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  1. Lol, thanks. He started taking on a lot of the laundry (and dishes) this year when I started working crazy hours so he might crack. But he also remembered that his work will launder his uniforms for free so he might not Don't get me wrong, this year will likely end as a net positive for me with the merger (pay raise, hopefully more reasonable hours once we get past the transition), getting my CPA, the new house, and a new president. But I feel like I'm essentially covered in nicks and bruises from all the little crap that keeps hitting me this year. Plus *gestures vaguely at all
  2. The dumpster fire that is 2020 continues. A few days ago I bumped into a tv tray that had Hub's laptop on it, knocked it on the floor and broke the screen. The computer still work fine, but the screen is dead (we hooked it up to the tv to verify). The computer repair store ordered a new screen for us, but with supply chain issues they have no idea how long it will take. I haven't made it to the gym all week since work has been crazy. This morning I got dressed, grabbed my old gloves (since my new ones got left at work) and went to head out to the gym, only to find a scr
  3. Lol, yes they did! The first one was at home and the second one was in the bathroom at the gym (which doesn't have a true locker room). I actually had another one that happened in the privacy of my car. These have a hook behind the zipper to help take some of the stress off the zipper, but it was such a pain to hook that I never used it. Until one day I had just turned from my little court onto the road and my bra popped completely open, so I had to turn right back around and switch out to a different one. Now I always use the hook
  4. Thanks! Hopefully your sale goes through with no more drama. I love the idea of the zip-front sports bra, but have only found one that I actually liked to wear....so I bought 5 of them. Unfortunately 2 have had zipper failures (at a bit over a year old I think) and it was discontinued so I'm going to have to find something new. I had a regular bra that hooked in the front a long time ago and if I laid down it would unhook (much to the amusement of then-bf-now-hubs). I'm also not particularly well endowed (B-C cup). I have one now that hooks in the front a
  5. Poor ol' Hank would be appalled to learn that I am getting rid of propane and going full electric next year
  6. I love All Dogs go to Heaven! But yeah, it is crazy watching old kids movies and realizing how much adult themes were slipped in. Hubs got some audiobooks done by Graphic Audio and they actually use voice actors and sound effects to act out the books and I really enjoyed those. Even the sci-fi series (Serrano by Elizabeth Moon) and I'm not normally a big fan of sci-fi I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope you're able to think of something appropriate to mark the day
  7. I need to do a grocery stock up this weekend too so we can make it through the holidays. Any idea what you did to your foot? I have a big toe that has randomly given me issues since high school. No idea what I did
  8. Contractor nonsense is basically resolved. Apparently he's also going to fix the thing that annoyed me the most and it's most of the way done now, just needs finishing touches. New scale is good so far. Not that I'm on track, but it's fluctuating each day in a way that makes sense based on how I ate the day before. I have no idea how it calculates some of the data it gives but apparently it thinks I have a ton of muscle mass. 121.2lbs when the "normal" range is 80.4-93.6lbs. And I'm somehow just below normal on body water percent despite drinking over 100oz a day. Let
  9. Haha, I did this with pizza dough once. Haven't tried since. I have a bread machine for those times I feel like making homemade bread. Which really should happen more often, except then I eat an entire loaf of bread while it's still warm
  10. Ugh, packing is such a pain. Good luck with it and with whatever your next steps end up being
  11. A good friend of mine ran out of propane (heat source) her first winter in her house and had some pipes freeze. So when our new house had propane I was a little paranoid and ordered a top off almost as soon as we moved in Wow, that piece of machinery has been there a long time with a tree that big growing out of it. I adore your property and look forward to pictures whenever I see that you've posted
  12. I'm doing a terrible job of keeping up with people, but I'm here! And congrats on the award! Even if it was awkward
  13. Week 1 Monday Other than drama with the contractor it was a pretty good day. And I didn't dive face first into ice cream (it was tempting). I had my normal breakfast, then a bagel that Boss brought. Lunch was leftover Chik'n & Biscuits and another bagel and in the afternoon there was some popcorn. I did a lot of venting about the contractor, but also managed to get some work done Then I left early to sign the paperwork to sell our old house. The buyers are signing tomorrow and that will be another huge relief to have done this week. And I have a plumber coming out tomorrow (wi
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