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  1. Maigahane Ends the Year Strong

    Monday I managed to track all my food. It wasn't pretty but seeing the calories helped me realize that I wasn't actually hungry for dinner so I skipped. Boss took us out for a holiday lunch where I had almost no options and I mostly finished off the cookies from Sunday. 2500cals of not great quality food. Today I'm feeling awesome though. I don't know if it's the vit-d kicking in, because I didn't go into work this morning, because I worked out, or because the handyman came over to talk about finishing the last of the projects on the house. Probably all of the above. But I got up soon after my alarm went off even though I didn't have to go to work, my food is pre-tracked for the day, I already got my lift session in (just need to do the planks I skipped), my house is clean, I might finally have trim in my house by February (it's been over a year without), and I'm just feeling really good. Hopefully this sticks around
  2. JonFirestar Crosses the Forsaken Lands

    I wouldn't want to deal with the New England snow you experienced but Midwest snow is normally just fine. But I think it's been a good 4 or 5 years since we've had a real snow fall. I just want one or two snows a year that are 6-12 inches* *I just realized I might be broken. When I lived in Denver for a year I complained that it was too sunny. I just really wanted a damn week long drizzle or a really good thunderstorm
  3. Maigahane Ends the Year Strong

    Yesterday started out okay. I had and tracked breakfast. I went to the gym and lifted. I went to the free gym so I wouldn't have to wait for equipment. This meant I couldn't go heavy on the squats (no rack) but I did more reps instead (12 instead of 8). I did my Workout B plus 5 minutes on the rower. My shoulders are definitely feeling things today. I tried to preemptively track lunch but ended up eating (healthy) leftovers instead of the soup I had planned. Then instead of dinner I ate tons of cookies, chips, and veggies with dip. But both cookies and chips are nearly gone so they won't be a distraction much longer.
  4. JonFirestar Crosses the Forsaken Lands

    I miss snow. We've gotten basically none the last two years and aren't expected to get much this year either
  5. Maigahane Ends the Year Strong

    I did the thing and lifted. Now I have to find the energy to shower before people show up. My legs are jelly
  6. Maigahane Ends the Year Strong

    I'm hanging in there. Food still not good. Exercise still non-existent. General mental health is improving though. The voice that says "You're not hungry, why do you want to eat?" is getting louder. I logged all of my food today. After the fact and it's not pretty but not super over the top (2500cals). Still no evidence of feels and domestic rangering and work are going well. I'm working to remember my vitamin d pills (3 times this week) and bought some more today since I was running low. Planning on going to lift tomorrow. And planning on tracking food as I eat in instead of at the end of the day. Not planning for any calorie range, but tracking as I eat usually helps keeps things more in line.
  7. C_Q Stays on Target

    No. It was just a blip on the report that showed it was technically out of the preferred range but didn't affect my insurance. But that just cracks me up. My blood pressure was being extra low that day too so it was reading 106/78 Lol. Hubs is a carnivore too. I think if I had approached things like that he would probably have the same reaction. But he got used to the fact that my meals are never the standard American diet of meat with a side of starch. Meat would be part of the meal, but not the meal. Usually a diced chicken breast in some sort of veggie and sauce mixture. So it was generally easy to just leave out the chicken when I quit eating meat and Hubs usually didn't care. There are still some things that he thinks needs meat (like pasta of all things). It's a lot harder to change when meat is the main part of the meal
  8. Maigahane Ends the Year Strong

    Thanks for the support guys. I'm trying to stick around here reading everyone's challenges, hoping to find my hype again. Damn SAD. This is relatively new for me, I didn't notice any problems until about 3 years ago. I've been trying to remember to take vitamin D but I'm horrible at remembering them. Yesterday was okay. I ate too much again, but part of it was because a friend who lives out of state was in the next city over so we drove out to have dinner with him. I snacked between work and dinner because.....I have no idea why. Granted dinner was late for us (we usually eat at 5-6 but we didn't meet him until 7) but I could easily have lasted. Especially since I got chocolate covered peanuts after lunch because....I have no reason. Other than the apathy about food I was feeling a bit better overall though.
  9. C_Q Stays on Target

