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  1. 8 hours ago, Fonzico said:

    Congrats to you too! Is your commute shorter now?

    Hahaha, nope. Going from 9 miles to 18 (up from < 3 two years ago....). But it's on a bit of land outside of town with only 3 neighbors so I'm excited. And terrified because it's 100 years old. And already the heat doesn't work. Trying to get that sorted out plus get a couple of projects we want done before moving in (un-squeaking floors and removing a defunct chimney) but no one wants to call me back


    8 hours ago, Fonzico said:

    You could always battle log it, if you want the posting without the pressure? 

    Battle logs seem so lonely and it's not a pressure issue, I just don't feel like posting here has been helpful for me anymore


    Sorry about the drama with your brother. We've had kinda similar issues with Hub's siblings (one lost custody of her two kids and now has two more with CPS possibly involved, and another had to sign over guardianship of two kids to his parents and his ex-SIL is raising the third) and it's hard when you want to be the cool aunt and want the best for the kids. Unfortunately as the aunt, there isn't a lot you can do and it just fucking sucks :(


    35 minutes ago, Fonzico said:

    Hubs woke up feeling off this morning, and now I feel like I'm coming down with something too! Hopefully it's just a cold

    Blerg, feel better soon. Since we're not enough alike I stayed home from work today with a sore throat and intermittent cough. I think it's just a cold (no fever, loss of taste/smell, or aches) and pre-covid I probably would have just gone into work, regretted it, but stuck it out anyway. But with covid and flu season starting I figured it was best to stay away from people

  2. 12 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    For someone from MA you sure use a lot of mason jars (Something I associate with the south, not sure if I'm the only one).

    I associate mason jars with New England.


    I am solidly midwestern and counted while packing last weekend and I have nearly 70 mason jars ranging from 4oz to half gallons (I use them for storage and more are empty than normal since bulk bins have been closed)

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  3. 11 hours ago, RhiaWolfe said:

    Didn 't have time to make me a healthy breakfast. I ended up with McDonalds again. I might edit my challenge for not eating McDonalds or rather not getting fast food for breakfast instead. Find ways to do something at home even if it's not healthy. What do you think? 

    I honestly find any of my breakfast choices are faster than drive thru. Granted, I don't eat meat so no making sure bacon is fully cooked :) I rotate though PB&J oatmeal, bagels w/cream cheese, bagel & egg sandwich, and yogurt with fruit and granola. None of them take more than 5 minutes and I can work on getting dressed while things cook


    Wolfie had some good suggestions. You could do a breakfast casserole or sausage & egg muffin cups that you just need to heat up in the morning. And here's a pile of make ahead breakfast recipes.

  4. I could use some help brainstorming what my November goal should be. It needs to be something nutritional and impactful, but not huge. No potato chips, not a big deal. No sweets, too much at once. My breakfasts are pretty solid and my freggies are good too


    No fast food - I'm worried about making this a goal because I just don't always have enough leftovers for lunch so sometimes I need to get takeout

    No *insert a subset of sweets here* - not sure what would be best to choose. If I say no X sweets (ie cookies) then I'm likely to just buy Y sweets (reeses pb cups). Maybe "no chocolate/peanut(butter) combinations", lol. That does seem to be what I go for most with sweets. Or possibly either "no buying sweets at the convenience store" or "no eating sweets provided at work"

    No ice cream - maybe not ready for that one yet. It's become a thing Hubs and I both enjoy and with everything going on it's nice to have a treat together

  5. Week 3 - Monday


    Kickboxing - yup. Monday's they do a Challenge of the Week where you spend a full 3 minute round doing one thing while keeping count. This week was donkey kicks on the horizontal bag. I started out kicking way too hard and wore myself out more than I should have but made it to 152 kicks with full range of motion (bringing the leg all the way back down between kicks, some high scorers worry more about a high score than form). My bum was so done by the end I had trouble standing back up. So far today it's fine though. I'm tempted to re-try later in the week to increase my score even though I have no chance of "winning" (see full range of motion above)

    No soda - yup. I even ended up going out for lunch but skipped the soda which I wouldn't have done without this goal


    Week 3 - Tuesday


    Kickboxing - yup. Taking tomorrow off though for both a well deserved rest day and online gaming night

    No soda - yup. And not going to get a soda kept me from going out and getting snacks at lunch since apparently in my brain it's worse to go to the convenience store for just a candy bar than a candy bar with soda. That's some logic right there :P

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  6. On 10/5/2020 at 6:55 PM, Xena said:


    I found out today that I got into a marathon later this month (3 weeks from yesterday). Obviously it's not a good idea from any kind of reasonable athletic standpoint*, but it will get me State #31 (if I triumph over this obstacle). My BFF offered to support me on her bike and B#3 offered to run the last half with me. Not sure how I feel about having a witness to what is sure to be a very ugly athletic performance, but happy to have the offers.

