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  1. Yesterday went well in terms of food and work, but I did not make it out in time for a run, instead I worked until 8:30pm. I'm making headway and learning things, hopefully quickly enough to now annoy the reviewers that have to check everything I do Today has gone well in terms of food and work too. It's 7:45pm and I'm still here and will be for at least another hour (okay, it took me 30 minutes to finish writing this around doing program updates so now it's 8:15pm). I'm not feeling super rushed, my next set of deadlines isn't until March 15th (well, March 1st, but the ones of those I have are either basically done or guaranteed to be extended for reasons beyond our control) but I hate having so many things on my to-do list. And very few of them are "knock 'em out quick" things that I can dedicate an afternoon to and feel calmer about. So I just push along and try to make a dent in the pile faster than things get added to it So far my new plan to curb snacking has worked really well, I haven't snacked at all the last two days and it hasn't really been a struggle. Possibly related, I forgot to bring my Sparkling Ice drinks to work both days. Are they triggering cravings? I'm not really sure but something to keep an eye on. I didn't want them to become a permanent thing anyway, I was just using them as a stepping stone off caffeine without adding sugar
  2. Hmm...the gif didn't work on my computer or on my phone But thanks! Today's been an "I got this" day in terms of food and an "I kinda got this" in terms of work. Let me tell you, governmental accounting skills do not transfer well to farmer's taxes
  3. Ugh, I feel this so hard. Trying not to feel like I have to resort to drastic, just barely succeeding You can do the potato diet that Penn Gillette and Kevin Smith used to get skinny
  4. I'm still here and still alternating between "I got this" and "Holy shit I don't got it!" which means my eating ranges from acceptable to non-stop snacking. I have a new thought on how to keep it in check though. So far today it's working, but it's been an "I got this" day. I made it to kickboxing Friday and Sunday and hoping to go for a long overdue run tonight.
  5. We've been trying to talk the boss into having a therapy dog at work (I even offered up the Floof) but a pair of therapy kittens (because you can't just get one ) would maybe even be better! I'll bring it up at the next staff meeting
  6. Yesterday was...okay. I went over calories by nearly 1k from snacking but work was good and I made it to kickboxing after. I stopped by the store and grabbed stuff to make dinner. Despite (maybe because of) the snacking I was genuinely hungry (also maybe because I didn't get to eat until 8pm...) so I had an extra 1/2 serving then a Bueno bar since I can't pass them up when I see them in stores Lol, this is what my boss said to me when I interviewed that helped me decide to take the job. I warned her that Hubs and I are from 10 hours east and between us we have 4 parents in their 50's, 6 grandparents in their 80's, 9 siblings, and a herd of nephlings that seems to grow by the day, and while we don't insist on being present for everything that's a lot of possible reasons to need to go back on sometimes short notice. We're pretty selective about new clients, but the existing client base (which was been around since the prior generation of owners) are just growing in their own needs (expanding, kids starting their own farms, changing entities, people dying and creating trusts, etc). We actually don't do too many "normal" 1040's, it's a lot of farmers and S-corps
  7. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. I love peanut butter, but combining it with either of those two sounds horrible, especially mayo
  8. I've been doing taxes part time/on the side for about that long but my full time jobs were non-tax accounting until about a year and a half ago. The hours are crazy right now but it's the size of firm I wanted to work for (small, 6 accountants plus the owner) and we get Friday's off through the summer to help make up for the tax season. If I hadn't gotten this job I might have started my own little firm by now, but I wouldn't have been a CPA (8 more months!) I do have a challenge, I guess I haven't updated my signature. I'll find it for you .....searching ......searching Here it is
  9. Hello fellow tax accountant. I'm in my second season doing it as a full time job and gotta say you're doing awesome at keeping up with your goals through this
  10. Yesterday was similar to Wednesday. Not quite as long of a day at work, but mostly because I needed to give myself time to wash & dry my hair which, even with a shoulder length undercut, takes a while. Snacking happened, but in reasonable amounts so my total calories were a bit under 2k and my mood was a lot better. Work is coming in far quicker than it's going out. I have a decent sized office, but it's getting pretty full of files...
