. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    That's always been my issue. I don't really want much stuff, and what I do what I'm going to get (eventually) regardless. Thanks! I'm annoyed because it hit 150's last year, but didn't stay there. This time I will hit it and I will not get back into the 160's I don't even have healthy eating friends. Luckily hanging with my friends rarely involves eating (beyond a bag of candy brought to game night) so I'm not constantly resisting their bad food but still, no friends that are good for healthy lifestyle motivation
  2. Fonzico Effing Rocks This Ish

    One thing at a time is the way to go. And you started with the biggest thing IMO. Nice work getting back on track!
  3. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    I also decided that when I get back under 160lbs I'm taking a completely relaxing, guilt free, mental health day. I will set up my hammock in the living room, watch movies, eat some (as yet undetermined) home-made pre-prepped casserole that I just have to stick in the oven, devour a pint of dairy free Halo Top. If it's warm enough I'll take a long walk but if it's cold I'll just stay on the hammock. I'll enlist Hubs to help me make the house super clean the day before so I don't feel like I should be cleaning. This may be a repeated reward I decided this last night when last I looked I had 5lbs to go, this morning I was 162.2 so I guess I'll get my mental health day sooner than expected I'm also trying to think up good rewards for things like reaching 20% bodyfat, fitting into my size 5 jeans, 30 days of no sweets (except for reward Halo Top if earned), and 30 days of no caffeine. I'm bad at thinking of rewards though. One will be a new ring, I haven't decided which goal to tie that to though.
  4. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    Week Two -Thursday I actually got back on track yesterday. I got up with the alarm, had a decent day at work, avoided going across the street for snacks even though I was tempted, ate my leftovers for lunch. We had the tub refinished yesterday (it's so shiny!) and my house smelled very strongly of chemicals when I got home. I really considered going out to eat because the smell was making me nauseous but decided instead to override the bad smell by making a yummy Mexican casserole. Of course then I wanted to devour the whole thing but I stuck to one serving. Neither lunch nor dinner were vegan but I didn't have any sweets or snacks. Sweets - Nope Vegan - Nope Calories - 1475 Alarm - up and at 'em OEPD - nothing to report Gym - Nope
  5. Charlie_Quinn Avoids Hibernation

    I'm glad he's doing okay. Years ago my Grandpa (who had already had a quadruple bypass surgery at this point) thought he was having a heart attack and he insisted on changing his shirt before the ambulance there to one that had a heart monitor flat-lined and said "You bored me to death"
  6. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    We've both made great progress and are much healthier than we were when we started. We just need to keep picking ourselves back up, dust ourselves off, and keep going. Easier said than done, but far better than the alternative. We got this!
  7. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    Week Two -Wednesday I had some more self wallowing yesterday morning but then got somewhat out of the funk. We started tackling the bathroom floor yesterday so we had leftovers instead of trying to cook. Then I finished off my chocolate covered peanuts because they are delicious and I can't have things like that in my house without eating them We made decent progress on the floor, about 1/3 of it done. I'm mostly just happy we got past the awkward transition to get through the door. The rest of it should go pretty smoothly and faster then the first bit. Once we made it past the transition I was planning on getting Dairy Queen as a reward for finally tackling it. They closed at 9:30 which was perfect since we were going to be good neighbors and stop using the saws at 9. Well we stopped and I decided I didn't actually want to feel like a fat kid, so I ate an 80cal fudgecicle from the freezer instead. Hubs and I had a laugh about me emasculating him since I kinda take over on flooring projects. He follows me to the garage when I make cuts but I really only need him for the cuts that use the table saw, not the chop saw. Then he just hands me pieces while I actually install them. When we were talking about getting solar panels earlier this week he was dreading the idea of my dad asking him all sorts of questions that he can't answer. He finally decided that his answer will "Ask your daughter. My contribution was not telling her no". In his defense, he's handier than I am, I just took over the flooring. He handles electrical and most anything that involves a power tool and we muddle together to figure out plumbing. Sweets - Yup Vegan - Nope Calories - I still don't want to talk about it Alarm - up and at 'em OEPD - nothing to report Gym - Nope but home maintenance
  8. Charlie_Quinn Avoids Hibernation

