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  1. So I just passed 7 years of being on the health and fitness bandwagon. I've certainly made progress in that time (lost 50-60lbs, become fitter than I was, found kickboxing) I've jumped around a lot in methods, goals, ideas, plans, etc and haven't made as much progress as I would have liked. I've had a couple mini- and pre-epiphanies lately that will hopefully help me get into a consistent thing and actually make some progress. I've been asking myself "What do I really want?" and here's my basic list of what I came up with: To look and be strong Muscle-y arms, shoulders, and thighs Be able to easily do pushups Be able to do muscle ups Better grip strength for hanging obstacles at OCR's Stronger core (though I don't care about it looking strong since that's a lower body fat than I care to work for at this point) To be free from pain Fix and prevent plantar faciitis Get some decent flexibility in my legs Prevent shoulder mobility issues that seem to be in the making To become leaner Losing 20-25 more pounds of fat Jiggle less Be comfortable with my body Goals: Kickboxing - I really enjoy this. Keep going an average of 2.5 times a week. Ideally 3 times a week, but life happens and that's okay Food - During the last challenge I started coming to terms with two things about sugar; a) It messes with my moods, making me feel grouchy, anxious, defeated, etc and b) I seem to lose weight fairly easily when I cut it out. It's too early in experimenting to know if both of these are really true or coincidental, but I'm sticking with the no sweets goal. I will keep tracking calories, but I will not have a specific goal of how many to eat for now Lifting - Ah, here's my new big one. Last challenge I was getting antsy to lift again anyway, then I had a minor running injury which led me to (at least temporarily) give up on running. I don't hate it, but I don't love it enough to keep doing it if I keep ending up in pain. I keep adding it in as a goal since I love OCR's, but I've done a full Tough Mudder with very little running. My kickboxing class is HIIT and improving my cardio anyway and I don't care about finishing quickly, just finishing so for now I'm not worrying about running. So I'm back to lifting. Looking back it's one of the things I wanted from the very beginning 7 years ago and when I started NF 3.5 years ago. But this time I'm going to put in a lot of effort figuring out a lifting plan that works for me and supports my "wants" above. The goal this challenge is simply to get to the gym twice a week and really concentrate on figuring out what that plan needs to be Mobility - My inflexibility is hurting me. Literally. My tight calves are the culprit in my plantar faciitis, my upper legs/hips tightness is leading me towards IT band and hip flexor issues, and my shoulders are in pre-injury levels of crunchiness. I don't want to to hurt. It's also kinda embarrassing that I can't touch my toes or keep my knees straight doing laying core exercises that involve lifting your legs. So my goal is to stretch out at least 4 times a week Obstacles: Besides myself I don't really have any obstacles this challenge. No trips, no visitors (as far as we know now, FIL might come out but nothing is planned yet), no big days, nothing. Just a fun OCR the last weekend. I'm ready for a boring month, the last few have been far too exciting for me