  11. I don't think it's dehydration. I'm probably drinking less water than normal but still well above the 64oz rule of thumb (I'm probably a bit over-hydrated sometimes...) I'm guessing it's a combination of sitting for 14 hours straight (with breaks to walk to the printer) and not getting to the gym as often. One thing we always do at kickboxing is 3 minutes of jump ropes which are killer on the calves, especially when you miss 1-2 weeks I've heard of that, I may have to try it. Hubs also reminded me that bananas are supposed to be good for muscle cramps so I should probably eat a couple
  12. Thanks CQ. I'm getting used to the long hours which is making it easier to eat better which were my main two sources of anxiety Woot! Nice work on the pullups!
  13. If you ever want to do some local one I know a few @Sloth the Enduring I was very sad to hear the Hammer Race was done done. It was on my list of ones to try and would have been cool to meet you for it
  14. Sorry you've been dealing with anxiety this week. Hopefully it lets up soon I've been in and out of anxiety all week, but mostly okay
  15. Other than a bit of a crisis yesterday morning caused by my continuous backsliding, yesterday was actually a decent day. Another really long day at work that didn't feel as long as it was. I did snack some but it was pretty reasonable and I ended up at around 2000 calories which is a good target for me. I didn't get home until after 10pm again and went pretty much straight to bed but woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible charley horse in my other calf (had one last week in my left calf, now it's in my right). The calf is still really tight this morning and makes it hard to stand after I've been sitting
  16. I've never been a fan of jello and now I won't eat it because of the gelatin. I have been drinking these Sparkling Ice drinks which are sweet without sugar or artificial sweeteners, but drinking at eating are not the same when in snack mode
  17. It's definitely a "need a treat" thing, whether it's because I'm stressed, accomplished something, or just bored. I've tried thinking/implementing substitutes or rewards but nothing's really stuck. Well, caffeine helped some but I don't need to go back down that rabbit hole. If I do a nuclear "no snacking" I end up giving in pretty quickly. If I say "no sweets" I either give in or snack on way to many non-sweet stuff like nuts. Freggies don't appeal when I'm snacky (since I'm not actually hungry) so having then on hand hasn't helped. This sounds super complainy, and it kinda is. But I've been at this a while and tried different things and they're just not working I'm not even watching about what I eat for regular meals. They're healthy and hearty enough that I'm getting what I need without being too much. I have a confession, I don't actually like fruit that much. Sure, berries, bananas, apples, grapes, and oranges are fine, but I will almost never seek them out on my own. If you put out a fruit tray and a veggie tray I'll hit the veggies. But even veggies don't really do it for me when I just want to snack
  18. So, tax season is in full swing and I'm overwhelmed. I've been working 12+ hour days plus Saturdays and not getting at all caught up on the backlog. Add to that nearly everyone in the office dealing with extra personal crap (as in parent's dying, a miscarriage, spouse health issues that have involved 2 trip to the Mayo clinic, stomach issues that prompted a laryngoscopy, etc), and we're all a bit stressed. I have two goals for this challenge: Don't eat like a fucking moron Don't go fucking crazy Exercise will happen when it can, but that may only be once or twice a week until mid-April. And that's okay, it's temporary. But since I can't control how often I get to the gym, I need to have some semblance of control of what and how much I eat. My boss and our clients try to be nice to us by bringing us lots of treats, but that's no excuse for me to eat 4 massive cookies multiple days in a row (like I did last year). I don't feel like I expect to accomplish more than most people, especially since I don't have kids (how do parents do it?!), but in some ways I definitely do. I expect to cook dinner most nights, exercise 4+ times a week, keep a fairly clean house, read, keep up on tracking finances, and spending lots of quality time with Hubs. But all that just isn't possible during tax season. I need to let things go. I already talked about exercise, but I'm not going to be able to eat dinner with Hubs most night, meals do not need to be home cooked to be reasonably healthy, we're comfortable financially so I don't need to update my tracker weekly. Dinners might be things like pre-mixed salads for me and lunch meat sandwiches for him and that's okay. We might spend more on convenience stuff and that's okay. My kitchen might perpetually have dirty dishes on the counter, but Hubs will make sure to keep up enough that we don't run out of clean forks and that's okay. I might need to stay home an relax when I actually have time for the gym and that's okay. Cute cat pics/gifs and positive encouragement are appreciated while I get through the next *looks at the calendar* 59 days