    *hugs* I hope he pulls through okay
  9. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    Week Two -Tuesday It was not the restart it should have been. I got up with the alarm even though, yet again, I didn't have to be at work at my normal time. Because....I went to the dentist since I managed to chip a tooth Monday. Luckily it was really minor, they just sealed and smoothed it. But Hubs getting his movie candy ready before work reminded me that I didn't have movie candy yet! So I stopped by the grocery store and bought some chocolate covered peanuts. A lot of them. Almost a pound. I ate a few while driving to work. Work was boring but I needed boring so I'm not complaining. I ate my healthy leftover stew for lunch. Then after work I ate more candy. And some more while cooking dinner. I put what was left into a snack bag. Then I had two servings of dinner which is very high calorie and not even close to vegan (eggs, milk, mayo, and butter and honey bbq sauce on top). By this point I felt gross. I split the remaining candy into two snack bags and only brought one with me. I knew that I would eat the entire thing if I brought it even though I felt gross. So a small win. Halfway to the theater I realized I forgot my water bottle. Curses! I'm dependent on that thing! I considered getting a drink there, but did not want soda and didn't really want to create trash just to drink some water so I did without. Win for avoiding soda and unnecessary plastic. I ate my candy and felt like a gross fat kid for the rest of the night, then chugged a ton of water when I got home because I went three hours without my water bottle! I had a lot of negative self talk between the movie and going to bed. Why don't I have self control? Why do I go through these binges? Maybe I need to do something drastic to lose these last 15ish pounds (note, I won't actually do anything drastic and unhealthy, that's just where my brain was going last night). Why don't I have any healthy friends IRL that can help encourage me? NF and my RAGErs are great, but it's not the same as having someone invite me out for a run or go to the gym with me. I've tried being that friend and no one is interested or they flake out after a week. I have no idea how to make new friends that would be my fitness buddies. Sweets - Yup Vegan - Nope Calories - I don't want to talk about it Alarm - up and at 'em OEPD - nothing to report Gym - Nope
  10. Charlie_Quinn Avoids Hibernation

    That's why I worded my goal that my ass had to get out of the bed. I don't have to do anything beyond that, but I cannot be in the bed after the alarm goes off. I does help that our alarm is across the room on a dresser instead of within arms reach of the bed
  11. JonFirestar Let's Get Nuts

