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  1. Do them all the time- as many times as you can in a day- "Grease the groove" is the technique and it's VERY helpful. Doing negatives (get to above the bar- and lower yourself down as slowly as possible. Lat pull downs/Rows/DB Rows/BB rows- all very helpful for training "pull" muscles without actually doing pull ups.
  2. i dont agree with your content and i think you need to stop please or else i will be mildly dissapointed.

    Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 2.56.24 PM.png

  3. I don't squat well until after I start my first working squats. if you were to watch me squat the bar- and my first two warm up weights- you'd think I had no idea what I was doing (well I mean people could think that after I started squatting as well) but the reality is I just am to much *everything* tight- stiff- pain- floppy- my body just isn't ready. I'm on my toes- I can't get to parallel- nothing is where it's supposed to be and I can't hold myself hardly up right. It's just not.pretty. So I do a 3-5 min jump rope. Bar work full moblity stretch warm up weight more stretch First set- which is still warm up weight. By the time I get passed the second warm up weight- I'm usually squatting significantly better. Keep in mind- every day you have to ask yourself- what body did I wake up with today? Because you may be more flexible- or less today than you were yesterday. You maybe stronger today- or less than you were yesterday. Every day it's different. Go in and do your best- but allow your body to have some wiggle room and listen to it.
  4. I'd like to point out because the bar is ... just the bar- you are super loosey goosey. I find I have poor control and am floppy with no weight because I have no motivation or inclination to be tight- I just tend to think *squat* not- keep tight- keep this- breath- brace etc etc. it's just not as "good" of a squat- and it causes it's own set of problems- it's like trying to do a KB swing with 5 pounds- it just... doens't work as well. Once you get past basic mechanics- having a working weight- even a light working weight is useful for helping mentally keep you engaged. I suspect as soon as you put some weight on the bar- you'll figure out and self correct very quickly how to do them without rolling the bar forward. More practice- it'll get better. PS- when did this become a "zombie" squat- I've been doing them for years and they never had a special name.
  5. I'm so not even entering- I've completely back slide- I'm crushed. 225 squat and 275 DL. pissed and upset doesn't even begin to cover it. I couldn't bench- not enough time and I probably would have dropped it on my head anyway because I sucked. Not a good night.
  6. this is exactly what I was going to say- and dips. Also if you're having some fear about the weight- perhaps benching in the power cage will give you some freedom in terms of mental stability and also not having to harass everyone around you for a spot when you are feeling uncomfortable. I work alone and I sometimes know that my 6 sets of 3 at higher percentages can smoke me - a wrong lift all can cause me to fail and it can be hard to ask for help- THAT many times.
  7. Oh- this may actually fall perfectly with the end of my program. herm- needs to go look at my book. woot woot
  8. NICE!!! lots of pictures!!! YOU SHOULD TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!
  9. I do get extremely cranky- and I have found I am extremely hungry- but I am pretty on point with food- I don't think 2-3 days of "an extra hundred or so" that your body needs is justification for over eating- so I don't do it. I do eat more chocolate- but I make sure it fits in my calorie content for the day.
  10. I saw you posted on FB_ I love it!!!! GREAT JOB I'm assuming practice for halloween??
  11. Just wanted to pop in and say NYX new glam singles are AMAZING. And bH cosmetics is a great company I just ordered from, LOVE their pop art and seductive brush kits (i got one as a gift b/c they messed up my order so they let me keep it- winning- more brushes) also Coastal Scents Reveled 2 pallete is fantabulous- and their poofy blender brush that is a MAC 217 dupe isn't to shabby either. Plus they do some sort of help women from Africa program- I haven't read up on it to really support it- but they sent a thing with the order- it's pretty much ever order you order they help set a woman up to fun her own business, little sad their make up is made in China- but I kind of can't help myself. So anyway- any one got new goodies to share? I just picked up Maybelline Fit Me color sticks- I'm MEH about them right now- everyone swears by them but meeeehhhhhhhhh. jury is still out. The duo fiber brush from Real techniques- the big one- is AMAZING with creme shadows- seriously- I'm obsessed. I think that's all I got right now- I should load some pictures and share- LOL I've acquired a lot of make up int he last 2-3 months!!! Feel remiss i haven't posted up for you all!
  12. this is my only thing to comment on really. you NEED rest days- maybe not right now- but at some point you will- either you're going to get a little burnt OR- you're going to start stalling on your strength gains. I would say keep it up as long as you feel okay- but if you start dragging serious ass- then cut the cardio down. I'd drop the cardio on weight days to-- but that's my personal preference.
  13. yes!!! I have a hard time understanding people who say they are bored with their program- I do the SAME three lifts EVERY time I go to the gym- it's either Bench and Squats or Deadlifts and Benching (seriously- M and F are Either Squat Bench Squat or Bench Squat Bench Squat- Wed is Pause DL, Bench- and box DL's). I STILL get excited to go lift. It's TOTALLY normal- And awesome. Enjoy it!!!And good luck with the lifting!
  14. It can and will- but it's not a full blown requirement- I've NEVER barked my shins bad enough to make me bleed- or even give me a second though. You can always video and double check yourself- I video once a week or so- it's useful to get your own eyes on it for instant feed back.
  15. Hia.Puckster!!!! I miss you!!!!.. I don't have access at work- and on my phone it's really hard to post- so I flit in and out- I feel bad- because well- I miss you guys!!! yes- takes work- and proper muscle initiation. FITS- all things to think about. Flexibility Initiation Tension Strength You're pull ups will come back- more practice- it's totally possible. Nameless wonder- can you jump and reach??? If i can't do any pull ups- or I"m out of gas- I'll put my feet up on a thing so at a park- put your feet up on the other side of the ladder- you'll be doing incline rows or reverse pull ups. (you'll see people do them on the smith machine occasionally- but i'ts a good way to keep working your back without actually doing pull ups!
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