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  1. Do them all the time- as many times as you can in a day- "Grease the groove" is the technique and it's VERY helpful. Doing negatives (get to above the bar- and lower yourself down as slowly as possible. Lat pull downs/Rows/DB Rows/BB rows- all very helpful for training "pull" muscles without actually doing pull ups.
  2. I don't squat well until after I start my first working squats. if you were to watch me squat the bar- and my first two warm up weights- you'd think I had no idea what I was doing (well I mean people could think that after I started squatting as well) but the reality is I just am to much *everything* tight- stiff- pain- floppy- my body just isn't ready. I'm on my toes- I can't get to parallel- nothing is where it's supposed to be and I can't hold myself hardly up right. It's just not.pretty. So I do a 3-5 min jump rope. Bar work full moblity stretch warm up weight more stretch First set- which is still warm up weight. By the time I get passed the second warm up weight- I'm usually squatting significantly better. Keep in mind- every day you have to ask yourself- what body did I wake up with today? Because you may be more flexible- or less today than you were yesterday. You maybe stronger today- or less than you were yesterday. Every day it's different. Go in and do your best- but allow your body to have some wiggle room and listen to it.
  3. I'd like to point out because the bar is ... just the bar- you are super loosey goosey. I find I have poor control and am floppy with no weight because I have no motivation or inclination to be tight- I just tend to think *squat* not- keep tight- keep this- breath- brace etc etc. it's just not as "good" of a squat- and it causes it's own set of problems- it's like trying to do a KB swing with 5 pounds- it just... doens't work as well. Once you get past basic mechanics- having a working weight- even a light working weight is useful for helping mentally keep you engaged. I suspect as soon as you put some weight on the bar- you'll figure out and self correct very quickly how to do them without rolling the bar forward. More practice- it'll get better. PS- when did this become a "zombie" squat- I've been doing them for years and they never had a special name.
  4. I'm so not even entering- I've completely back slide- I'm crushed. 225 squat and 275 DL. pissed and upset doesn't even begin to cover it. I couldn't bench- not enough time and I probably would have dropped it on my head anyway because I sucked. Not a good night.
  5. this is exactly what I was going to say- and dips. Also if you're having some fear about the weight- perhaps benching in the power cage will give you some freedom in terms of mental stability and also not having to harass everyone around you for a spot when you are feeling uncomfortable. I work alone and I sometimes know that my 6 sets of 3 at higher percentages can smoke me - a wrong lift all can cause me to fail and it can be hard to ask for help- THAT many times.
  6. Oh- this may actually fall perfectly with the end of my program. herm- needs to go look at my book. woot woot
  7. NICE!!! lots of pictures!!! YOU SHOULD TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!
  8. I do get extremely cranky- and I have found I am extremely hungry- but I am pretty on point with food- I don't think 2-3 days of "an extra hundred or so" that your body needs is justification for over eating- so I don't do it. I do eat more chocolate- but I make sure it fits in my calorie content for the day.
  9. I saw you posted on FB_ I love it!!!! GREAT JOB I'm assuming practice for halloween??
  10. Just wanted to pop in and say NYX new glam singles are AMAZING. And bH cosmetics is a great company I just ordered from, LOVE their pop art and seductive brush kits (i got one as a gift b/c they messed up my order so they let me keep it- winning- more brushes) also Coastal Scents Reveled 2 pallete is fantabulous- and their poofy blender brush that is a MAC 217 dupe isn't to shabby either. Plus they do some sort of help women from Africa program- I haven't read up on it to really support it- but they sent a thing with the order- it's pretty much ever order you order they help set a woman up to fun her own business, little sad their make up is made in China- but I kind of can't help myself. So anyway- any one got new goodies to share? I just picked up Maybelline Fit Me color sticks- I'm MEH about them right now- everyone swears by them but meeeehhhhhhhhh. jury is still out. The duo fiber brush from Real techniques- the big one- is AMAZING with creme shadows- seriously- I'm obsessed. I think that's all I got right now- I should load some pictures and share- LOL I've acquired a lot of make up int he last 2-3 months!!! Feel remiss i haven't posted up for you all!