    I like it when non-American's talk weights without putting the uom. I'm over here thinking "I can deadlift 105 easily!"
  12. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    Almost caught up! Week Two - Sunday Spent much of the day painting. I have no idea what I ate. I know I stuck to it being vegan because I purposely ate the one vegan burrito to keep the day vegan. I did not have sweets, but I did buy two things of flavored almonds at the gas station when I used their bathroom while our toilet was out of commission from painting. I had a minor meltdown thinking about how I'm not living up to my values (mostly about being environmentally conscious, but also about health) the way I feel I should. I drive too often, create too much trash, eat processed junk, and don't make exercise a priority. I'm working on most of these but it just goes slower than I think it should. Once it warms up a little more I'm going to work on biking as much as possible which is good for my hippy, health, and finance goals. I started listening to an environmental podcast that will hopefully give me more ideas and keep me motivated. Sweets - None Vegan - Yes Calories - probably way too many Alarm - N/A OEPD - nothing to report Gym - Nope Week Two - Monday I had the day off work which was nice since my weekend did not go as planned. I still got up with the alarm (Hubs had to work) but then took some time to actually get moving. When I finally started adulting I finished painting the laundry room and got the tub scrubbed in preparation for getting refinished Thursday. I also talked to a guy about possibly getting solar panels (result of my minor breakdown earlier). After incentives it's cheaper than I was expecting so we might be looking at that later this year. We'll probably want to do some other upgrades first (change out the gas water heater for a pair of tankless electric ones, plus put on a new roof since ours isn't in great shape) and we still need to figure out how long we actually want to stay in this house to determine if it's worth it, but it's something we're considering. I ate two of the non-vegan burritos for lunch since I was out of leftovers, but I made a yummy vegan stew for dinner so I have lunches for the next couple of days. I think I posted this recipe before but I made Dilly Stew without the dumplings. The hippy in me is proud of the fact that I used unpackaged carrots and potatoes plus non-canned navy beans that I bought in bulk and cooked earlier in the week (with four mason jars worth in the freezer for the future). Sweets - None Vegan - nope Calories - Still didn't track Alarm - Yup. OEPD - nothing to report Gym - Nope
  13. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    Week One - Wrap up Well, I went out to eat four days in a row and had leftover pizza a fifth, so last week was not great goal-wise. I had an absurd amount of chocolate covered peanuts Saturday because the gas station only sells one size that's about 800cals. I had one vegan day. Some days were minor like two very small brownies that were probably not vegan, but some were egregious (I'm looking at you pizza). I also found out Monday that the frozen burritos I keep around for emergencies are mostly not vegan. The first one I had was and apparently I assumed they all were, but when I checked Sunday 4 out of 5 in my freezer had dairy and/or eggs. Sweets - 3/7 Vegan - 1/7 Calories - I didn't even track most days since I went out to eat at places that don't post Alarm - 5/5! I at least did something according to my goals! OEPD - Mostly just some thinking, no real actions taken. Spent too much money on junk food which is not helping Gym - Once. Plus a bit of functional strength carrying around flooring
  14. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    Well, this weekend didn't go as planned. It didn't go that badly, but not how I expected it to. Week One - Friday What the hell did I do Friday? I think that's when I ordered pizza. Sounds about right. We went to the hardware store, picked out a toilet and paint for the laundry room and got pizza. Then I was whiney and tired so I took a nap on the couch instead of prepping the bathroom for paint. I did finally manage to works up the energy to at least take the vanity and medicine cabinet out to the garage to get them out of the way. Sweets - None Vegan - Nope Calories - probably way too many Alarm - Up and at 'em. OEPD - Bleh Gym - Nope Week One - Saturday It took the entire day to patch the walls. There were some large holes that needed multiple applications of putty and hours to dry between. I watched a documentary, ate pizza, ate chocolate covered peanuts (as a reward for being so productive.... yup, that was my excuse), and did some cleaning. Sweets - Yup Vegan - Nope Calories - probably way too many Alarm - N/A OEPD - nothing really to report though the documentary made me want to quit even more Gym - Nope
  15. Maigs Keeps on Keeping on

    My <1000sqft house used to have seven very different paint colors. Red kitchen, tan living room, grey-green dining room, magenta bathroom, bright-freaking-teal bedroom, grey-blue bedroom, white closets/laundry room. I could literally stand in one spot and see all seven colors. Now every room is "antique silver" (semi-dark grey) except the white closets and blue laundry room. The laundry room has no window or even lights since it's basically a closet off the bathroom so it needed a brighter color and I felt it would be fun to have a surprise hiding there since the rest of the house is so uniform. Unfortunately waiting must happen for a while longer. It's all painted but since patching took longer than expected, and then painting took longer than expected, we did not get started on the floor yet. Tonight we're going to see the Black Panther movie but hopefully we can get the flooring basically done tomorrow and the vanity installed Thursday. I have someone coming out to refinish the tub Thursday too, the last refinishing job is starting to peel. I am still alive! I was really worried yesterday morning that I might have inhaled too much, either that or I was coming down with something. I was using the (very paint-smelling) bathroom and started feeling really clammy and out of it. Luckily I had a couple hours before I was ready to put the last coat of paint on so I could rest in the normal smelling living room and got to feeling back to normal.