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  1. Still riding the struggle bus. I keep thinking we're getting close to my stop so I can get off, but so far we haven't quite reached it.


    I forgot how chaotic my work schedule would be this month and it's certainly making things harder. This last week we were in Tiny Town 45 minutes away 3 days where food options were limited and the team had to compromise between 1 picky eater, 1 vegetarian, 1 guy with braces, and a 6'7" marathon runner (literally, he ran a marathon Sunday and came in 22nd out of like 6k) that needs big portions to not be starving. So we had bar food one day (deep fried appetizer combo for me) and a pizza buffet the other two. Next week we'll be spending 3 days in Tiny Town II that is 3 hours away so I'll have limited choices for all of my meals


    Despite the madness I made it to kickboxing 3 times each of the last two weeks, but that's the only goal I've kept up on.


    I have been making plans on how to not fall apart during tax season again. I'm gonna make and freeze a huge batch of twice baked potatoes and these burritos, plus a couple of casseroles. And I'm going to experiment with freezing soups/stews/chili in mason jars. Plus planning on just stocking up on staples that I use constantly in cooking like beans, canned tomatoes, various veggie meats, peanut butter, etc so grocery shopping only needs to be veggies and fridge items


    The hard part is timing it all. I don't want to do it now because tax season won't really start until mid February, but I don't want to put it off too long and then run out of time

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  2. I'd love to add in a walking goal because I really enjoy walking but let it slide when I was trying to become a runner. But it's about to start getting dark at 5pm and cold! Which isn't helped by super vague story I'm going put in spoilers



    Friday night Hubs and I were walking Floof around 9pm when we semi-witnessed something bad. It was dark and we only kinda saw what was going on. But we called the cops and gave statements (once while the cop was writing notes and once recorded). Today I found out that the bad thing happened to a bad guy who got out of prison a bit over a year ago after serving 12 years. No idea if last week's bad thing was related to him being a bad guy or just coincidence.

    We live in a pretty safe neighborhood and whether or not bad thing was because of his history or a coincidence it was a one-off and targeted incident that isn't indicative of our area going to hell (things can and do happen in every neighborhood). So I'm not really worried about bad things happening to me, but it was freaky to be so close to a bad thing happening and so close to our house.


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  3. On 10/28/2019 at 11:52 AM, Fonzico said:

    Anyways, they called me this morning for an interview on Wednesday! My application was in for like 2.5 business hours lol
    Let's hope that's a good sign!

    Sounds like a good sign to me! How'd the interview go?

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  4. So, joining late and actually starting even later, but I'm here!


    I've needed the last few weeks to step back and reassess. I'm still not positive I know what I need, but I think I'm closer than I was. I need to be kind to myself, I need to enjoy myself, and I also think I need more structure. So I'm working on a list of dailies and weeklies, some I'll share here and some will be more personal. I'll track these with the goal of being 80% on target. It still needs some tweaking and I'm seeing Phantom of the Opera tomorrow and going to a Halloween party Saturday so this will officially start Sunday or Monday.



    Stretching - I need to make a list of specific stretches because I've been floundering with a vague "stretch daily" goal

    Pushups - starting at 10 knee pushups per day

    Calories 2000-2500 - my TDEE is about 2500 so this should allow for a slow weight loss while still properly fueling

    Sweets - either no sweets or <250cals/day from sweets, I haven't decided which. None is kinda extreme, but I need to break the addiction to sugar

    Max 2 caffeines - I was doing really well with this but I've been slipping in a third lately and need to reign that back in, then later reduce to one a day



    Kickboxing 3x/week - I've been doing 3-4 times a week for the last two months so this should be a slam dunk but I'm putting it here so I don't slack in favor of other goals

    Strength work 2x/week - I need to make a routine that I do each time because, like stretching, I've been floundering without a plan

    Meal Planning - because I've been sucking at this lately leading to poor food choices

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  5. Following along


    13 hours ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

    Oh, we registered for the 24 hour mountain bike race today.  

    I've read about you doing a few of these and I'm still baffled by this. I'm 33 so I'm "old" but not old and after 10pm I'm useless at anything

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  6. Following along in the quiet stalkery way I've been following challenges lately


    I'm a big fan of clean, uncluttered places. I actually need to take another stab at my kitchen too. We moved in 4 years ago, remodeled the kitchen 3 years ago, and have mostly let it be since. I'm sure I can declutter and reorganize things there into a more useful setup

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  7. 20 hours ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

    You should do an un-challenge. Keep all the cool stuff you’re already doing in maintenance and post about like you might in a battle log.


    2 hours ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

    Lol. I say that to everyone. I’m a big believer in maintenance and consistency.



    I basically use the challenges like a battle log anyway.


