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  1. mhmmm it's a SERIOUS issue. People assume it's not a thing because it gets swept under the rug. It's a serious form of manipulative abuse. OP I would highly suggest you get comfortable with the phrase "how is that helpful to the situation?" "How is that supportive to me- the person you said you loved" People do NOT realize how damaging that behavior can be. Please get help- even self help. So you are armed and aware.
  2. I think the belting up and not taking it off has to do with bracing and abs and what not- but Shrug- I didn't do the research on it- I was taking advice from world class lifters and took them at their word. I know the guys at my gym once they typically belt up and then don't unbelt. I don't' know- Like I said I can only hazard a guess- while I can't imagine there being any huge downside- and it being the ONLY way to do it. But I can see the logic in it- only you the user can find out what works best for you. As for breathing- I found the belt helped me really get consistent with it. I wouldn't say it's different but I now do it better.l There is no question- I got all the way up to body weight plus without a belt- but once I started using a belt- my bracing and how to manipulate breath with that became a set thing. Now I don't do anything different - between belt and none belt- but I know the way I was breathing before- wasn't bad- but it wasn't the most efficient- holding your breath for a rep isn't' the same as taking a breath and bracing. A belt really sorted that out for me. So cline's right- it's not different- but you may learn you change how you do it so it is uniform. Good luck!!! oh- and make sure you empty your bladder- and wear good underwear- the first time I did a really heavy squat with a belt I piddled myself. It happens- totally normal- but just something to be aware of so it doesn't surprise you. If you wind up competing- bring your piose pads.
  3. well- as usual my answer will be "depends on your goals" Because it's going to wear you out- and it will affect you at some point. The idea of doing ANYTHING between my sets currently makes me want to pass out- there is no way I would be doing them. But I have a specific training program for a specific training goal- so I don't want to jeopardize that. But if you have no specific training goals/dead lines- and you can eat some performance loss- go for it.
  4. wow glad you're safe!!! Almost everything has been answered. But I wanted to make a few things clear. Getting stronger doesn't mean building muscle in size. You can get stronger without getting bigger- this is why you will continue to lose weight on a deficit and not get bulky. You may some water retention and what is essentially muscle swelling but it's not bulking. True bulking for a woman is incredibly hard and takes persistent patient and somewhat mentally taxing work. Secondly- I feel for you with the issue of your husband. Slightly different thread topic- but I want to address it regardless. Him mocking you for training- and then saying- I'm only kidding- or I thought you were tougher than that- it's called gaslighting- it's horribly manipulative and it's one of the worst ways to cut someone down. It degrades you - makes you doubt yourself- and it makes you place fake trust in the person you should really trust. I would under no circumstances leave that be. I would address it- it's completely inappropriate for a mate to not be supportive- he may not understand- but if you have solid evidence and research- and he wants to DISCUSS it with you- that's one thing- but he he is being hurtful and manipulative. And The next time I would look at him and say "how is that helpful to me? youre wife- whom you are supposed to love and support? Because it mostly feels like you're trying to tear me down. And no it's not a joke because you wouldn't keep bringing it up if it was. It's hurtful and not helpful." Or some such. Anyway- sorry. Little much for a Saturday mroning I'm sure. Either way- keep working- the only way to get stronger is keep training. You're going to be awesome- you've already started down a kick ass path- don't let anyone stop you.
  5. playing soccer is going to make you more bottom heavy anyway- there is a "soccer look" I have people walk up to me an ask me if I still play soccer. it's a butt and quad heavy look. It happens. Doing a full body compound lifting routine will be great for you in general- most of them lean heavily on squats and dead lifts. You're lower body natural makes up over 50% of your frame - so it gets a lot of work naturally from a program with squats/deads in it.
  6. ^^ heard that was a vet who was recovering from being in a wheel chair. I'm doubious- but- it makes me think twice about assuming the guy just skips leg day. But yes- you can. You can indeed spot "sculpt" or build. BBers do it all the time.
  7. not for nothing- but bulking/cutting for women is pretty much the same for men. Just the numbers are different. Everyone is a little different- you just have to tinker and tinker to get exactly what you want. calorie deficit for cut. then bulk for size. then cut again.
