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  1. current stats (21 Mar) Weight: 193.6 Waist 1: 42 Waist 2: 38 R Calf: 15.5 L Calf: 15.25 R Thigh: 25.75 L Thigh: 25.5 Hips: 43.25 Chest 1: 37.25 Chest 2: 42.75 R Bicep: 12.5 L Bicep: 12.5 Shoulders: 46 Total Inches: 356.25 Inches lost since last measurement: 3.5 Inches lost to date: 18.5 Weight lost since last weigh-in: 4.9 lbs Weight lost to date: 7.9
  2. current stats (19 Mar) Waist 1: 42.5 Waist 2: 38.25 R Calf: 15.5 L Calf: 15.5 R Thigh: 26.25 L Thigh: 25.75 Hips: 43.5 Chest 1: 37.5 Chest 2: 43.5 R Bicep: 12.5 L Bicep: 12.5 Shoulders: 46.5 Total Inches: 359.75 Inches lost this week: 2.5 Inches lost to date: 15
  3. current stats (12 Mar) Waist 1: 43.25 Waist 2: 38.5 R Calf: 15.5 L Calf: 15.25 R Thigh: 26.25 L Thigh: 26.25 Hips: 43.75 Chest 1: 37.5 Chest 2: 44 R Bicep: 12.5 L Bicep: 12.75 Shoulders: 46.75 Total Inches: 362.25 Inches lost this week: 4.75 Inches lost to date: 12.5
  4. loseit also does this. it's a great function!
  5. It sounded gross when I first heard of it, but now this is one of my favorite soups to make. Extremely tasty and even better after a day or two. It is completely adjustable, depending on your tastes. I personally like a bit of kick so I put in at least 2 serrano peppers but you can use mild ones if you prefer. You can make this quick and easy using prepared foods or from scratch, depending on your time frame and willingness to chop. Ingredients: 1 bag black beans prepared according to directions on package OR 4 cans black beans with sauce 3 large sweet potatoes, cut into bite-sized cubes 2 cups pico de gallo OR 1 jar salsa (you can usually buy fresh pico in the veggie section of a grocery store and when I use salsa, I prefer Herdez brand) Pico de Gallo ingredients (adjust to taste): 1 medium white onion, diced small 3 medium tomatoes, diced small 1 clove garlic, minced 1 serrano pepper, minced Combine all ingredients to taste in a large pot, bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer until potatoes are cooked through (about 30-60 minutes, depending on how big you cut them). Garnish with fresh avocado or sour cream.
  6. NROL4W - Stage 1 - Workout 2 - March 6 Deadlift 30# x15, 40# x15 Dumbbell Shoulder Press 30# 2x15 Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown 50# 2x15 (need to increase at least 5#) Lunge BW 2x15 Physio Ball Crunches BW 2x15 (really hate crunches, considering doing planks instead) Walked 6.4 km Diet: Breakfast: cheerios w/ vanilla soy milk Post work-out: recovery drink & apple Lunch: Turkey on wheat from subway Snack: chicken & veggie stir-fry Dinner: Veggie Egg Scramble
  7. I also use salsa as a salad dressing. love it! i also thinly slice carrots on the diagonal and eat those with guac. I live in mexico so I feel you about avoiding chips and tortillas.
  8. And I'm a fan of loseit. I think it's a really personal choice so it's best to try a few different options and see what works best for you. know though that unless you are eating packaged stuff (bad) you will also need a food scale if you want to get really tight about what you are eating.
  9. what fitness moves are you doing when you are encountering pain? if it is stuff like planks/pushups, try doing them while holding on to a dumbbell. it can help keep your wrist in a more neutral position. make sure the dumbbell has flat edges though so you don't roll away. You can either hold the handle part or put your palm on the weight part with your fingers straddling the handle. you might consider getting wrist braces to use while writing/using the computer.
  10. Go to a sewing store for a measuring tape. They'll have one that is fabric. If you want to get really fancy, there are ones you can buy online that self-retract which makes cheating harder since you aren't manually pulling it tighter to hit a number. Also, to be consistent, always measure at the same time of day - usually first thing in the AM after going to the bathroom but before eating/drinking is good as your body will generally be in a consistently relaxed/dehydrated state. it is normal for your measurements to go up and down. torso measurements are the hardest as they're dependent on your inhale/exhale. I take multiple torso measurements to get the most accurate reading - including one of me with my gut sucked in as far as possible.
  11. I am doing the new rules of lifting for women and I really love it. It is a short and sweet workout that hits the whole body.
  12. I am also not at the point where I can use a fully loaded barbel so I use dumbbells and put them on a platform that is the correct height. that might be an option if they don't have smaller plates for you to use.
