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  1. Maigs Rambles

    Quick update before bed. My Mom is visiting from out of state this weekend so routines are out the window. Friday I had to work. It was too cold in the morning to bike but I got a walk in at lunch. In the evening we took Mom to our favorite local restaurant. I've talked about it before, they have fun burgers like a curry burger, a "hangover" burger (with a fried egg and bloody mary sauce), and my personal favorite a PB&J burger (don't knock it until you've tried it!). Mom got that one and really liked it. I tried something new that was a burger (veggie patty of course) with a cinnamon roll, and vegetarian chili on top and waffle fries all around it. This is not a burger you eat with your hands, you go at it with a fork. And holy crap it was really good! I'd eyeballed it before but hadn't been brave enough until yesterday. Then despite all of us being too full we went to a local ice cream place nearby and I got a waffle cone with monster cookie ice cream, which was also amazing. Then we went home and I writhed in agony (okay, not quite agony, just uncomfortably full) until I fell asleep. Today Hubs made us biscuits and gravy for breakfast and I made one of my vegan recipes for Mom (she's vegetarian) for lunch. We went to a broadway show that was a magic/comedy group which was quite a bit of fun. Afterwards we stopped by a doughnut shop that makes tons of unique doughnuts and picked out a dozen. We had leftovers for dinner and shared 4 of the doughnuts between us. Nutella, blueberry streusel, german chocolate, and a toffy one. We still have a peanutbutter cup, a strawberry cheese cake, a cosmic brownie, a Simpsons pink, a Cookie Monster, a dirt with gummy worms, an Almond Joy, and one called Chewbacca that has coconut inside. Needless to say I'm not eating WFPB this weekend But it's worth it since Mom is visiting. I think I've posted this recipe before but here's today's lunch:
  2. Maigs Rambles

    Woot! I'm glad you're sticking around too since I think you were considering just battle logging this time around. I always forget to check out that section of the forums Hopefully soon it will be warm enough that I can consistently stick to the body power goal.
  3. Maigs Rambles

    Welcome! I think it actually has finally eased up. It's not warm yet but it's comfortable hoodie weather finally and we probably won't get any more snow
  4. Seraphina Shows Up

    Following. I hope you're feeling better now after the accident. Ugh, why is the phone so hard?! I'm even one of the nerdy introverts that doesn't have social anxiety problems and I still suck making phone calls
  5. Skywalker Enters the Final Battle

    Following of course. Though I'm not sure my un-challenge is worth following this time around. Ramblings and rantings and not much fitness happening in my next of the woods lately
  6. Healers' Group Therapy

    Is it sad that my first thought was "maybe she can help with my family issue". Any ideas on how to make unfit parents agree to give up custody of their kids to a family member who lives 10 hours away? Mostly joking
  7. Maigs Rambles

    Week 0 - Thursday I consoled myself with a bag of cookies from the vending machine but other than that food was good for the day. It was still cold in the morning so no biking but I got a walk in at lunch. After work I was too busy cleaning my house, since my Mom was on her way to stay with us for the weekend, to get more walking in but I managed 12k steps somehow. Breakfast - PB&J oatmeal with flax meal Snack - cookies Lunch - Leftover Chick n Junk Dinner - more leftover Chick n Junk Snack - walnuts with cranberries Very frustrating and stressful, but there's nothing I can do about it. Usually I'm okay letting it go since it's out of my control, it's just raw right now with the new baby. Plus today is the birthday of the first niece we tried to adopt. I will spend the weekend hanging out with Mom and cuddling with the extra 200lbs of dogs that are staying with us too, which will make me feel better
  8. Maigs Rambles

    It's ridiculous and frustrating and will probably be dragged on for years. Ranting below We host Pathfinder RPG every other Wednesday. We also often have board game nights that include games like Ascension, Carcasonne, Pandemic, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Red Dragon Inn, and lots more (I just ordered a third cabinet to hold all of our board games because the first two are full). Chocolate, my greatest love (sorry, Hubs, it was here first) and my greatest nemesis.
  9. Maigs Rambles