  8. belt's are fine. They help you brace- they help you move more weight. they are not a crutch. I got a harbringer one for women- it's 4" tapered- I regret getting the taper- I wish I had gotten 4" solid all the way around- I use it on my mid section better. But only you will know that. See if you can try some out before you buy- it'll help. I didn't realize how much I WASN"T properly bracing without the belt. Now I use the belt for all but my last heavy sets when I am struggling to keep my abs tension ed. Side note- wear panties- or a pad- first time I belted up and actually pushed out reps on a heavy squat a piddled myself. It happens. I have strong abs- so it isn't about weak abs- it was more about lack of awareness on bracing- my abs go first- my chest dips- so I use the belt to brace on those heavy sets- and I pull it out as soon as I get shakey up top and there is a specific type of shakey I can feel when it happens. Mine was aabout 175/185... now I can do the 185 without it- but 2 months ago I was using it for that. Also once you belt up for a set- don't squat without it again that session- even if you go down in weight. I only can hazard a guess as to why that is... but I was told by a world class professional to do that- so I do it.
  9. my thoughts exactly. diet for weight loss. workout for optimizing fat loss and for general health and well being.
  10. I do it anyway. Monday is lift day. So I go lift. It has about zero to do with emotion- drive- want- feelings. It's all about showing up and doing the damn thing. Usually once I get warmed up I'm all about it- but taking that first step is torture- and I LOVE lifting- but sometimes it's like that. Make it an appointment- show and do the thing. And if all else fails- watch you're favorite lifer getting it in- you tube is a god send.
  11. Yeah- some of them are AWESOME and some really suck. The problem with the 99 cent ones is that it seems like the quality is not consistent. but they are good because you can practice with different colors- which is great.
  12. practice practice practice!!! I swear- it will make a huge difference for you!!! and play with a variety of media- I like the self sharpening pencils (they aren'mt self sharpening- they just twist out- but whatever- that's what they are called) and gel liner best- third and fourth choices are pencils followed by liquid. I love the staying power of liquid- but they are harder for me to apply (not enough practice) and they sting so bad if I get them anywhere in my eye and then my eye waters and then it's just a big effing mess. So yes- play with different media- will help you figure out what's going to work for you!!! I have had my fair share of sharpie days- believe you me!!
  13. no question. I love that you always are willing to include that in your advice- here and MFP. it's nice to know you know both sides. I honestly for me was surprised- despite all my dance- and the fact if I flex its' no question a firm surface of abs- that's my weak point on squats- that and I really was not having a better idea of how to properly brace- both of which can/were solved with more direct core work.
  14. love the guy 'mirin your dead lift. which I was too- although- little sexual harassment too- dat ass for those squats. I fourth/fifth the other guys. If that was the case I would have throw in my numbers... I like honesty of the fact this is a competition that you enter and specifically test for. Love Spezzy- but if she wanted it- she could have. she's got it anyway. maybe next meet for us!!
  15. when you say no- you risk a negative reaction. It's frequent that when a woman rejects a man- instead of just taking it as a none personal rejection- they take it extremely personally and get violetn- bitter and hostile- this is why it's not uncommon for men to get rejected and immediate spit BITCH- LESBIAN- WHORE at said woman... when all she said was no. It happens. So instead of not responding- or kind of just sort of saying no- they skirt the issue entirely- both have potentially devastating consequences- and that's bad- a no should be just a no. otherwise it gets to be a"she was a leading me on so she deserved it... and so forth and so on. I find no- to be a much better answer- but I have always done better with being a slightly more aggressive person- some people aren't willing to take that road. Actually- I politely told someone he was wrong for saying highly inappropriate things about a person he did not know personally and the guy lashed out violent- with extremely verbally abusive and insulting language. He 100% had no intellectual response to me what so ever. And then he called me an uppity white bitch who believed in white privileged (mind you I was the one saying a black Annie was perfectly acceptable and he was crying that it was wrong and would never let his daughters see such trashy filth). I'm quiet positive he felt he could speak to me that way because I was a woman who wasn't agreeing with him. The scandal!!! absolutely could not come back to me with a legitimate conversation without a violent response- it was so over the top it was comical. has anyone posted the article about a gentlemans guide to rape culture?? It's pretty interesting read... for a man or a woman. Flip side- someone wrote an article titled "let's talk about the rape scene in Malificence" Seriously- there is plenty of hate and prejudice out there- people being groped and felt up and harassed or abused daily- let's not make up rape scense that aren't there. I believe the war on women exists- and I believe we still live in a male dominated world- but I'd like to be as focused on what's going on in the here and now and not reading it into every act ever happening. There has to be a balance.