    Yikes that's a quick turnaround time. Good thing you're a badass with the running :) 


    Sounds like things are going pretty well with Bachelor #3 if he's offering to run a half marathon with you with 3 weeks notice

  7. Week....3? Saturday


    This was the first day I decided on my new singular goal. I made it to kickboxing and had zero soda. Win


    Week 4 - Sunday


    Day two of no soda and I made it to kickboxing again. Double win


    Over the weekend I basically focused on keeping my sanity with the basics. Laundry is done, kitchen was clean until last night's dinner, floors were swept/vacuumed, fridge has been cleaned out. No more packing happened and I have some paperwork stuff I need to deal with (including my mail-in ballot) but nothing is mission critical right now. Oh, and we binged season 2 of The Boys, which is a fun show

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  8. On 10/11/2020 at 3:07 PM, Xena said:

    Seems like a reasonable addition. Good luck!

    I've been saying for a long time that I would be so much further ahead if I concentrated on one just adding one new thing a month (or more if needed) than what I've been doing, so fuck it, I'm doing one thing!


    4 hours ago, RhiaWolfe said:

    A new house?! How exciting! I hope it goes fairly smoothly and you enjoy your "new" home! 

    Other than normal-ish bs with underwriting things are fairly smooth so far. The current owners put on a new roof and completely renovated the kitchen and bathrooms in the last 3 years so we shouldn't have to worry about those. We want to upgrade the HVAC and somehow make the floors and stairs not squeak pretty quickly (preferably before moving in...) but hopefully those won't take too long


    5 hours ago, RhiaWolfe said:

    I have this problem too. I way over compensate. It's hard to find that balance and not go overboard on other things. 

    Ugh, it's so hard sometimes. "Oh, I can't have sweets, well potato chips aren't sweet!" - me, a person who doesn't normally eat any chips


    5 hours ago, RhiaWolfe said:

    Kickboxing sounds fun! Glad you're getting back into the swing of it! 

    really enjoy it. And my gym (which is a chain, 9Round) is really good about making it "easy" in that they plan out the workout for you each day and the trainers are really good at scaling things if needed or pulling back if your heart rate gets too high (we wear monitors and it's up on a screen so you and the trainer can see). Plus it's really good for me because there's no class time, you just show up and jump in. During busy times I have no idea when I'll get off work from day to day so it's nice to know that as long as I can get out the door by 7:30pm I can get in a workout

  9. Maigs Makes a Late Challenge Change in Her Goals


    I always say that I should pick one goal at a time but can never do it because *rangerbrain*. Well, if I had just picked one goal at a time to focus on, I'd be a full fledged badass by now. So, on that note, for the rest of October I have two goals:


    1) No soda

    2) Don't let other bad habits increase while not drinking soda


    I tend to let other bad habits creep in while trying to cut something out and I don't want to do that. So while I'm not looking to go out to eat less or buy less candy, I don't want to have either more often to compensate for not having soda. Luckily soda is the only think I like to drink that has calories so I don't have to worry about replacing it with juice/sugary coffee/alcohol/etc


    I've been kicking ass on the kickboxing though. I took Thursday as a deliberate rest day but I've gone every other day so far in October. I love going, I just let anxiety keep me out when tax season/COVID broke the habit earlier this year

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  10. Welcome back!


    That's a helluva year on top of the COVID ridiculousness. Anyone would be struggling through that. I really like your plan to focus on getting mostly healthy breakfasts. Setting a good foundation habit like that is key I think

  11. On 10/7/2020 at 9:29 AM, Jarric said:


    I threw away my 'nice to do' list in the end; it was just stressing me out watching the list get longer and longer and it wasn't getting done any quicker than if the list didn't exist! I'll probably pick it up again one day, but if I don't I guess those things weren't that important?

