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  1. Week 3 Tuesday


    Was a pretty good day. Work was good and fairly productive. It was a rest day from the gym. After work I cleaned out the medicine cabinet and bathroom vanity of long-expired meds and some items that will never be used (less to pack) and got a couple of other minor to-do's off my list. Then Hubs and I played our new board game Sagrada, which I won :D Hubs stopped at the grocery store on his way home and bought us ice cream so I had a half-pint of mine and it was delicious. Other than that food was pretty good so I'm happy with that. 

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  2. Catching up. In terms of simplicity, food has kinda moved to the back burner. I'm not going crazy but I'm not focusing on it for now. Exercise has been good. Sanity has been pretty good


    I don't really remember what I did each day but I went to kickboxing Friday, Saturday, and Monday (making 12 workouts in a month for the first time since November or December). Food has been so-so. We got a little more packing done and used the local game store to magically turn 6 board games we didn't want (most never played) into one game we did want that is smaller than each of the 6 other games, so easier to pack :D I made some more progress on the personal finance tracking project and am nearly done with it and it makes me stupidly happy to have the info in a way where I can easily run reports and see graphs. I deleted some apps from my phone and unfollowed some stuff on social media that was causing unnecessary self-imposed complications/stress. And I spent a good hour or more falling down a rabbit hole on Youtube watching Melodika Bros (the guys in the video above) do hilarious but well done covers

  3. 12 hours ago, ladymorella said:

    Interesting. No one ever seems to talk about people being annoyed with people from their own "side".

    While I don't have a "side" (though it would be nice to one day have a candidate to vote for instead of against) I'm definitely more liberal and have been annoyed by some of my liberal friends constant political postings during the last two elections and would block the political pages they shared from. I actually snoozed one of the friends recently, due to another issue but it was certainly nice not seeing his political stuff for a while. 


    I have blocked most people from my news feed permanently. The only ones left are family that I actually like and friends that I would regularly hang out with if it weren't for COVID. And UPS Dogs because that's amazing :) I would get rid of FB completely except it's how my immediate family (that's spread across the country) keeps in touch

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  4. Yikes, a fire in your building is scary and poor Delboy getting loose! Glad you were able to find him quickly and all is basically okay. 


    I'm with you on the fat pants thing. Even my fat jeans don't fit me now so I'm living in (high quality) leggings at work and sweatpants at home. And we used some of my tshirts as packing material for our statues because they're too small to be comfortable now. But we both know that crash dieting is not the way to go. I just spent some money on shirts that fit more comfortably (and on the lookout for some more pants), you can buy another pair of jeans that fit your body as it is now.

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  5. Week 2 Wednesday


    Well, I ate well, but that was the extent of my goal progress, but I had a very good reason. We sold our house! Okay, it's not actually sold sold, but it's under contract. The neighbors we talked to the other day really liked the place and so we talked back and forth a couple of times and agreed on a price and got a purchase agreement put together. We're not using realtors so they're getting a deal without it hurting our end number and they can be flexible on the closing date if repairs on the new place take longer than expected. So that's a huge load off my back to worry about

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  6. 13 hours ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

    Went to the movies sounds so exotic right now.

    Right?! Our local chain has pleather loveseat recliners in all their theaters so they're only selling staggered pairs (so no one directly next to, in front of, or behind you). And they tape off all the seats between showings so they know for a fact which ones have been used and need sanitized. Unfortunately, now that they've pushed back Black Widow's release there's nothing set to come out that we want to see (or at all?) for quite a while


    11 hours ago, Novaurora said:

    I need to do this.  It's so hard to really get a clear picture of what's important when it's easy to get caught up swirling around the shoulds and "want tos"


    Right? I went to write down my goals was surprised by how little had anything to do with my "shoulds" and "wannas"

  7. Week 2 Tuesday


    No goals were stuck to. We went to the movies again and saw Tenet, which was better than I expected. I went in with low expectations so that's not saying a whole lot, but I do kinda want to see it again and with subtitles. I like movies that make you think and that you pick up on a new things each time you watch them (two of my favorites are Memento and The Prestige). Food was atrocious and I did not exercise or stretch


    I have been thinking about all those "should" and "want to" do's and (for today at least) I'm realizing that I need to just let a lot of them go. I decided to write down my goals for an ideal life and an ideal day and they basically came down to be healthy and have a clean house that isn't a project (i.e. set up my way with no "I wish"es) and a good relationship with Hubs. All the "shoulds" are things that I don't think I actually care enough to do (grow any of my own food, make more stuff from scratch, get stronk)


    So basically my challenge goals are my life goals. Eat well, exercise some, don't get injured, and catch and keep up on the personal and work to-do lists without complicating them with unnecessary stuff. SIMPLIFY


    Let see how long Rangerbrain lets me stick with just that....