    But I feel like posting about consistency will basically jinx it and I'll backslide. I started going to kickboxing 4 times a week after I stopped posting here. And if I say "I think I'm where I don't want to eat all the sweets" and then I eat some, then I'll feel like I'm failing and it will be a negative spiral, where if I don't say it and keep letting it be zen then I might naturally quit without accidentally making myself guilty. If that makes any sense

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  8. Well....look who fell off the face of the planet.


    Things have been going pretty well. I've consistently been going to kickboxing 4 times a week since Labor Day. Except for last week and that was only because I had the Insane Inflatable 5k Saturday morning which is my normal 4th session time.


    Foods been so-so. I've been on a sugar bender lately, but is a good way? It's an accepting "I need this now, soon I won't" kinda way. I think I'm getting to the "soon I wont'" part of that and am ready to have sweets in reasonable amounts again.

    I've started doing better with actually grocery shopping again so I can cook at home, which is my preferred but was struggling making a plan and buying the stuff for a little while.


    What else? Oh, stretching fell by the wayside most of the challenge but I've started back up this last week since both my hips were starting to protest


    I'm still deciding if I'll run a challenge this time around. I'm in a zen what-will-be-will-be state and feel like a challenge would try to force things in an unproductive way

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  9. There's a few, but none that are really good at getting all of them

    Mud Run Guide is okay and has discount codes, but mostly has the chains


    Running in the USA seems to have quite a few of the local ones listed, but certainly not all


    Some of my favorite local races:

    5k The Hard Way is my all time favorite

    Big Red Challenge isn't a mud run (usually, unless it floods like a couple of years ago :P ), but it is an obstacle race that's one of the better ones for actually challenging without destroying you

    Mudzilla is pretty good, but last year they changed things up and moved to a 1pm start time in AUGUST plus switched the route around when the first 1/2 mile was up a nasty hill with zero shade and people were dropping like flies. It's the same day as one in Lincoln (NSC Mud Run which is great for newbies, but a little boring after the first time) so I did that one instead this year

  10. On 9/24/2019 at 5:46 AM, Novaurora said:

    I have always wanted that for myself too, but I'm suspicious of how it works.  Let me know how it goes!!!

    If I remember I'll definitely keep you updated


    I'm a bit suspicious too which is why I started with just the pits. You go in every 5 weeks for 7-10 sessions so it will be a while before I really know. Supposedly you start on the lowest setting which gets the biggest, darkest hairs, and each time you go in they up the power/intensity/something to get smaller and lighter hairs. So in theory I should have the most noticeable results in the first 2-3 sessions. A week after the first session and the hair coming back seems softer but that could be entirely in my head, especially since I never really paid attention before 


    4 hours ago, Charlie_Quinn said:

    Hope you've had a good week!

    Thanks for checking in. It's been pretty good. I've been eating way too many snacks but I'm mentally in a place where I'm okay with it as a temporary thing. I'm actually feeling really good about most everything else. I've been to kickboxing 4 times in each of the last two weeks and will likely do it again this week. I lifted Sunday and haven't made it back since, but as a conscious decision to deal with other things instead (finally making some progress re-organizing my office). 

    I've been making a point lately to actually look at myself in the mirror and I'm realizing that I'm pretty happy with how I look. I still want to recomp a bit, but even that is more to improve what my body can do, not how it looks. 

    I've also just really been focusing on what I want. I want to go to kickboxing. I want to take walks. When I go to the lifting gym I do lifts I want to do. Right now I want to eat snacks but I also want to work on getting more consistent on having better (and larger) meals where I don't want as many snacks. 

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  11. Thursday


    Rest day, nothing exciting to report. Food was decent though I did end up eating some Reese's at lunch and having some more Ben & Jerry's in the evening. I meant to stretch, but didn't end up getting around to it. I did some more thinking about what I really want 1-2 steps down the line (physically, financially, personally) and have some ideas of where to focus my energy. 

    And I bought myself a semi-expensive, semi-frivolous present:


    Laser hair removal in my armpits. I hate shaving but pit hair makes the sweating and odor worse so I'm giving this a try. If it works well I may get my legs done too since I have super dark hair and super pale legs


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  12. Wednesday


    I spent too much time trying to plan 15 steps ahead yesterday and got myself somewhat frustrated. I eventually talked myself back to only thinking 1-2 steps ahead and calmed down some, but not before some damage was done. I almost talked myself out of going to kickboxing pushed myself to go. I don't regret it, but of course the universe was against me and there were tons of squats for my already toasted legs from Tuesday's workout. Then I rushed home for game night. Hubs had made pasta for dinner and I scarfed down a bowl, then started digging into cookies a friend brought. Hubs gave me the eyebrow and I realized that I was still hungry so I got a second bowl of pasta. But instead of stopping halfway through like i should have I ate the whole thing, then continued to eat the cookies until I was in physical pain. I actually laid down in bed in the fetal position while the game was still going (and fell asleep....). I think I might need to eat before gaming and have a hard stop between food and socializing so I don't mindlessly eat myself into a painful food coma. 

