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  1. My goals for this challenge were to: 1. Stay on target with Rising Heroes missions 2. Eat more Paleo meals 3. Study Japanese 4. Work on my job hunt Side Quest: Meditate daily Results (A=100% B=75% C=50% D=25% F=0%): 1. I did well with this, probably in part because it was new and exciting, and also because I had two "wing women" to check in with and we kept each other on track. The most substantial, beneficial missions were working out 3x/week, walking 1 mile/day (during weeks 1 and 2), batch cooking for 3 meals (this has quickly become a regular habi
  2. Sorry you're sick! I have multiple friends who are down with colds. Ramp up the self-care and pamper yourself if possible. Finished my first Pratchett book, which ended up being The Time Thief. My library has a limited selection so I just picked one at random. It took me a while to get into it at first, but man did it pay off. Funny, smart, great characters, clever plot, and it makes you think deep thoughts...I was very pleased Looking forward to reading more Pratchett in the future. Thanks for turning me on to Discworld!
  3. The enemy had a lot of tricks up their sleeves for you this challenge! You did really well keeping to your goals in the face of these obstacles. You adapted as necessary. Sounds like the things you spent money on were good investments, so have no regrets there. Congrats on keeping to meal plans as well as possible, basket weaving, and expanding your 3x20 goal. Quite admirable. Good luck as the war continues!
  4. Just caching up on your challenge. It's excellent your wife decided to join you for some body-weight sessions, and co-workers are getting into boxing with you. You're having a great effect on those around you, so bravo! The drinking goal is difficult. I agree with Kishi that you will have to feel out the right line between pushing yourself to reach your goal and easing up to make that goal attainable. In the meantime, you have to find that mindset of being kind to yourself while still holding yourself accountable. But it sounds like you have a healthy grip on that.
  5. So glad you got a day off, with all that's happening at work! I like your confidence. This IS great training for your boss' position if/when he leaves. All your work will pay off one way or another.
  6. I'm rocking the RH missions, Paleo goals, and Japanese study. I am NOT keeping up with job applications...I'm definitely avoiding them. Meditation is going okay, though I've missed a few days here and there. It isn't a part of my challenge, but I'm still enjoying aikido classes. I am a bumbling beginner, but the other folks are so nice, and I really like what I'm learning. I'm not a verbal learner, so picking up terms for techniques during class is extremely difficult for me. I have to do a lot of extra study on my own to learn the names for things. Rising Heroes has
  7. Park Ranger = Super Hero I just caught up on your whole flea saga! What an epic battle you are fighting! Never give up, never surrender. You will overcome those dirty little buggers. Good job on all you've been keeping up with, sounds like you are still dominating despite the setbacks. Keep up the good work!
  8. I've been completely remiss in updates this week, but here's a quick one, just to get me over the inertia of not posting for a while. RH missions going well: making the bed every morning; working out 3x/week (body weight); avoiding social media for 48hrs; practicing balancing on one foot every day; batch cooking. RH missions that are more difficult: Avoiding fast food. This week we're trying to stay away from any form of "fast food" altogether. I don't have any problem not eating out, but I'm a candy fiend. I tend to stop into gas stations and convenience stores for c
  9. And now you have opened my imagination up to the idea that there is a secret forum where the GL's gossip about guild members...like the teacher's lounge, where they talk about all the problem students. Of course, you could never admit to us that this is true...
  10. The encouragement is very much appreciated! Saturday went well in the Paleo department. When I was craving sweets in the evening, I ate a mango and it was heaven. Had a paleo lunch on Monday as well -- chicken stir fry leftovers. RH missions are on track! Working in a little elevation into the daily walks; keeping up with workouts. The positive posts on the Facebook (which end up DOMINATING my news feed as well, are tremendously inspiring. Applied to that job I mentioned before (not the most fun in the world, but it would be steady and good pay, and a pot
  11. Things are still going pretty well. Still getting in the daily mile-long walk. Did a workout yesterday. Keeping up with the other Rising Hero missions (and still having a lot of fun with that). Prepped some food for tomorrow, since my goal is to make ALL of tomorrow Paleo. I have breakfast and lunch ready to go, and cut up meat and veg to cook for dinner. Made sure I have fruit and nuts on hand for snacks. I think since it's just one isolated day, there will be a novelty effect and it won't seem like a chore to avoid other foods. Plus, dinner will be all unprocessed f
  12. I second this. Use the "never two in a row" rule and keep going. You got this.
  13. Just a quick check-in for today, as it's way past my bedtime. RH missions: Walked a mile; did a workout (the muscles are getting used to the new movements now); got rid of a dead plant that's been in my room taking up space forever. Checked in with my buddies and made some progress on a code we're supposed to be breaking. Japanese: Did just about 10 minutes of reviewing what I did yesterday. Got busy doing a lot of other stuff today, but I figure every bit helps. Meditated 5 minutes. The biggest accomplishment of the day: observed an Aikido c
  14. It was a pretty decent day. RH missions: walked a mile; made one meal with all unprocessed ingredients (veggie omelette, no cheese, + green salad with walnuts, and a banana -- and yes, this was dinner); picked one useless thing to get rid of in my house; and checked in with wing women. The omelette meal was also Paleo, so bonus points there (metaphorically--I'm not keeping points). Japanese: studied some hiragana, and 14 of the essential characters. This included the symbols for 1-10, which I kind of knew already, but I picked up this book from the library
  15. I bet that would be really helpful, but I'm one of the last weirdos out there without a smart phone (curse my stubbornness!). But I will look into computer applications for my PC. I've heard there are a few available. Thanks!
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