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  1. Maigahane Clings to Her Sanity

    Ugh. What happened to me? It wasn't that long ago I was saying "I don't really want to be a runner, I just want to competently run mudruns (which at the time I didn't realize came in lengths more than 5ks). I don't think I'll ever want to run more than a 10k" and here I am contemplating THREE half marathons next year (not mentioned in this challenge yet is my City's half marathon that's in October and literally all downhill)
  2. LOOK WHAT YOU ARE ALL DOING TO ME! I JUST JOINED A RUNNING PVP! WTF?! Squirrelpool here to fall hilariously behind Jonpool
  3. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    Right?! I don't know if it went to a cause or not, I left most of my stuff in my ride's trunk and stuck my ID and phone in their checked bag so I didn't actually go to the tent We were able to run up it. In fact there's a picture of me getting pulled over, I might have to track it down. Our super tall guy actually got pulled back over helping people over the top. He was fine but was worried about someone he accidentally hit on the way down
  4. Maigahane Clings to Her Sanity

    Whoop! Saturday hosting got cancelled. Weekend is looking less crazy. Things to ponder on a different level of crazy; Races. I need to think about how crazy I'm going to be in regards to trail runs next year: Jan - Empyrean Run; 5k & 10k March - Run for the Bridges; 10k & Half Marathon April - Nebraska Trail run; 4M & 12k May - Mud Sweat & Beers; 7k November - Beer & Bagels; 4M & half marathon - different days, bonus for doing both (called the Squatchy Challenge) I'm definitely doing the Squatchy, but am I crazy enough to do a half marathon in March? Actually am I even crazy enough to do a 10k in January? I need to decide on the January race by December 15th but don't need to decide on the March one until like a week beforehand. The April run is touted to be of the the most difficult trail runs in the midwest. Do I ease into it with a 4M or just ranger the hell out of it and die trying the 12k? This one's not actually posted yet, I'm going off last year's info so it may not be an issue
  5. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    That was a downside to the Tough Mudder; it was the most expensive race I've done plus they charged $20 for parking, $20 for spectators, and $10 for bag check. Maybe I just got spoiled by running local OCR's instead of big name ones but I've never had to pay for any of those extras
  6. Maigahane Clings to Her Sanity

    I'm lucky that my boss gets how overwhelmed I am at life in general right now and is pretty flexible. If I hadn't left work at 3 there was no way I'd have gotten the run in. Tonight my goal is lifting and reading and nothing else. I might not even have to cook since we have enough leftovers for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow
  7. The Adventures of Fonzico and Hyzer

    Woohoo! Congrats! We all knew you'd get it but it's nice to have the confirmation
  8. Kestrel Joyfully Stagnates

    Happy Birthday! Truth! I hope you enjoyed your birthday ice cream
  9. Maigahane Clings to Her Sanity

    Week Zero - Wednesday Lifting - Rest Day. I met with the trainer to get my new 6 week plan but because of technology issues he didn't have it. Hopefully he'll email it to me this morning Running - 5k on the dreadmill with a PR! I'm getting faster. I ran the entire thing (without stepping off at all) at 5mph for 37:15 Eating - On point again. Breakfast - PB&J oatmeal; Lunch - leftover curry; Dinner - Mexican casserole; snacks - blueberries, grapes, and a spoonful on peanut butter. 1650cals I'm quite proud of myself for yesterday. I realized too late Tuesday night that I forgot to prep the casserole or clean up for game night. I woke up a little early Wednesday, prepped dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and packed my gym bag. Boss okay'd me leaving an hour early so I got my run in, went home, vacuumed, stuck the casserole in the oven and left to meet with the trainer. I made it home in time to eat and get leftovers mostly put away before people showed up.
  10. Maigahane Clings to Her Sanity

    Ugh, it's even worse than the weekend. Here's my week: Friday - Drive to Tough Mudder Saturday - Tough Mudder, drive home Sunday - Hubs had a friend over for games Wednesday - normal game night Saturday - Donut Run, hosting Saturday group Sunday - Monthly board game night I'm hermitting next weekend
  11. The Adventures of Fonzico and Hyzer

    Aww, such a cute doggo! My poor pups is getting lazy as he's getting older so 2 mile walks are his limit now
  12. Maigahane Clings to Her Sanity

    Yeah, this big wide open continent of ours throws off our perspective on what "far" means. Both Hubs and I are the "close" children out of the ones who've moved away and we're 10 hours from HomeTown. Unfortunately it also means that American's as a whole are utterly dependent on cars. We can't imagine living without one for each person in the house of a driving age. But that's a whole other rant for Hippy Maigs to get into some other time
  13. Maigahane Clings to Her Sanity

    If it were the only one I traveled for it might not be so bad but I'm going for earning my Spartan Trifecta next year and all three races will involve traveling. Oh, and the Hammer Race is a 6 hour drive The normal price right now is $110 (+ fees) so it's a little bit of a discount but not enough to make me jump on it while I'm unsure. I paid $150 for this year's race after fees and I bought really far in advance
  14. Sloth Don't Need No Stinkin' Challenge

    Following! My "challenges" are never really challenges either. I treat them more like battle logs that get re-booted every 5 weeks
  15. Cheetah does all the cardio

    Following Lol. I don't have kids but I get this same feeling with other peoples' dogs vs my dog(s). I also feel better about my decision to not have kids when I'm around some peoples' kids