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  1. Sept 1 - Sept 4 Average weight: 201.7 Average calories: 1905 Average Steps: 5668 Hip rehab: 2 times Exercise: 3 times Sept 5 - Sept 1 Average weight: 200.3 Average calories: 1901 Average Steps: 3742 Hip rehab: 2 times Exercise: none Food was good and weight responded appropriately. I worked over 60 hours so not much else happened. Luckily this round of craziness at work is done so I can go back to my 25 hours weeks and have time/energy to workout
  2. Instead of continuing to ghost challenges that don't seem to be working well for me anymore, I'm going to start hanging out here where I will mostly ghost my battle log, but it won't become obsolete every 6 weeks
  3. Current Plan: At the beginning of September I started tracking my daily weight, calories, steps, energy drinks, and whether or not I did my hip rehab* or exercises. I'm calculating weekly averages of weight, calories, and steps to see what my trends are. My only goals that I'm trying to hit are 1800-2300 calories (2300 is TDEE without exercise) and 2 energy drinks a day during the week and 1 on weekends (I went down to 2 a day a few months ago and this week and started cutting out the second one on weekends). I want exercise to happen but for now it's not a specific goal. *I'
  4. I'm going to try hanging out here for a bit. Characters: Maigs - 35F desk jockey Hubs - 36M skilled technician Kittens - 7M&F cats Farmhouse - 100 year old farmhouse we bought last fall that is getting lots of work done do it over the next few years Background: I've been hanging around NF for probably 6 years now. I started my health and fitness journey in 2012 at a bit over 220lbs, got down to ~160lbs in 2016 and stayed there until early 2020 when COVID and back-to-back tax seasons from hell hit and I ate all of my delicious frustrations a
  5. Week 2 Thursday It was a decent day. Worked in the morning and actually got some stuff accomplished. Had PT in the afternoon and we're going to try going down to once a week for the next couple of weeks and see how I do. Went to kickboxing after. Food was good. Two energy drinks were had. I didn't do extra stretches in the evening since I'd done them at PT, but that meant no shoulder rehab either. I got the quote for the electrical and Hubs and I decided that we'll try and do it ourselves. It wasn't outrageous but we've got enough electrical know-how and h
  6. Week 2 Wednesday Well yesterday did not go as planned. I tried to work in the morning but was distracted by my lizard brain and only got in a couple of chargeable hours. Then the electrician came by to look at my old wiring. I'm split between very optimistic on some parts (no issue and/or Hubs and I could probably do it ourselves) and very pessimistic (not sure two of our lights/fans can be rewired without more damage to the plaster than we're willing to do). He's going to put together some numbers to send me in the next couple of days. I had planned on going to kickbo
  7. Week 2 Tuesday Decent if high calorie day. I worked in the morning then had PT. I talked to her a bit about the Strong Curves workouts and she approved, especially since I said I will be pulling from the list of types of exercise based on how I'm feeling that day and what exercises I may have done in kickboxing the day before. I decided to skip kickboxing partially for time and partially because I knew that one round would be 3 minutes straight of side kicks which didn't sound like a good idea just yet. I did my hip rehab at PT, then my shoulder stretches when I got home.
  8. Week 2 Monday I somewhat made up for my laziness over the weekend. I worked in the morning, then came home and cleaned up the house. Then I put my new lifting program to the test with an at-home workout (so I could keep an eye on my work email in case something I was waiting on came in). Took me about an hour total, but a lot of that was deciding what to do and finding the ebook page numbers for exercises. Should go faster next time. I started researching good shoulder stretches and learned that none of them have nice short names that mean anything to anyone w
  9. Nice work keeping up on your goals while house sitting!
  10. Here to watch you flounder...with direction
  11. Week 2 Sunday Another super lazy day. I made it to kickboxing and finalized my plan/spreadsheet for lifting days....and that was it. Almost literally. I went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, and make cupcakes for Hub's birthday. I ate a single cupcake and told Hubs to take the rest with him to work today. Calories came out perfectly. I had two energy drinks. I did my stretches. Nutrition: Calories: 1850/1850 (daily/weekly average) Soda: none Energy Drinks: 2/2 (daily/weekly average) Fitness: Kickboxing: 1/3 Lifting: 0/2 Hip Mob
  12. Starting weight: 212.4 6/21: 208.6 6/28: 205.6 7/5: 206.6 7/12: 205.0 7/19: ??? 7/26: 202.2 8/2: 204.0 8/9: 201.8 Weekly loss: 2.2 Total loss: 10.6 The week started out not so great diet-wise, but by the end of the week I was seeing hints of mindful eating and so my weekly calories averaged out right at my goal
  13. Week 1 Saturday It was a very lazy day. Hubs went to work in the morning and I stayed in bed. Even when I woke up I stayed in bed messing around on my phone. I ate a late breakfast, the moved to the couch and messed on my phone there. I reassessed my workout plan as I explained to @Jarric above, but didn't go and do it. When Hubs came home we watched a few episodes of Expanse. Neither of us were hungry for lunch until about 4pm so I made curry and it was a 2 meal day. So no exercise happened, I totaled less than 2k steps for the day, calories were good, I only had one energy drink,
  14. I do plan on talking to the PT this week about ab exercises, I want to make sure what I'm doing is actually helping. And things like Russian twists hurt my hip flexors and my back (which is why they were a 'maybe'). After some thinking last night I came to a similar decision as what you put. I'll keep my PT exercises as a separate daily thing I do with my stretches and my strength workouts will come from Strong Curves.
