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  1. I honestly find any of my breakfast choices are faster than drive thru. Granted, I don't eat meat so no making sure bacon is fully cooked I rotate though PB&J oatmeal, bagels w/cream cheese, bagel & egg sandwich, and yogurt with fruit and granola. None of them take more than 5 minutes and I can work on getting dressed while things cook Wolfie had some good suggestions. You could do a breakfast casserole or sausage & egg muffin cups that you just need to heat up in the morning. And here's a pile of make ahead breakfast recipes.
  2. I could use some help brainstorming what my November goal should be. It needs to be something nutritional and impactful, but not huge. No potato chips, not a big deal. No sweets, too much at once. My breakfasts are pretty solid and my freggies are good too No fast food - I'm worried about making this a goal because I just don't always have enough leftovers for lunch so sometimes I need to get takeout No *insert a subset of sweets here* - not sure what would be best to choose. If I say no X sweets (ie cookies) then I'm likely to just buy Y sweets (reeses pb cups). Maybe "no chocolate/peanut(butter) combinations", lol. That does seem to be what I go for most with sweets. Or possibly either "no buying sweets at the convenience store" or "no eating sweets provided at work" No ice cream - maybe not ready for that one yet. It's become a thing Hubs and I both enjoy and with everything going on it's nice to have a treat together
  3. Week 3 - Monday Kickboxing - yup. Monday's they do a Challenge of the Week where you spend a full 3 minute round doing one thing while keeping count. This week was donkey kicks on the horizontal bag. I started out kicking way too hard and wore myself out more than I should have but made it to 152 kicks with full range of motion (bringing the leg all the way back down between kicks, some high scorers worry more about a high score than form). My bum was so done by the end I had trouble standing back up. So far today it's fine though. I'm tempted to re-try later in the week to increase my score even though I have no chance of "winning" (see full range of motion above) No soda - yup. I even ended up going out for lunch but skipped the soda which I wouldn't have done without this goal Week 3 - Tuesday Kickboxing - yup. Taking tomorrow off though for both a well deserved rest day and online gaming night No soda - yup. And not going to get a soda kept me from going out and getting snacks at lunch since apparently in my brain it's worse to go to the convenience store for just a candy bar than a candy bar with soda. That's some logic right there
  4.'s been a helluva year huh? Like a lot of people I've been riding the struggle bus. I tell myself about once a week that I'm done and need to get back into good habits and on average that lasts about 2 hours. And I'm getting real sick of being on this uncomfortable ride to somewhere I don't want to be. So I'm starting over. And over. And over. Until it actually sticks and I can quit feeling like the fat sack of crap I'm letting myself turn into. Goals: Food - Quit eating like an asshole I've been doing a lot of snacking and a lot of fast food. It's gotta stop. Eat real food that is mostly made at home Exercise - Get my ass to the gym at least twice a week At the beginning of the year I was going to the gym 4 times a week. Then tax season hit. Then COVID hit. Then tax season NEVER FUCKING ENDED (spoiler, it's still tax season for CPAs). Now I'm just sucking and have only been going about once a week. I LIKE the gym. A LOT. And hitting things might make me less likely to hit people. So just fucking go Stretching/mobility - Don't fucking hurt yourself by not working out the kinks My right hip and shoulder are janky. Probably nothing serious, but I need to keep up on stretches and using the evil peanut massage ball thing so it doesn't become something serious Productivity - Just get the shit done My anxiety has been running rampant because I've been behind on everything. Unfortunately, my response to anxiety is to freeze up and not do a damn thing. Super healthy. I'm finally starting to get caught up at work and at home which makes it easier to keep doing the stuff that needs done. A wrench we decided to throw into this is (......drumroll......) we're moving next month! We're buying a 100 year old house in the country that will need a fair amount of work and selling our townhome that has already been completely renovated. So my to-do list is going to explode. I'm really excited because I love this house, but I'm scared at what this is going to do to my anxiety (and to my finances....). Daily to-do lists are my friend and need to be made and worked through