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  8. Week 2 Monday


    Back to work. It was a nicely quiet day. Food was good, no snacking and no soda. I didn't add up the calories yet (though I could) but I'm pretty sure they're where I want to be. I went to kickboxing again since we're going to the movies tomorrow night and have DnD Wednesday. That makes 5 days in a row! I haven't stretched and likely won't before bed, I need to dry my hair and then I just want to sleep. I spent my lunch break working on a personal project for finance tracking which was nice. And I talked to a neighbor who may want to buy my current house as a rental which would be amazing (not holding my breath though, I don't know them at all so can't gauge how serious they are).


    Food - PB&J oatmeal, leftover taco soup, udon with peanut butter sauce

    Exercise - Made it to kickboxing. My ghost suddenly disappeared so I couldn't "compete" with her. The owner was there Saturday and Sunday and saw my ghost so he may have fixed it.

    Mobility - not yet and probably not at all

    Sanity - Made progress on my personal finance project. Work doesn't feel overwhelming now, though I definitely need to stay on it to keep it that way

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  9. Week 2 Sunday


    Well.... I thought I was doing okay (not great, but okay) for the day but it turns out large pizza is too many calories even if it's the only thing you ate for the day. We ordered breakfast pizzas, and because they have always failed horribly at doing half and half pizzas here (the sausage is always over the entire pizza) we each got our own and ate it for all three meals. Turns out that's still 3400 calories. On the upside I made it to the gym, went for a walk with Hubs, and had a random urge to see if I could still run a mile (yup) so not a total failure. I don't think I did anything particularly productive, some basic domestic rangering and played a board game with Hubs.


    Food - Entire pizza and a tiny amount of gummies that are actually vegetarian (no gelatin)

    Exercise - I did all the exercises. I didn't do as good of a job of staying out of the red zone this time. I don't think I've mentioned my ghost, but a random extra "fighter" ended up linked to my heart rate monitor so for the last two months whenever I've worked out "Hufflepuff" is there too. She's apparently younger than me because she gets into the different zones at a higher heart rate than "Mad Maigs". I've had fun trying to get Maigs into the yellow zone first and staying there to get more points under my account than the ghost. Well yesterday Hufflepuff kicked my butt and at one time had 10 more points than me (75 vs 65). I ended up with 75 total, not sure what Hufflepuff ended at (I don't get a summary email for her workout :P )

    Stretching/Mobility - I don't think I did any....nope, don't remember stretching at all

    Sanity - Nothing beyond basic house upkeep. Oh, I did cut the cats nails and tried to cut Floofs nails, but his clipper broke. I don't want to buy a new one since he's not going to be around much longer, but I think he'd have better grip on our hardwood floors with shorter nails. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. It would be too traumatic for him to take him to a groomer

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  10. On 9/20/2020 at 5:07 PM, Xena said:

    No real advice for you, but I've been impressed by how much you got done the past couple of days. One strategy might be to try to postpone some of the worries until after your move (obviously unless it's stuff that really does need to get done sooner). You've bit off a big chunk with moving. It would make sense to re-assess and prioritize some of the other stuff after.

    Unfortunately I'm going to have even less time after the move than I've had before taking on that task since my commute will be longer and I'll actually have to take care of a yard (and a new want-to-do of learning how to not kill plants).


    23 hours ago, Kestrel Grey said:

    Seconded. One of the best scheduling advice I've gotten is to write down the things you think of when you think of them. Then write into your schedule a time when you would be best able to look into them.

    I'm am definitely a list person. Getting it down on paper helps keep it from continuously bouncing around in my head constantly interrupting my thoughts. But a lot of what I "should" and "want" to do are daily/regular things like eating well, gardening, better quality time with Hubs. Lists are great for one-off tasks, but I haven't figure out how to make them work for ongoing stuff


    I think the overall answer is to have a job that is less hours and doesn't burn me completely out for 1/3 of the year. Which sucks because in general I really like the work and I like the people, but the time commitment is too much.

