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  1. Oh yeah, way downhill. I won't even watch it anymore. I think Season 11 was the last decent one, google tells me that one aired in 2007 I forgot that we constantly quote Archer too.
  2. I absolutely love this! I'm going to have to re-read this every day or two
  3. It's on our list to watch but we haven't made it there yet. One bad thing about not watching shows until they're off the air is that sometimes it gets daunting to actually start the long ones
  4. Following of course! Hubs are I are evenly matched on the Simpsons quoting And Futurama. And South Park (again, only the classic stuff)
  5. Following!
  6. Am I still allowed to follow along if I admit I haven't watched Supernatural?
  7. Here! Out of curiosity, are you planning on staying alcohol free for the 4th of July?
  8. Challenge Wrap up Food - The goal of this challenge was to beat the "Snacking Demon". It is certainly not dead but I have a good idea of what I need to do now to finish it off. Larger breakfasts and lunches keep me satiated so I'm not wanting to rage-eat the entire kitchen when I get home from work. I experimented a bit with trying to stick to a macros goal and will keep this up for a while longer. I also think I need to raise my goal calories from 1600 to 1700. If I stick to about three days in a row of 1600 calories I'm starving by dinner on the third day which makes me think I'm just slightly under-eating. Cardio - I'm still struggling with this goal because I just don't enjoy all. Especially not in the summer heat. But I want to be able to run when I do my OCR's and not die. I'm really not sure how to best go about it. Strength - I'm getting back into the groove of this one. I enjoy lifting even though I have to modify things because of my free gym's limitations. I like my plan of two days a week of the "Big Lifts" (BP, OHP, DL, and SQ) and a day of more accessory type work. I just need to have a better plan of what I will do on that third day since I felt like I was just floundering when I did it in week 3. Overall - I learned from my experiments this challenge and am putting that knowledge into action so I will call it a success. It wasn't perfect but if it had been that just means I set the bar too low
  9. Week 4 Wrap up Food - Was pretty bipolar last week. I had a failed experiment for breakfast Monday which led to me being very hungry and eating TWO oatmeal cream pies, one of which I definitely didn't need. Then Friday I was not up to cooking dinner so we got fast food (actually now that I think about it, we were going to go to a nice restaurant but forgot how busy it would be on a Friday night so we gave up and hit the drive through). I had a couple of days of eating too few calories mixed with a day or two of eating at my goal. Cardio - I purposely took this week off from my cardio goal because of my eventful (event-full?) weekend. I did a long bike ride Sunday and my mudrun Saturday Strength - again, I purposely took the week off. So I did my big lifts day Sunday and my mudrun Saturday. All the days in between were non-strenuous walks at most
  10. Week 4 Weekend Ugh, I fell off the rails eating this weekend. Not completely horrible but not good. I didn't log anything so lets see if I can remember what I ate Friday - Breakfast: PB&J Oatmeal Snack: carrots and greek yogurt dip, large cookie Lunch: leftovers...ramen I think Snack: TWO MORE large cookies Dinner: large fries from McD's in BBQ sauce Saturday - Breakfast: PB&J Oatmeal Snack: half a banana, oatmeal cream pie Lunch: two bowls of cereal Snack: two plain tortillas (if you can't tell I desperately needed to go grocery shopping at this point) Snack: two peanutbutter cups, possibly an oatmeal cream pie, I really don't remember for sure Dinner: frozen burrito thingy Sunday - Breakfast: Taco Bell crunchwrap Snack: granola bar Lunch: PB&J, veggie wrap, chips, two cookies Dinner: two bowls of curry Snack: 1/2 a pint of black cherry ice cream So yeah, no ridiculous binging but also not the healthiest of foods. I did a bad job planning food for the end of this week and I really didn't feel like cooking the stew that was the one meal I had ingredients for by Friday. I realized after the fact that every meal I planned for this week is less than healthy too. I need to talk with hubs and figure out meals that are easy, healthy(ish), and that we both are okay eating for the days that I really don't feel like cooking.
  11. Badass @WhiteGhost! That's an amazing time, especially since it was your first Spartan. I did my favorite local OCR this weekend for the third time. Unfortunately Hubs wasn't there to take pictures of me at the end. Hopefully I made it in some of the event photos when they release those. Next up is the Warrior Dash in 3 weeks
  12. Just so you all don't get a too inflated sense of how badass I am, this also happened this weekend:
  13. Trail Trek The local trails network puts on this bike ride every year. They have distances from ~8 miles to ~50. Last year we did a 16 mile ride but got back before they started serving lunch so we went out and did the 8 mile route also rather than wait around. This year we did the 25 mile route plus the ride to actually get to the starting area and back home. My little city has a surprisingly nice trail system, we started on the northwest corner and rode to the southeast and back a different route pretty much entirely on nice wide bike trails. The weather was cloudy and cool which was absolutely perfect! I actually turned off the ac in our house and opened the windows all day, I think the high was 76F. About 10ish miles in we went up a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG hill that 2 years ago on my first long bike event almost killed me. It was where a friend actually offered me his asthma inhaler I sounded so bad. This year, zero issues! I actually kept my breathing under control through the entire ride. I couldn't believe the difference from that ride two years ago. In total we did 30.6 miles in 3 hours 45 minutes (including stops for a snack and lunch). I've apparently been watching too much of that BBC show I talked about earlier because for the last half of the ride I kept thinking "Man, my thighs are knackered!". But I'm walking today so that's a plus
  14. 5K the Hard Way I could probably just copy and paste my post from last year. The course was the exact same as last year which is fine, it's still a blast. Last year was incredibly slick but this year was a little bit dryer (drier? both look wrong but are apparently right according to google) so I could do a bit more running through the woods. This race is one where just about anyone able-bodied can complete all the obstacles, though they may have to take the "easy way" option, such as ladders out of the creek crossings instead of ropes. I chose the hard way on all of the obstacles except the very last one creek crossing (again, I took the ladder last year too) because I was just too worn out by then and it seems to be the steepest bank. According to my gps watch it was actually only 2.53 miles and I finished in 50:53 (last year Hubs said I took about an hour and fifteen minutes). I was talking with a couple of women at the start line who had never done something like this before. I told them it's a blast and that this one is my favorite. I caught back up with them about 2/3rds of the way through in the woods and they said they're definitely coming back next year, they were having a ton of fun. So I told them about the one I'm doing in August and they may be going to that one too. I have a non-visible but kinda painful bruise on my right inner thigh and a scrape down my left knee but other than that no worse for wear. This was the first real test of my trail running shoes and overall they did great. I had way more traction climbing the creek banks than I did before but being "waterproof" means that when you're in water up to your waist they fill with water and don't let them out later so I had to stop and squeeze water out of the toe box after each creek crossing. And even though they don't have inserts my heel with PF feels really good. It's about the same soreness I'd get from a higher than normal step day with my good walking shoes. The weather was amazing for the race. We'd been hanging around in the 90F's for the last few weeks which is just miserable but it cooled down Friday and stayed cool all weekend. As I was driving home after the race my car said it was 76F, perfect!
  15. Well you'll have to wait a bit longer cause this girl needs a nap but I have to prep for an HOA meeting in 2 hours but....more swag. Short story is 30 miles by bike this morning