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  1. Oh, and I weighed myself this morning and I am down 9lbs from the start of the challenge despite a less than stellar couple of weeks
  2. I'm sorry yesterday wasn't great Was today any better? Did you finish your second draft?
  3. July 21-22 Wednesday I ate okay but ended up over calories by about 200 (added up after the fact). It was supposed to be D&D night so Hubs brought home Taco Bell, but then we decided last minute to skip again since a player wasn't feeling well and Hubs & I were both still exhausted from this weekend. Because of the planned D&D and the exhaustion I took a rest day from the gym. I actually took a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon and woke up feeling like garbage. I did squeeze in some hip stretches, but didn't do the exercises. Thursday I was back on track for fo
  4. Starting weight: 212.4 6/21: 208.6 6/28: 205.6 7/5: 206.6 7/12: 205.0 7/19: ??? Weekly loss: ??? Total loss: ??? Didn't weigh myself this week. I meant to but forgot...maybe subconsciously "forgot" since after a weekend that included our house warming party and the in-laws visiting I'm sure I'm up
  5. Week 5 catchup so far Goals: Sunday-Tuesday Fitness 1. Kickboxing 3x/week - ✔️❌✔️ 2. Weight Lifting 2x/week - ❌❌❌ 3. Hip rehab 3x/week daily- ❌✔️✔️ Nutrition 1. Stay within 1800 calories each day, except for one day a week of up to 2300 calories - ❌❌❌ 2. No soda. Period - ✔️✔️❌ 3. Maximum of 2 energy drinks a day - ✔️✔️✔️ House 1. Make progress on at least two projects on my HUGE list each week - ❌❌❌ 2. Spend at least an hour a week working on the garden/yard -
  6. Week 4 Wrapup Busy week/weekend. Not ideal goal-wise, but visits from the in-laws don't happen very often so I won't get too worked up about it as long as I can get back on track now Goals Fitness 1. Kickboxing 3x/week - 5/3 - 2. Weight Lifting 2x/week - 0/2 - didn't make it in 3. Hip rehab 3x/week daily - 7/7 - Did pretty well on this and seeing a decrease in pain/discomfort and increase in flexibility Nutrition 1. Stay within 1800 calories each day, except for one day a week of up to 2300 calories - 3/7 - Not good. Defini
  7. I got behind again. The in-laws showed up Friday with 5 & 6 year old nieces and stayed through Monday morning. I get along with my in-laws and the girls are cute, but man they are a LOT. They just do not stop. We also had our house warming party Friday. It was good, Hubs has a couple of co-worker/friends who are amazing and really helped pull things together since we have no idea what we're doing throwing parties or grilling. I have not tracked food since Thursday. We went out Thursday again an I went over by ~150 calories. There may have been a day or two after that I was actu
  8. July 14 Not a super productive day. I worked a bit then relaxed around the house most of the afternoon. I did manage to nudge @Novaurorainto a workout I went to kickboxing and maybe shouldn't have since it was my seventh day in a row and I twinged my ankle/calf jump roping. The ankle was fine pretty quickly, but the calf was very tight the rest of the day. So far today it hasn't bothered me so hopefully it's okay, but I'm taking a needed rest day. While I was working out Hubs messaged me that he was gonna have to work very late so I did more lazing about until he finally left work
  9. July 13 I worked from home since Sis and her bf were here in the morning and I didn't want to leave before they did and then didn't want to bother with commuting after they'd left. I really like how flexible my job is. I got in a few hours of work and put the office/guest room back together. Went out to water our grass seed (in the area around the trees that used to be railroad ties and yard waste and the spot next to the shed we spent 8+ hours on a week ago) and we have baby grass growing! Not much by the trees yet so we may have to spread more seed in the fall and/or spring but p
  10. Based on 20 years of playing D&D: Endurance is CON, Flexibility is DEX, playing an instrument is CHA. I'd be inclined to put drawing as CHA as well, but in D&D I think it would actually be an INT (the Craft - calligraphy skill is INT) I agree with @zeroh13 that the solid baseline is more complicated. I would say a combination of DEX and STR for the examples you listed, but if you wanted to include cardiovascular health (blood pressure, resting heart rate) that would be CON *whew* something I can actually nerd about
  11. July 12 Busy day. I didn't sleep well and ended up wide awake at about 2am. After fighting it for an hour I finally just got up and read my book in the couch until I fell back asleep there around 4am. I had enough to do at work that I could (and maybe should) have worked a full day, but I had to run to the doctor's office to get my bc shot at 1:15, then run to PT at 2:30. Not enough time between the appointments to do anything useful. I grabbed Subway for lunch then watched the kittens playing at Petsmart to waste the little extra time. At PT she did needling in my hip which was od
  12. Lol, so does my Hubs. I realized a year or so ago that he is incapable of saying "I don't care" without it sounding super pissy, even when he's not actually pissy. That's just how those words come out of his mouth. I've been practicing pointing out to him how pissy he sounds without sounding pissy myself 🤣 And that is how I will forever view my pushmowing from now on
  13. Keep these updates coming! I started getting a little puppy crazy and my boss just brought home an adorable Bernadoodle and need reminded that puppies are work and I am not ready for that kind of additional work until at least next spring
  14. Week 3 Wrapup Still kinda iffy mental health wise. I did better about eating on goal than last week, but still some improvement to be made. I only went lifting once, but decided to pivot that goal to hitting the challenge at kickboxing. Counting up my points it looks like I did really well. Still felt like a slump week, but apparently I powered through and stuck to my goals pretty well Goals Fitness 1. Kickboxing 3x/week - 5/3 - felt good 2. Weight Lifting 2x/week - 1/2 - Pivoted. I think I'll try to keep in one day a week, but won't push it
  15. July 10-11 I always end up behind on the weekends. Saturday was a lazy day. We dropped my tire off to get fixed first thing in the morning and picked up Taco Bell for breakfast. Then I went to kickboxing and picked my fixed tire back up afterwards. Hubs helped me put it back on the car, then we lazed around. I was feeling a little queasy (probably from Taco Bell) and didn't end up eating lunch. I did take a really long nap though, sleeping until Hubs was getting ready to head out to his Saturday D&D game. I watched a knock off Tiny House Hunters on Youtube most of t
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