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  11. Week 1 Saturday


    More of the same. Food was decent, though we did get Taco Bell for lunch, I kept my order reasonable. I went to the gym again which makes 4 times this week for the first time since February at least. We got some more packing done, but that was the extent of my productivity. I got an email that my last OCR this year has officially been canceled (was originally postponed from June to October) and that next year's race is likely their last. It's a local mudrun and my favorite so I'm sad they're ending.


    Food - total calories unknown since dinner was leftovers of something I haven't calc'd yet but probably under 2k

    Exercise - Another kickboxing session and I did a good job of staying in the Yellow zone again, earning 85 Pulse Points

    Stretching/Mobility - more shoulder work done. I really should work on my hip some more, but didn't today

    Sanity - statues and dvd's are all packed up. Some basic cleaning happened. I'm falling back into an anxiety-filled mid-life crisis and have no idea how to address it. I'm less overwhelmed by all the things that need done and more overwhelmed by all the things I want to do but don't have time for



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  12. Week 1 Friday


    It was a really good day (until I took a late evening nap and woke up to the world in a worse place, RIP RBG :( ). I had the day off work again, did some productive things, made it to the gym, and ate well.


    Food - Food was good, 3 mostly reasonable meals made at home with no snacks or soda for about 1900 calories. Lunch was a bit much (burritos add up quickly apparently) but overall it came out fine

    Exercise - Made it to the gym again and kicked ass. To measure the quality of your workout you get "Pulse Points" based on your heart rate zone (1 per minute in blue, 2 for green, 3 for yellow, and 1 for red). I spent almost the entire workout in the yellow zone and left with 87 points which is nearly a personal best

    Stretching/Mobility - Not yet, but I will spend some time on the peanut before bed. My shoulder is better than it was last week, but still needs kept up on

    Sanity - I got rid of the rest of the stuff that had been in my car for sale/donation for over a month and took out the recycling and compost (both go to dropoff sites) on my ideal weekly schedule instead of letting them get to overflowing first. And got homeowners insurance sorted out for the new house which involved a web chat and a phone call




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  13. 16 minutes ago, Xena said:

     I had a phone date with a guy tonight. He does not seem to be a serial killer AND even though he is in a kind of math-y job, he did not bust out the "I'm a numbers guy" line on me. Two boxes checked off so far. In theory we are going to meet up in person soon... 

    Oooh, this one has some promise :D


    My Dad and Hubs are engineer types and Mom and I both describe people as having "engineering" personalities as a way to warn that they're a little crazy (my parents are now divorced, but were married for 30 years, Hubs and I have been married for 16, we love engineers, but it's definitely a certain personality type that's drawn to that field)

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  14. Week 1 Thursday


    Back on track! I took the day off work and used it well to relax, but still stay on goal


    Food - I ate three reasonably sized meals with no snacks. I don't know what my overall calories were since we went to a local place for lunch, but my sandwich and fries seemed reasonable and we didn't get sodas

    Exercise - Made it to kickboxing. It was kinda weird to go at 11:30am when it was basically empty (one person was finishing up as I got there and another showed up as I was nearly done) but it was a good workout regardless.

    Stretching/Mobility - I did not do this. No excuse, just didn't get around to it

    Sanity - Hubs brought home some boxes from work and we started packing up the stuff we can live without for a month or two. I also dropped off the tile remnants from our kitchen backsplash project off at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and Hubs decided to get rid of multiple binders of old DnD campaign printoffs



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  15. On 9/16/2020 at 3:54 PM, Novaurora said:

    Last night, our school board voted to return to a hybrid model of schooling starting October 6.  Kids will rotate in 1 week on 2 weeks at home.  It's not the best plan, and there are many flaws, and I have about a million logistical questions, but it is what it is.


    One of the school board members main arguments was that "a parent had called him about needing a vacation from her kids" ...not to mention no one from the health department presented, so if that tells you anything....

    Schools here started the year in a hybrid method (I think two days in, two days home, rotating fridays?). Within a week of school starting back up cases started going back up and we had a new daily and weekly high of positive cases last week so we'll see how long it lasts.