    Week 0 - Wednesday Was an okay day I guess. I was on baby watch all day which was stressful in a distant not-really-my-problem kind of way I was good with food until people showed up for gaming. One couple is wanting to move so they're cleaning out their cupboards and apparently the woman has a habit of buying candy but not eating it so they're bringing it to game night. Lots of chocolate was eaten. Lots. It was chilly and threatening to rain so I didn't bike or walk. Breakfast - PB&J oatmeal with flax meal Lunch - Leftover mexican quinoa Dinner - Red Lentil and carrot stew Snacks - insane amounts of chocolate
  10. JonFirestar Getting Dirty in May

    I agree, you made the right choice.
  11. Maigs Rambles

    Rice cookers are amazing! I'm not a bad cook but for some reason I cannot make rice on the stove. I generally avoid single purpose kitchen items because I have a small kitchen, but that one is worth the cabinet space
  12. AThousandWords can save the world

    Following! Can I just say the accountant nerd in me loves your financial goals. Especially because they include the words "charity" and "401k" I'm not so good at the charity part yet but one of my big life goals is to "be more generous with my time and money" How are beets on the red list? (the hippie in me is also outraged that cheese is on the green list but I'll let that slide....for now )
  13. Maigs Rambles

    We used to live in a (very) small town between two cities and for a long time drove 30+ minutes in opposite directions. I got my current job a few years ago that's 6 miles from Hub's jobs but was still 30+ miles from home. When we decided to move closer to work I insisted that it had to be VERY close to both of our jobs. We got so freaking lucky and a friend wanted to sell his house that was a perfect location and size (and price!) for us. The longer I'm here the more I love where we live and the less I want to use my car. It's funny, whenever we have to drive to our old town, before we're even halfway there we're both like "Why is it so far away! How did we do this every day for years?!" Here's to warmer weather and getting outside more!
  14. Maigs Rambles

    Week 0 - Tuesday Food was decent considering I wasn't quite ready to get back on track until after lunch. Breakfast - PB&J oatmeal (I started adding flax meal to this also) Snack 1 - protein bar (these are now gone and will never be bought again) Snack 2 - vending machine cookies Lunch - Footlong veggie from subway, no cheese. Cookie and a soda Dinner - Chick n Junk* Snack 3 - handful of walnuts and dried cranberries (bought from the bulk bins and stored in mason jars!) I knew I needed hummus for dinner so instead of stopping by the store on my way home I went home first and walked to the store. Then later we needed a couple of things from the hardware store (right next to the grocery store) so I walked to get those as well. And I found out (after I'd already driven to get lunch....) that a new restaurant opened last week 2 blocks from work that has healthy looking vegetarian options. I don't go out for lunch often but it's nice to have the option for when I'm out of leftovers (or, in yesterday's case, couldn't get into the fridge because renovation stuff was blocking it). This is in the same building as my old go-to that closed last year *Badly named but here's the recipe
  15. Maigs Rambles

    I think this winter took a lot of people out this year. Evi! Yeah, crazy summers can make it hard to do normal challenges. I crammed most of my crazy summer into a two week trip so other than that I should be pretty boring I haven't tried grocery shopping by bike yet. The store closest to me kinda sucks and I only use it when I need one or two things I know they have, but I often drive there and it's not even a mile! My normal store is only about 6 miles away so it wouldn't be too bad but I haven't tried yet. I don't have a trailer yet either, though I've been eyeing them. I do have panniers. Thanks! I'm ever so slowly getting there. Finances are moving in the right direction even while we're spending money on renovations and furniture. Even when I'm backsliding and eating junk, overall my food choices are good, real foods. I'm in a great position to get us where we don't need a second car, I just need to work on it some more. I'm working on options for my work.