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  1. All about the bass is a chart topper for me right now. Partition by Beyonce. Otherwise- all the typical heavy metal- or eminiem stuff. I'm not picky- solid beat is all I require!
  2. I used it because it's what I had... worked well enough for me- I can't imagine what it was actually doing to my face LOL. Some truth in the right of passage- also I'm pretty sure hair that's been braided way to tight is on the list LOL
  3. You're lats and rhomboids need to be stronger so you don't lose the socket. Keep the shoulders 'packed' Keep working on the negatives. I think it has less to do with natural anatomy and more to do with back strength- my arms 'fall out' too- but I just got stronger so I keep myself from falling out of that. If you can use a chair- or steppers- or another piece of equipment to help with your feet- or use the smith machine for inverted rows- that's all going to help you get a feel for that and really move forward.
  4. LOL I have used that too- the hairspray to the face- thought I was the only one LMFAO. So glad they have branched out for lower end but quality face fixers. The NYX one works very well- but my friends swears by the MAC one - I think UD has a good one too. Hairspray to the face is so icky LOL- glad I got to move on!
  5. No style recommends straight leg shimmy's- that's bad dance posture.
  6. have you tried top lashes only with the macara? I have mixed feelings about Goss- his powder setting method makes me crazy- (not the listed above video- the one with the press and roll method) BUT- I am curious about the silicone base- I picked up the NYX silicone powder and it mostly just gets everywhere, including my lungs and not on my face- I kind of haven't really mastered it yet- I use a much coarser mill for my setting powder. I have heard Benefit's new gel pen forever whatever it's called is AHMAZING- I don't buy their products but I have read reviews that it's pretty much a god send. I concur with Lammis about powder even over the BB cream. I almost always use powder to set. and depending on my day, where i'm headed, how much I over did it in the bathroom on make up and how much working out- will depend on the setting spray. the NYX one is like 5-6 bucks at ULTA_ totally worth picking up- I only grabbed the matte one- but I use it regularly. great stuff. I can post a picture from last week- full face make up- heavy foundation and powders- heavy workout- dripping sweat- still felt good walking out in public then home to my BF without touch ups. Perfect? nope- but it was far from a wash down my face. It's possible- even with dripping sweat- you can do it. You might need to trade up BB creams- they are NOT all made alike. I've pretty much settled on Maybelline- it's the 3rd or 4th I've tried (it was the first I tried many moons ago when BB cream came out)... it's liquid ENOUGH without being running- I find it perfect for my skin (fair and ruddy)- so play around with those too- I know it takes like 6 months to go through a tube- but if the one isn't doing it for you- get a coupon and try another one!!!
  7. Good job on step one!!! Next step: Educate yourself!!! Once you know what you are doing- and you are sure of that- it becomes significantly easier to walk in and do the thing. You'll be okay- and then you realize people look at you because youre new- but that goes away because no one really cares- it may feel like everyone is staring- but they aren't I promise. try starting strength strong lifts new rules of lifting or even strong curves. great places to start reading and learn learn learn!!! Good luck!
  8. Mk. Try a primer- esp for your eyes- really holds stuff together- I have an actual primer- but I mostly use Maybelline Color Tattoo paint pot things- they are amazing. Try a different eyeliner- I have some that don't straight up run- but I do look a little raccoonish by the time I'm done. Also you can try a setting spray- less like hair spray- but does a good job also of holding things together.
  9. Getting up and over to the bar matters significantly more than pulling from a dead hang. Get to the point where you can do a dead hang- and then work on getting your chest to the bar- not your head.
  10. I wear make up all the time- like- way more than I should. And I have no beef with make up wearing whilst at the gym- I'm also a performer- so my make up MUST hold up to sweaty performances. (It's a personal pet peeve when people say "oh girls wearing make up at the gym aren't working hard" bitch please- you have no idea and it doesn't bother you AT ALL so step off) Tell us about what products you use- and how you apply them- you can be specific, name, brands and types are useful. How do you put them on? what order? That's all step one. Step two- DON"T TOUCH YOUR FACE. that will save you quiet a bit. But tell us about the first part.... jo the self admitted make up junkie.