  16. Omg- I lift alone and I rarely look at my face but I know it's pretty ... well. special. these are hysterical though- I can't imagine my red and especially veining self look nearly this awesome or epic. Congrats on the lifts- and the collage- that's priceless!!!
  17. the team has already competed- most of them are fairly well off for competing- the other girl said it was because the manager/team leader type figure has been busier training clients than himself so he feels unprepared. So if it was an individual - I would agree- but that doesn't make sense in this case (or least not my initial thought on it) And I agree- I dislike the idea of excusing myself out of it. I'm personally annoyed by this- I started a specific peaking program for the June 8th meet and had to abandon ship- don't tell people you are going to do something and then change- it fucks with their programming. Magic 8 ball says I'm going to rest this week- test myself this weekend- and then start a second round of Sheiko in preparation for the July 27th meet in Philly. I'll go on my own- if I had to wait for someone to do shit with me every time I wanted to do something- I'd NEVER get my life lived!!! I have big plans that require saving several grand for next year- I can't keep dicking around with this- I want to do it and put it under my belt. I have a lot of interests but 2015 is going to be very narrow focus. I won't have time/resources for competing- so I've put all this time in over the winter and spring- would like to see it through and then just lift for maintance and no generic goal other than to support my dancing. Yes- I will keep you all posted. It will- I suspect for the time being- be my only meet- but I would still like to do it since the work I've put in!!! no sense not to!!!
  18. thank you I was also surprised!! Am glad I bothered to look!! it does look more comfie doesn't it- plus the purple pants- come one- we all love purplse pants!!! Yeppers- happy to have made progress even if it wasn't in numbers! Thanks!!! Hoping this will carry me to at least a 225 squat this summer for a meet! We'll see- I'm pretesting this week after a few days rest!!! Did a LOT of squatting this winter!!! LOL
  19. was supposed to be this weekend actually- then the gym/team wanted to do the July one- now they are saying they want to do the November one. I'm thinking I'll tell them to eff off and I'm going to do the July one by myself. I don't have time to be flip flopping peaking programs- not good.
  20. LOL- yeah. it's making me a little crazy. I'm on a path and not willing to change currently b/c of potential competitions. I'll be looking at changing in the fall
  21. Waldo does body weight work- last I heard it was shrimp squats LOL but I know he's extremely proficient at pistol squats as well. I would agree with him though- I have very strong abs- and I laid off doing ab work for a while- and it was a mistake. The other issue with this mentality is that you can have strong abs- and not know how to fire them to brace properly- doing more ab work- will only help with that. There is no good reason to NOT do abs... but beltless front squats certainly are a nice addition to the "works abs more" group LOL
  22. I've never done a specific programs till this past winter and this year... I'm on my second course with Sheiko- I honestly find it a bit dull- it's a lot of work- and it's very time consuming. I know my lifts have gone up but mentally is very difficult for me to not be adding weight more frequently to my lifts. They are all very fixed in terms of percentages- but the work is definitely solid and I can tell it's impacting my body I hate benching- and right now- I'm benching THREE times a week- to me that's just really annoying. But everyone swears it's a great program. Shrug- I think I'll give it another rotation or two and see how it goes before I try another program- I like doing accessory work honestly- the fact this program has no back work makes me bonkers too.
  23. I thought this was interesting side by side comparison to share. this is only a year development and is less about strength as well- but thought it fit into the spirit of the thread. I don't think I ever had really bad squats. - but I've spent a lot of time really working mobility and trying to get some where with it- and in the past year I haven't really truly pushed my weight up a substantial bit- I've upped my comfort zone by only 20-30 pounds-my 1 rep max is a solid in the 200 digits but it isn't super high- 185 has always felt heavy for me- but now it's feeling more and more comfortable so I was feeling saucy and thought I'd take a video to see- I think the work I have done shows on how much more solid my body looks in terms of movement. This was April 2013 June 6 2014- last night- my last set from a 6 x 3 grouping of 175
  24. hey cool. I've never seen a woman do that (not that it isn't possible) all the people who do capoeria by us are all men. good shit. Totally different feel from the men's!! I love it.
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