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  13. Let's get caught up on Week 1 I guess



    I already went over this a bit with my weekend of questionable decisions post :P In the morning I got Hubs involved with my decluttering efforts and we bought him some new jeans and got rid of six old pairs that didn't fit and most were ripped/paint splattered. Now all his pants fit, are presentable, and fit into one drawer. On the way home we stopped at Taco Bell and tried a couple new vegetarian options they just added (I had to laugh when I saw they added a vegetarian menu because Taco Bell has always been a vegetarians best friend when they need fast food). Then I lifted iron and furniture and ate pizza and drank some Mike's. 



    I ate the last of the leftover pizza that we ordered Friday, making it four days in a row of pizza. I made it to kickboxing after work and was much better fueled than I was Saturday. I didn't go shopping over the weekend so I had no food at home for dinners. Hubs ate the last of his part of the pizza for dinner and I had PB&J oatmeal, then finally went shopping. But I was bad and gave into half priced Ben & Jerry's. I only ate a small amount but that means I still have a large amount in the freezer. 



    Thanks to no homemade dinners lately, I had no leftovers for lunch, so I got Burger King. If anyone's curious, the Impossible Whopper is pretty good (Hubs said he can't tell the difference between it and the regular Whopper), but since I don't actually like beef I prefer their other Morningstar Veggie Burger. So I got that with fries and a Dr. Pepper. When I got home from work I was kinda grouchy, not sure if it's from sugar or because I'd spent too much energy thinking about our next steps financially (first world problems, money is good, just too many options with no clear winner). So I ate some more B&J but still a reasonable amount, I think I've less than a serving total, then forced myself to make dinner because I knew that would help immediately and for today since I would have leftovers for lunch. After dinner I went to the weights gym and did some more lifting. I had the place to myself at first, but then the 50-something gym bro showed up and made lots of grunting noises I could hear over my headphones. He seems nice enough but I've never seen him work legs, just heavy upper body and he grunts so loudly. I did some dumbbell goblet squats and some deadlifts so hopefully my legs will be more sore than my arms in a day or so :) Oh, and I did some half-assed stretching which I'm gonna count because it's better than nothing and I'm just trying to get into the habit of doing some

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  14. I guess I should wrap up week zero


    Kickboxing - 4 times

    Lifting - none. I went the Saturday before and the Sunday after but missed the actual week. That's okay while I'm getting in the groove though

    Sugar - My only sugar for the week was the cinnamon rolls Saturday

    Stretching - twice. Which is less than it should be but more than it has been

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  15. 3 hours ago, Novaurora said:

    Hi twin lol. (Though your questionable weekend was much less questionable than mine...ha)

    I considered a third Mike's, which would have made it a bit more questionable. 


    3 hours ago, Novaurora said:

    the tangerine is the SHIT

    It was soooo good. I'm pretty iffy on citrus stuff so I wasn't sure about it but I took a sip of Hubs and had to have my own 

  16. Maigs Weekend of Questionable Decisions


    I had a good weekend, but can't say I always made the smartest choices :P 


    Saturday morning I had a worse-than-normal case of my dizzy spells. You know when you stand up too quickly and get dizzy? I get that worse than most people and Saturday they were some of the strongest ones I've had. But once the spell passes I'm fine, at least until I sit down for a while again. Then Hubs wanted to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast so I had two jumbo ones. I thought about eating some peanut butter just so I had something other than pure sugar...but forgot. An hour or so later I went to kickboxing (for the 4th time last week!). Hubs gets bonus points here because I asked "Do I want to go to the gym?" and his immediately replied "Yes, you do", so I went :) Well, apparently 2 cinnamon rolls is bad fuel for a 30 minute HIIT workout because I felt like I was gonna pass out in rounds 6 and 7. But I pushed through and finished with a higher than normal calorie burn


    Sunday Hubs got a message from a friend we offered to help move saying they'll be ready with the truck for us to help load at 3. l looked at the time, 1pm, and said "I've got time for a workout" and went to the weights gym. Because lifting weights is what sane people do before helping someone move. I spent about an hour at the gym, then moved some furniture. And these guys had some heavy stuff. Between the gym and moving my biceps are already a bit toasty and are likely to get worse by tomorrow. We got most everything moved and they provided the requisite pizza and beer. I had 3 pieces of pizza which was a reasonable amount considering my day, and two Mike's Hards (black cherry and tangarine which are both amazing) and my lightweight ass was feeling those two drinks. I probably average about a drink a month and can't remember the last time I had two at a time and it showed :) 

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