  15. Apparently super easy, we just haven't found the right switch to go with our sconces. If only I could start the week with mindful eating and not have the big swings Spoilered for word vomitting
  16. Week 1 Friday Looks like I'm going to be pulling longer hours for a while too. We're coming up on a deadline next month and one of our accountants (out of 5 that came over from the previoius small firm) is going to take two weeks off to get married. So I got asked to pick up some of his normal work. By longer hours I mean I might actually work one or two 40 hour weeks in the next month Tax season might be rough after 7 months of 15-25 hour weeks. I don't feel like I got a whole lot accomplished. The house is fairly clean. I called the electrician, but he's on vacatio
  17. Week 1 Thursday Thursday was another busy day. Work in the morning. Came home and changed out a light fixture (so now our kitchen matches!). Went to PT, got told by the other PT in no uncertain terms that I should work on my ab strength to help my hip flexor. Then went to get my legs zapped (laser hair removal). I've officially "graduated" and have basically hair free legs, but can get free touch ups for life as new hair follicles become active. Afterwards I returned a fan we decided we didn't want and bought a different light fixture that will hopefully work for the laundry room,
  18. Week 1 Wednesday Yesterday did not start out well, but I pulled it together okay. I was dragging ass in the morning and didn't get up in time to make breakfast, but as soon as I was on the road realized I was starving so I stopped and got a peanut butter smoothie and breakfast burrito, to the tune of 950 calories 😳 Then I had a work lunch thing where they ordered us Panera and I got a half Caprese sandwich and cup of corn chowder plus a baguette.for another 750 calories. I have not, however, had a successful day at sticking to one energy drink yet
  19. Week 1 Tuesday Busy busy day. Worked in the morning and had PT at 1pm. I told the PT that with the gluteus medius loosening up I was really starting to notice issues with my hip flexor so she poked and prodded and agreed that my psoas was really really tight. So she worked on getting that to release and I definitely felt a difference. She said that hip flexors tend to compensate for lower ab muscles so more proof that I should be working on my core. After PT I went home and worked in the yard for a little bit. Then I met Hubs downtown for an early movie (The Green Knig
  20. Week 1 Monday Already behind on updating because I'm already behind on goals. Monday food was good but that was about it. I purposely skipped the gym because I knew from Insta that it was a round kick heavy day and after the weekend I didn't think my hip was up for it. I straightened up the house a bit and when Hubs got home we installed one of the light fixtures from the house goal list. We decided we liked it so we went to Menards and bought some matching ones. Didn't get them installed yet but hopefully we'll do that tonight. I snuck in my stretches before bed
  21. Week 1 Sunday Meh start to the challenge. It was a productive day, but not great on the challenge goals. I didn't weigh myself yesterday, but this morning I was 204.0 which was 1.8lbs higher than where I ended the last challenge but seems appropriate since that weigh in seemed awfully low and the last two weeks haven't been great nutrition-wise. We spent the morning filling up a second dumpster (about 1/3 of old insulation we took out of the kneewall attics last weekend and the rest random stuff left in the shed and basement). We had planned to make chili for lunch but
  22. Starting weight: 212.4 6/21: 208.6 6/28: 205.6 7/5: 206.6 7/12: 205.0 7/19: ??? 7/26: 202.2 8/2: 204.0 Weekly loss: -1.8 Total loss: 8.4 Seems about right since last week felt like a fluke and the last couple of weeks have been so-so diet-wise
  23. Why is this hard? Is it because you don't enjoy leftovers or because of some logistics of saving/reheating them? I live off leftovers and am sad when a new recipe I like doesn't make any
  24. I took zero week as a real break from goals. Which was not the greatest idea. I've spent the last couple of days getting back on track. I also decided to tweak the energy drink goal to an average of 1.5 drinks/day over the week. Ready to hit it hard at the start of the challenge tomorrow
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