    Well, the "nice to do" list is actually a "needs done, just not yet but it would be nice to do when I'm not in a crunch" list. And it's a mental list that just cycles constantly in the background whether I want it to or not. A fun symptom of anxiety


    On 10/7/2020 at 9:27 PM, Xena said:

    Congrats on selling the house, and thanks for posting the video. It made me smile.

    Thanks! And I'm glad someone else got enjoyment out of my rabbit hole. I showed it to Hubs and he didn't understand. He did agree that he likes covers that aren't just a carbon copy of the original but didn't understand my mirth at Melodika


    22 hours ago, RhiaWolfe said:

    Hey Maigs, I'm back. I hope to be here longer this time. Wanted to say hi! I'm not going to try and catch up on everything, but I'm paying attention from here on out! lol. 


    I hope you are doing well! 

    Rhia! Glad to see you back. TLDR is I'm up 30ish pounds and in the process of buying a new place and selling our current. Hopefully it all goes smoothly, but we're buying a 100 year old farmhouse so who knows what surprises we'll find

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  12. On 10/1/2020 at 9:10 PM, Novaurora said:

    Great job getting those workouts in!!  I feel you on the unfollowing and getting away from social media.  I am almost a week facebook free and life is good!  I thought making it through election season would be hard, but it's only showing me how much idle time I wasted on there since I don't really miss it.


    I hope your packing continues going smoothly.


    I really wish I could get rid of FB completely but it is the only way I keep in touch with most of my immediate family (we're all phone haters :D ) I basically only keep IG to follow my gym and a guy biking around Europe with a cat (1Bike1World)


    21 hours ago, Jarric said:

    Hey @Maigs, hope the packing and moving stuff is going well?

    We haven't really done any packing in the last week or so. Hubs got a couple more big boxes from work that I have specific plans for but just haven't gotten around to filling them. I'm mildly annoyed that we don't have a close date because the underwriters want a bank statement that isn't even out yet. Luckily we don't have any deadlines that we need to close by. And luckily we're pretty minimal so packing isn't as big a deal for us as it is for a lot of people. 


    Fitnessing has been good. I've gone to the gym for the last 6 days in a row. 

    Food has been about the same, not horrible, but not great. Weight hasn't budged

    Mobility has been haphazard. I did get out the foam roller and peanut just last night. 

    Sanity is okay. I'm keeping up well on the day to day stuff that can send me into a spiral,. But I can't seem to work on the "would be nice to do" list even when I just pick one or two things from it

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  13. Week 3 Tuesday


    Was a pretty good day. Work was good and fairly productive. It was a rest day from the gym. After work I cleaned out the medicine cabinet and bathroom vanity of long-expired meds and some items that will never be used (less to pack) and got a couple of other minor to-do's off my list. Then Hubs and I played our new board game Sagrada, which I won :D Hubs stopped at the grocery store on his way home and bought us ice cream so I had a half-pint of mine and it was delicious. Other than that food was pretty good so I'm happy with that. 

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  14. Catching up. In terms of simplicity, food has kinda moved to the back burner. I'm not going crazy but I'm not focusing on it for now. Exercise has been good. Sanity has been pretty good


    I don't really remember what I did each day but I went to kickboxing Friday, Saturday, and Monday (making 12 workouts in a month for the first time since November or December). Food has been so-so. We got a little more packing done and used the local game store to magically turn 6 board games we didn't want (most never played) into one game we did want that is smaller than each of the 6 other games, so easier to pack :D I made some more progress on the personal finance tracking project and am nearly done with it and it makes me stupidly happy to have the info in a way where I can easily run reports and see graphs. I deleted some apps from my phone and unfollowed some stuff on social media that was causing unnecessary self-imposed complications/stress. And I spent a good hour or more falling down a rabbit hole on Youtube watching Melodika Bros (the guys in the video above) do hilarious but well done covers

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  15. 12 hours ago, ladymorella said:

    Interesting. No one ever seems to talk about people being annoyed with people from their own "side".

