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  1. Whoops, fell off there didn't I? I've been good just not feeling the forums lately. I've been decent at getting in exercise, not so great about steps, decent on food, and mostly failing at mobility. My weight has moved a bit in the right direction, so there's that. Pup tax:
  2. Easier said than done, but this is the philosophy I try to take in life when I'm overwhelmed
  3. *Off to share this with everyone I know 😂😂
  4. That sounds really interesting. I've done the cave tours where they turn off the lights like @Kalitraz mentioned, but I would never have thought about it for a restaurant. Are they accommodating to dietary restrictions?
  5. Two jobs ago that was a normal day for me because I had to park three blocks from the building, then took a half hour+ walk over lunch. Today it's 7:30pm and I'm under 3k steps
  6. Week 1(ish) Monday First day back at the office after working while traveling (I tagged along with Hub's work trip) and I had zero motivation actually work. I don't think I accomplished anything. Extra thankful I don't have to track my time anymore 😁. After work we picked up a crap load of free cardboard that were going to use as a weed barrier around our baby trees that morning glories are trying to suffocate. Then we grabbed the boys and played 9 holes of disc golf. I think this was my first time out this year and I'm not very good to begin with, but I managed to be not completely terrible. Move -disc golf Steps - 8056 That's with disc golf. I would have been around 3k without it. Definitely for improvement Eat Well - we didn't get home until after 7 but I still cooked dinner and stuck to plan. That's a late dinner for us so I'm proud that I stuck to not getting garbage fast food Mobility -none
  7. Week 1(ish) - Sunday Welp, that motivation didn't last long. I pushed through though. My eating schedule was thrown off which probably threw off my energy levels so I took a late afternoon nap and then had issues getting going again. But I made it down to the basement gym for a lifting session and then did some bare minimum stretching Move - Push day Bench press - 50 x 10 x 3 Front Raise - 10 x 10 x 3 Cable tricep pushdown - 35 x 10 x 3 Lateral raise - 10 x 10 x 3 Skullcrusher - 17.5 x 10 x 3 OHP - 20 x 10 x 3 Steps - 10,717 Eat Well - my schedule was way off, but I still did well on quality and quantity Mobility - I said bare minimum earlier and I meant it. I did butterfly and forward folds
  8. Day Zero First day motivation definitely showed. Move - 30 minutes of cardio doing Beat Saber. My shoulders and legs are unreasonably sore from that Steps - 11,684. Weekends are much easier for me to get my steps in. Tomorrow will be the real test to see if I can increase these Eat Well - Did very well on this despite having just come back from over a week out of state the day before. Meal planning and grocery shopping is now done so hopefully this stays on track Mobility - I did a short Youtube stretching video and supplemented with some stretches targeting my hips
  9. I think somewhere in between passing the exam and starting work with a CPA firm my state changed their rules, but I still didn't qualify because I didn't work under a CPA. For half of it I actually worked under someone else who had passed the exam but never got the required experience 😂 Yikes on the outsourcing! Wonderful bosses can make a huge difference, but can't always redeem a job that isn't working for other reasons. My thought is that it never hurts to keep an eye on what is out there
  10. My dad barely tolerated cats and dogs and was absolutely against farm animals so I've never had any experience with any of them. And now Hubs and I are out of state too often (mostly family stuff since we're 10 hours from where we both grew up) to make farm animals reasonable for us. But I can live vicariously through your posts
  11. I enjoyed the work, and they would have basically let me set the schedule I wanted. But I hated the fact that I basically had 100's of bosses (each client) with very irregular demands on my time. Plus I really despise having to track my time and worry about billable vs nonbillable and feeling bad if I went down a rabbit hole. My new job is super flexible and doesn't seem like they care how many hours I work as long as I get the work done and do it well
  12. Fellow CPA here, congrats! Do you have the experience needed for the license yet? I passed the exam in 2012, but as I was in the process of taking the tests, got a job that was great,but didn't count towards the experience. I stayed there until 2018, when it stopped being great, then got a job at a CPA firm and finally got my license in 2020
  13. Hi RES! Fingers crossed your job is actually getting better, but don't be afraid to keep an eye out there. I have zero regrets about my job change
  14. I'm pretty jealous of your goats. Hubs and I agreed to no farm animals, but if we were to ever get any it would definitely be goats
  15. I'm back (hopefully) and glad to see you still around. I'm excited for you having Wednesdays off and love your goal to have it planned out so it doesn't become a lost day
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