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  1. this. it happens. No reason to hold up one because of another. (same can be said for grip and DL) Keep up the good work!
  2. lol it may be normal but I don't have to like it!!!!! I have a side fold on my chest- and when I'm laying back- my boobs are in my armpits- there is easily 1/2 a foot between them. sigh- oh well. It is what it is- I want a serger more than I want perky boobs- so I will spend my money on that instead of a lift. LOL
  3. I'm so in and grateful to be part of world who wants to solve this. Sicked people exist that make it a necessity. But- unfortunately I don not have time to read- I'm off to dance in a restaurant where people will either revel in my talent and art as a dancer- or sexually objective me as a scantily clad belly-dancer. I'm an engineer I'm a power lifter I'm a belly dancer I'm a woman who is strong and comfortable with herself. And I do not let people harass me in public without pointing out it's inappropriate. I am proud I am a woman who is strong and capable. Even if someone objectifies me- I am still strong- I am still me. And I'm so grateful to be a part of a community of smart educated women willing to speak up... can't wait to read all of this!!!
  4. oh glad that helped LOL it's definitely something that gets better with practice but KNOWING what you need to know really helps- those things can really get you started in the right direction with minimal flailing about. and it's the flailing that most people are really uncomfortable about doing- they don't have a clear path or idea so it winds up being flailing. So having a game plan and some knowledge really sets you off down the path. I want everyone to be fabulous- then we can stare in aw
  5. hanging leg raises L sits russian twists pallof press All push ups are elevated- I do a fair bit of spider push ups Down ward dog work as well (leg up/down/cross) various yoga inspired moves/workouts. I do ball roll outs- like the pike- but I roll all the way back to I'm on my knees- make it a combo type deal I do hollow holds occasionally- but I find them boring. the bellydancing helps LOL
  6. yes. I keep a jar in the kitchen and I spoon out some when I first buy it and put it in the "bathroom" container. Same stuff- just two containers. it melts quickly in your hand- a little goes a long way. I personally use it for moisturizer all over- my face and for my hair. Works great- smells good too.
  7. Look up starting strength, strong lifts, new rules of lifting. These are great beginner programs- body weight is good- but you can do that anywhere with minimal equipment. You asked about the gym- so these are good options. Do some research about compound lifting- and then follow that up with accessory lifting after you get your feet wet. Researching so you know what you need to do will give you confidence. Knowledge banish's fear. Write down your workout plan in advance. Go in off peak hours. Get a trainer for form checks if you like. Post video here for form check if you like. Realize- people don't care about you. They people watch because they are resting between sets but don't project that they are judging you- they aren't- they are only watching people because there are people there to watch- it's what happens. Go in and do what you have to do. If you need a spot- ask for a spot- don't be afraid- just be clear about what you need from them. go forth- be fabulous. lather rinse, repeat.
  8. Just being nosy here- but no one suggested a staggerd push up? I super set bench with staggered dumbbell push ups all the time- it hits the chest quiet well. One hand up on a med ball- or bench- or anything that's 6-10" in height- you'll feet it really deep on the pec that's on the raised hand. Need some added help- prop your feet up- then do them with only one foot grounded- ab killer AND chest workout.
  9. Well if you have a timer and do body weight exercises- there is no going anywhere- or anyone is better- you both push as hard as you can for 50 seconds. Check out formerly bodyrock.tv now thedailyhiit.com- I hate their new site (NSFW) and programing- but ultimately they put out some decent stuff- check the older channel too- was a good set up. A phone interval timer or a gymboss (I love mine) are fantastic- and they really work extremely well for people at different levels- because it's about time- not reps- or weights. Very individualized. I have done a 12-15 min HIIT workout after completely a lift. It sucks. I honestly think 20-30 minutes stead state cardio would have been healthier. Going balls to the wall on a HIIT session after a real lifting session is brutal. And ultimately diet is the make or break when it comes to the last few inches/pounds. And if you have been in deficit for a substantial amount of time- it might be time to hit maintenance and bounce your metabolism back up and then go back to a deficit. Long term deficits are hard on the body- especially when you are fighting for the last few pounds.
  10. That;s exactly my thought. With weight- that will self correct quickly.
  11. I have eyeshadow for days. LOL so between the lip- eye and brushes- it would still cost me a fortune. An artist must have a full palette and all I'm just a junkie- has nothing to do with use- I have more makeup than I could possibly use for the next year if I stopped buying and only used what I had (well outside foundations- but even then- I think I have 5 or 6 in my drawer LMAO. Been a long time since I went barefaced- ah- those were some good days LOL- Can't remember the last time I stepped out without mascara or eyeliner on- and BB cream is a must for me at this point w/ SPF 30 so that goes on every day- if I'm going anywhere or just to the store.
