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  1. It's not so much to prove superiority as that it's been on my bucket list for like 3 years and I can't let this noob get it first! He's in better shape (despite being into fitness for much less time than me) so he'll do better than me and I don't mind that at all. I just don't want him to beat me to it. Still pondering it...
  2. I like to think I stared down each obstacle with a prowling, lion-like intensity while waiting my turn. Then grinning like a loon when I completed it Haha, nothing like that. As far as I can tell the only time limit is due to the fact that they have to close the course at some point. If I buy the Trifecta pass I think I can make sure I get into the morning wave giving me all freaking day. Judging by my 7k this weekend I'd need about 6 hours to do the 13 miler (which lines up pretty well with the fact it took me 5 hours to do an 11 mile Tough Mudder a year and a half ago). And yeah, the Trifecta is literally on my bucket list. I'll ponder it for a bit before diving in, though I have my races picked out if I go for it (July Sprint, September Super, October Beat) And I guess I'll go ahead and put this here since I don't have my own challenge this time: The Best: Even more awesome than my races last weekend; today is my 15th wedding anniversary. FIFTEENTH!!
  3. The Good, the Better, and the "Ah Hell!" The Good: I had two OCR's this last weekend including the one that went so badly last year that I had what might have been my first (and so far only) anxiety attack about 2.5 miles in. They went great! I grinned like a loon all the way through the anxiety one (7k) and thought the other one (5k) was too easy and while I don't regret doing it I won't be doing that one again. The Better: Okay, not actually better, but also good. A friend I convinced to do a Rugged Maniac with me last year had a lot of fun and ended up signing up for a Spartan Trifecta this year. His Super was two weekends ago and it ended up getting called for lighting when he was 6 miles into an 8 mile course. So he has to try again in October. Last weekend, as I was doing my 7k, he was conquering the Beast. I wasn't sure if he was regretting his choice or hooked until today when he told me his plans of getting a Trifecta tattoo once he earns it and each year he gets one getting the year tattooed underneath. He's hooked! The "Ah Hell!": I have a....complicated friendship with this guy. I've known him since elementary school and through his worst, which was not pretty and there were parts that impacted me directly. We've stayed in contact because of mutual friends and he has since grown a lot and even apologized for all the crap he pulled a year or two ago. But it kinda bothers me (in a mostly friendly rivalry kinda way) that he's gonna get the Trifecta before me......unless I beat him to it. So now I'm considering buying a Trifecta pass and squeaking in with my own a week before he gets his second shot at the Super. Hubs is, well I can't really say supportive because he does not get it at all, but not unsupportive, even though every race will include a fair amount of travel since the closest one is like 8 hours away. Rangers - please tell me I can do this even though I can barely run a mile right now......