    Yay, bouldering! I'm so happy for you that it went so much better than you expected and that breaking your finger didn't really set you back Anecdotal but I eat oatmeal every morning and am vegetarian and my total cholesterol pinged as being too low when I had some blood work done for life insurance this last summer. Even before going veg 2 years ago I ate very little red meat and my average total cholesterol over the last 8 years is 157 (what? I have a spreadsheet for these things, doesn't everyone?). If Stu can cut down a bit on meat in general, but especially red meat I think that would likely help (as long as you don't replace it with heaps of eggs and cheese)
  10. Maigahane Ends the Year Strong

    Honesty: I'm struggling. Not....feeling like I'm struggling, but knowing I'm not doing what I want and should be doing. I'm not fighting with the feels. I'm just struggling to care. I'm not face-diving into the peanut butter jar chocolate covered peanuts. I've actually had surprisingly little craving for sugar. And this week I've stuck to one caffeinated drink a day (it had snuck back up again recently). But I'm eating too much. I don't want to cook so we're either going out to eat or eating easy stuff (think pasta) too often. I'm trying to remember what I've eaten since Thanksgiving and I'm not even sure. I'm snacking on stuff like chips and crackers too much. I'm not even hungry, Can't care enough to figure out why I feel the need to eat or how to stop myself. Last night we had plenty of leftover chili but I still ordered pizza. I've worked out once since my Thanksgiving day run. I went in on Sunday and did some lifting. I enjoyed it but haven't gone back. I'm tired. I've taken naps twice this week and maybe would have again yesterday except we hosted game night. I'm sleeping well but still don't feel fully rested when I get up. Today my legs are sore and I don't think it's DOMS, though maybe protesting sitting in one chair or another the entire day yesterday? I've been not-sick-but-not-healthy-either since last week. I don't know if it's that, or SAD, or if my body just wants to hibernate for the winter. I know what I just wrote sounds like depression but without the feels it doesn't feel like it. I'm doing okay at work, not struggling too much to actually make myself, you know, work (which I do when the feels hit). My house is clean and I even finally email a carpenter to do some finishing touches on our renovation.
  11. Maigahane Ends the Year Strong

    My sanity seems to have remained intact (despite Kevin *glares in his general direction*) and we're getting into a lull period at work (maybe, we have lots of new people high up so we'll see what actually happens). My next race isn't until January 20th. This means it's time for me to buckle down and focus on what the hell I'm eating. At the beginning of the year I weighed about 164lbs, this morning I was 159lbs. Awesome! I didn't gain! Boo! I should have been able to lose more. My measurements have barely changed too, as of my last check in August I was down 2.5" between waist, hips, thigh, calf, bicep, and chest. I'll take a new set of measurements tomorrow or Wednesday to see where I'm at. The overall setup of my challenge won't change, just where my focus is: Food - Aiming for 1600-1800cals a day. No emotional eating allowed (repeat after me: "Eating this will not make me feel better, it will only hinder my goals"). In general trying to avoid sweets but I'm not sure if that'll be a specific goal or not. I would absolutely love it if I could make it to 155lbs by the end of the year, but won't be too disappointed if I don't (because of lifting and all) as long as I eat like a reasonable human being Lifting - 2-3 lifting sessions a week. Workouts are detailed in spoiler below, I will be alternating between the two instead of trying to have a leg day, chest & tris day, etc. The goal is Sunday and Thursday for sure, Tuesday if I'm feeling like it. I can sub out a Sunday or Thursday for a Tuesday if I need to, but only for a good reason. Running - 2-3 running sessions a week. Like lifting; hard goal of Saturdays and Wednesdays, Mondays if feeling like it, can sub out if needed. I'm not sure what my plan will be for these runs. I need to start working in strides and tempo runs and anything else runners talk about that I have no idea what it all means yet. Need to work on researching this stuff So yeah, that's my boring, un-themed challenge Hopefully I'll actually think to start putting in memes again since I love memes