  13. I agree, it's normal but don't let it make you feel rushed. As long as you aren't hogging the equipments during your rests it shouldn't be a problem. But some people get pissy. I had an incident with a guy the other day. He was resting on the bench for the rowing machine. He'd been sitting there for at least 10 minutes and when I asked him if he was done with the machine he got all pissy with me because he was 'resting' so I needed to wait. Was really frustrating as there is only one row machine but lots of other benches to sit on. But, I live in a country where women hardly hit the gym at all and certainly don't go alone or do more than 3# dumbbells or cardio when there. The guys at my gym aren't very happy to see me using non-pink equipment.
  14. For those who are having issues with a barbell or don't have access to one, dumbbells work just as well and you can more easily adjust the weight.
  15. I second compound moves rather than a bunch of isolation stuff. Check out the book New Rules of Lifting for several routine options, depending on your goals.
  16. NROL4W - Stage 1 - Workout 1 - March 4 Squats - 20# 2x15 Pushups - 2x15 (off of a bench) Seated Rows - 40# 2x15 (need to increase weight) Step-Ups - BW 2x15 (9" off ground) Prone Jackknife - 2x15
  17. Accountability time! I recently had my 39th b-day. About a week prior I weighed myself and was the heaviest I have ever been. I am determined to be fit by my 40th b-day and as a reward will treat myself to a beach holiday where I can wear a new, sexy, bikini! Starting stats (4 Feb) Weight: 201.5 Waist 1: 44.75 Waist 2: 40.25 R Calf: 16.5 L Calf: 16.5 R Thigh: 26.5 L Thigh: 26.75 Hips: 45 Chest 1: 40 Chest 2: 45.5 R Bicep: 13 L Bicep: 13 Shoulders: 47 Total Inches: 374.75 Current Stats (5 March) Weight: 198.5 (as of 22 Feb) Waist 1: 43.5 Waist 2: 40 R Calf: 15.75 L Calf: 15.5 R Thigh: 26.75 L Thigh: 25.75 Hips: 44 Chest 1: 39.5 Chest 2: 44.5 R Bicep: 12.5 L Bicep: 12.75 Shoulders: 46.5 Total Inches: 367 Inches lost to date: 7.75 Goals: Keep diet clean with no more than 3 meals out a week and only 1 cheat a week Finish the NROL4W program Starting tomorrow I will be logging my food and fitness here and I will measure myself weekly. I don't have a scale so I am not worried about weight at this point (though I am part of a weight loss challenge with a friend so will have to locate one by the end of June. ).
  18. I'm in. It's a 1.7km walk to my gym so that makes it easy.
  19. Finally, something to report. I am at home and settled with my kitchen stocked with good foods. Joined the gym yesterday and did my first NROL4W workout - felt great and can't wait to go back tomorrow! My recovery drink is keeping me from being sore which will make it easier to keep the workouts going and not worry about upping the weight. My best news though is that I have lost a couple inches off my waist and I am down a whole pants size! Woo Hoo!
  20. So I attempted day 1 of my burpee challenge today and the cold/sinus infection I have been fighting for the past weeks made it extremely difficult. So, I am off to the doctor. I can't reasonably start most of my goals until saturday so I figure if the doc puts me on drugs now I should be ship shape by saturday and can really give it my all.
  21. Welcome Skye, from another Newbie. Did you join a challenge group? That might help with your motivation!
  22. Hi Tanktimus. I'm frustrated because usually I totally shed weight while traveling. That happened in the first part of my trip (lost 4" o my waist in a week) but the last month was italy, scotland and Ireland and I'm not a huge fan of going out in the rain so the lack of movement coupled with the food and pints in the pub killed me and I packed on the pounds. But, I will be home on Friday and will re-join the gym on Saturday and get my ass back in gear. I am an Adventurer (seemed appropriate on many levels. ). Thanks for the welcome!
  23. Ugh. I live in Latin America which is the capital of men making comments at women. It is a national pass time. Don't engage them, it just encourages them. As one poster said above, if you're wearing headphones, they shouldn't be loud enough that you can't hear what is going on around you. If you feel threatened and have a phone, call the cops. If you don't have a phone, go to a store or something. Carrying a whistle isn't a bad idea, particularly if you are going into semi-isolated areas alone. Every woman should know how to protect herself so if you haven't done it yet, take a self-defense course. You will learn a lot you will hopefully never need to use. But, if you do, you will be glad to have the knowledge. I had a guy grab me once on the street. I don't know if he was trying to rob me, cop a feel or do something more dastardly, but having the skills to leave him a broken-nosed, bloody, sobbing, heap on the ground made me feel damn good.
  24. If you make the same recipes fairly frequently, you can create recipes in loseit and divide them in to serving sizes and it'll calculate the calories for you. I make a lot of bulk soups (lentil, black bean, etc.) and then freeze individual oprtions and this is what I use to track them.
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