    I do feel bad for parents trying to cope with the kids being at home, whether they are STAHP, WFH, or WOotH (I might have just made that one one, work out of the home in case it wasn't obvious), but that's not an argument of putting kids back in classrooms during a pandemic

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  16. 7 hours ago, Xena said:

    I like the idea of thinking about that...and had seen @Maigs talk about similar ideas before (so I'm glad she saw this). Also along the lines of getting kitchenware that can be stored neatly (tupperware that nests) and has all the right parts rather than fighting with mismatched stuff.


    7 hours ago, DJtrippyT said:

    I actually just went ham on the tupperware: I took everything except one size out, took it all to goodwill, then bought some additional pieces of that size that I kept (6x6 square). Now I don't have twenty types of lids rolling around, and whenever I grab a lid I know it fits the bottom I've got. If the item is too big for one container, I just split it into two.


    It's alarming how good this made me feel.

    An example of a suggestion from the book was to actually NOT do the stackable tupperware. She told about her  buying a set of multi-sized tupperware that all nests together and uses the same sized lid, but then realized how it did not work for her because if you want a less-than-the-biggest size you had to take the whole stack out of the cabinet, take the stack apart, get the size you want, put the rest back together, and put the stack back in the cabinet. Then do it all in reverse after it's been used and cleaned. She ended up getting rid of a bunch of tupperware and stored what was left with the lids on so there's no massive rearranging effort to use/put them away. Plus since there's less containers she's less likely to let old food turn into a science experiment in the fridge


    I basically did what @DJtrippyT did; I have 2 sizes of pyrex (4 cups and 2 cups I think) and use those for everything. The 4 cup ones are perfect sized for a serving so it makes eating the leftovers a breeze. And it's still only two sizes of lids (which can be bought separately when lids inevitably go bad so the dish is still useful) so no futile quests to find the one match

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  17. 13 hours ago, Jarric said:

    :lol: well that would help!


    You've been playing with a character without a name in one campaign? How do you manage that?

    When I explain to people how nerdy I am I tell them that I married my DM :)


    Hubs basically made my character for me while work was crazy and left naming her to me, which I never got around to doing....until today! She is named and leveled up


    8 hours ago, Jarric said:

    Case in point, whilst I was away WW had to run over some rocks to try and help a little girl who'd got caught in the tide and couldn't get back to shore. The girl got dragged back in by her mum, and both were fine, but it does make you think.

    I'm glad her mom was able to get her in and that WW was there to help if not

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  18. 35 minutes ago, DJtrippyT said:


    I stole it from the person who runs the unfluck your habitat site, obviously.  😉 I think they do a lot with if your space is all a mess because of chronic illness or depression, whereas mine is just being a slob and some overwhelm. 


    I do wish I could find some more stuff on how to make your house more conducive to the way you live. I've only ever seen one article on it, on; a reader wrote in that instead of constantly fighting your stuff, you should figure out how you use it and adapt. So if you always are picking up shoes in the living room and taking them back to the shoe-wearers room, maybe arrange for some neat storage for them in the living room so that you're not constantly fighting that irritant. She called it "change the habitat not the habit" and it made perfect sense. 



    Decluttering at the Speed of Life talks about this. I used to read her blog (A Slob Comes Clean) but it became non-stop ads for cleaning products. But I did enjoy her book and if I remember it right she discussed setting up your home based on how you actually use it instead of how you'd ideally use it

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  19. 3 hours ago, DJtrippyT said:


    Of course it’s always possible the original builders wanted to air condition their feet. It was the 70’s. 

    My mom's house has a vent coming out from the footboard of the cabinet of her kitchen sink. So you're getting cold air blown DIRECTLY on your toes while standing on pre-cooled tile whenever you're doing anything at the sink.


    I think it's the worst idea ever.


    Until it's wintertime and you're getting warm air blown DIRECTLY on your toes while standing on pre-heated tile

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  20. 4 hours ago, Jarric said:

    Wow, this sounds familiar! Hope that it gets easier for you, and if you find a solution (other than just getting the work done) let me know!

    Work is finally slowing down so I'll naturally start getting caught up soon. Then it'll be a matter of remembering that when things start coming in they don't stop so don't let the initial stuff languish or I'll quickly be overwhelmed.


    4 hours ago, Jarric said:

    That sounds glorious.

    Thanks! I'm really excited. Hubs and I both grew up out in the country but have lived in town since we got married at 18. Not just in town, but every single place we have lived has been on the same road as a fire station so we hear far to much Wee-Woo's (not constant by any means, but too much for my tastes)

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