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  1. I figure I might as well post some (very approximate) measurements: Height: 5'10.5 Waist: 29.5" Love handles/low belly: 35.5" (I'd like to see this go down) Thigh: 21.75" Bicep: 10.5" (of flab - I'd like my arms to be leaner and stronger) Hips: 40.5" (I think I'd like this number to go up a bit)
  2. Wow - you're doing so well! Sorry to hear about the trouble at work; that kind of thing can be so draining/stressful. I hope your weekend is going well! Thanks for the encouragement you posted in my thread; it really helped.
  3. Awesome goals! It looks like you're really staying on top of things - way to go. Your food records are making me want some fruit...
  4. Hey, I stopped by here after reading your posts in my thread; it looks like we might be kindred spirits! I love your goals (I can see you've done this before - your goals make way more sense than mine). Also, we have similar measurements (me: height 5'10.5, waist 29.5, thigh 21.75, bicep 10.5, hips 40.5). And my boyfriend is an aspiring writer...maybe I should recruit him to join in next time. I think I'll be using your progress as inspiration, if that's alright with you.
  5. Thanks, guys! You've convinced me; today I dd my 15 mins of yoga/stretching, and now I'm munching on baby carrots. The yoga was quite difficult for me...if I can comfortably do all of the downward dogs in that 10 minute routine by the end of this challenge, I'll be very happy. I'm so weak and inflexible! Also, as I sit here, my resting heart rate is around 74 BPM. I'd like to see that go down to 70 (I think it used to hover around 60, back when I was relatively fit...). I hope you're all off to a better start!
  6. Hey! Nice to meet you two. This is harder than I thought it would be... Day 1: Weighed in at 145, ate at least three servings of vegetables. Didn't exercise (unless head-bobbing for four hours at a hip hop show counts), didn't play the guitar. Day 2: I don't think I even managed the vegetables. More head-bobbing at another hip hop show; no real exercise. Day 3: Another all-around failure, although I suppose I still have a few hours to go... I'm tempted to give up since I've "already failed", but I'm going to see if I can get on track.
  7. Hello! I'm planning on doing yoga, too, and I'm also going to be traveling during week two! Perhaps we can check in with each other to make sure we're staying on track while we're away from home.
  8. Hello! I'm going the "baby steps" route, too. I love your back walkover goal...I might have to steal that one for the next challenge.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm new here. I just stumbled across this challenge while googling fitness-related things (which I tend to do whenever I feel like I should do something for my health, because researching is easier than exercising); since the timing is perfect, I figure I might as well give it a shot. About me: 26, vegetarian, grad student, tall, relatively slim but in terrible shape. Nerd at heart, if not in habit. My goals: 1. Go to at least 12 fitness classes (mostly barre and hot yoga) over the next 6 weeks. Ideally I'd like to go to two per week, but I know I won't be able to go
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