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  1. #2 is my personal favorite, but if your boobs would look awesome in #1 then that sounds like a winner
  2. I have unfriended or blocked everyone that regularly posts things I don't want to see so about all I have left is pictures of my nephlings and UPS Dog I haven't been to Alaska yet, though it was a possibility of places we could have moved to when Hubs finished college
  3. Awesome job on doing the scary thing! And I'm glad there were two other newbies that were a similar speed to you. The one time I tried to join a running group everyone was super nice when we were gathering to start but then just went off and left me without even looking back
  4. I think my primary focus once I finish C25k will be to get faster, but I also want to be able to go further for the Spartans and a trail half marathon I've been eyeing. I found this program for increasing speed that looks promising. It's more frequent runs than I was wanting (5-6 days a week), but it's a specific plan, personalized to my speed, and has long (for me) runs and speed work Monday Was my long run I talked about earlier. Food was still a mess but I also got in a dumbbell workout Tuesday Finally got my food back to a reasonable level. I bribed myself with a small dumbbell stand and easily avoided the snacks at work, including a huge bowl of peanut butter cups. It was a rest day but I did a leg workout....which has murdered me. I'm in the "wince when I sit on the toilet" stage of DOMS. Wednesday Stayed home since we're doing an all day CE course that was supposed to be at the local conference center and got turned into a webcast. Their way of making sure people were paying attention was to put words at the bottom of the screen every 15ish minutes and at the end of the day you had to turn in a list. Which meant I couldn't do much but sit down in front of my computer for 8 hours straight. I had 1400 steps by 5pm and my legs and glutes are so locked up that any movement is painful. I decided to skip today's run in favor of a 2ish mile walk. Food was good, though partially because I've bribed myself with a run belt if I finish out the week on track and partially because I was too apathetic by the end of the day to care about food so I finished off a small thing of leftovers and couldn't be arsed to find anything else.
  5. Thanks for the thoughts @Kestrel Grey! There is a continuation of the C25k program to go to a 10k. I may do that, though it focuses on increasing time/distance, not speed. Something I already knew, but my new Garmin is proving even more; it's my ability to breathe that's holding me back. My legs are basically fine and my heart rate stays relatively low, but I end each run gasping for air despite putting all of my focus on trying to keep it under control. I attempted Week 5 Day 3 today, which is where they weirdly jump from Run 8, Walk 5, Run 8 to just straight run 20 minutes with no walking. I dug deep and ran all but 2.5 minutes of it*, then needed the entire 5 minute cool down plus another 5ish minutes of walking to get back to breathing normally, but here's some stats from Garmin about the run: Spoilered for size: Apparently my max heart rate was 165 and I got ZERO anaerobic benefit. But I really don't think I could have run any more (or any faster) than I did. *And I'm calling that an unqualified win. That is a dumb jump in their program and I have no problem altering it.
  6. Friday I barely remember Friday. Food was iffy and I did not exercise. Saturday Food was still iffy but I decided that it was my last day of being iffy. I'm getting back on track because this is ridiculous. None of my non-stretchy pants fit me, even the ones that were falling off me last fall. I'm I'm sure all the sugar is wreaking havoc on my mental state (along with *gestures vaguely*). I did make it out for a run, Week 5 Day 2 and did well, if slow. I did some badly needed stretching (why don't I keep this up even though my hip gets painful when I don't?) and a few pushups. I also picked a dumbbell program to do because I realize that having a set plan made my someone other than me makes it infinitely more likely that I'll actually stick with it. So starting today I'm doing Ironborn by Darebee. I also finished off the ice cream and chocolates in the house, because that's what you do when you're about to go on a diet As for the running, I'm getting semi-close to the end of C25k and need a plan for going forwards. Any suggestions for a 3x/week running plan for someone who is slow and barely powered to C25k? I know I should have a mix of runs to improve on speed and endurance but what should that look like?
  7. And that's just for the Sprint (5k). The Beast is about 4.3 miles
  8. I haven't posted because I don't know what to say, but I've been thinking about you during this. I hope you and yours stay safe
  9. Does anyone else get down a Youtube covers rabbit hole? No? Just me? Today's rabbit hole brought me to this: (*edited to put in the video I actually meant to) Which led further into Violet Orlandi's covers. Apparently I don't listen to new music, I just keep listening to the same stuff I've been listening to for 10-20 years with different singers
  10. Wednesday Same ol' same ol'. Food is not under control and I did not exercise because it was (online) game night and I didn't have time. Was frustrated because the MRI place can't seem to get a hold of my insurance company to pre-authorize me, though when I called I seemed to get to the right place (after getting transferred a couple of times) and got what they said was a good direct number for them to call. Gave it to the MRI place but still haven't heard anything a day and a half later. Thursday Had a dentist appointment and learned that the excessive sugar has not had a negative effect on my teeth. Still ate a lot of junki and due to bad planning, the one pan I needed to cook anything I had ingredients for was in the running dishwasher so we ended up getting Taco Bell for dinner. I did get out for a run though I ended up moving on to Week 5. It actually seemed easier because there were longer walking breaks (run 5, walk 3 x 3). I was able to finish the run even though it was 80F (though not nearly as humid as Saturday's run) I also found out yesterday that Spartan is doing virtual races that look totally doable*, and you can even get medals for them. I'm thinking of doing a virtual Trifecta this year since I may not be able to get my actual Trifecta in. I did get an email last week (or the one before...) saying that Trifecta passes are good through 2021, though you still have to do all three races in the same calendar year to count as a Trifecta. The races I was eyeballing are in September and October, so it's still possible to get it in this year, but at least I have the option to push it to next year of things haven't improved *I did have to laugh at the alternative forms of cardio and their adjustments. You can either run a 5k, or bear crawl for a MILE!
  11. That is an impressive plan!
  12. All the cool kids are defecting to the scouts and since gyms are closed for the foreseeable future I've decided to focus back on running. I restarted C25k last week and if I stick to it I will finish right at the end of this challenge. Goals are relatively simple: Run - work my way through C25k at three runs a week Strength - do a 20-30 minute strength workout. I had good luck last week finding upper body dumbbell workouts that were a perfect level of difficulty. Primary focus will be upper body but will probably do some core work since mine is not as strong as it should be Food - Track my food and stay around 2k calories a day. My eating has been ridiculous and it needs to stop because I'm 30lbs heavier than I was 6 months ago and that is not acceptable Plan - I do much better at this if I plan out my day the night before so I will work on doing that consistently