  11. this is my only thing to comment on really. you NEED rest days- maybe not right now- but at some point you will- either you're going to get a little burnt OR- you're going to start stalling on your strength gains. I would say keep it up as long as you feel okay- but if you start dragging serious ass- then cut the cardio down. I'd drop the cardio on weight days to-- but that's my personal preference.
  12. yes!!! I have a hard time understanding people who say they are bored with their program- I do the SAME three lifts EVERY time I go to the gym- it's either Bench and Squats or Deadlifts and Benching (seriously- M and F are Either Squat Bench Squat or Bench Squat Bench Squat- Wed is Pause DL, Bench- and box DL's). I STILL get excited to go lift. It's TOTALLY normal- And awesome. Enjoy it!!!And good luck with the lifting!
  13. It can and will- but it's not a full blown requirement- I've NEVER barked my shins bad enough to make me bleed- or even give me a second though. You can always video and double check yourself- I video once a week or so- it's useful to get your own eyes on it for instant feed back.
  14. Hia.Puckster!!!! I miss you!!!!.. I don't have access at work- and on my phone it's really hard to post- so I flit in and out- I feel bad- because well- I miss you guys!!! yes- takes work- and proper muscle initiation. FITS- all things to think about. Flexibility Initiation Tension Strength You're pull ups will come back- more practice- it's totally possible. Nameless wonder- can you jump and reach??? If i can't do any pull ups- or I"m out of gas- I'll put my feet up on a thing so at a park- put your feet up on the other side of the ladder- you'll be doing incline rows or reverse pull ups. (you'll see people do them on the smith machine occasionally- but i'ts a good way to keep working your back without actually doing pull ups!
  15. was just having a ahem... disagreement about women at the gym with make up on another board... had these lying around so I finally uploaded to photobucket. 2 hours of powerlifting later- it's not perfect but it is a far cry from "sliding down my face" And I want to say that's light coverage foundation with some contouring on top.... i.e. not all eye shadow make up.
  16. Do you have a park you can practice in? A week won't set you back to far honestly- but if you can get into a park it'll help your mind set and your work!
  17. can vouch- have seen. I actually don't lift well to heavy thrasher metal music- I get to distracted I don't do well with the hype thy self up bit. I just go do the lift. So I have started to move away from music that makes me do that.
  18. LOL if you can drop a duece- you can squat. don't over think it. Just keep working it and get better LOL
  19. but they are low calorie brownie and avacado brownies!
  20. I hate when people say that "girls can't do....." why... why do you have to say it like that? Can't you say man it would be cool if you did- I've never seen a girl do that before. They aren't meaning usually to be insulting because usually it's because they just haven't seen a woman do it- but the idea is that you CAN"T.... rather than no one has never tried or they just haven't seen it... and they could say why don't you try to learn. makes me crasy. Seriously. little bit crazy. Sophia Crawford video's were awesome- thanks for sharing those Kaylyla!!!
  21. one of the comments- hysterical. I kind of love it. Agreed- article slamming her is bogus and rubbish. Women can't win these days.
  22. LOL i'ts a good list of stuff- she's not half bad. I have no issue with the video or work other than the WOMAN thing. just a pet peeve. She's okay- it's a good list- not sure how "back to back" they did it to account for some of the half reps- but no question she's done some solid work- I like the variations. I always like variations- they are what make HIIT for me so fun LOL
  23. I really wish fitness professionals would stop adding "for women" it's perpetuating the myth that women and men need different work.
  24. It's not that big of a crisis- it's essentially doing a deficit lift- as long as you aren't going crazy with speed- just do the best you can to get up to 135 or use the steppers/risers. Or you can work off the pins/power cage at lowest setting. That gets you the bulk of the work you need.
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