  11. I don't think you need to correct them. There are multiple ways of doing it. Neither is right or wrong- they are end goals and what do you want out of your dance. It's a tool. Suhaila's method gives you a lot of freedom- but a lot of people prefer a specific look. That is fine. they are not "wrong" but they do miss out on some other fun things you can do because if you learn doing it only the way to get a specific look then it limits you in your ability to layer. But it's dance. It's hard. There is not a wrong way unless you're doing it in a way to significantly injury yourself. On that note- damn we got a lot of bellydancers in this joint- makes me happy- maybe we should start a bellydancer thread LOL
  12. Jesus christ that was difficult. I didn't even make it 4.5 minutes in- and I was skipping. All I heard was bla bla bla bla get to the point. I can't stand videos where people ramble and never get to the effing point. I hope he is one of those people who walks up to people mid set and is like- you know that's bad for you right? Because that shit... makes me really happy. Really. Happy. I have a little internal mental video of seeing how that would go in my world. LULZ. I was amused.
  13. Well. What type of program are you on? What are your specific goals. And you can scratch getting hooouuuuuge off the list- it's laughable hard to get big- I've been trying- still not that big. Getting bigger- muscle SIZE requires months(usually years and years for women) of cycling and highly monitored/regulated diet with of progressive lifting with a calorie surplus. The program should give you an idea- and usually start with just the bar. Otherwise this is the test I use- walk to the rack- select a weight Can you move the weight off the rack? If no- it's too heavy- select another weight and start at step one again. If yes- pick it up. Can you lift the weight for one solid rep without struggling and losing all semblance of form?? If no- then it's too heavy If yes- do your rep sets Can you lift the weight 10 or more times? If no- then it's probably a good weight If yes- it's way to light. Lather rinse repeat.
  14. welp- that sounds like a really good way to kind of mess your shoulders up AND take forever to get to your pull ups. Pull ups are difficult to train because people (women especedially unfortunately) have a VERY difficult time identifying WHERE they need to be pulling to and what muscles specifically they need to use- the feel for it gets lost- a lot. And using a pull up machine is the least efficient way to do it. I would definitely suggest doing some of the following > Lat pull downs > DB/BB Rows > Assisted Band pull ups > Inverted Rows >Assisted pull ups (use a chair- put it in front of you- and allow your legs to help you) > Use a friend- let them hold your feet- or waist- get you to the top- and you slowly lower yourself down for negatives. Negatives are great- but- I use them a lot. But the trick is you ahve to GET yourself up there: chair- friend- band- you're food. This is why inverted rows/pull ups work so well. Just struggling at the bottom to try to pull yourself up is just going to take an insurmountable amount of time to train anything. I'm going to say it's a bit like training the plank to try to do a push ups- sure the starting positions are the same but you're just never going to get there without the range of motion with the muscles and you use a lot- so there are a ton of ways to get yourself there. Here's how I set it up at my gym when I have to do a lot of pull ups and I KNOW I won't be able to do all of them.
  15. Also. As annoying and patronizing as it is- do what Herminone said. Smile- say thanks and move on with your business. I've been lifting for almost 2 decades (god I had to think about that and holy crap I was shocked) regardless- anyway-they make comments- or feel it's relevant to give you a thumbs up- pat on the back. They don't realize if it happens weekly how effing annoying it is. So yeah- smile and nod- they just don't know. It's good- I mean it is- but it does get old- don't get annoyed with it. They compliment you on your form- and tell you good job for really lifting- or whatever. Just get used to it- and just learn to say smile and thanks. It's not ment to be patronizing. (they don't know it is- and you'll just come off as uber bitchy if you treat it like that) Only be an uber bitch if they are REALLY actually being uber patronizing on purpose. Aint nobody got time for that.
