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  1. I'm not lashing out at you at all personally, EG, I've seen you around the forums for years and I know you're a good and kind person, but I really dislike the automatic response so many people have that "it's different when it's your own". I'm a high functioning, well adjusted person, who about had a breakdown when my 6 & 7 year old nieces visited last month and acted like generally well behaved 6 & 7 year old kids (and their custodial grandparents were there so I wasn't even responsible for them). Sure, it could easily be different if they were mine, but I cannot imagine it being different enough for me to enjoy it. I'm much happier as half a DINK, and haven't changed my mind about kids at 36 years old, happily married for half of that
  2. Spoilered details on my old home renovation project
  3. Sunday Less lazy day . I got out early and tried out a new method to a home improvement project that has been stymying me for months and it worked beautifully. I'll make another post in bit being excited about old home improvement projects with pictures After that I went outside and played in the dirt some more. I found a fully intact and completely clean rodent skull, so that was fun. I'd had it in my head all weekend that Hub's Sunday D&D game was this weekend so I was going to do a core workout when they were here. But when no one showed up around start time I remembered that is is actually their off week. So instead I hung out with Hubs when he got off work. Food was good and right in goal
  4. They're very pretty rocks....there's just.so.many.of.them. And a ton of antique bricks (you can see some of them in the first picture). We'll definitely reuse as much as we reasonably can, but I don't think there's any way we can reuse them all. Haha, I did have a moment of "Crap, how old do people on here think I am?" What I'm thinking of doing is picking 2-3 laying core exercises and 2-3 plank ones and supersetting them for time. So something like dead bugs & plank 3 rounds of 20secs each. Then toe touches & plank shoulder taps 3 rounds for 20 secs each. Then maybe reverse crunches & slow mountain climbers 3 rounds for 20 secs each. Then slowly increase the time as I'm able to complete these until I get up to a minute
  5. Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about the asthma and fingers crossed your decision tree helps you track in the right direction without over-exerting
  6. Saturday Very lazy day. I don't think I actually got moving until around noon and even then it wasn't much other than my workout. It was 100F, feels like 110F outside so I did not go out there other than to water some plants. I straightened up the house a little. That's really about it. In the evening I finally went downstairs and did my workout Squat: 65/70/75 x 10 DB Lateral Raise: 20 x 10 x 3 Deadlift: 155/165/170 x 5 Front Raise: 20 x 10 x 3 RDL: 100/105/110 x 5 OHP with EZ Bar: 37.5/42.5/42.5 x 10 I figured out that my EZ bar is 17.5lbs. And that I hate 10 rep sets of squats
  7. Lol. Somewhere way back in previous ownership of my house someone REALLY liked decorative rocks. Over the years of neglect they've sunk into the ground or been moved to random places. We're slowly digging them out and adding them to a pile to figure out what to do with later. If anyone in the Midwest wants rocks I got plenty Pics spoilered for size
  8. Friday, Had a weirdly hectic day of work where I bounced around projects and I have no idea how I'm going to sell my time for the day. After I got done bouncing around played around in the dirt some more (I'll have to post pictures sometime of what I'm slowly working on). I did a 10 minute core workout on Youtube that was okay, and definitely worked my core, but I'm not sure it's what I'm wanting so I did some more thinking on a program I could do (made actual notes this time!). I stress ate a little bit while being hectic, but overall my food was good and just above goal
  9. Thursday My string of bad luck from the last few months continues and I woke up to a nail in a tire and when we were putting the tire in the other car's trunk I noticed the rim is slightly bent (which explains the slow leak it's had). That car doesn't have a spare so the plan right now is to order a new rim but also see if they can repair the bent one and if so turn it into a spare. But I worked a few hours, came home and relaxed with Hubs for a bit before heading back out and running some errands I forgot to do when I was in town earlier. In the evening I did my workout. Food was decent and calories were within goal, though we resorted to frozen pizzas for dinner since we were both slightly grouchy. Cable row: 55/60/65 x 10 EZ bar curl: 30/35/35 x 10 (not positive on the weight of the new bar, assumed 20lbs, might be 15) Lat Pulldown: 65/70/70 x 10 Zercher Curls: 20/30/20 x 10 Reverse Fly: 20 x 10 x 3 Incline Curl: 20/30/30 x 10/10/8 Dead hangs: 25/25/20 seconds
  10. Welcome! I'm not actually a disc golfer, but Hubs likes to play so sometimes I'll go out with him
  11. Another fellow anxiety-filled person here. For me it's less catastrophizing and more feeling like I need to do 3,846,985 things right now, but when I actually try to organize my thoughts of what I nee to do I just sit there and churn. And yeah, like other have posted, one small inconvenience can send me off the ledge even though I handle the bigger crises fairly well
  12. I'm far more concerned about this: Then about this: Take care of yourself and rest & fuel properly!
  13. Wednesday I took the day off work to spend with Hubs (he works weekends so we have no days off together). We ran some errands, I bought an EZ-curl bar, and Hubs got some new discs. When we got home we set up the disc golf goal in the yard and threw some discs. I'm awful but made some progress on midrange accuracy (let's be honest, it's midrange for people who don't suck, long range for me). Food was on track, though we did get Chipotle for lunch while we were out and about. The only exercise I did was throwing discs. I made thoughts about a core workout, but haven't organized them or tried it out to see if it's something I'll actually do
  14. Tuesday No more migraine. Food was a little high, but it was all real, homemade food. Then I went downstairs and lifted some things. I wanted to go for a walk, but "feels like 104F at 8pm" just didn't sound pleasant Bench press - 75lbs x 5 x 3 DB Skullcrusher - 20lbs x 10 x 3 Around the World - 10lbs x 10 x 3 Knee pushups - 8/8/5 Tricep cable pushdowns - 35/40/35lbs x 10 DB Tricep extension - 20lbs x 10 x 3 Pushups are pathetic and around the worlds are done more for shoulder mobility than the chest exercise it claims to be
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