  12. I have combination skin and my current routine is a BB cream and a loose powder. Maybe relax on the jiboba oil? that's pretty heavy stuff- I like it (I have some) and I rotate between coconut oil and that because the jiboba oil just feels too heavy for my face. Man I wish!!!! If I could spend spend that in two months I would be happy- but typically it's like 30-50 a trip!!!!
  13. make sure you are eating and sleeping enough. I'm trying to cut- so I'm on a deficit- but I'm not getting enough sleep and I'm feeling even more beat down than normal- and I'm not at a large deficit- 2-300 calories maybe? Rest- and eat. you must do these things- even if at a deficit- eat ALL your calories.
  14. This girl is a monster. I'm not 100% on her form- she tends to over do her back- BUT.... still. a beast http://www.trimmedandtoned.com/crossfit-superstar-suzanne-svanevik-training-videos
  15. I have mixed feelings- but I don't judge- in the dance world- the women at the top have them- and it's common so it neither phases me nor offends nor impacts me in any way shape or form. At some point you felt like your life was going to be better with bigger breasts. Period- one way or the other. My friend is missing half her chest- she regrets not having her implant done at the time because it makes costuming and dressing a real bitch. so one way or the other- you feel like your life is going to be better. And if it gives you more self esteem - more power to you- but the issue is when that is your ONLY source of self esteem I think. Personally I wouldn't get them- mine are D's and I am annoyed with their shape as it is. If I was going to do anything I would have a lift done to make sure they don't sag to my knees- but the idea of a foreign body embedded in my skin skeeves me out. It can be very painful too the first day- some women are out for a week - some are back to work that Monday from a Friday surgery. agreed. I have brown boring hair- I hate it. So I color it. Granted it's not as drastic as surgery- but there it is- out and out- I hate my hair. So I change it. It makes me happy and I feel good about myself- so there we have it. No harm no foul. I'm okay with it.
  16. Bush league- they pushed my powerlifting meet back from June 8th to July- so I'll don't know that I can play these games.
  17. If you are sitting you can't do the cool bro swing- so make sure you stand. I curl about 3 times a year- but when I do so standing. edit- I don't curl much- I do chin up pull ups for my arms. I haven't done an isolation curl in about six months.... still get awkward comments about zez guns.
  18. Really depends on your level of training- but my magic 8 ball says odds are not good. but get to training and see what happens.
  19. came in to say this. Cardio will help with the calorie deficit. I pretty much only do cardio while cutting- I don't enjoy it enough outside of dancing to go out of my way to do it- but I am an eternal fat kid- which means if I can find a way to cut AND still have my ice cream and oreo's I'm ALLLLL ABOUT IT. It means I get to eat more- so I add it in 2-3 times a week. stair master and jump rope are my frienimey's LOL So yeah- deficit- cardio or no cardio is up to you and your preference.
  20. Not sure- but I would start doing some grease the groove training to break that habit so you mentally don't get used to it. Grab a chair- assistance band or whatever and go to town every day or every other day- damn what your body says- the brain says pull- so you pull!!!!
  21. I'm always a little shocked when I see pictures because I realize what I see and how people treat me and what I think of myself are not the same thing. A little shocked but not much- my give a fuck is pretty broken when it comes to pictures LMAO.
  22. so from what I remember and what I know of it: you cannot bleach out henna- if you are using a product that you can bleach out- it's not real henna. henna completely stains your hair all the way through- hairdressers HATE it- it takes several rounds of bleach (meaning- more than they are usually willing to do) to lighten it to a shade you can dye if you are going lighter and often times it's still a risky bet. You have to grow it out to get another true color on top.
  23. NO ONE likes playing in the congo! shit better be neat and tidy!
  24. <waves> just dropping in to see a burpee beast sorry about your hand... and seriously sorry about getting kicked out of the park THE FUCK- you are way better than me- there is absolutely ZERO chance I would have left the park- they would have had to call the polize- public park = I can stay and work out. eff them. But- I'm stubborn like that LOL. Sorry about the hand- time to start one arm burpees- drop the push ups. Also - watch the head ducking on your push ups- don't look at your toes!!! I promise you- they are still there and aren't going anywhere!!! Loved the animal variation on the burpee- I'm a big fan of turn over push ups/burpees
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