  16. Everyone has an akward moment at the gym. Seriously. It happens. Don't think of yourself as a nerdy girl in the jock gym. You're a person- going to work out. Training to be fabulous. Period. There is no "girl equipment". there is no "girl workout" there are no "men workouts" or men equipment. Good place to start with your education are starting strenght, strong lifts, new rules of lifting(for women- doesn't matter which one really) or strong curves even. Much less BS you have to filter through- they are great beginner programs. Educate yourself- that's the only way you'll get comfortable- by being comfortable and 100% certain of what you are doing. You an do it!!!
  17. What over all program are you on? Are you doing a "bro split" or a full compound whole body type lifting program? And is it flat out your tricep or are you having elbow issues with the tendon leading into the tricep?
  18. Ulta's self sharpening (i hate that they call them that because they don't self sharpen- they are more like mechacnial pencisl- but what do I know) Anyway- they are a 1$ a piece... so... obviously a must. I got a new Rimmel Matte foundation- the one I have is WAY to light- and I don't hate the formula- it's heavy- but good if you are good with a brush and perfect for working contour blending stuff since it's unquestionably stiffer. I also got creme blush by NYX- i REALLY didn't want it, because it's creme. But- I'm obsessed with oranges- and I needed an orange. They didn't have any of the pressed powders- so my first creme blush is in my hands- unfortunately- we have a date night- and I'm already done up (looks fab) so I can't try it till late tonight- OR tomorrow. Hurumph. maybe more pictures are needed!!!!
  19. Depends largely on goals. I did my first bulk I think I was still solidly in my 20's for BF- but my goal included a specific strength gain of wanting to pull 300 pounds for DL- so I chose to opt for a bulk. it had absolutely jack all to do with my bodyfat. I lean toward the camp that I don't think anything over 25/30% is a great place to start- it's hard for women sometimes to shake the weight- but if you have a goal- meh- go for it. I think the 15-20% range is a good place to start for a bulk- but there is no "right" answer as to when you want to bulk.
  20. are you coming to a COMPLETELY inactive dead hang- like you feel like your shoulder is "out of socket"? typically you don't want that- you want it to stay packed into your back- so that maybe causing you some discomfort. Are you using any other training methods to help- or just pure- I'm going to hang here and keep training this pull up from the dead hang?
  21. Body weight squat =/= squatting your body weight. Usually it's fairly one clear which one someone doing because they say... I do bw squats before breakfast..Or I do 100 bw squats. Verses someone who says I'm squatting 1.75bw But yes. It can be a bit confusing.
  22. I do not motivate myself to go. If it's monday- and it's lift day- I go to the gym. Don't make it about motivation- or feelings. Just go do the thing you are supposed to do. Yes you will feel better- odds that you have a pretty good work out are high- so there are lovely benefits. But its' not about "just doing a workout". It's getting your training in. Go. Do the thing you need to do. In which case- Vag up- and go do it. If Im' really not moving- I'm very fond of DOING something a little bit shocking- like sitting at the computer having a hard time getting off my duff- I yell at myself ALRIGHTYOULAZYMOTHERFUCKERGETOFFYOURFATUSELESSASSANDGODOTHETHINGYOUPLANNEDTODO. maybe some burpees- but just sitting never works- there has to be a thing you initiate- but usualy it's "It's monday- time to go lift" glad you got moving and made it though!!!
  23. People are afraid of a failed lift. And while I typically don't advocate training to failure consistently- KNOWING how to fail a lift is vital. Even with the bar or light weights- you should practice and learn.
  24. Bulking as a woman is laughable difficult. So much so it's all I can do when people ask "will I get bulky doing this" It took me 6 months to put on 15 pounds of PURPOSEFUL weight-busting my ass and eating everything I could get my hands on and I suspect 10 of that was fat- maybe 5 was muscle. And even then- it wasn't ENOUGH- I should have been eating more. You will see water retention or some minor fluffiness as you lift- it's normal- but it's not bulk. I'm a stocky person to- despite being 5'8"I have had big fat legs since the start of college and broad strong shoulders/back. Training has made them a little bigger- and more defined- but I didn't turn into she hulk. Stay on the calorie deficit- and keep lifting your shit.
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