    While I don't have a "side" (though it would be nice to one day have a candidate to vote for instead of against) I'm definitely more liberal and have been annoyed by some of my liberal friends constant political postings during the last two elections and would block the political pages they shared from. I actually snoozed one of the friends recently, due to another issue but it was certainly nice not seeing his political stuff for a while. 


    I have blocked most people from my news feed permanently. The only ones left are family that I actually like and friends that I would regularly hang out with if it weren't for COVID. And UPS Dogs because that's amazing :) I would get rid of FB completely except it's how my immediate family (that's spread across the country) keeps in touch

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  16. Yikes, a fire in your building is scary and poor Delboy getting loose! Glad you were able to find him quickly and all is basically okay. 


    I'm with you on the fat pants thing. Even my fat jeans don't fit me now so I'm living in (high quality) leggings at work and sweatpants at home. And we used some of my tshirts as packing material for our statues because they're too small to be comfortable now. But we both know that crash dieting is not the way to go. I just spent some money on shirts that fit more comfortably (and on the lookout for some more pants), you can buy another pair of jeans that fit your body as it is now.

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  17. Week 2 Wednesday


    Well, I ate well, but that was the extent of my goal progress, but I had a very good reason. We sold our house! Okay, it's not actually sold sold, but it's under contract. The neighbors we talked to the other day really liked the place and so we talked back and forth a couple of times and agreed on a price and got a purchase agreement put together. We're not using realtors so they're getting a deal without it hurting our end number and they can be flexible on the closing date if repairs on the new place take longer than expected. So that's a huge load off my back to worry about

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  18. 13 hours ago, Sloth the Enduring said:

    Went to the movies sounds so exotic right now.

    Right?! Our local chain has pleather loveseat recliners in all their theaters so they're only selling staggered pairs (so no one directly next to, in front of, or behind you). And they tape off all the seats between showings so they know for a fact which ones have been used and need sanitized. Unfortunately, now that they've pushed back Black Widow's release there's nothing set to come out that we want to see (or at all?) for quite a while


    11 hours ago, Novaurora said:

    I need to do this.  It's so hard to really get a clear picture of what's important when it's easy to get caught up swirling around the shoulds and "want tos"


    Right? I went to write down my goals was surprised by how little had anything to do with my "shoulds" and "wannas"

  19. Week 2 Tuesday


    No goals were stuck to. We went to the movies again and saw Tenet, which was better than I expected. I went in with low expectations so that's not saying a whole lot, but I do kinda want to see it again and with subtitles. I like movies that make you think and that you pick up on a new things each time you watch them (two of my favorites are Memento and The Prestige). Food was atrocious and I did not exercise or stretch


    I have been thinking about all those "should" and "want to" do's and (for today at least) I'm realizing that I need to just let a lot of them go. I decided to write down my goals for an ideal life and an ideal day and they basically came down to be healthy and have a clean house that isn't a project (i.e. set up my way with no "I wish"es) and a good relationship with Hubs. All the "shoulds" are things that I don't think I actually care enough to do (grow any of my own food, make more stuff from scratch, get stronk)


    So basically my challenge goals are my life goals. Eat well, exercise some, don't get injured, and catch and keep up on the personal and work to-do lists without complicating them with unnecessary stuff. SIMPLIFY


    Let see how long Rangerbrain lets me stick with just that....

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  20. Week 2 Monday


    Back to work. It was a nicely quiet day. Food was good, no snacking and no soda. I didn't add up the calories yet (though I could) but I'm pretty sure they're where I want to be. I went to kickboxing again since we're going to the movies tomorrow night and have DnD Wednesday. That makes 5 days in a row! I haven't stretched and likely won't before bed, I need to dry my hair and then I just want to sleep. I spent my lunch break working on a personal project for finance tracking which was nice. And I talked to a neighbor who may want to buy my current house as a rental which would be amazing (not holding my breath though, I don't know them at all so can't gauge how serious they are).


    Food - PB&J oatmeal, leftover taco soup, udon with peanut butter sauce

    Exercise - Made it to kickboxing. My ghost suddenly disappeared so I couldn't "compete" with her. The owner was there Saturday and Sunday and saw my ghost so he may have fixed it.

    Mobility - not yet and probably not at all

    Sanity - Made progress on my personal finance project. Work doesn't feel overwhelming now, though I definitely need to stay on it to keep it that way

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